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Tasty Edits vs Vidpros: Which Video Editing Subscription Wins?

Tasty Edits vs Vidpros
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Are you a content creator looking for a video editing subscription but unsure which one to choose? It can be overwhelming to find the right fit.

In this blog post, we aim to help you with an option. Read on!

To help you decide which is the best video editing subscription, we’re putting two heavyweights in the spotlight, Vidpros and Tasty Edits.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator hunting for trendy visual effects or a business owner wanting smooth and wallet-friendly edits, we’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s cut right through the chase and focus on what counts: the features and limitations for both.


Tasty Edits vs Vidpros chart

Why Finding the Right Video Editing Subscription Matters 

Okay, now let’s have some serious conversation.

Picking the right video editing subscription is like choosing the right partner for your creative adventures.

It’s not just about adding cool effects or cutting clips—it’s about finding a tool that gets your vibe and helps bring your ideas to life.

Imagine this: You’ve got a killer concept for your next video, the energy is high, and you’re ready to hit the record!

Think how much more seamless that process could be when you have the best video editing company at your back.

It’s not just about bells and whistles, you see; it’s about figuring out which one fits your style, which one recognizes your demands, and which one makes your videos unique.

Tasty Edits and Vidpros Overview

Tasty Edits and Vidpros are both companies that offer video editing services. Tasty Edits focuses on helping video creators level up their content production through frictionless video editing and channel management services.

They offer professionally edited videos, a dedicated team, unlimited effects, motion graphics, licensed assets, and fast turnaround.

On the other hand, Vidpros provides Fractional Video Editing solutions designed to scale businesses. 

They offer video editors on demand, free stock footage, storage, and a one-low monthly fee for all video editing needs.

Both companies have unique features and pricing models and cater to different needs in the video editing industry.

What is Tasty Edits?

Founded by entrepreneur Alex Lefkowitz, Tasty Edits is a go-to platform for creators, businesses, and professionals seeking to enhance their video content.

It offers professional video editing services with a unique blend of efficiency, affordability, and high-quality results.

Here’s a rundown of some of their features:

  • Real-time collaboration: It means that multiple team members can work on the same project simultaneously, making proposed changes and edits in real time. 

  • Content curation: This service helps clients find the best footage for their videos.

  • Unlimited advanced visual effects: Help creators achieve a creative edge on their projects

  • Dedicated Team: Video editors, thumbnail artists, and video managers. They are responsible for handling all aspects of the video editing process, from editing the footage to creating custom thumbnails and managing the video project.

  • Fast Delivery: 48-hour turnaround time for efficient and quick delivery.

What is Vidpros?

Vidpros, led by Founder Michael Holmes, redefines monthly video editing service through its innovative Fractional Video Editing. 

Imagine this scenario: professional video editors edit all your videos within 1-2 business days through a straightforward monthly subscription. 

Vidpros sets itself apart by dedicating a personal editor to each client, providing personalized attention and unwavering quality.

Tasty Edits and Vidpros – A Comparison

In this section, we aim to uncover the distinctive features, strengths, and details that set these two video editing services apart, providing a thorough basis for comparison.

1. User Interface

At Tasty Edits, customers submit orders through their dedicated Video Order Management Application. (VOMA) is their central hub for seamless communication with the editing team, facilitating easy file transfer and streamlining project management. 

This purpose-built dashboard enhances collaboration by providing a unified space for exchanging messages, transferring files effortlessly, and efficiently managing the various aspects of video editing projects.

Customers at Vidpros can submit their video orders through the customer portal facilitated by Service Provider Pro and have their videos edited overnight.

Customers can request revisions or mark the video as complete if needed. Upon completion, a link to Frame.io, our video proofing tool, is provided for reviewing the videos. 

Addressing a common challenge faced by clients working with video editing freelancers, the goal is to optimize the project communication process for efficiency between each team.

2. Dedicated Team

Tasty Edits prides itself on having a dedicated team of video editors, thumbnail artists, and video managers who work to produce high-quality videos with a fast turnaround time. 

Vidpros takes personalized attention to the next level with its Fractional Video Editing service.

Unlike the generic approach of Tasty Edits, Vidpros assigns a dedicated Editor to each client working 2 hours per workday (but can also add a few more hours if needed) ensuring a tailored and consistent experience.

At Vidpros, our commitment to personalized video editing experiences is evident through our dedicated Editors, ensuring agile workflows and a client-focused approach.

Our editors excel at implementing customer feedback for an enhanced experience. 

As you continue your collaboration with your editor, a sense of familiarity will naturally develop.

Over time, this working relationship will reach a point where your editor becomes proficient at understanding your preferences almost intimately. 

This unique feature results in higher-quality edits, resonating with the distinct creative vision of every content creator or business.

3. Turnaround Time

Tasty Edits is known for its quick turnaround time, with a standard guarantee of 48 hours for horizontal videos and 24 hours or less for vertical videos.

