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TikTok Video Editing Service

TikTok Video Editing Service

TikTok Video Editing Service

TikTok is one of the world’s largest social media channels, with more than over a billion monthly active users. It is the home of unique, stylized videos that frequently evolve into global trends. TikTok reels are typically short-form video content that keep users engaged and active on the social platform. Creators and influencers turn to TikTok to engage with younger adult audiences and stand out in a fast-moving world where their content’s visual quality and entertainment value are king.

Transform Your Videos into Stunning Visuals





Vidpros offers a customizable, end-to-end TikTok video editing service, transforming raw and self-produced media into captivating on-brand content for our clients–augmenting audience interest, interactions, returns, and sustained platform growth.

What to Expect From Professional TikTok Video Editing Services

Our TikTok video editors are specialists in what they do and leverage a vast range of editing techniques, digital applications, and pro-level tools to breathe energy, pace, and enthusiasm into your TikTok videos. We’re Our TikTok video editing services are not just about polishing your splices or adding captions–we’re about finessing every piece of video content to match your business specifications, themes, and style.

What kind of edits can a talented video editor make that you can’t achieve with off-the-shelf software or using the TikTok filters? Our video editing company, Vidpros offers a complete suite of editing options, including:

  • Special effects, quality audio, and graphic effects
  • Blending and merging content from multiple videos and sources
  • Integrating sound, visuals, and pop-up video graphics
  • Adding background tracks, music, and cool audio accents, transitions, and features
  • Crafting the formatting and size of your video files to match TikTok standards
  • Creating videos in multiple sizes and formats for cross-channel posting
  • Editing, refining, and smoothing your original video clips and footage

Your video editor will assign a guaranteed number of hours to your TikTok videos every week, with Vidpros teams available for urgent overnight edits, special video requests, and consistent editing production–giving you a reliable, steady stream of publication-ready videos on demand.

Stand-Out TikTok Video Edits With Viral Potential

TikTok creators often hit stumbling blocks, usually because they need help understanding the ever-changing algorithm and why some video content performs and some gains zero traction. Like all social media platforms, TikTok will actively promote video content it recognizes as high caliber. This includes videos with targeted captions and hashtags, videos that generate great user interest, and videos from channels that drive the best user engagement metrics.

Many possible video strategies include participating in or designing unique TikTok challenges and harnessing the latest social trends. Still, your video quality must be on point if you’re after likes, shares, comments, and reactions. Some of the most significant barriers to success for TikTok advertisers, influencers, and creators include:

  • The absence of humor, music, or audio that draws the viewer in and keeps them there
  • Creating video content that is too long or short; you want to hit that magic content length that entertains without any filler
  • Lack of time to edit videos, leaving footage blurry, glitchy, with distorted sound, or where you have variable capacity, and find yourself posting on an inconsistent schedule

Need help understanding why your favorite video isn’t performing, or want professional insights into developing a TikTok channel that records massive view counts? Book a free consultation with Vidpros, and we’ll offer our expert services to get your video content creation on track.

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What Does it Cost?

Vidpros Part Time

$ 1,000 /Month
  • 2 hrs Per Workday Dedicated Editor
  • Overnight Turnaround*
  • Stock Video and Music
  • Simple Thumbnails
  • AI Generated Captions
  • 3 months storage
  • *Based on project complexity

Vidpros Full Time

$ 3,000 /Month
  • Everything in Vidpros Part Time
  • Full Time Video Editor (8 hours / Day)
Best Value!

Inclusions of Your Subscription

1-2 Day Turnaround

For videos submitted by the end of the US business day we complete overnight*

Unlimited Storage

All the storage you’ll ever need to host all your raw files and completed videos.

Assigned Editor

You’ll get used to working with your editor. They’ll be able to read your mind as time goes on. 

Royalty-Free Stock

Stock footage and audio is not an upsell. It comes standard with your subscription.

Video Proofing

We use Frame.io which insures crystal clear communication in the review and revision process.

Project Files

Your videos can go direct to YouTube upon your approval.

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How to Drive Engagement and Grow Traction on TikTok

The staggering number of TikTok accounts is a key part of its attraction. Still, it’s also the snag that means only the best content, with instant audience appeal, incredible creativity, and smart use of hashtags, makes it to your audience’s FYPs. Most content creators have little time to spend on every short snippet of video, as they have schedules packed with filming, responding to messages, liaising with brand advertisers, and scouting locations.

Collaborating with an expert team of TikTok video editors gives you a fantastic competitive edge. You can be assured that every piece of content will be edited quickly, according to your video production time frames, and in a way that captures the essence and character that underpin your business or personal channel.

Not a technical wizard? With Vidpros editing service, you don’t have to be–that’s our job! Our team stays up-to-speed with all the emerging trends, changing algorithm parameters, and new tools and editing software to keep your content ahead of the curve.

Augmenting TikTok Returns With On-Demand Fractional Editing

We don’t overcomplicate things–we offer a straightforward monthly subscription for all your TikTok editing needs. Just choose your service package, and we’ll get started. With our services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Unparalleled video quality
  • Speedy turnaround times
  • Excellent affordability
  • Optional overnight edits
  • Royalty-free stock content
  • Comprehensive video proofing
  • Regular team communications

Need to make some more adjustments or add a little more flair to your TikTok video edits? You sign off on everything and work directly with an assigned editor who will work with you to get to know your business branding and content style.

FAQs About Video Editing Services for TikTok

There are two ways to record video content for TikTok–directly through the app (tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen) or by creating content elsewhere and uploading it. In our video editing experience, the latter produces far better results and creates opportunities to monetize your content, as you’ll have the time to develop cultivated content that perfectly represents your brand or style in the themes and tones your target audience loves.

Yes, with TikTok’s reels editing tool, you can add stickers, text layers, and filters or trim the length of your video and tweak the volume of the soundtrack or original audio you’ve chosen to use. The drawback is that if you rely on in-platform editing tools, you only have access to the features that everybody else is using and are limited in how creative or original your video content can be.

Vidpros provides professional editing at high-quality standards, managed by real-life editors with years of expertise. This means that instead of posting a self-edited, rushed video, you can focus all your time on great content and leave the tedious editing to our services.

TikTok videos can be as long as ten minutes, but that doesn’t mean they should be. The platform’s success is down to short, snappy, and fun videos rather than long-form content that drags. Most viral videos are just twenty-one to thirty-four seconds long, so it’s vital you pack all your messaging into a concise timeframe and make every second of your video count.

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