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White Label Our Video Services

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The Why?

How much recurring revenue do you have from your current video and social media clients?

If the answer is none OR if you’re not opposed to adding more recurring revenue – then keep reading.

There will always be a need for high budget video projects.  That’s not us though, no one’s saying to stop doing that if it works for you.

However, clients need not only high quality video content, but also quantity.  Between major production style shoots your clients need to engage with their customers.

They do this with mostly self generated content enhanced with video editing. Think about all the talking head style videos, webinars, and video podcasts that are created for social media.

In the past this may have been too much hassle for higher cost videographers and agencies to include in their value ladder. It’s a distraction which takes away from your core work.  

Not any longer…

How resellers work with us to solve the need for MORE content?

There’s 3 ways of working with us:

a) You submit work on behalf of your customers in the Vidpros branded portal.

b) Your customers can work directly with us as a referral and we’ll pay 10% recurring affiliate commissions.  Sign up here.

c) We work under a white label version of our portal with your branding.  Clients submit work directly to us under YOUR brand.  You’re not limited in what you can charge and a 30%-300% premium is possible.  

All options add monthly recurring revenue to your business.  The third option doesn’t cap margins – charge the value provided to your niche.

What is white label video editing?

White label video editing allows you to add turn key video editing to your existing product service mix.  Add a monthly recurring revenue stream without investing in additional labor.  We provide a plug and play solution.

Why use Vidpros?

You’re solving the knowledge gap with your customer. We’re solving the efficiency gap. 

We use Philippine video editors which allows for overnight turnarounds on most projects and is very cost effective.

We’ve curated the top 10% of Philippine video editing talent and have a team of 20+ people.  You get the redundancy and reliability of an agency vs working with a random freelancer.

Who uses Vidpros?

Here’s a few examples – 

Videographers – Perhaps you’ve told clients ‘no’ for smaller value projects because you didn’t have the infrastructure to handle it.

Agencies want a scalable solution.  Gone are the hassles of seeking freelancers or the expense of full time staff.

Course creators, and done with you experts want to leverage their time.  Video may be mentioned in your courses or your strategy, but you’ve been avoiding a done for you solution because of the time commitment.  As long as your client records themselves we can edit the video under your brand and even customize the brief to meet your specific workflow.

How much does it cost?

Our white label service is the cost of our fractional editing time plus a one time $1,000 setup fee.

We offer fractional video editors.  You can start a subscription for as little as $700 per month.  That gets you 2 hours per day.

If you’re a video editor, you know about what that translates to in outputs.  For others it depends on the project complexity, but that might equal two x 1 minute videos with captions, thumbnail, and content selection.  Longer projects might take one or two, 2 hour fractional days to complete.

What are the benefits?

Offer more services to your customers.  Free up your time.  Make more money.

What are the downsides?

We offer a pretty streamlined service.  However, if you were to feel you can do it better yourself you can takeover the customer portal and do fulfillment yourself.  There isn’t a lock in and we’re confident you’ll enjoy using our service.

How do I get started?

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