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Straight from the Source: An Honest Increditors Review 

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Increditors offers professional video editing services with impressive motion graphics and VFX capabilities. However, their pricing is higher, and their communication and reliability have room for improvement. As an alternative, Vidpros provides a transparent, personalized, and flexible editing experience at a flat monthly rate.

We’re back with another in-depth look at one of the video editing companies. This time, we’re spotlighting Increditors – a name that’s been making waves in the industry. 

I know what you’re thinking: “There are so many video editing services; why should I care about this one?”

Well, let me tell you, Increditors has caught our attention for a reason. Their website boasts some pretty impressive claims, and we’ve heard good and bad things from fellow creators who’ve worked with them.

As always, we wanted to go beyond the surface and dive deep into what Increditors offers. We’re discussing dissecting their pricing, packages, editing styles, and, most importantly, their customer service game.

Let’s be honest: a great video editor is only as good as their ability to understand your vision and deliver on it.

Prepare yourself with a snack and a notepad as we uncover the details of our experience with Increditors. Whether you’re an experienced editor or just starting out, this review can help you decide if it fits your video editing needs. Let’s get into it!


Website Experience

The first thing that caught my eye on Increditors’ website was the modern and visually appealing design. However, as I started navigating, the excessive movements and animations on every scroll made the experience quite distracting. 

Their homepage felt cluttered with too much information crammed onto one page, making it slightly overwhelming for someone simply trying to understand their services.

One element that stood out was the button claiming, “We have only 2 available slots for new regular clients. Reserve spot.” This clever tactic effectively promoted a scarcity mindset,  urging visitors to act quickly before the limited slots were taken.

Despite the busy layout, the overall website design created an impression of professionalism and credibility, aligning with the high-quality video editing work they delivered for our project.

Pricing and Packages

Increditors need a fixed pricing structure or pre-defined packages on their website. Instead, they have a quiz that potential clients can take to get a rough estimate based on their video requirements. 

However, this quiz has its downsides as it doesn’t provide accurate upfront pricing, and the estimates tend to be higher, catering more towards clients with larger budgets.

From our experience working with them, their pricing seems tailored towards businesses with bigger budgets, as the quote we received for a single long-form and short-form video was $850, which was considered steep for our budget range.

Regarding their packages, Increditors doesn’t offer standardized options catering to different budgets or video creation volumes. Their approach is more customized, assessing each client’s requirements and providing a quote accordingly.

Regarding creative control, Increditors does offer revisions, but the details on the number of revisions allowed need to be clearly specified upfront. During our project, they accommodated revisions within a reasonable timeframe of 24-48 hours.

Increditors - client email convo

Main Features of Increditors Video Editing Company

The core service Increditors offers is professional video editing, covering various styles and genres.

From our experience, their turnaround time for a long-form video was around 1-2 weeks, although they did mention that subsequent projects would be completed within 5 days. As for revisions, they provided 2-3 rounds without clear limitations.

Increditors client email convo

Their team of highly skilled video editors plays a crucial role in delivering top-tier video post-production services, ensuring high-quality content for a diverse range of clients. Regarding project management tools and progress updates, Increditors mentioned using Trello for project tracking.

However, in our case, communication was primarily through email, with occasional updates on the project’s status. They manage all aspects of post-production, offering comprehensive post-production services that include video editing, creative development, and more, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

One of the standout features advertised by Increditors is their expertise in motion graphics and visual effects (VFX), positioning them as a leading video editing company. Their videos showcased advanced animation techniques, illustrations, and seamless integration of graphics, making them appealing for video creators looking to enhance their content’s visual appeal.

Increditors highlighted their ability to handle various stages of video production, including scriptwriting, research, and even channel management services specifically tailored for content creators on platforms like YouTube. Their video editors collaborate closely, using their expertise to produce high-quality video content that meets the diverse needs of their clients.

While their email communication lacked consistent progress updates, the final video outputs demonstrated their proficiency in text overlays, motion graphics, and overall polished editing, which could be valuable for video creators seeking a professional touch.

