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17 Top Unlimited Video Editing Services

Looking for the BEST Unlimited Video Editing Service?

Well let me help.  I’ve worked for two of the leading video editing services and can help you evaluate these companies with some insider tips.

#1) Be cautious whenever you hear the term “Unlimited”.  

Unless the service is fulfilled by software its most likely NOT unlimited.  Human services are limited by the speed at which the humans can perform the service.  At Vidpros, we use the term Fractional Video Editing.

#2) Know what you’re buying.  You’re not getting a full time person editing videos, but a portion of their day which is split between multiple clients like yourself.  This client ratio determines the amount of time, speed, and quality you get.  

When evaluating unlimited services you should consider:

Delivery time quoted
Client ratio – How much time can they guarantee per day?

At Vidpros, we cap our editors at only 4 clients.  This means you get 2 hours per day which is plenty of time to deliver what most individual users need.  Agencies can setup a call here to discuss their needs.

#3) Beware of add ons and upsells.  Many companies tack on thumbnails, stock images, and captions as upsells – adding hundreds to the purchase price.  These are included in a Vidpros subscription.

1. Vidpros

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$700/mo = 2 hr / day Fractional Editor

Google Rating
Based on 12 reviews

We’re NOT unlimited.  We’re a fractional video editing service.  

Most “Unlimited” services will not disclose how many clients get assigned to each editor.  That can cause either a lack of quality or prolonged delivery time.  

By being a fractional service we’re more transparent about this and have one of the best editor to client ratios in the industry offering you more service at the same price.

  •  Unlimited Revisions
  •  FREE Stock Video and Music
  •  FREE Unlimited Storage
  •  FREE Subtitles 
  •  2 hour fractional share leads industry in value when compared to other “unlimited” services.

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2. Video Husky

Video Husky 

$943 With all add ons


Video Husky has been around for 3 years and specializes in talking head videos.  They promise a turnaround time of 48 hours or less.

For a detailed comparison of Video Husky vs Vidpros check out this article.

Note any subscription add ons you’ll need to buy to determine your final price:

$749 – Flat Monthly fee
$97 – Thumbnail creation 
$97 – Subtitle 

Lastly a search for “Video Husky Reviews” reveals  a GlassDoor page with descriptions of what it’s like working there.

Example video

3. Vidchops


$595 Unlimited

$119 Single

Vidchops is headed by a YouTuber Augie Johnston.  They describe themselves as “The Best Video Editing Service For YouTubers!”

Service offering is very similar except they edit on Final Cut Pro.  If you’re looking to make additional edits to your footage and play with the source files you’ll want to make sure you have this software and are using a Mac computer.

Note the pricing plans feature Unlimited Chops and Double Chops.  They do define unlimited is related to revisions and not videos created.  Where it becomes less honest is the use of the term “dedicated video editor”. You get a fractional share in a dedicated editor.

Note the limits of 45 mins of raw footage for a 15 minute delivered video.

  • Unlimited edits & revisions
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Royalty free stock audio & video
  • 48 hour turnaround guaranteed
  • No Contract (cancel anytime)
  • Lower third titles & transitions
  • 14 Days money back guarantee

Vidchops also has a bad GlassDoor Review.

Example video

4. Flocksy

$995 Unlimited

N/A Single

Flocksy does a bit of everything.  The $420 plan includes copywriting, illustrations, and graphic design.

Video editing requires the $995 monthly fee which includes all of their services.

Because of the breadth of services I’d guess they don’t go very deep.  They promise a 1-2 day turn and list basic editing like speed, thumbnails, add/remove sections etc.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • *24 Hour Turnaround 
  • Same Day Response 
  • Premium Stock Photos
  • Stock Videos
  • Dedicated Project Manager 
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No contract. Cancel anytime
  • USA Based Copywriting Team
  • Video Editing & Creation Team
  • Graphic Design Team

You’ll probably want to decide if you want video editing as a core product or if you’re willing to settle for a bit of a jack of all trades solution.

Example video

5. Cut yeti

Cut Yeti

$597 Unlimited

N/A Single

Cut Yeti is geared specifically at ad videos and despite having a similar starting price is very premium.

They boast US editors with 3 years of experience and have a cool Dollar Shave Club inspired explainer video.

The limitations are what make this service expensive.  The base plan will be unusable for some with resolution limited to 720 and max output of 2 minutes.

The $1,297 plan gets you 1080 and 3 minute videos.  Outside of ads there’s not many use cases that will fit these limitations.

  • 2min output limit
  • 3 day turnaround
  • 720p
  • 100gb storage

Demo video

6. Visugu


$699 Unlimited

$199 Single

Visugu popped up with a bunch of press releases sometime in summer of 2019.  Even with all the Video + Animal Name competitors this one has the least enviable trade name.  How do you say it and what does it mean?

Service offerings have all the standard things you’d expect in an unlimited video offer and time is quoted as two days.

