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Vidchops Review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Vidchops provides a user-friendly unlimited video editing service with fast turnaround and dedicated editors. However, there are some concerns about quality control and pricing transparency. Vidpros offers an alternative with a more personalized, high-touch approach through fractional video editing and efficient communication tools.

Dive into our thorough review of Vidchops to learn about this video editing service, pros and cons, and how it compares to an alternative like Vidpros.

Vidchops Website Experience

Vidchops Homepage

When I first visited the Vidchops website, I immediately liked its clean and user-friendly design. The homepage does an excellent job of explaining its unlimited video editing services in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The call-to-action button made it super easy for anyone to get started.

The overall look and feel of the website is very polished and consistent. 

The navigation at the top allowed me to quickly find the information I was looking for. I liked how the site adapts perfectly to whatever device I’m using; it looks great on both my computer and phone.

Beyond just the website design, I was glad they had a helpful blog with valuable tips and advice about video editing and growing your business. The Vidchops team has put a lot of thought into making the entire user experience as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Vidchops Pricing

Vidchops pricing
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Vidchops’ website to review their latest pricing plans.

Vidchops takes a unique approach to presenting its pricing and service offerings. 

Instead of listing an affordable price and all the details upfront on their website, they encourage potential customers to engage directly through a lead capture form to explore the full scope of their video editing subscription and pricing structure.

They must submit their contact information and connect with the Vidchops team to get the complete picture.

Looking at the information Vidchops provides, their core video editing plans include the following:

  • Vidchops Weekly: $495 per month (4 videos, 3 revisions each) 

  • Vidchops Pro: $995 monthly (8-10 videos, unlimited video editing requests, dedicated project manager). 

Both plans offer benefits like a full account manager, dedicated editor, fast turnaround, and access to royalty free music and stock footage.

In addition to their unlimited editing service, Vidchops also offers a unique YouTube Helper add-on. This adds-on done-for-you services like custom thumbnails, titles, tags, and more to help optimize your unlimited videos for the YouTube algorithm. 

  • Weekly Helper: $225/month (4 videos)

  • Unlimited Helper: $395/month (8-12 videos)

  • Double Helper: $595/month (16-20 videos)

After reviewing user feedback, I noticed that some have mentioned potential hidden costs for extras like captions. So, ensuring you understand the full editing workload of what’s included when signing up is essential.

Vidchops’ unique approach to video creation means you’ll need to be prepared to directly engage with their editing team to get the complete picture of pricing and service tiers. However, their range of plans, from core video editing to the YouTube-focused Helper add-on, seems designed to cater to the needs of various video creators and budgets.

Vidchops Core Services

Vidchops is all about making video editing easy and efficient for their clients. Let’s dive into the core features of their video editing service:

  • Turnaround time is lightning fast. Vidchops promises to complete all video edits within 1-2 days, and you get unlimited revisions, so you can keep tweaking and polishing videos for your social media platforms until they’re perfect. That kind of responsiveness and flexibility is hugely valuable.

  • To keep the process organized, Vidchops provides a user-friendly project management portal. Clients can submit video requests and editing instructions, give feedback, and track the progress of their edits, all in one centralized place. This transparency ensures you’re always in the loop on the status of your projects.

  • Vidchops offers features designed specifically for video creators. They can add text overlays, lower thirds, transitions, and basic motion graphics to make your videos more engaging and professional-looking. They also have access to a library of royalty-free music, stock footage and audio to supplement your raw footage.

  • Beyond just the technical side, Vidchops also markets itself as a video strategy expert. They say they’ll coach clients on best practices for thumbnails, titles, and tags to optimize your videos for YouTube’s algorithm. It’s an excellent added value for those who want to grow their YouTube channel.

Through its project management tools, Vidchops has built a comprehensive video editing service emphasizing speed, flexibility, and client empowerment. If you’re a video creator looking to streamline your editing workflow, it could be worth exploring their offerings in more detail.

Vidchops Editing Approach

A few things stand out when you look at the editing samples on the Vidchops website. 

Their style is fast-paced and focused on staying visually engaging throughout the video. There’s a good mix of tight cuts, text overlays, and subtle motion graphics that keep the viewer’s attention.

The editing also seems geared toward creating informative, talking-head-style videos. The pacing and graphics complement and emphasize the main speaker rather than distract them. This approach aligns well with the needs of many YouTubers, marketers, and small business owners looking to create polished, professional-looking videos.

We tried Vidchops ourselves, and the overall quality of Vidchops’ editing is solid, if not exceptional. Their editing was sometimes basic, with room for more creative flair. However, the deal is that the edits are clean and well-timed, enhancing the final video content.

It’s also worth noting that Vidchops’ editing capabilities have some limitations. They don’t offer complex 2D or 3D animations, and voice-over work is not included. Their services may not be perfect if your videos require heavily stylized graphics, music videos, or intricate post-production.