Editing Style and Post Production Services Quality

From the samples and portfolio showcased on their website, Increditors has diverse editing styles. Their videos ranged from fast-paced and visually captivating to more informative and educational. This versatility could align well with the different types of videos we create for various clients and purposes.

Increditors is capable of producing a wide range of video types, including music videos, promotional videos, and sport videos, showcasing their expertise in creating content specifically for social media platforms like social media video production and social media videos.

Regarding the quality of their edits, user reviews and the samples we received during our project highlighted their expertise in smooth transitions, seamless integration of motion graphics, and high-quality audio/video output.

The versions they provided for our video project displayed professional editing, with attention to details like text overlays, sound effects, and visual enhancements.

Increditors client email convo

While their editing style seemed adaptable to our needs, the quality of their work was undoubtedly impressive, showcasing their skills in crafting polished and engaging video content. Their experience in creating YouTube videos emphasizes their ability to produce content that performs well on YouTube, enhancing brand outreach and audience engagement.

It’s worth noting that their portfolio featured a mix of styles, from more subdued and informative edits to flashier and attention-grabbing visuals. Being versatile is a good thing because it lets you adjust your approach to fit the needs of each project.

Customer Service and Communication of Remote Video Editing Agency

Regarding customer service and communication, Increditors seems to have a structured process in place, although our experience with them had room for improvement. 

Here’s a breakdown:

Based on their website and our experience, email is the primary mode of communication with Increditors. However, they mention the possibility of using project management tools like Trello and communication platforms like Slack, especially for clients who subscribe to their services. 

Increditors client email convo

One aspect that stands out is a dedicated point of contact or project manager assigned to each client. This streamlines the communication process and ensures a single source of accountability for the project’s progress.

Regarding turnaround times for edits and revisions, Increditors claim that their initial projects may take longer as they experiment with different styles and approaches. However, once they understand the client’s preferences, they aim to deliver subsequent edits within 5 days for long-form videos and 1 day for short-form content.

In our experience working with them, the communication was primarily through email exchanges with their representative. While they provided regular updates and accommodated revision requests within a reasonable timeframe of 24-48 hours, there were instances where the communication lacked transparency, such as when they mentioned “issues” without providing further details.

Increditors client email convo

Additionally, although they mentioned using project management tools, these tools were not fully utilized during our collaboration, which could have hindered more effective progress tracking and collaboration.

The repeated inquiries about continuing the engagement suggest a need for more proactive effort from Increditors to retain us as a client. Instead of actively working to secure more projects, they relied on us initiating the following steps, which could be perceived as a passive approach to client retention. 

The tone of the communication implies that Increditors may have been more focused on acquiring new clients rather than prioritizing the retention and satisfaction of existing clients like ourselves. The constant questioning about our willingness to proceed could be seen as a sign of indifference towards securing our commitment as a loyal client. 

A more proactive approach would have demonstrated their eagerness to continue the partnership and provided compelling reasons for us to remain engaged with their services.

While Increditors seems to have a structured communication process in place, our personal experience highlighted areas for improvement, such as better utilization of project management tools and more transparent communication regarding project status and potential roadblocks. 

The frequent questioning about our intentions to continue and the absence of active efforts to nurture the client relationship could be perceived as a lack of investment from Increditors in retaining us as a client. This approach may suggest that they were more focused on acquiring new business than valuing the potential for a long-term partnership with our company.

Reputation and Reliability

Regarding the reputation and reliability of increditors, user reviews present a mixed picture. Here’s a summary of what stood out:

On the positive side, many users praised the high quality of Increditors’ video editing work. Reviews highlighted their expertise in motion graphics, visual effects, and overall professional polish. Clients seemed satisfied with the final outputs they received.

However, there were also recurring negative aspects mentioned in the reviews. One common issue was missed deadlines or longer-than-expected turnaround times, especially for initial projects. Some users reported facing communication problems,  a lack of transparency regarding project status, or delays.

Another point worth noting is that increditors need a clearly stated money-back guarantee or revision policy that is publicly available. During our project, they accommodated revisions within a reasonable timeframe, but the specific number of allowed revisions was not explicitly mentioned upfront.

