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Agency Conferences for Marketing & Digital Professionals [2024]

Agency Conferences
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Professionals in the advertising and marketing industry find attending conferences crucial for networking opportunities, learning, agency growth, and innovation. 

These events make new connections, gain new opportunities, and work in new ways. They’re a great way to establish credibility, create connections, and find inspiration in unexpected places.

Workshops and lectures at these conferences offer valuable educational experiences, allowing professionals to learn from keynote speakers, track sessions, and industry experts. 

Moreover, attending these events helps develop a shared language and understanding, making it simple for everyone to excel in their roles. 

Agency conferences are a must for agency owners and professionals, providing value, networking possibilities, ongoing learning, and a source of inspiration and encouragement.

And we’ve curated the must-attend events for marketing and digital masters like you. Get ready to learn, connect, and dominate!

The Agency AI Conference

January 23, 2024

The Royal Institution, London

Price: Agency Hackers Members (Earlybird) £250.00 + £50.00 VAT |

General Admission £295.00 + £59.00 VAT

The Agency AI Conference

Prepare for inspiration on integrating AI into your agency. The Robots Are Coming, an AI-focused event, connects agency leaders and teams, offering insights from those already leveraging AI. Join for talks, discussions, and networking.

The event ensures diverse interactions, with pre-event surveys shaping discussions. While they provide tea and snacks, grab a sandwich before, as there’s no lunch break.

Reflect on your AI journey since encountering ChatGPT:

Is AI handling routine tasks?

Is your team actively weaving AI into your agency’s fabric?

Are you exploring AI integration for client projects?

Or are you still in early experimentation?

Join the biggest agency AI conference, discovering real-world AI implementations by other agency leaders in 2024. The focus shifts from 2023’s experimentation to transforming your business before AI does it for you.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at The Agency AI Conference:

  •  Heather Murray – Director | Beesting Digital

  •  Tim Cameron – Founder | Exposure Ninja

  • Katy Powell – co-founder | Bottled Imagination


February 01, 2024

London UK

Price: £15.00


PPC Live UK originated from Anu’s enthusiasm for returning to in-person events post-UK lockdown. Attending various digital marketing conferences, including SEO meetups, sparked the idea: why not have a dedicated PPC marketing conference? With none in sight and a desire for affordability, Anu established one with a minimal fee of £15.

Focusing on creating an inclusive space for practitioners to learn and experiment with strategies, Anu is proud of the event’s support. She secured a lineup for the first four events through past engagements and community connections. If you’re interested in joining, speaking, or sponsoring, reach out today. 

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the PPC Live UK:

  • Holly Kelly

  • Amy Stamper

  • Byron Tassoni-Resch

Marketing Cafe

February 21-22, 2024

The Maslow, Sandton

Johannesburg, South Africa

Price: R7,997 

marketing cafe

Marketing Café provides a distinctive space for marketing professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and glean insights from industry thought leaders in a relaxed café-style ambiance.

Amidst freshly brewed coffee and delightful pastries, participants engage in meaningful conversations on pertinent and trending industry topics, offering valuable insights to enhance marketing skills and inspire innovative ideas for business implementation.

Build connections with over 100 leading marketing experts in the country while enjoying coffee and croissants.

Acquire knowledge on the most relevant and thought-provoking industry topics.

Step out of the office into a comfortable café environment featuring live music and lounge areas.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Marketing Cafe:

  • Wendy Bergsteedt – Head of Marketing | Old Mutual Investment Group

  • Marnitz van Heerden – Head of Customer Experience | Discovery Health

  • Melanie Van Rooy – Head of Marketing | Clicks Group

Sydney SEO Conference 2024

March 1, 2024

Crown Sydney

Price: $405.75

Sydney SEO Conferences

Prosperity Media’s Sydney SEO Conference is revving up. Whether you’re an SEO pro, mastering the PPC game, running your show, or hustling as an affiliate or eCommerce boss, this conference is your jam.

Forget juggling a million tracks and info overload. It is a one-track wonder at the swanky Crown Sydney, packed with 400 awesome attendees. Get ready for 20-30 minute talks with actionable tips you can use right away.

Plus, Prosperity Media and Ahrefs are throwing in free networking drinks – think juicy connections and knowledge bombs over bubbles!

Level up your game with cutting-edge SEO and best digital marketing conferences. PR secrets from global gurus– network with industry pros who know the ropes. Discover the latest SEO trends and learn actionable tactics. It’s all about learning fast and staying ahead of the curve in the SEO world.

This event is a powerful, short-and-sweet learning experience for anyone who wants to be at the top of their SEO game in 2024. 

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Sydney SEO Conference 2024:

  • Greg Gifford (USA) Chief Operating Officer | Search Lab USA

  • Nik Ranger – Senior SEO Consultant | Dejan

  • Sally Mills – Senior SEO Lead | InfoChoice Group


March 4-6, 2024 

Nashville, TN

Price: Connect Pass $3,195 | Premium Connect Pass $4,695

Digiday Media Buying Summit

Join Digiday’s Media Buying Summit to explore the trials and successes of navigating these dynamic waters. Establishing a modern media buying operation is essential and AI is advancing these strategies. 

After unprecedented years, learn from digital agency owners about the talent, tech, and tools required to build and sustain a successful team, with a focus on how AI is reshaping priorities.

Three years ago, brands took a risk by bringing advertising solutions in-house. As we navigate the challenges of this evolving consumer era, brands are reassessing the role of advertising agencies.

Media consumption is shifting, and media opportunities must adapt. We are at a crossroads where media, data, and tech converge, enhancing efficiencies in the marketing world

Join the conversation to explore use cases and recommendations for brands to drive sales through seamless purchasing options, making all media shoppable within the buying journey.

