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The Tastiest Tasty Edits Review You’ll Read Today

Tasty Edits website on a laptop

Lack of time and skill poses crucial challenges for video content creators. This Tasty Edits review dives into its pricing structure, turnaround times, and editing quality to help you decide if it fits your video editing needs. If not, we provide an alternative video editing service option for your video marketing exploration, so read until the end.

Want to dive deeper into how Tasty Edits and Vidpros stack up against each other? Head to our Tasty Edits vs Vidpros: Which Video Editing Subscription Wins? article for a full rundown on each platform, pricing, capabilities, processes, and customer satisfaction.


Tasty Edits Website Experience

blog post of Tasty Edits with ads all over

My first impression of Tasty Edits’ website was that it looked professional and well-designed. The layout was clean and modern, making it easy to navigate and find information.

However, as I started exploring their blog section, I noticed advertisements scattered throughout those pages. The blog had banner ads on both sides and between some paragraphs. 

Although the ads weren’t overly intrusive, their sheer number made the blog feel cluttered.

Some of the ads on the blog pages were mixed in with the actual post and related content, making it difficult to distinguish the promotional content from the actual text.

As someone specifically visiting to understand what Tasty Edits could provide for my video needs, I found the heavy advertisement placement on their blog somewhat distracting from that primary goal. It frequently broke up my reading flow and focus on the blog articles.

Although I understand the need to monetize their blog, there seems to be an imbalance between the amount of ads versus actual content on their blog. 

Minimizing the ad interruptions, especially within the blog posts themselves, could improve the overall reading experience and impact online, for someone researching their services.

Tasty Edits Pricing

Tasty Edits Pricing
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Tasty Edits’ website to review their latest pricing plans.

Tasty Edits offers different pricing packages for their video editing services. It allows customers with different budgets and video needs to find something that works for them.

For horizontal videos, you can order eight (8) videos at once for $190 each. Or you can order four (4) videos for $215 each. If you want one (1) video, it costs $240. These horizontal packages include unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

For vertical videos made for mobile, they have an affordable option – you can order 30 short vertical videos for only $40 each. Or order 15 for $45 each. A single vertical video is $50.

They also offer YouTube channel management for $770 per month if you pay upfront for six (6) months. Month-to-month is $970 and offers custom YouTube thumbnails for $25 per thumbnail with a 24-hour turnaround time and a dedicated thumbnail artist.

No matter which package you choose, you get a dedicated video editor, video manager, and unlimited revisions until your video is perfect. 

However, you have to pay extra fees for adding more footage, captions, or thumbnails. So be aware of potential added costs beyond the base package pricing.

Different types of video creators can find something to match their budgets and needs with Tasty Edits’ full portfolio of various packages.

Tasty Edits Core Services

The core service of Tasty Edits is professional video editing for various video types like tutorials, Vlogs, and product videos. They offer different packages based on video orientation, promising a 48-hour turnaround for horizontal videos and an even faster 24-hour turnaround for vertical mobile videos.

No matter which editing package you choose, Tasty Edits allows you to request as many revisions as needed until you are satisfied with the final edited video. They recently launched an updated VOMA (Video Order Management Application) dashboard to streamline the editing process, allowing customized order form submissions, faster file transfers, and dedicated team communication.

Through VOMA, clients can access Tasty Edits’ YouTube channel management services, with a dedicated manager per account handling uploads, descriptions, tags, comments, and analytics.

Tasty Edits offers creative features like text overlays, animated motion graphics, royalty-free music, color correction, and aspect ratio reformatting to create and enhance videos. They package fast turnaround editing, project management tools, and premium creative effects into their services, with an unlimited revision policy to ensure videos meet clients’ needs.

Tasty Edits Versatile and Professional Editing Approach

Tasty Edits showcases versatility in editing styles, adapting to different video creators’ needs, whether for Vlogs, tutorials, or product promos. 

Their editors take an informative and clean approach, using graphics, titles, and motion elements to communicate without being overly distracting.

A user review praise Tasty Edits for their ability to understand each client’s vision and deliver professional-grade edits. They work with high-resolution footage, ensuring flawless color grading, audio mixing, smooth transitions, and cleanly integrated graphics.

It highlighted Tasty Edits’ skilled use of creative elements like motion graphics while avoiding over-editing. Their edits enhance videos with a light touch rather than a heavy, jarring approach.

Whether you prefer a simple, straightforward editing style or want a highly-produced, visually impactful video, Tasty Edits has the skills and versatility to deliver quality edits tailored to your preferences.

Communication and Turnaround Times

Tasty Edits client and editor convo on VOMA

Tasty Edits offers easy and clear communication via their online VOMA dashboard. Placing an order gets you a dedicated video editor and video manager. The video manager updates you on the video’s status and discusses your best video and strategy.

