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Is Your Business Exposing Its Power with B2B Video Content?

B2B Video Content

91% of companies recently reported they utilize video content in their marketing strategies. This very high level of usage by businesses has stayed the same since they started tracking the numbers in 2016.

We see it on social media platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook ads. Brands now use many types of videos to market themselves – shoppable videos, thought leadership videos, webinars, customer testimonial videos, etc. 

It has become much easier for companies to make and use video marketing. Anyone can create videos on their phone and share them easily online. 

Videos are big in marketing because making and sharing them is now easy and budget-friendly. Brands have embraced video more as an essential and engaging form of content.

B2B video content and its significance for businesses

b2b video content significance

B2B video content is about creating brand videos to promote businesses that sell to other ventures. This type of video marketing is crucial for generating leads and connecting with a corporate audience. 

It helps businesses enhance brand image and awareness, engage current and prospective customers, and add value to existing ones.

B2B video marketing serves various purposes, including explaining things, creating personalized videos, showcasing product demos, and more. 

One popular type is the explainer video format, which covers all aspects of a business, not just the product. 88% of marketers find video marketing valuable and generate positive ROI, as per a survey.

Benefits of using B2B video marketing over other forms of marketing

benefits of b2b video

Choosing B2B video marketing over other types of digital marketing has several benefits:

  • Better Conversion Rates: Video content is more engaging and has higher conversion rates than other content types.

  • Boost Trust: When you share brand messages using videos, it boosts credibility. Videos are a strong tool for storytelling, making the messages more believable to your audience.

  • Stronger Brand Message: Video content helps reinforce the brand message and see complex products and services that require explanations.

  • Improved Engagement and Integrity: A video captures attention, is memorable, and effectively communicates information.

  • B2B video marketing is versatile: It offers various formats, such as product demos, explainer videos, customer references, webinars, and thought leadership interviews.

  • Catching Audience Interest: Videos are excellent for sparking interest and engaging potential customers. Many B2B marketers consider video as the most crucial content type for capturing audience interest.

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Video marketing boosts brand awareness, improves conversion rates, and generates leads.

Key Elements of High-Quality B2B Videos

  • Focus on storytelling and solving a customer problem or need. Don’t just sell.

Making good B2B videos is about telling stories and meeting customer needs, not just selling. These videos can tell stories, explain services, demo new products, or show what happens inside a company. 

Use explainer videos, customer stories, content campaigns, ads, and how-to videos to create engaging B2B videos. Using stories in videos breathes new life into B2B marketing. 

It creates engaging content and builds relationships with potential customers. By using storytelling, companies can avoid seeming too self-focused. Instead, they can show how their offerings solve customer problems. 

Good storytelling helps B2B businesses connect with viewers and get them interested. It improves audience engagement with B2B video content.

  • Keep videos short, under 2 minutes is ideal. People have short attention spans.

B2B decision-makers are busy professionals with little time. They may lose interest in long, boring videos. Short B2B videos help explain complex details in manageable chunks. 

It makes the information easy to grasp and remember. Keeping videos short and to the point ensures the message comes across clearly. It also helps keep the audience engaged. 

With short videos, B2B companies avoid overloading viewers with too much information. Instead, they highlight the most vital points. 

  • High-quality visuals are a must: HD video and slick motion graphics.

Good visuals are vital for B2B videos. To make pleasing, immersive videos, focus on colors, text, composition, and images. Visual content stands out more than other media. 

Use visual content to engage B2B audiences effectively. High-quality visuals such as HD videos and motion graphics can make videos more compelling and build trust. Visual content is a valuable tool for B2B companies seeking to improve the impact of their videos.

  • Consider interactive elements like on-screen clickable buttons.

Interactive elements like on-screen clickable buttons can improve B2B videos. They raise engagement and give a more personalized experience. Clickable buttons show hidden info, redirect to other web pages, or enable shoppable videos. It lets users browse and buy products right inside the videos. 

By adding interactive elements, B2B brands create a more immersive experience. It leads to more audience interaction and possible new leads. In short, interaction strengthens engagement with B2B video content.

  • Closed captioning is essential for availability.

Closed captions are vital for good B2B videos. They make videos accessible for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. Adding text also helps with search engine optimization, as search engines favor videos with transcripts

Closed captions meet regulatory and availability needs. 85% of Facebook videos are without sound. Use captions to ensure the message gets across. Unlike subtitles, closed captions help those who cannot hear the audio.

Top B2B Video Content Creators

top b2b video creators

Video has become an essential tool for B2B companies to enhance their marketing and content strategies. Not only does stylish video set brands apart, but it also engages audiences on a deeper level. 

Let’s highlight some top B2B video creators and get insight into their content.

First, we have Alex Hormozi – an entrepreneur with intense popularity for his business and sales videos. Reaching millions, he shares his knowledge from scaling numerous companies. 

We also cover the influential “GaryVee,” aka Gary Vaynerchuk. He stormed onto the scene as a social media expert and CEO with impactful marketing videos.

Additionally, we feature three clients of Vidpros, a leading fractional video editing firm. These B2B creators utilized Vidpros’ services to enhance their video content. From a restaurant CEO to a marketing conference host, these videos aim to engage other companies and executiv`es. 

These leadership videos from influential content creators demonstrate the true power and brand value of well-produced video for today’s B2B space.

Analyzing successful brand video strategies and production methods can help brands improve their digital video presence.

Now, let’s dive deeper into each video creator’s success story, unique approach to product video, and path to video content growth.