Here are the confirmed Speakers at the Digiday Media Buying Summit:




2024 Forbes 30/50 Summit

March 4-8, 2024

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Price: Forbes 30/50 Summit Attendee – United States US$10,000 | Forbes 30/50 Summit Attendee – International US$10,000

Forbes 30/50 Summit

Get ready to be inspired by Powerhouse Women on International Women’s Day in Abu Dhabi! 

We’re talking about the brilliant folks under 30 who made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, proving youth is no barrier to big dreams, and the women over 50 on the 50 Over 50 list, showing that wisdom and experience get better with age.

This must attend event is all about sharing and growing. 

Leaders from all fields will be there, talking shop, learning from each other, and teaming up to crack the code on tech, leadership, financial management, and everything. 

The goal? To build connections that keep going strong even after the great event ends.

So, if you’re a woman who’s ready to be inspired, learn, and make lifelong connections with other amazing women, then this is your jam. Grab your ticket and get ready to unleash your inner powerhouse in Abu Dhabi!

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers of the 2024 Forbes 30/50 Summit:

  • Vanessa Nakate – Climate Justice Activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

  • Sheila Johnson – Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment and Founder & CEO Salamander Collection

  • Meg Ryan – Actor, Director, and Writer

Measure Camp

March 09, 2024

Via del Fonditore Bologna Italy

Price: [Late Riser Tickets] FREE

Measure Camp

Measure Camp Italy in Bologna is an unconference focused on web analytics, following the success of similar events worldwide in cities like London, Paris, and Sydney. 

Unconferences are unique as they have no predetermined schedule; instead, attendees collaboratively create it on the event day. Speakers are participants themselves, nurturing open discussions and knowledge exchange.

Originating from Milan in 2018, MeasureCamp Italy promotes active participation. Attendees shape the content by suggesting topics, leading sessions, and engaging in discussions.

The unconference format encourages a social, collaborative approach, distinguishing it from traditional marketing conferences.

The small discussion groups and attendee-driven schedule make MeasureCamp a platform for learning, networking, thought leadership, and and knowledge sharing. It welcomes international participants, with some sessions exclusively in English. The inclusive atmosphere encourages diverse perspectives, ensuring a valuable experience for all. 


June 15, 2024

Malaga Fair and Congress Palace


Price: SPECIAL FAITHFUL PROMO 2×1 (limited) €35 | PROMO PRICE (limited) €90 |


econgress malaga

The hottest party in Southern Europe is back – eCongress Málaga 12.0! This time, they’re ditching Zoom fatigue and getting authentic with in-person training from the best in the biz.

Gear up for a day jam-packed with juicy info on the latest trends, winning digital marketing strategies, and secrets to blowing up your sales on social media. Whether you’re a solopreneur rocking your business or a team-leading online boss, this party’s for you.

Think sizzling talks from industry rockstars, practical tips you can use right away, and enough knowledge bombs to make your competitors tremble. It’s the perfect chance to ditch the guesswork and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital world.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the ECONGRESS MÁLAGA:

  • Fernando Polo – Co-founder and CEO | Good Rebels

  • Miguel Florido –  Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant | Director of the Marketing and Web School

  • Beatriz Navarro –  Marketing Director |Renault Iberia

Portada Live

September 19, 2024

New York City

Price: by request

Portada Live

Portada Live in New York 2024, set for September 19, 2024, is a hybrid event featuring in-person activities in New York City from 11:10 am to 5:30 pm and virtual events from 11:45 am to 4 pm EST. 

It caters to senior brand marketing executives, solution providers, and marketing services suppliers, offering a cost-effective and time-efficient way to connect with pre-qualified digital marketing decision-makers. 

The event includes presentations, workshops, 1:1 meetings, and collaborative knowledge-sharing sessions, providing a platform for attendees to gain new business, share strategies and intelligence.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Portada Live:

  • Gaby Neves – President | Factory 360

  • Nicola Heckles – Vice President of Marketing Global | Smirnoff, Diageo,

  • Wilson Santiago – Senior Multicultural Campaign Manager | Rocket Mortgage

ADworld Experience

October 17-18, 2024

Zanhotel Europa Bologna, Italy.

Price: 2 DAYS + VIDEOS Live in Bologna 849€ via Streaming 449€ | 2 DAYS Live in Bologna

749€ via Streaming 349€ | 1 DAY + VIDEOS Live in Bologna 649€ via Streaming 249€| 1 DAY

Live in Bologna 599€ via Streaming 199€

Speaker Lineup: TBA

ADworld Experience

ADworld Experience stands out as Europe’s and the world’s premier event for Pay Per Click (PPC) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), exclusively featuring real PPC cases. 

With a commitment to creating the ultimate PPC vertical event, the 2024 edition will showcase 24 genuine PPC and CRO cases, with nine advanced seminars and three workshops covering platforms like Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

There will be three parallel seminars and workshops on the first day and two PPC case studies on the second. Language won’t be a barrier as all main sessions will be conducted in English or translated in real-time. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from past participants reflects ADworld Experience’s success in delivering valuable insights and practical knowledge in online advertising.

Capping Off

So, wrapping things up, we’ve talked about these important conferences for people who work in advertising and online marketing in 2024.

It’s not the end, though. The mix of big names, unique plans, and shared tips are like stories that can inspire you.

If you’re ready to change how you do things online, dig deeper into the events we mentioned. Make friends, learn stuff, and stay ahead in a world where you’ve got to be ready for anything.

But what if you need more than just ideas? Look for a partner to help you create videos for your brand.

Vidpros, a video editing service, is here to make your visual story awesome.

Book a call with Vidpros today and see how our top-notch video editing skills can lift your brand in the busy online world. 

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