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10+ Creator & Influencer Conferences in 2024: A Run Down

creator and influencer conferences 2024
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Welcome 2024, where the Creator and Influencer Conferences are your go-to events for video content creation. Think of them as your guides in the world of online content.

These conferences are like big meetings where people share simple and innovative ideas about making videos, content, and more. 

Imagine this: a bunch of people gathering to talk about everyday things like posting on social media, emerging trends, making videos, and being awesome online. It’s like a toolbox of practical tips and tricks for anyone who wants to do well in the digital world.

At the 2024 Creator and Influencer Conferences, you’re in for straightforward discussions about what works and what doesn’t. No fancy jargon—just real talk about the online scene, tell stories that matter and create content that stands out.

So, join us as we give you a comprehensive list of Creator and Influencer Conferences this 2024.

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Pinners Kansas 2024

February 2-3, 2024

Overland Park Convention Center

Price: General Admission $12 | Girl’s Night Out $19 | One Day Expo & 2 Classes $22 | One Day Expo & All Classes $39 | Two Day Expo & All Classes $49 | VIP Pass $149

come learn, create and connect at pinners


Discover, create, and connect at Pinners KC—an event tailored just for you! Immerse yourself in a unique blend of shopping and creativity at this show. 

Pinners offers a dual experience: a topics conference featuring over 100 Pinterest-based classes taught by top presenters and a vibrant show featuring 200 businesses showcasing a variety of options in DIY workshops, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, photography, party planning, scrapbooking, holiday, beauty, fashion, and more. 

While Pinterest enthusiasts will feel right at home, all are welcome to bring their adventurous spirit to this lively event. After attending, Pinners KC will become your new favorite international conference experience!

Indulge in what has been dubbed “the most creative show in America.” Express gratitude to the conference organizers who make it a fun and engaging event.


February 6-9, 2024

ExCel London

Price: Free Affiliate Passes | Networking Pass Early Bird Price  £580+ VAT

Speakers: TBA

iGB Affiliate 2024


The iGB Affiliate London 2024 is a big deal in online gaming. It brings together affiliates who work with gaming websites, companies that run these sites, and tech vendors. 

At the conference, there are talks, presentations, and insider info from pros, giving a ton of information. It’s a chance to interact with people, share ideas, and grow businesses in the online gaming world. 

They’re expecting people to show up, including attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers with knowledge to share.

The iGB Affiliate Awards is at The Home of the iGaming Affiliate Community. People are to join for a night of futuristic fantasy where the worlds of cyberpunk and fairytales blend to honor the accomplishments and innovations of the igaming affiliate community in the last 12 months. 

The complete schedule for the conference has yet to be available, but in the meantime, it’s best to check out the 2023 content program and special events!

MediaPost’s Publishing Insider Summit

February 21-24, 2024

Bonita Springs, FL

Price: Attend In-Person $4995.00 | Virtual access $495.00

MediaPost Publishing Summit


MediaPost Publishing Insider Summit, titled “Green Shoot Hunting: The Next Media Growth Plan,” explores the potential growth opportunities in media as it emerges from a challenging era. 

With ad spending gradually returning and changes in the media environment, publishers are re-evaluating their strategies for growth.

The summit addresses questions such as the viability of consolidating niche brands after ad declines, the status of fragmentation in streaming video and audio, and the impact of shoppable video and declining retail sales on content and commerce models. 

Additionally, the event gets into media business portfolios for 2024, video revenue opportunities across platforms, the role of AI as innovation, and emerging ad sales opportunities.

For a decade, the summit has followed a consistent theme: identifying business models and revenue streams to ensure media sustainability. 

In 2024, the focus is on identifying the “green shoots” of growth opportunities as the media recovers.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Media Post’s Publishing Insider Summit:

  • Kevin Gentzel – Newsweek | Global Chief Revenue Officer

  • Bree McKenney – Conde Nast | Global SVP of Condé Nast Commercial Creative

  • Steve Smith – MediaPost | VP, Editorial Director, Events

  • Athan Stephanopoulos – CNN Worldwide | EVP and Chief Digital Officer


February 29 – March 02, 2024

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center 

Atlanta, Georgia


WORKBENCHcon is an intimate gathering of 500 like-minded individuals that focuses on connecting social influencers with brands and inspiring creatives with relevant content and networking events. 

The goal is to help attendees transition their passion into a career. The #WBCmaker conference organizers is known for its generosity and fun, enjoying the annual experience of planning and executing this event. 

Witnessing the transformative impact and changing lives resulting from the conference is powerful and moving. This 2.5-day conference, curated for DIY content creators and makers, aims to provide the drive needed to elevate businesses to the next level.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at WORKBENCHCON:

Tastemaker Conference

March 13-16, 2024


Price: General Admission $699 | Corporate Admission $899

Speakers: TBA

corporate admission


The Tastemaker Conference originated in 2017 from Abbey Rodriguez’s vision for a community-driven, educational, and experiential event for food creators. 