While Increditors deliver high-quality work, their reliability in meeting deadlines and maintaining clear communication is an area of concern based on some user feedback. The absence of a publicly available revision policy or money-back guarantee could also raise doubts for potential clients.

The reputation of the increditors is a mixed bag; they are praised for their editing skills but pick apart for issues related to timeliness and communication. Addressing these recurring problems could improve their overall reliability and client satisfaction.

Final Verdict

We put Increditors to the test with an actual video project. The video above showcases their output over 9 days, where they delivered 3 different versions, each stepping up the editing game.

Version 1 was just the basics – simple editing with barely any fancy visuals or sounds. The pacing dragged and felt dull without motion graphics, animations, or music.

But Version 2 picked things up. The editing got more advanced and had a better pace. They added motion graphics, animations, intro music, and sound effects – giving it more life. The subtitles were a nice touch, too, though they moved a bit too fast.

Then came Version 3 – the real showstopper. Every frame had high-level motion graphics and animations that made the visuals pop. The sound design reached new heights with layered music and crisp effects. The advanced editing tied it all together for a truly engaging experience. The only minor hiccup? They only exported 1 minute and 46 seconds instead of the full video.

We also had them make a YouTube Short, which was just as polished as the other versions.

While their quality deserves kudos, we must recognize some downsides, like premium pricing and slightly longer turnaround times. But the most extensive area for improvement? Communication – a lack of project updates sometimes left us in the dark.

Social Media Video Production: Increditors Alternative

There are so many video editing services, but I’m proud to be a part of the Vidpros team. We’re doing things differently, and our approach is transformational for video creators. Unlike other services that try to fit clients into a one-size-fits-all package, we’re all about giving you control and transparency.

Our Fractional Video Editing Service is a game-changer, allowing you to rent out a portion of an editor’s time each month. That means no more competing for attention – you get a dedicated pro working on your videos.

One of the things I love most about Vidpros is how we communicate with our clients. We have this fantastic project chat in our customer portal, making it super easy for you to stay connected with your assigned editor throughout the process. 

And get this – we even use Frame.io, an incredible video proofing tool, so you can provide feedback and track revisions like a pro.

Honesty is a core value at Vidpros; we really walk the talk. We’re upfront about our services, like color correction, motion graphics, and access to stock footage. No surprises, no hidden fees – just realistic expectations from the get-go.

Now, let’s talk pricing.

We like to keep things simple at flat rates of $1,000 monthly (Vidpros Part Time) and $3,000 monthly (Vidpros Full Time) for our Fractional Video Editing Service. You get 2 hours of dedicated editor time per workday, unlimited video requests, and extras like stock assets and AI-generated captions. No confusing subscription models here!

Sure, some other services might seem cheaper on paper, but with Vidpros, you get a customized, high-touch experience. And let’s be honest, value is vital in video editing.

Oh, and here’s something that shows our confidence in our service – Vidpros offers a 14-day risk-free trial, so you can take our service for a spin before fully committing. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

Vidpros is shaking things up in the video editing world with our transparent approach, flexible pricing, and focus on personalized service. 

We’re worth looking at if you’re in the market for a dedicated editing partner who puts you in the driver’s seat. I’m so proud to be a part of this team, and I can’t wait to help more video creators bring their visions to life.

Capping Off

While Increditors boasts impressive video editing capabilities, especially in motion graphics and VFX, their pricing model may only suit some budgets, and communication lapses could be a concern based on user reviews. 

If you prioritize transparent communication, personalized attention, and straightforward pricing, it’s worth exploring alternatives like Vidpros. Our Fractional Video Editing Service assigns a dedicated editor, offers flat $1,000 and $3,000 monthly rate for unlimited requests, and uses project management tools for a seamless experience.

Weigh your options carefully.

Increditors may suit those with larger budgets focused on advanced visuals. At the same time, Vidpros could be the ideal partner for those valuing personalized service and clear communication at a flexible price point.

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