What we learned from testing our competitors’ video editing services?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

TLDR: Vidpros spent $5000 testing six competitor video editing services, revealing insights into industry strengths and weaknesses. The analysis highlighted the importance of clear communication, consistent quality, fair pricing, personalization, timeliness, and strong guarantees. Vidpros aims to use these findings to enhance its unique “fractional video editing” service and solidify its market position.

The video editing world is booming. More people need us to make their videos shine, and our job market will grow 11% from 2020 to 2029. Video has become crucial—ask the 9 out of 10 marketers who say it’s critical to their plans.

At Vidpros, we decided to put our money where our mouth is. We spent $5000 testing other editing services to see what our customers experience elsewhere. We wanted to analyze competitors to understand the good, the bad, and everything in between to serve our clients better.

This research didn’t just give us insights into our competitors; it reinforced our belief in our unique approach.

We do things differently here.

We offer personalized editing time, communicate clearly, and have flexible pricing. We use special tools to smooth the process and even provide a money-back guarantee. We’re upfront about what we can and can’t do, so everyone knows what to expect.

By working this way, we aim to give each client a more personal, efficient service. That’s what sets us apart in this competitive field.

Let’s dive into how we conducted this eye-opening study and what we discovered.


We carefully chose our competitors for this review. We wanted to ensure we looked at a good mix of video editing services. Here’s how we picked them:

  • Service offerings and quality
  • Pricing and packages
  • Client communication and transparency
  • Customer reviews
  • Unique features
  • Industry reputation
  • Website usability

We compiled our findings into a comprehensive competitor analysis report to track and monitor performance against our competitors.

For our $5000 experiment, we chose Tasty Edits, beCreatives, The Editor’s Connection, Vidchops, Increditors, and Flocksy.

We submitted a “talking head” video to each competitor for consistency. This common video type allowed us to assess basic editing skills like clip cutting, audio adjustments, and graphic additions. It also provided a fair basis for comparison across services, reflecting a typical client request.

This approach gave us insights into each service’s capabilities, using a straightforward, real-world video task that mirrored the needs of many of our clients.

Vidpros: The Baseline

Before diving into our competitors’ analysis, we established a baseline by including Vidpros in our study. We created a typical client persona and submitted the same video request to our team, ensuring our editors were unaware of the test.

The process showcased our fractional video editing model in action. A dedicated editor was assigned, adhering to our standard timeline and transparent pricing structure. Communication flowed smoothly through our specialized chat system and Frame.io, demonstrating our commitment to transparent, personalized interaction.

The final output met our high-quality standards and aligned well with client expectations. While we strive for exceptional results, it’s important to note that the production was satisfactory, providing a fair benchmark for comparison.

Here are the videos produced by Vidpros for this test. It demonstrates our standard editing approach and quality, serving as a reference point for the following competitor comparisons.

This self-assessment reinforced the strengths of our “fractional video editing” service and provided a valuable baseline for our competitive analysis.

  1. Dedicated editor time ensuring personalized attention.
  2. Consistent quality output.
  3. Clear and direct communication channels.
  4. Transparent pricing without hidden fees.
  5. Efficient turnaround times.

By including Vidpros in this analysis, we gained valuable insights into our processes and how they compare to industry competitors. This self-assessment allows us to continually refine our services and maintain our commitment to addressing common industry challenges.

Competitor Analysis Report


Competitor analysis table This table briefly overviews each service’s critical aspects, including Vidpros. It allows for easy comparison across different factors such as pricing, turnaround time, quality, communication, and their main strengths and weaknesses. This approach gave us insights into each service’s capabilities and how they position themselves in the competitive market.

  • We examined what products or services our competitors sell, including our offerings at Vidpros, to identify direct competitors and analyze their features and pricing.

This research helped us identify our main direct competitors and benchmark our success within the industry, positioning Vidpros among them.

  • We focused on identifying key competitors, including ourselves, to prepare a comprehensive benchmarking report. We also evaluated the marketing strategies of all services, including Vidpros, to understand their promotional and advertising methods.
  • We checked out the competition using a framework to see what they were good and not good at and understand our strengths and weaknesses.
  • We analyzed how our competitors’ target audience responds to their content and marketing strategies, comparing this to the response to Vidpros’ approach.

Our thorough competitive analysis outlined the steps involved in conducting a comprehensive analysis of our competitors and our service, providing a holistic view of the video editing market.

Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits stands out in the video editing market with its versatile service catering to various content types. Their strengths lie in a user-friendly custom dashboard, direct communication with dedicated editors, and high-quality, professional output.

Tasty Edits utilizes industry-standard video editing software to deliver high-quality, professional output. Pricing is competitive, ranging from $40 to $240 per video, with unlimited revisions included.

However, our experience revealed some areas for improvement, particularly in meeting their advertised 48-hour revision turnaround.

The revised drafts took up to 72 hours longer than expected, and the quality of the thumbnails needs some work. Despite these issues, the final product met our needs and showcased the professional quality Tasty Edits is known for.

Overall, Tasty Edits delivers on its promise of flexibility and professional output, making it a solid choice in the competitive video editing market.