Starting as a small idea in her home office, Abbey, a full-time food blogger and freelancer, sought a welcoming space for food bloggers and content creators to connect and enhance their online businesses.

Since then, this international conference has become a significant presence in the industry, hosting multiple sold-out events annually. With a diverse roster of brand partnerships and attendees, the conference offers engaging virtual education and social interaction, adapting to the evolving era of the food creator online community.

Whether participating in virtual networking or in-person events, attendees can build lasting relationships with fellow food enthusiasts and brands. The conference, marked by classes, excursions, and industry expert insights, continues to capture the essence of Tastemaker’s magic.

The conference caters to all experience levels, encouraging socialization and business growth for food bloggers and content creators. It’s a valuable investment in self-improvement and business elevation.

Alt Summit

March 17-20, 2024

Palm Springs


alt summit


Alt Summit is the primary conference and community for creative entrepreneurs and influencers, often described as life-changing. 

The conference, founded in 2009, has seen 15 other events, including flagship conferences in Salt Lake City and Palm Springs, as well as various summer conferences and online events. 

Originally named Altitude Design Summit, the conference evolved beyond design bloggers, now attracting creative entrepreneurs from diverse platforms, such as artists, photographers, pinners, Instagrammers, vloggers, shop owners, content creators, designers, and bloggers.

Notably, Alt Summit has played a role in the success stories of influential platforms like Pinterest. 

Founder Ben Silbermann attended the conference to find beta testers for the budding website, showcasing the conference’s impact. A significant testament to its value is that 85% of attendees have returned more than once, with many industry leaders consistently attending each event. 

Alt Summit continues to evolve with the changing landscape of new media, offering a dynamic space for creative minds to connect, learn, and thrive.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Alt Summit:

  • CARISSA POTTER CARLSON – Author of I Like You, I Love You, It’s Okay To Feel Things Deeply, How To Heal Heartbreak and Founder of the stationery line People I’ve Loved and the newsletter Bad At Keeping Secretes.

  • ALYSSA ZANDER – published author, podcaster, and coach 

  • TARA CLARK – an author, speaker, content creator, podcaster, mental health advocate, and the founder of Modern Mom Probs. 

  • LINDA TONG – the entrepreneur and designer behind Linda Tong Planners, a planner company that bridged the gap between planning and bullet journaling.

Amplify Summit

March 19-20, 2024

Virtual Conference

Price: On-Demand Access FREE Ask Me Anything Session £49.00

Speakers: TBA

amplify summit


The AMPLIFY SUMMIT, hosted by Affiverse, is a 2-day virtual learning event for affiliates and managers. 

It offers practical insights, debates, and real-life learnings from industry experts, focusing on enhancing affiliate relationships and boosting sales in 2024. 

The summit is essential for those looking to improve affiliate management skills, with networking opportunities and free toolkits for efficient program management. 

Attendees gain actionable insights from global industry leaders, making it a must-attend event for kick-starting the year with a clear strategy.

Youth Marketing Strategy

March 20-21, 2024

Brooklyn New York

Price: Standard YMS Ticket $1,199 

Youth Marketing Strategy


The Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) is the leading global festival for youth marketing, presented by Voxburner and the Student Beans Insights Agency. 

With a 12-year history across Europe and the USA, YMS is the preeminent gathering for youth marketing professionals. Retail and e-commerce marketers immerse themselves in the world of youth marketing at YMS. 

This event promises an exceptional convergence of influential brands, pioneering thought leaders, and the authentic voices of Gen Z. Attendees can explore the latest youth trends, gain valuable insights, delve into illuminating brand case studies, and engage in dynamic panel discussions addressing industry challenges.

YMS’s mission is to build a connection between young individuals, brands, and the trends shaping Gen Z’s reality. Seize the opportunity to join this movement and be part of sparking inspiration. Encourage the marketing industry to think differently at YMS!

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at Youth Marketing Strategy:

  • SAHEEDAT ABDUL – Global Influencer Lead | Saheedat Abdul

  • MICHAEL AKKERMAN – General Manager, Mobility | Uber

  • MIKE BENEDOSSO – Strategy & Partnerships | YouTube

  • MARION BOERI – Global Thought Leadership Research | Spotify

Mom2.0 Summit

April 4-6, 2024

Nashville, TN


Mom 2.0 summit


The Mom 2.0 Summit is a heartfelt and intimate experience, offering more value than any other event. It prioritizes building lasting relationships with attendees, speakers, and sponsors eager to connect, know, and support each other’s intentions.

The summit brings together influencers and leaders from diverse fields like parenting, entertainment, food, politics, business, marketing, technology, social change, travel, and design.

As a premier professional conference, Mom 2.0 is a gathering point for influencers creating online and on-air content.

Women leaders in media and business converge annually to exchange ideas, discuss trends, and anticipate the future for women in the online space and marketplace.

Throughout the year, Mom 2.0 offers educational programs, social gatherings, inspiration, and communication opportunities, utilizing events, videos, newsletters, blogs, and social media channels.