For editing communication, you work closely with your video editor. Once they complete and submit an initial draft, you can leave specific revision notes within VOMA. Reviewers mention this back-and-forth revision process is straightforward and efficient, with responsive editors accurately incorporating feedback.

Tasty Edits stands out for delivering projects with impressive speed. You can expect an initial edited draft of a horizontal video within 48 hours and vertical videos within 24 hours. For subsequent revisions, most reviewers received updated drafts within 24-48 hours, though some experienced slightly longer delays of up to 72 hours for complex requests.

Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons of Tasty Edits

User reviews of Tasty Edits are positive, praising the quality of their professionally edited videos, skilled use of visual effects and creative styles, and ability to understand clients’ visions. It consistently praises their speedy turnaround times, with initial drafts often delivered in 24-48 hours.

It admires their communication system, citing dedicated video editors, video managers, and the VOMA dashboard for smooth feedback and file sharing.

We can attest to some of these positives from our experience using Tasty Edits for a few projects. 

Tasty Edits client and editor convo on VOMA

On October 12th, we placed an order and received the initial draft by October 15th. The editor communicated promptly, usually responding within 12 to 15 business hours. We were able to interact directly with the video manager and editor, providing feedback on our full video using Frame.io.

However, aligning with some negative experiences reported, we did experience delays beyond Tasty Edits’ advertised 48-hour turnaround time for revisions. 

Our project went through four revisions before reaching the final draft, and we sometimes had to wait up to 72 hours for word on the revised drafts.

Although the final video edits met our needs, we felt the thumbnail could have been better. Overall, we were satisfied with the quality of Tasty Edits’ communication process with that particular project, though experiences may vary for others.

Other criticisms highlighted in user reviews include occasional miscommunications or editors struggling to accurately interpret revision requests and the lack of an explicitly stated money-back guarantee policy for dissatisfied customers.

So, while reviews largely praise Tasty Edits as a fast, quality, and communicative video editing partner, minimizing delays and miscommunications could further improve reliability based on some customer experiences like our own.

Tasty Edits Alternative 


Vidpros offers a unique Fractional Video Editing model, allowing you to subscribe to a portion of an editor’s daily work hours instead of package-based pricing like Tasty Edits. 

This subscription based video editing model guarantees dedicated editing time without limits on scope or video length, with your editor working a set number of hours for you each day.

Vidpros simplifies communication by providing a single point of contact – your dedicated editor. All file sharing, feedback, and future project updates happen through a simple customer portal, streamlining the workflow.

In contrast to Tasty Edits, where users may incur additional costs for services like stock footage or captions, Vidpros incorporates unlimited access to royalty-free assets, AI-generated captioning, and three months of complimentary video storage as part of their subscription package.

Vidpros offers two plans: the Part-Time plan at $1,000 per month for 2 hours of video editing experience, per working day and the Full-Time plan at $3,000 per month for 8 hours of dedicated editing time per day, perfect for businesses and prolific creators with high video volume.

Both plans include unlimited royalty-free stock video, music, simple thumbnails, AI-generated captions, and three months of secure video storage, eliminating the need for additional fees.

For video makers prioritizing seamless collaboration, scalability, and quality communication, Vidpros presents a compelling editing partner with a personal point of contact invested in creating and understanding your creative vision.

Capping Off

This review looked at the video editing services provided by Tasty Edits. Their website had a professional design but contained too many ads on the blog pages, which was distracting

Tasty Edits offers different pricing packages for horizontal and vertical videos, allowing flexibility for various budgets. 

For extra services like captions or thumbnails, additional fees may apply.

The review highlighted Tasty Edits’ strengths, including fast turnaround times, versatile editing styles, efficient communication through their VOMA dashboard, and unlimited revisions. Others experienced delays beyond the advertised revision times and occasional miscommunications with editors.

As an alternative, Vidpros provides a unique hourly subscription model called Fractional Video Editing. This model offers dedicated editing time without limits on video length or scope. Vidpros includes royalty-free assets, AI captions, and video storage as part of the subscription, eliminating additional costs. They offer a single point of contact with your dedicated editor, streamlining communication and feedback.

Both Tasty Edits and Vidpros have their strengths. Video creators with a fixed number of videos to edit may find Tasty Edits’ packages suitable. 

Those seeking flexibility, seamless collaboration, and easy scalability could benefit from Vidpros’ hourly model with a dedicated editor. Consider your specific video editing needs and workflow preferences when choosing between these two best video editing options.

For a more comprehensive comparison between Tasty Edits and Vidpros, check out the link to our in-depth blog post Tasty Edits vs. Vidpros.

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