While there’s room for improvement in revision speed and consistency, their commitment to quality work and effective communication makes them a noteworthy contender for those seeking versatile video editing services.

Here’s the final output video we received from Tasty Edits. It showcases their editing style and the quality of work they delivered for our project.


beCreatives has established a strong reputation for social media-friendly video editing, offering dedicated editors and clear communication through video calls.

Their service is structured around two primary pricing tiers ($899/month Scale plan and $1999/month Pro plan), promising unlimited revisions and quick turnarounds, especially for their Pro plan clients.

The company’s strength lies in its consistently high-quality output, described as “professional-grade” with “high production value.” beCreatives employs some of the best video editing software available to ensure high production value.

However, our experience and client feedback revealed significant areas for improvement in beCreatives’ service. Despite claims of impressive turnaround times, we encountered substantial delays in editor assignments and project completion.

Unforeseen charges and staffing problems affected project timelines. Also, reports of inconsistent quality for complex requests and surprise fees suggest a need for more transparency and consistency in their processes.

Overall, beCreatives delivers impressive final results but needs to improve with operational efficiency and managing client expectations. While they maintain good communication and offer a money-back guarantee, the recurring issues with timely delivery and unexpected costs indicate room for improvement.

For clients prioritizing high-quality, social media-oriented video editing and willing to navigate potential delays and additional fees, beCreatives remains a viable option, albeit one that requires careful consideration.

Take a look at the video beCreatives produced for us. This final cut demonstrates their approach to social media-friendly content.

The Editor’s Connection

The Editor’s Connection offers a comprehensive video editing service with a tiered pricing structure ranging from $649 to $1,999 monthly. Its strengths include unlimited editing, quick turnarounds, dedicated editors, and a straightforward online communication system.

It also boasts client-friendly policies such as a 15-day money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions, which are significant selling points.

However, our experience revealed several weaknesses. The service felt impersonal, and the website lacked editor photos, which made it challenging to establish a personal connection.

We also noted inconsistencies in editing quality and difficulties in executing specific instructions for more complex projects. While The Editor’s Connection performs well with standard video improvements, it struggles with highly specialized or intricate editing tasks.

Overall, The Editor’s Connection appears best suited for clients requiring reliable, standard editing services rather than those seeking bespoke or highly specialized video projects.

Their unlimited editing model and client-friendly policies make them an attractive option for straightforward editing needs. Still, those requiring more personalized or complex editing services may find their offerings limited.

Here is the completed video we got from The Editor’s Connection. It represents their standard editing work for a typical project.


Vidchops is a user-friendly, efficient video editing service focusing on speed and simplicity. Their strengths lie in quick turnaround times (1-2 days for initial edits, one day for revisions), dedicated editors, and an accessible online communication system.

Vidchops offers a tiered pricing structure ranging from $495 to $995 monthly. The service excels in basic editing features such as text additions, simple motion graphics, and smooth transitions, particularly in talking-head videos with quick cuts and on-screen text to maintain viewer engagement.

Their 14-day money-back guarantee and responsive communication system further enhance their user-friendly approach.

However, Vidchops has notable limitations. The editing quality, while solid, could be better, and more advanced features like 3D effects or voice-overs need to be included in their standard offerings.

Our experience and user feedback suggest that the editing sometimes leans towards the primary side, with inconsistent quality across projects and limited room for creative flair.

Overall, Vidchops presents a reliable option for those prioritizing quick, straightforward edits. It’s well-suited for clients who need efficient, basic video enhancements, particularly for talking-head style content.

However, those seeking highly sophisticated or creatively ambitious edits might find Vidchops’ offerings somewhat limited. Clients should calibrate their expectations regarding the depth of creative input when choosing this service.

Here’s what Vidchops delivered as our final edited video. It gives you an idea of their editing capabilities and style.


Increditors is a high-end video editing service specializing in professional-grade productions with advanced graphics and special effects.

Their strengths lie in the exceptional quality of their work, showcasing proficiency in text overlays, motion graphics, and polished editing. The service excels in crafting engaging video content with smooth transitions and seamless integration of visual elements. 

Their unique quiz-based pricing model and dedicated client representatives cater to businesses with substantial budgets, offering 2-3 rounds of revisions and promising faster turnarounds for subsequent projects.

However, Increditors need help with communication and project management. Despite mentioning project management tools, these needed to be utilized more during our collaboration, potentially hindering effective progress tracking.

Email was the primary contact mode, often requiring more consistent updates and transparency. Their approach to client retention also raised concerns, suggesting a passive stance rather than proactive efforts to secure customer loyalty.

Increditors delivers high-quality video outputs that appeal to businesses seeking polished, professional-grade content.

However, their service has operational caveats, particularly in communication and project management. The service best suits clients who prioritize top-tier editing quality, can navigate communication challenges and are willing to pay premium prices. The results are convincing, but clients should be ready for potential frustrations during production.

Check out the final product we received from Increditors. This video highlights their proficiency with motion graphics and special effects.