Alex Hormozi



  • Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist

  • Started with a physical store and switched to turning around businesses

  • Turned around 32 ventures across various industries using a proven method

His business:

  • Known for its ability to acquire customers and make money

  • Scaled and sold seven companies. The biggest sale was $46.2M licensing company in 2021

  • Focuses on services and digital products with low costs and high sales

  • Helps small businesses succeed through proven sales and training model

Video content strategy:

Paul Reiser



  • Operated 38 Sonic Drive-Ins in 4 states and later served as President of Reiser Group Sonic Management for 20 years.

  • Extensive experience in the restaurant and franchise industry

  • Also engaged in video, podcasting, and business investing

His business:

Video content strategy:

  • Collaborates with creators to make videos building his brand.

  • Loyal client of Vidpros.
  • Co-host of “Good to Know Shreveport Bossier” podcast, shares positive news/stories about the region

  • Posts videos and participates in podcasts sharing insights on the restaurant industry

  • Discusses topics like successful franchise management and pandemic challenges

Shawn P. Walchef



  • Busy entrepreneur and coach in San Diego, California

  • Experienced with running restaurants

  • He wants to share his business knowledge to help others through digital tools and social media

His business:

  • Cali BBQ Media – Coaches restaurants and businesses on digital content

  • Other business – Cali Comfort BBQ, a restaurant company with several locations in California

Video content strategy:

  • Hosts “Digital Hospitality” show discussing how successful people use the Internet and social media for business, health, and wellness

  • Produces sponsored podcasts and online shows through Cali BBQ Media

  • Works with brands like Entrepreneur Media, Yelp, and Toast on presenting content

  • He wants to help businesses thrive online by taking advantage of digital opportunities and being authentic.

Vinay Raval



  • He left his corporate job ten years ago to travel and learn how businesses can improve customers’ lives

  • Gained inspiration from various sources like corporations, remote markets, mountain guides, and street vendors

  • Passionate about understanding customer needs

His business:

  • Founder and CEO of GrowthWallah, a New York-based business consulting firm focused on customer-centric solutions

  • Helps with customer experience, sales strategy, marketing, branding

  • Former tourism and events entrepreneur in Peru

Video content strategy:

  • Teaches customer experience “growth system” through social media, branding advice, strategy coaching, and online courses

  • It brings humor, energy, and diverse knowledge to his video and online content

  • Active sharing of work ideas on platforms like Twitter and YouTube

  • Videos aim to make business fundamentals and customer experience engaging

  • Focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow by elevating brands and customer experiences

Gary Vee



  • Self-made entrepreneur and social media marketing expert, born in Belarus and immigrated to the US

  • Started a lemonade franchise, sold baseball cards & toys as a teen

  • Worked in family’s liquor store bagging ice at age 14

  • Known for charisma, relatable advice, and success through hard work and hustle

His business:

  • Founded and CEO of VaynerMedia, a digital media agency helping brands expand through social media

  • Other ventures – VaynerX, VaynerSports, Empathy Wines, Wine Library, VeeFriends NFT project

  • Invested early in Facebook, Snap, Venmo, Twitter and more

Video content strategy:

  • Posts regular social media videos with business and life advice

  • Relatable, straightforward tone aiming to educate aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Large following with 12+ million followers across social platforms

  • Served major clients like PepsiCo, GE, J&J, and Chase through VaynerMedia work

Vidpros – Boosting B2B Video Content with Expert Editing

Vidpros simplifies video editing with a flat monthly fee model, providing White Label services as well. Clients submit video briefs, and Vidpros edits business videos overnight, allowing users to request revisions or mark the project as complete.

Focusing on simplicity and efficiency, Vidpros caters to a broad audience seeking hassle-free video editing. They aim to streamline video editing for businesses, emphasizing ease of use and quick turnarounds in content creation.

Vidpros introduces fractional video editing, a model that separates from the limitations of unlimited video editing services.

Unlike services with hidden constraints, Vidpros allows users to purchase a specific portion of a video editor’s day without scope or quality restrictions. This approach ensures a transparent and customizable video editing experience, eliminating concerns about backlog and less dedicated editing time.

Vidpros focuses on providing a streamlined and user-friendly video editing experience for a broader business audience.

Vidpros assists B2B brands in their video content creation journey. Understanding the specific needs of businesses, Vidpros offers a simplified flat monthly fee model, ensuring B2B brands have a predictable and cost-effective solution for their video editing requirements.

The overnight editing feature of Vidpros allows B2B brands to meet tight deadlines and maintain a swift pace in their video content creation.

With Vidpros‘ emphasis on simplicity and efficiency, B2B brands can save time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core priorities. The introduction of fractional video editing by Vidpros provides flexibility, transparency, and customization, catering to the unique requirements of B2B brands.

Capping Off

Businesses now rely on B2B video content creation to build brand awareness, with 91% using video as a powerful marketing tool. YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Facebook ads make video creation more accessible to showcase products and services effectively.

B2B videos help get leads, connect with businesses, raise brand awareness, and give value to current customers. Essential video types include explainers, customer stories, content campaigns, ads, testimonial videos, and how-to videos.

Picking a B2B video marketing strategy boosts conversions, builds credibility, and leaves a lasting impression. The flexibility of B2B video marketing allows different formats to suit diverse business needs.

Creating quality B2B videos involves storytelling and addressing customer problems. Explainer videos, covering all aspects of a business, build engagement and relationships with potential customers. Keeping videos short, under two minutes, is ideal for busy B2B decision-makers.

Vidpros offers affordable, expert video editing services on a flexible, as-needed basis for businesses.

Strategically and creatively done B2B video content creation proves valuable for businesses in reaching and engaging their own target demographic and audience.

Vidpros contribute to efficient and cost-effective video production, allowing businesses to focus on core priorities while delivering impactful marketing content. Book a call today!