7 Binge-Worthy B2B SaaS Video Examples

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ever feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall with your SaaS product videos? Tossing out a boring product demo here, a LinkedIn testimonial there, hoping something sticks?

You’re not alone!

Many SaaS companies need help to figure out what kinds of videos move the needle.

What sorts of videos build trust and get prospects interested? How can you explain your complex product without putting everyone to sleep? What makes a great demo video that doesn’t feel like a corporate snooze-fest?

Highlighting the best SaaS explainer videos is crucial in simplifying complex SaaS products for the target audience, ensuring they understand the full value your solution offers.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’re showcasing a variety of SaaS video examples from companies who truly nail it. We’ll look at different types of videos that drive awareness, engagement, and ultimately sales, including:

  • High-impact product demos that make software shine.

  • Compelling brand/culture videos that give a human face to your company.

  • Kinetic social media content that stops the scroll.

  • Testimonials and case studies that build credibility.

  • Educational videos that provide value to buyers.

Emphasizing the best SaaS product videos is key to effectively demonstrating the features and benefits of SaaS solutions, helping prospects visualize how your software can solve their problems.

Whether creating videos from scratch or giving your existing ones a facelift, these examples will inspire you to level up your video marketing game.

Get ready to see what world-class B2B videos look like across the entire scale—the kinds that turn curious prospects into enthusiastic customers.

Product Videos

SaaS product videos are a powerful tool for SaaS companies to showcase what their software can do, emphasizing the capabilities and functionalities of their offerings.

The importance of a SaaS demo video cannot be overstated, as it provides a clear and concise showcase of the product’s functionality, helping potential customers understand how the software can solve their specific needs.

These videos teach them about the product’s features and use cases in a way that builds trust and gets them interested in buying.

Detailed SaaS product demo/walkthrough video

Take a look at Slack’s videos, for example.

On their website, they use short animations and video clips to demonstrate the capabilities of their messaging platform.

Their video for the Channels feature is a real winner. A friendly narrator walks you through everything while the visuals show the product in action. It’s like getting a virtual tour that makes Slack’s channels easy to understand.

The strategic and creative process behind such impactful SaaS explainer video production ensures that complex concepts are conveyed in an engaging and understandable manner.

Photo Source: https://youtu.be/IECPfpSB1RM?si=ylrNce9_uF2JTLas

To see SaaS explainer video examples in action, consider Google Translate.

Google Translate also nails it with their demo videos.

We’ve all struggled to communicate in a foreign language before. The videos demonstrate effortless translation via speech, photo, text, or typing. Breaking it down into bite-sized demos makes their translation tools finally click.

Google Translate
Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xtEp55MKRE

Videos like these excel because they explain complex products clearly and logically. The visuals grab your attention, while the simple language gets the point across without corporate jargon. You can see how the features work instead of just reading about them.

Top B2B videos use visuals, demos, and everyday language to educate prospects engagingly. That’s how they get people interested and willing to make a purchase.

Slack, Google, and others make their products shine through compelling show-and-tell videos. Its marketing is made simple and effective.

Short product tease/overview video

Magic Leap makes impressive videos to show off its new technology. 

One video shows a regular day at their offices. Suddenly, aliens invade! Another video gives a demo of what their augmented reality can do. 

These teaser videos tell exciting stories and have beautiful visuals showcasing Magic Leap’s incredibly advanced AR tech. You can find these teasers and more clips on Magic Leap’s YouTube channel. The channel lets them display their products in a fun way and connect with viewers through excellent video content.

Magic Leap
Photo Source: https://youtu.be/K4YBJhrUB-k?si=j8-PE4KtTMkwP-Nn

For B2B companies, short videos like this are pure marketing gold. They generate real excitement and interest around products in a bite-sized, hard-to-ignore way. Magic Leap’s teaser is an A+ example of honing audiences’ appetites for more.

Targeted use case or vertical video

Mercedes-Benz hit the bullseye with their vertical video, “The First Driver.” It tells the remarkable true story of Bertha Benz and her pioneering road trip way back in the day.

Even though fitting vehicles and windy roads into a vertical smartphone screen is tough, Mercedes saw how important it is to create content perfectly sized for mobile viewers, keeping their target audience’s preferences and behaviors in mind. And boy, did they knock this one out of the park.

Photo Source: https://youtu.be/JBL_G-C51Dk?si=v98jKC2NRY5vpEcX

The video grips you as it sets the scene of Bertha’s ground-breaking journey. You can’t help but get pulled into her courage and spirit as the first person to drive an automobile over a long distance. Talk about a trailblazer!

By zeroing in on this piece of their iconic history, Mercedes connects you to the heart of their brand – innovation, vision, and boldly going where none have gone before. You feel that emotional through-line watching Bertha’s adventures unfold.