Vidpros, on the other hand, is committed to overnight turnaround for quick delivery in this fast-paced content creation setting.

Their commitment extends to finalizing the editing process for videos submitted by the end of the US business day, ensuring a swift and efficient turnaround. 

It is to meet tight deadlines and deliver edited content on time to our clients. (*Conditions apply; please refer to specific terms and agreements for details.)

4. Video Types 

Tasty Edits can edit types of videos, including ads, beauty, cooking, lifestyle, etc.

Vidpros offers video editing services for a wide range of types, including but not limited to thought leadership, online courses, tutorials, info products, product reviews, podcasts to videos, Vlogs, social media videos, ads, real estate, interviews, and powerpoints to videos.

5. Team Collaboration

At Tasty Edits, customers can chat with their editors using VOMA. They can send messages directly to the editing team in the main chat for each project. 

With Vidpros, communication also happens within their SPP Portal. The Vidpros Portal allows customers to chat with their editors. Within the project chat, they can directly message the editing team.

6. Pricing

Tasty Edits operates on a project-based pricing model. 

Users pay a fixed charge for video editing services, with the flat rate set at $240 for a single horizontal video and $50 for a vertical video (suitable for platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok).

Vidpros‘ fractional-time video editing pricing offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing clients to choose between high or low-quality videos, optimizing for quality or quantity.

It contrasts with Tasty Edits’ rigid output-based pricing, which guarantees a set number of videos but lacks the adaptability for scope changes or customization that fractional time provides.

7. Visual Effects

Tasty Edits offers unlimited advanced visual effects to elevate video quality.

Meanwhile, Vidpros specializes in color correction and motion graphics services, enhancing the visual appeal of edited videos.

8. Content Curation

Tasty Edits extends content curation services, assisting users in discovering optimal footage for their videos.

Conversely, Vidpros includes free stock footage in its services, providing users with supplementary resources for their projects.

9. Access to Resources

Tasty Edits provides access to custom graphics, animations, titles, lower thirds, and burned-in captions.

Vidpros offers free stock video and royalty-free music, along with unlimited storage for video files.

10. Additional Features

Tasty Edits: Custom-made thumbnails and vertical exports are available as add-ons.

Vidpros: Thumbnail creation, human captions, and access to stock video and music are included in packages. 

The following features are also part of Vidpros packages:

Free Stock Footage

You can purchase stock footage and royalty-free music as part of your subscription at no additional cost.

These are integral components provided as standard considerations, enhancing the value of your subscription.

Video Proofing

By integrating Frame.io into our system, we prioritize and guarantee a seamless and transparent communication channel during the critical phases of reviewing and revising your content.

This software enhances collaboration, allowing clear feedback and facilitating a more efficient revision process.

Project Files

Following your approval, we have streamlined the process to enable your videos to be uploaded promptly and directly to YouTube.

Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures that your content is distributed to your intended audience on YouTube quickly and seamlessly.

Unlimited Storage

Easily retrieve and edit your recent projects using the generous six-month storage provision

This function ensures that your valuable work remains easily accessible, promoting a smooth and efficient editing process.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

New Vidpros customers enjoy a risk-free 14-day trial period to assess service quality. To request a refund, simply complete the cancellation form within the initial 14 days of service and send an email to support@vidpros.io.

What sets Vidpros apart?

Fractional Video Editing

While many unlimited services may not offer “unlimited video editing”, instead providing unlimited work requests with limitations on editing hours and quality, Vidpros takes a different approach. 

Vidpros offers fractional video editing, allowing users to purchase a portion of an editor’s day without scope or quality limits

This model addresses potential drawbacks of unlimited services, such as backlog and reduced dedicated editing time, making Vidpros a more transparent and flexible option.

Access to Additional Resources

Vidpros goes beyond basic editing by providing clients with FREE stock video and music, along with unlimited storage for video files.

This access to additional resources enhances the value proposition for users, enabling them to amplify their digital content creation without incurring extra costs.

Tasty Edits, in contrast, leaves users to navigate these elements independently.

Unique Offerings

Vidpros enriches its packages with additional elements like thumbnail creation and human captions.

These elements add a layer of customization and accessibility to the editing process, catering to different user requirements.

Tasty Edits may offer a comprehensive package, but it falls short in providing these specific, user-centric components.


In the showdown between Tasty Edits and Vidpros–

Vidpros unquestionably emerges as the ultimate choice for those who seek a seamless, tailored, and efficient video editing experience. 

The dedicated editor model, overnight turnaround, access to additional resources, transparent pricing, and distinctive offerings collectively establish Vidpros as the premier choice in video editing services.

Why settle for less when Vidpros empowers you with the tools and attributes needed to bring your creative vision to life? 

Your video projects deserve the Vidpros advantage—where precision meets efficiency, and your creative journey finds its perfect companion. 

Step into the world of Vidpros and experience the next level of video editing excellence.