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What Are Video Edits?


The market for digital content continues to grow at an incredibly rapid pace. Videos, in particular, are leading in popularity. Brands can capture and engage a broad audience by curating premium video content with great editing. If you are looking to elevate your content and are wondering how you can edit videos to make them stand out, we’ve got you covered.

Video edits utilize special editing software to make a series of adjustments and improvements to raw footage files to enhance the final video product. This software allows for various methods of trimming, rearrangement, transitions, color adjustments, audio files, and text. 

Any professional video editing company will use these editing techniques to produce high-quality video for any digital content need. For brands and businesses that are in the earlier stages of building an online presence, learning how to video edit for an absolute beginner is a beneficial way to build a cost-effective skill.

Editing Techniques

Once the footage is organized and the tone, flow, and desired goal of the video have been narrowed down, the next step is to use editing tools within the selected software to customize the video.

Trim and Arrange Clips

Focus on the most relevant clips–footage can be trimmed down to remove excess time or unnecessary shots. From there, the clips can be arranged to create an order and flow that is cohesive, informative, and effective. 

Smooth Transitions

There are many options for creating transitions. You can blend together clips with fading or connect separate clips with jumps or straight cuts to the next piece of footage. The type of transitions used will vary, depending on the desired tone or overall aesthetic of the video.

Add Audio Tracks

Adding engaging or educational voiceovers or music files during the editing process is a common way to customize videos. Audio files must always be available for public use because violating copyright laws could result in the video being removed or fined

Adjust the Color

Making edits to the colors of footage can improve the quality of the film if the original lighting is poor or out of balance. It can also change the tone of the footage by creating a specific aesthetic effect. 

Add Text

Including text in the video editing process can help orient the viewer to the content and purpose of the video while also providing the option to include relevant and educational text and calls to action. To make videos accessible to a wider audience, text can be added as captions for the audio. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to embark on making video edits on your own or opt to hire a professional video editing service like Vidpros, every little detail matters when it comes to delivering a fantastic final product you and your audience will feel good about. 

Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about how our monthly subscription for on-demand, fractional video services can streamline your workflow and elevate your digital content!