For the average video creator looking to take their content up a notch with fast turnaround, reliable editing, and a few visual flourishes, Vidchops delivers a solid product. Ensure the style aligns with your specific needs and expectations before signing up.

Communication and Turnaround Times

One of the critical aspects of the Vidchops service is its focus on transparent and efficient communication with clients. Based on the information they provide, the process seems pretty straightforward:

  • When you sign up, you’re assigned a dedicated video editor who will be your main point of contact throughout the project. This editor will work with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring they deliver videos that match your brand and style.

  • Vidchops uses a custom online portal to facilitate this collaboration. Here, you can submit your video request, provide feedback and notes, and track the status of your edits. The portal allows for real-time communication, with the ability to leave timestamped comments for revisions.

  • Regarding revisions, Vidchops promises a fast turnaround, with just 1-2 days for the initial edit and 1 day for any requested changes. This speed and responsiveness are crucial for video creators who must keep their content production moving quickly.

Based on user reviews, Vidchops is known for sticking to timelines. Clients report prompt communication from their dedicated editors, and the revision process to create videos is generally smooth and efficient.

Of course, there are always exceptions, and some users have mentioned experiencing delays or feeling like their editor didn’t fully understand their requirements. The feedback suggests Vidchops prioritizes maintaining clear, reliable communication throughout editing.

This personalized attention and project management level is a crucial differentiator for Vidchops. It allows video creators to stay in the loop, provide input, and ensure the final product matches their vision without micromanaging the process.

Vidchops review
Vidchops review on Yelp

Regarding the reputation and reliability of Vidchops, the user reviews paint a mixed picture. Let’s take a closer look:

  • On the positive side, many clients appreciate the core value proposition that Vidchops offers. They highlight the convenience of having a dedicated video editor handle all the tedious editing tasks, freeing up the creator’s time to focus on other aspects of their business. 

  • The fast turnaround time and unlimited revisions are also frequently cited as significant benefits.

  • Some users have reported issues with the editing quality and consistency. A few reviews mention videos coming back “under-edited” or not aligning with their specific style and preferences despite the personalized onboarding process. 

  • There have also been a handful of complaints about missed deadlines or communication problems with their assigned editor.

That said, Vidchops stands behind its service with a 14-day money-back guarantee. This provides a safety net for customers who are unsatisfied and want to get back their investment. 

So, while the overall reputation of Vidchops seems solid, it’s clear they have yet to achieve perfection. The fast-paced nature of their video production model may contribute to the occasional quality control issue or missed deadline. Still, their willingness to make things right through refunds and revisions is undoubtedly a point in their favor.

The reliability of Vidchops may come down to the specific editor you’re matched with and how closely they can understand and execute your unique video style and requirements. However, the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction through its guarantee and revision policy does provide some reassurance.

Vidchops Alternative


Vidpros is another video editing service that may be worth considering as an alternative to Vidchops. Unlike Vidchops, Vidpros takes a more streamlined and transparent approach to video editing.

Vidpros offers a Fractional Video Editing Service, which allows clients to purchase a specific portion of an editor’s time each month. 

This gives you more control over your own videos during the editing process and ensures you get dedicated attention rather than having to compete for editing time.

One of Vidpros’ standout features is its focus on transparent and efficient communication. They use a dedicated project chat within their customer portal, making it easy for you to stay in touch with your assigned editor. Vidpros also integrates with Frame.io, a video proofing tool, giving you a seamless way to provide feedback and track revisions.

Vidpros is upfront about the services they do and don’t offer. They excel at things like color correction, motion graphics, and accessing stock footage. 

This transparency helps set realistic expectations from the start. Regarding pricing, Vidpros takes a different approach than Vidchops’ subscription model. 

Their Fractional Video Editing Service starts at a flat rate of $1,000 per month, which includes 2 hours of dedicated editor time per workday, unlimited video requests, and extras like stock assets and AI-generated captions.

While the Vidchops plans may seem more affordable on paper, the Vidpros model allows for more customization and potentially better value, depending on your specific video editing needs and volume. And with Vidpros’ 14-day risk-free trial, you can test the service firsthand before fully committing.

Vidpros presents an intriguing alternative to Vidchops, focusing on streamlined communication, transparent services, and a flexible pricing structure. If you’re looking for a high-touch, personalized video editing experience, it’s worth exploring Vidpros.

Capping Off

At the end of the day, Vidchops offers a solid video editing service that can help streamline your workflow. Their fast turnaround, dedicated editors, and project management tools are valuable assets for busy video creators. However, there are some potential drawbacks regarding quality control and the need for more transparency around pricing and services.

To help you make the best decision for your video editing needs, check out our in-depth comparison blog breaking down Vidchops vs. Vidpros. Weighing the pros and cons of each service can ensure you find the right fit to take your video content creation to the next level.

If you’re looking for an alternative that provides a more personalized, high-touch experience, Vidpros could be worth considering. Our fractional editing model, transparent service offerings, and efficient communication tools set us apart. Book a call below to learn more.

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