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The Complete Guidebook for Finding & Hiring B2B Content Creators

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I watched a Neil Patel video discussing how B2B creators can become huge influencers. He said there are many B2B companies with big budgets but not enough B2B influencers to sponsor.

The key takeaway is that with high B2B marketing budgets and few influencers, there is a massive opportunity for B2B content creators to partner with these brands. 

What is a B2B Content Creator?

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A B2B content creator is like a salesperson who creates things that teach and build trust with other businesses, not everyday customers. 

They could work at a company and make content to grow their brand. Or they might be thought leaders sharing their knowledge through articles and videos. 

B2B creators are different from those making content for consumer brands. They focus on long materials that educate about industry trends and products. 

More than half of buyers say they’re more likely to buy something after watching about it first. 

Creating B2B video content costs less than traditional advertising but gets about three times more potential customers interested. 

These B2B creators are getting more recognition and credibility lately for helping shape what B2Bs choose to buy. 

As B2B companies realize the power to sway decisions through influencer marketing , these creators are now part of their B2B video marketing strategies

How does one create B2B content?

Creating content for B2B requires strategic thinking and thought leadership. 

You need to provide relevant information that potential customers care about. The content should make your audience trust you by addressing their needs and goals. 

Some common types of B2B content are blog posts, white papers, templates, case studies, videos, webinars, industry discussions and podcast. 

Here are the steps to create good B2B content:

  • Know your target audience’s challenges and interests. 

  • Check out what your competitors are doing for new ideas. 

  • Follow news and industry events for topics. 

  • Have a plan for creating, sharing, and improving your content marketing. 

  • Make the content compelling so your audience wants to read/watch it. 

  • Use analytics and feedback to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Creating great B2B content takes ongoing planning, creativity, and optimization.

The content aims to help your audience and build relationships with them.

Concerns B2B Companies Have When Selecting Content Creators

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B2B companies have particular needs when choosing content creators. 

They want thought leaders who clearly understand their business and can make reliable, high-quality content.

The content needs substance, not just fluff— B2B buyers are often experts. 

For content to stand out and be relevant to the target audience, it must have a focused niche. 

B2B content creation has challenges like needing a lot of content fast, making stuff that grabs attention, and understanding what works best to engage their audience. 

Overall, B2B brands need B2B creators with specialized expertise to create content that provides real value to attract discerning buyers.

Essential Criteria for Selecting B2B Content Creators

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Industry Knowledge and Expertise

B2B buyers want content that shows expertise about their needs. 

The business world knows content can influence decisions, so there is more specialized content marketing to inform and build trust. B2B creators should make in-depth, thought leadership insights since B2B buying is complex. 

A focused niche helps avoid broad content and ensures a relevant perspective. 

B2B marketers are often experts, so content has to be valuable and useful to them. It should speak to their expertise and challenges. 

Track Record of Results

B2B content creators need to show they have made content in the past that serves as lead generation.

They can do this by showing case studies, praise from happy customers, or specific examples of content that directly led to more leads and sales for their brand

B2B companies also want creators who have shown they can make content that connects with B2B audiences and drives measurable results for their clients. 

It includes driving more website traffic, generating more leads, and ultimately getting more sales. 

Adaptability and Innovation

Adaptability has benefits like attracting more followers who appreciate fresh content and trust the brand. 

It allows influencers to expand their services and reach broader audiences. Adaptability also builds resilience to handle rapid business changes.

Innovation comes from learning and trying new things. 

It keeps creators up to date on industry trends. By constantly experimenting, they can stay ahead and find success as B2B content marketing evolves.

Collaboration inside companies boosts creativity and innovation. Diverse teams unite around shared goals, combining skills for better ideas.

AI tools like generative content will be vital for future relevance. 

Collaboration and Communication Skills

B2B content creation involves input from teams like sales, product, and customer success. 

To work well together, creators should define the content strategy and goals, identify who is involved, set up workflow and tools, and document the process. 

Working together inside a company improves communication, boosts creativity, and builds team spirit. It leads to more innovation and productivity. 

Where to Find B2B In-House Creators?

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Job Platforms and Career Websites

Companies can use job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and specialized boards to find B2B content creators to hire. They can post listings on these sites and search for candidates using relevant keywords and filters. 

Companies can also check their websites for openings and connect with potential hires directly on social media.

An accurate description of the role’s responsibilities and requirements is essential for attracting top talent. Listings should highlight company culture, values, and mission to appeal to candidates who fit. 