Rather than static facts or specs, Mercedes told a riveting story that brings their heritage to life. The narrative reels you in and makes you see the brand in a new light. “At the end, you are left feeling inspired by their audacious beginnings.”

This video is a prime example of how to slay a targeted, vertical use case. Mercedes ditched the fluff and instead served up a delicious, bite-sized tale that connects on a gut level. No wonder mobile viewers gobbled it up!

Marketing Videos

SaaS videos come in various forms, each serving a unique purpose in the SaaS marketing strategy. SaaS companies can use videos to connect with audiences and convert potential customers into loyal fans.

Different brand videos serve different purposes along the buyer’s journey – from first grabbing attention to keeping customers engaged for the long haul.

Brand videos show off a company’s personality, beliefs, and mission. These give viewers a window into the brand’s human side, building emotional bonds immediately.

Educational content teaches people about the product, industry trends, or best practices. They position the company as a go-to expert and authority figure who knows their stuff inside and out.

Are you looking to drive excitement for a new feature or upcoming event?

That’s where a short, snappy SaaS promo video comes in. These quick-hitters pack a punch and get people interested in learning more.

For a deeper product dive, demo videos provide a complete walkthrough. Viewers see the goods in action through detailed demonstrations of all the bells and whistles.

Testimonial videos showcase real customers gushing about how great the product is. This word-of-mouth builds trust and credibility from people who’ve used it themselves.

SaaS explainer videos take the complex and make it simple. They break down the product’s value into easy-to-understand terms, spelling out how it can improve viewers’ lives.

Finally, thought leadership videos position companies as industry pioneers on the cutting edge. These insightful pieces cement a brand’s reputation as an innovative leader.

From building awareness and interest to nurturing loyalty, marketing videos are an indispensable tool for guiding B2B buyers every step of the way.

Compelling brand video

Dropbox hit it out of the park with their brand video, “Wellness the Whole Time.” This thing is a total riot that pulls you in from the very first second.

Photo Source: https://vimeo.com/727904912

It’s just two hilarious female comedians video chatting and riffing off each other. But in that simple setup, Dropbox smoothly slides into what its brand is all about – keeping it real, having fun, and caring about work-life balance. 

The whole video has this breezy, authentic vibe. You get sucked into the natural banter and start picturing Dropbox as that excellent, down-to-earth friend—the kind you’d want to grab coffee with.

At the same time, it’s clear they didn’t just slap this thing together. The production value is on point with slick visuals and picture quality. No sloppy, homemade feel – this polished stuff makes Dropbox look legit.

But the real genius is how they use humor to drive home a powerful message about wellness. The whole “self-care” chat between the comedians feels real and relatable. You can’t help but nod, thinking. “Yeah, that’s so true! Work shouldn’t consume your entire life.”

By infusing that conversation with quirky jokes and personalities you like, Dropbox makes the wellness point in such an engaging, memorable way. You walk away with a clear sense of their values around balance, creativity, and not taking yourself too seriously.

In just a few minutes, this video paints the perfect picture of Dropbox’s human, authentic brand identity. It’s an A+ example of using natural humor to make a point that sticks while giving viewers an entertaining hang with the company’s vibe.

Educational/thought leadership video

Deloitte knocked it out of the park with its eye-opening video on creating more diversity in the startup world. This thing packs a punch while breaking down a complex issue in a way anyone can understand.

Photo Source: https://youtu.be/7twwQ4jfx0w?si=12f1bNpGjifkF0A1

Right off the bat, they lay out the challenges loud and clear.

How do we find and support more underrepresented founders? How can we build stronger communities and networks? How do we tackle the financing roadblocks they face?

Instead of getting lost in corporate jargon, Deloitte uses plain language to explain real-world problems and realistic solutions. The insights hit home through relatable examples and straightforward facts.

But they don’t just talk the talk – they back it up with hard-hitting stats and data. You can’t argue with those numbers showing the lack of diversity and opportunities. It adds serious credibility to their message.

At the same time, you get that Deloitte deeply understands this space as the video dives into the nitty-gritty details. Their expertise in entrepreneurship and diversity shines through in every suggestion and practical tip they provide.

This video educates in a way that sticks by combining clear communication skills, eye-opening facts, and authoritative insights from the frontlines. You walk away feeling informed and motivated to be part of the diversity solution.

Deloitte could have easily made a dry, sleep-inducing video about this complex topic. Instead, they created a powerful educational piece that pulls no punches while empowering the audience with actual knowledge. Now, that’s how you tackle a heavy subject!