Flocksy is a versatile creative agency offering various services, including video editing, writing, and design. Its strengths lie in transparent communication, daily updates provided through a dedicated chat system, and a flexible monthly pricing structure ranging from $499 to $1,695.

The service excels in prompt revision implementation, typically within 24 hours, and utilizes industry-standard software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, and CapCut, demonstrating solid technical capabilities.

However, Flocksy needs help meeting initial turnaround times and maintaining consistent, high-quality output. In our experience, they missed their promised 72-hour delivery, taking six days for the initial draft.

The lack of a professional video review tool with timing markers made the revision process less efficient. While the initial draft quality could have been better, it left room for improvement and may not consistently meet the highest standards.

Overall, Flocksy presents an attractive option for clients seeking a one-stop shop for various creative needs and valuing responsive communication.

Their mid-tier package at $995 seems particularly value-driven for those requiring diverse creative services. Clients should be ready for possible delays and willing to engage in a basic revision process.

Flocksy’s service is best suited for those who prioritize communication and versatility over strict adherence to deadlines and consistently exceptional quality.

Here is the result of our project with Flocksy. The video showcases their approach to long-form video editing.

Comparative Results

Our comprehensive analysis of six prominent video editing services – Tasty Edits, beCreatives, The Editor’s Connection, Vidchops, Increditors, and Flocksy – reveals diverse offerings, each with unique strengths and challenges.

These services demonstrate a commitment to professional output and user-friendly interfaces. Many offer unlimited revisions to ensure client satisfaction.

Standout features include Tasty Edits’ versatility, beCreatives’ social media prowess, The Editor’s Connection’s unlimited support, Vidchops’ quick turnaround and client control, Increditors’ advanced graphics, and Flocksy’s multi-service approach.

However, the analysis also uncovered areas for improvement across the board, including pricing concerns for premium services like beCreatives and Increditors, quality inconsistencies with Vidchops and Flocksy, limitations in handling complex projects for some providers, and communication issues, particularly with Increditors.

The price-to-quality ratio varies significantly, with Tasty Edits emerging as a strong value proposition, while others like beCreatives and Increditors offer high-end results at premium prices.

Eventually, this competitive service highlights the importance of aligning service selection with specific project needs, prioritizing sophisticated effects, rapid delivery, or comprehensive creative support. Aligning service selection with specific project needs is crucial for building an effective business strategy.

Each provider presents a unique balance of capabilities, limitations, and value propositions in the dynamic video editing market.

The Vidpros Video Editing Difference

Vidpros stands out in the crowded video editing market by offering a unique “fractional video editing” service, providing clients monthly dedicated video editor time.

This approach ensures personalized attention and consistent quality, addressing common industry issues like inconsistent output and impersonal service.

Our commitment to clear communication is evident in our specialized chat system and use of Frame.io, allowing direct interaction with editors and seamless feedback on projects.

We pride ourselves on transparency, openly discussing our strengths and limitations upfront.

Our pricing model is refreshingly simple and flexible, starting at $1,000 per month for 2 hours of daily editor time, with the ability to scale as needed.

To highlight our confidence in our service, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Vidpros tackles prevalent industry problems head-on: we maintain high-quality standards through dedicated editors, eliminate hidden fees with transparent pricing, ensure faster turnarounds with reliable, assigned editors, and create a more personal experience through direct client-editor relationships.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, open communication, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. By focusing on honesty, expertise, and client-centric service, Vidpros has crafted a video editing experience that meets and exceeds client expectations, transforming common industry pitfalls into our greatest strengths.

Lessons Learned

Our thorough competitive analysis has unveiled crucial insights that will transform our service offerings and solidify our position as the leading choice for video editing.

Clear communication, quality consistency, and transparent pricing emerged as critical factors in client satisfaction, prompting us to enhance our systems and explore more flexible options. Personalization and timeliness are essential.

It drives us to invest in editor training and workflow optimization.

Armed with these new findings, we are prepared to improve our services by prioritizing clear communication, consistent quality, reasonable pricing, personalized attention, on-time delivery, and strong guarantees.

Our goal is to transform these lessons into concrete improvements that establish Vidpros as the unequivocal go-to solution for top-tier video editing services.

By addressing these critical areas, we’re not just meeting industry standards but setting new benchmarks for excellence in the video editing market.

Capping Off

Our thorough analysis of six leading video editing services uncovered crucial insights into what clients value: clear communication, consistent quality, transparent pricing, personalized service, timely delivery, and robust guarantees.

While each competitor had unique strengths, there were common areas for improvement across the board.

At Vidpros, we’re committed to continually strengthening these insights to enhance our services. We pledge to refine our communication tools, build a more effective business strategy based on these insights, maintain our high-quality standards, offer even more flexible pricing options, deepen our personalization efforts, optimize our workflows for faster turnarounds, and strengthen our guarantees to instill greater confidence in our clients.

We invite you to experience the Vidpros difference firsthand. Our unique “fractional video editing” service offers dedicated editor time, personalized attention, and consistent quality that sets us apart in the industry.

Let us show you how we’re transforming common industry challenges into our greatest strengths. Book a call with Vidpros today.

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