Companies can also tap into professional networks and business groups to connect with potential hires and build relationships.

Company Websites and Direct Hiring

Posting jobs on company websites can benefit efforts to recruit in-house B2B creators.

Advantages include:

  • Attracts candidates specifically interested in the company mission

  • More cost-effective than job boards or recruiters

  • Increases brand awareness and draws candidates who like the culture

To attract a B2B creator through direct hiring, companies can use their site to post openings and tout culture, values, and mission. 

Networking and marketing groups can connect with potential hires. Social media outreach also builds brand awareness and relationships with candidates.

Networking Events and Industry Gatherings

Attending conferences and networking events can benefit companies looking to connect with potential B2B creators:

  • Builds relationships leading to partnerships, referrals, and growth.

  • Generates leads since attendees are pre-qualified prospects.

  • Allows knowledge sharing and getting industry insights from experts.

  • Enables professional growth through learning from speakers and workshops.

To make meaningful connections, companies should actively participate in discussions and conversations. 

Have a plan to promote before the event, follow up after, and nurture leads. 

Focus on an engaging experience in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Freelance Platforms and Gig Economy

Companies can use freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr to find and hire B2B content creators

These sites provide access to freelancers globally with diverse skills. The freelance economy has grown a lot, so there is a big pool of influencers to tap into.

Benefits of hiring freelancers include getting specialized skills, being cost-effective, and having flexibility. 

Challenges are managing a large team of freelancers and potentially having less supervision.

When considering freelancers and in-house creators– companies should weigh the pros and cons. 

Industry-specific sites like Behance and Freelancer.com can find freelancers in design and content creation.

Consider the skills needed, resources, and budget when deciding between freelance and in-house. 

In-house teams offer diverse skills, while freelancers provide specialized skills and lower costs. The right choice depends on the company’s needs, budget, and marketing goals.

Referrals and Recommendations

Using personal and professional networks can help companies find skilled in-house B2B creators.

Best practices include:

  • Maintain strong relationships with industry connections by delivering results and asking for feedback and testimonials. It builds trust to get quality referrals.

  • Do referral marketing by creating clear agreements, using automation, and offering incentives. It encourages happy clients to refer creators.

  • Connect and engage with influencers who are well-connected in the industry. Their large networks can provide good referrals.

  • Overcome fear of asking and proactively seek out referrals from trusted sources. It can lead to valuable connections with qualified creators.

Social Media and Online Communities

Businesses can attract and connect with talented B2B creators through social media and online communities.

Here’s how:

  • Use Social Media Wisely: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, and TikTok Marketplace have many potential candidates. 

  • Have Meaningful Conversations: Social media isn’t just for talking about yourself. It’s a chance to have genuine conversations. Companies should join relevant discussions, reply to comments and messages quickly, and show they care about what potential candidates share.

  • Build an Online Presence: Having a good reputation online is imperative for getting top talent. By regularly posting relevant content, companies can show their skills, culture, and values. It makes them more attractive to potential candidates.

  • Use Different Social Media Channels: To reach more people, businesses should use different social media platforms. Each one has its features and audience. Being on more platforms, companies have a better chance of finding talented individuals.

  • Post Content Often: Regularly posting content keeps a company’s brand in people’s minds. It could be industry news, company updates, or stories about employees. It helps potential candidates understand the company and what it’s like to work there.

Capping Off

B2B creators create content that teaches and builds trust with other businesses. 

Their materials are different from consumer content. They focus on long, educational stuff about marketing topics and products.

B2B companies now value the creator economy as vital for marketing. 

As industry expert Joe Lazer (Lazauskas) Author of The Storytelling Edge explains, “People don’t want to follow brands. They want to follow personalities that they trust.”

Their content gets more potential customers interested for less cost than ads.

To make good B2B content, know your audience’s needs. 

Get ideas from competitors. Follow industry news for topics. Have the plan to create, share, and improve content. 

Make it engaging so people want to read/watch.

B2B companies want creators with expertise who understand their business. 

The content must offer real value, not fluff. It should be niche-focused and drive measurable results like more traffic, leads, and sales.

There are many places to find in-house creators – job sites, company websites, networking events, freelance platforms, referrals, and social media. 

Consider your needs, resources, and goals when deciding where to look.

In-house teams and freelancers both have pros and cons. Choose what fits best for your situation.

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