It’s a community-focused platform fostering connections and knowledge-sharing among women leaders.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Mom2.0 Summit:

  • Natasha Nicholes – We Sow We Grow

  • Miranda Wicker – Co-founder of Madame Literary, a literary firm by and for women, and writer of Caffeine & Cabernet. 

  • Katie Crenshaw – Mom2.0

  • Melissa Martin –  MBA, Blackwood Impact Group founder, StoryBrand Certified Guide.


April 16-18, 2024

Intercontinental Miami

Price: Industry Pass Full Price $1,295 | VIP Pass Full Price $1,795



PI LIVE USA connects brands with a diverse range of publishers, tech experts, creators, subnetworks, and media owners, covering various stages of the consumer purchasing journey. 

From influencers driving awareness to commerce advertising boosting consideration and partners closing sales, the event caters to brand needs.

The content, designed for brands and retailers, offers actionable strategies, ensuring attendees leave with valuable insights. 

PI LIVE USA’s core content tracks include Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Partnership Marketing. 

These tracks get into modern strategies such as commerce advertising, influencer deal structures, and various performance media strategies like paid search and social

The event emphasizes brand-to-brand partnerships, inspiring collaboration among attendees. Retailer passes are available for a limited time, providing a free participation opportunity.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at PI LIVE USA:

  • Brandon Kaplan – JOURNEY

  • David George – MATTEL

  • Ga-Young Lee – HELLOFRESH

  • Hallie Gellman – NBC NEWS GROUP

Influencer Marketing Show 2024

June 3-4, 2024

New York, USA


Speakers: TBA



IMS USA, dedicated to exploring the Creator Economy, gathers the creator and influencer marketing community in NYC for a day and a half of insights and networking. 

A unique opportunity exists for attendees, including influential minds, to connect with brands, creators, agencies, and tech leaders shaping the creator economy.

The event focuses on providing actionable strategies for influencer marketing to emphasize authenticity, transparency, and measurability. 

Brands can dive into navigating the complexities of the Creator Economy, setting KPIs, and choosing optimal metrics for performance evaluation, covering the entire spectrum from awareness to sales.

Registrants benefiting from a free pass leave with actionable insights and connections with technology partners, empowering them to drive successful outcomes for their influencer marketing campaigns. 

IMS USA attracts major brands, retailers, agencies, media owners, and creators of tech solutions, partnerships, and brand collaborations to enhance their influencer marketing initiatives.

The free passes are extended to brands and content creators, promoting networking through a dedicated app available four weeks before the event. This app facilitates pre-show 1-2-1 meetings. 

The commitment to inclusivity is evident through a limited number of complimentary passes available for creators, ensuring a diverse and vibrant community participation.


July 9-12, 2024

San Juan Puerto Rico




TBEX unites hundreds of creators, DMOs, and brands in the travel industry, fostering enduring business connections and forging lifelong friendships. 

Attendees convene to network, share insights, and glean the latest trends, strategies, and tactics from industry peers and leading experts in storytelling, SEO, photography, video, influencer marketing, social media, and content marketing.

The event spans three or more days, delivering a blend of inspiration, education, and substantive business meetings. Participants exit TBEX armed with actionable tips and advice to implement immediately, creating a unique opportunity to connect with peers who comprehend the intricacies of the travel business.

TBEX is a platform to enhance content creation and business skills, stay abreast of industry trends, and network with fellow creators, industry experts, tourist boards, and travel brands. The event isn’t just educational; it promises an abundance of enjoyment.

Industry professionals attend TBEX to learn about content creation, working with influencers, social media management, and email marketing. Meet top bloggers and travel creators, network with other like-minded professionals, and stay on top of social media trends. 

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the TBEX:

  • Ashley Segura

  • Cory Lee Woodard

  • Kelly Pugliano

  • Kevin Wagar

Influencer Marketing World 2024

Dates & Venue TBA 2024, London

Price: TBA

Speakers: TBA



Get ready to elevate your influencer marketing campaigns at Influencer Marketing World, a highlighted conference track at #DMWF Global. In 2024, this event will have its dedicated stage at Olympia London, offering a two-day conference for savvy and creative marketers seeking to enhance their influencer marketing strategies.

The carefully curated agenda focuses on sharing growth opportunities, trends, and engagement techniques within the lucrative realm of influencer strategies.

Attendees can expect to gain new, highly engaged contacts interested in their brand or solutions, showcase products and thought leadership live and on-demand, and expand brand visibility to potential customers.

The event also provides opportunities for teams to mingle with the community, fostering valuable and lasting relationships. It’s a platform designed for marketers aiming to take their influencer marketing efforts to the next level.

Capping Off

As we wrap up our exploration of the 2024 Creator and Influencer Conferences, envision a world where digital content creation becomes second nature, thanks to the insights shared in these gatherings. 

These events are more than just meetings; they’re your keys to unlocking the full potential of online creativity.

And guess what? Your journey doesn’t end here. 

Vidpros is your partner in making the most out of these learnings. 

Imagine having a team of fractional video editors at your fingertips, ready to turn your ideas into polished, professional content overnight.

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