SaaS promo video for a new feature/product

Salesforce hit it out of the park with their SaaS product videos, particularly the hype video for their new Slack integration, showcasing how these videos can introduce new SaaS features or products effectively. This thing has “game-changer” written all over it!

You called “Salesforce and Slack: Better Together,” the video bottles that lightning-in-a-bottle feeling of when two great things join forces. You can’t help but feel pumped watching it.

Slack and Salesforce
Photo Source: https://youtu.be/I-LJCfAwS68?si=UxIL1LD6jgFd-qSq

They make it crystal clear from the jump how this integration will rev up your productivity into high gear. No more juggling between a million apps and workflows – Salesforce and Slack talk to each other seamlessly. Things click into place.

The visuals are off-the-charts engaging, too. Slick animations and graphics make the real-time updates, added context, and streamlined communication feel like they’re leaping off the screen. You’re practically drooling to try it yourself.

However, the real genius is how Salesforce capitalized on the buzz around their brand and Slack’s rise.

Combining those influential names builds sky-high anticipation right out of the gate. If juggernauts like them are integrating, you know it’s a huge deal.

The video oozes energy and momentum with punchy editing and quick cuts. It matches that zippy, more-efficient-than-ever vibe the integration promises to deliver. You can’t watch it without feeling fired up.

By creatively showcasing the benefits in such a dynamic, eye-catching way, Salesforce makes its new offering look utterly irresistible. This video makes you thirst to experience those amped-up workflows and collaborative superpowers. It’s marketing money that can’t buy.

Additionally, the variety of SaaS promo videos available can further engage the target audience by illustrating the positive impact and showcasing the features of a SaaS product.

Other Examples

Social Media Videos

SaaS explainer videos have become an indispensable tool in the SaaS sector, effectively breaking down complex software functionalities into engaging narratives.

  • Instagram Stories: These snappy little videos give followers a quick peek behind the curtain. Share a product teaser, show what day-to-day office life is like, or let a happy customer gush about your stuff – all in a format Instagram addicts eat up. Including a SaaS explainer video example in your Instagram Stories can significantly enhance viewer engagement by demonstrating your software’s real-world applications.

  • Short Promo Videos: Got a flash sale, new feature, or an upcoming event? Pack a big punch with a high-energy promo video that grabs attention and inspires people to take action now. “These small video clips are created to generate interest and excitement.”

Video Ads

  • LinkedIn Video Ads: LinkedIn video ads are your best friend when trying to wow professionals and decision-makers. Highlight significant customer wins, share game-changing insights from your experts, or spell out key product benefits while looking slick and credible. Explainer videos play a crucial role here, simplifying complex ideas and showcasing your software’s benefits in a clear and engaging manner.

  • YouTube Pre-Roll Ads: With these short trailers playing before YouTube videos, you get a captive audience ready to hear your pitch. Use those few seconds to craft an irresistible hook that leaves viewers curious to learn more about your brand. Explainer videos are particularly effective in this format, conveying your software’s value proposition within a brief time frame.

Partnership/Testimonial Videos

  • Partnership Videos: Two companies are always better than one. Team up with industry best friends to co-create videos that shout your shared values and combined superpowers from the rooftops. It’s instant credibility.

  • Customer Testimonials: There’s no better advertising than wildly happy customers gushing about how awesome you are. Have them spill all the juicy deets on camera about your product’s real-life payoffs and benefits. It’s a trust-builder.

Capping Off

We saw many excellent video examples that crushed it for B2B software companies. Everything from bite-sized product demos that make their apps dead simple to understand to fun brand videos that show the human, relatable side of the company.

There were quick teasers to get people hooked, slick promo videos that’ll make you want to buy right away, and genuine customer reviews building significant trust. We even got intelligent videos educating people on complex topics in an easy-to-get way.

The common thread?

Use everyday words, eye-catching visuals, and clever storytelling to connect with viewers. These examples prove video is a content powerhouse for software brands trying to grab attention and turn window shoppers into paying customers. 

So what are you waiting for?

Get inspired and creative when dreaming up mind-blowing videos of your own. Whether starting fresh or revamping your current stuff, now’s the time to step it up.

If you need help with video editing or production, consider reaching out to a professional service like Vidpros to bring your vision to life.

Feel free to get creative and let your brand’s unique personality shine. Mix humor with intelligent insights. Ditch the corporate mumbo-jumbo for language anyone can follow. Make people feel something!  

There are endless possibilities for crafting video gold that educates, entertains and ultimately sells your software. All you need is a camera, a vision, and the guts to create stuff that wows.

Who’s ready to hit the record? Please drop a comment, and let’s discuss all the fantastic video ideas for your software company.

Let’s bring those brilliant concepts to life and make videos people will obsess over!

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