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Free Stock Footage
  • Free Stock Audio
  • No Duration Limitations
  • One Request at a Time
  • 2 days Turnaround
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 14 day 100% money back guarantee*

Example video

7. Irisbits


$395 Unlimited

N/A Single

Includes both video editing and graphic design.

This is what they include:

  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Task at a time
  • 1-2 business days average turn around
  • Up to 30 minutes videos
  • Premium Stock Assets
  • 4k footage supported
  • Export to multiple sizes & formats
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Unlimited Brands

And some of the standard limitations:

No Weddings
No Voiceover
No Longer than 30 mins
No Animation

Demo video

8. Be Creatives


$599 Unlimited

$1196 with all add ons

10 minutes of completed video falls kind of between the shorter Cut Yeti time of 2 mins and the longer 30 min limit services.

They use airtable which isn’t really best client portal solution, but make up for it by having for the video review tool.

They consider repurposing video as a separate product from regular video edits and price it starting at $399 for 1 package per week.

Prices range from $599 for unlimited.  $1999 for faster turn around and content curation. 

European based editors.

  • Unlimited orders / revisions
  • 48h turnaround
  • Dedicated Professional Video Editor
  • Up to 10 min long video editing
  • Unlimited Cuts
  • Repurposing Content
  • Custom Video Template
  • Resizing to all platforms
  • Thumbnails
  • Free Stock footage / Photos
  • Engaging Animations
  • Subtitles
  • ADD ONS: 
    • $100 – Video template 
    • $299 – Editor’s cut – content curation
    • $99 – 60 mins of  captions
    • $99 – Stock Footage

Example video

9. Video Prawn

Video Prawn

$1,950 Unlimited (1420 pounds)


Video Prawn mentions NBC and Transferwise as notable clients.  Pricing is actually in UK pounds so it’s possible editors are located there as this is a pricier service. 

They also offer a free trial to people with a business domain email (not gmail).

  • Unlimited Job Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Reviewers
  • 48 Hour Turnaround
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited Dedicated Cloud Storage Drive
  • 1m+ HD Stock Media Library
  • World-Class Support
  • All Project Files Included
  • Optional Bi-Weekly Status Calls

Demo video

10. Edit Crew

Edit Crew

$1199 = 15 hrs / wk

I really like these guys because they offer fractional editing as well.  The $1199/mo price gets you 15 hrs per week.  Assuming 4.2 weeks in average month this brings about an hourly which is about $19/hr.  

It’s a little more expensive then the $16.6/ hr offered at Vidpros, but these editors are near shore.  So you may not get overnight turnarounds, but there’s some opportunity to collaborate during the work day.  This could be a mixed blessing as real time communications can really eat into efficiency, but some people prefer it.

11. Edit Video


Editvideo is kinda like Vidpros in that they rank for “unlimited video”, but also realize how silly a gimmick that is.  

Their plans are as follows:
4 videos/mo = $295
10 videos/mo = $495
22 videos/mo = $995

We believe it’s better to pay per fractional hour vs a package of videos.  Otherwise scope can be harder to define and items like number of revisions have to either be priced in or discussed as scope prior.

12. Unbound

$567 Unlimited (495 Euros)

N/A Single

Prices adjusted from original Euro currency.  Company is based in Bali.
  • Unlimited Job Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Dedicated Editor & Account Manager
  • 1-2 Day Turn Around
  • Up To 30 minutes Video Output Per Request
  • World Class Support
  • 14 Day No-Risk Guarantee
  • No Contract

Example video

13. Video Valet

Video Valet
$750 Unlimited

N/A Single

This seems to be another Video Husky clone.  

You can see they even stole some of the icons in the “How Does it Work” block:

Here’s the Video Husky version for comparison:
If they steal something as simple as the iconography –  Can you really trust any of the copy?  Like maybe all the example videos are not really projects they’ve worked on as well.


14. Video Mako

Video Mako
$495 Unlimited

N/A Single

All the same add ons and pricing as Video Husky from about a year ago.  

A $67 add on for “Fast Track Editing” is pretty ambiguous as to what you’re actually getting.  Is it 5% faster is it 50% faster?  Who’s to say?


15. MTM Agency

MTM Agency
$479 Unlimited

N/A Single

This website is an Indian based word for word copy of Video Husky.  

Highly questionable if this is a real company or not.

16. Unlimited Video Editing

This seems to be another copy cat, not quite there service.  Note the Lorem ipsum text on the checkout page and the lack of payment capabilities.

Add ons:
$100 – Unlimited Thumbs

$80 – Subtitles

17. Dava Marketing

Dava Marketing
$1,500 – $1,700

Dava Marketing leads with “Unlimited Video Editing” in their marketing.  It’s at a higher price point because they have US editors. 

What does unlimited mean in this case?  A 2-3 day turnaround. If you want social media iterations that will bump you to the higher price plan.


Be wary of the free trial as they knowingly undeliver on that and then blame the customer as evidenced in this review.


So you may have noticed that many of the companies offering this service are pretty much all the same.  Unlimited really means limited so beware of what you’re actually getting.  

Tired of gimmicky marketing?  Want an efficient outsourced video editing solution?  

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