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The Advantages of Outsourcing Your Video Editing

outsource video editing

Perhaps editing videos isn’t your favorite pastime, as it is for many of us. But here’s the deal – good video editing is vital for your videos to shine.

You don’t have to be the editing guru glued to your screen. Nope! You can hand over the editing reins to a pro.

And guess what? When you team up with the right video editor, life gets way simpler.

  • Your videos look great.

  • You save heaps of time.

  • Plus, you get to focus on growing your business.

So, to reclaim your time and supercharge your video content, pop one task at the top of your to-do list:

Outsource video editing.

Now, let me share a quick real-life story to spice things up. Take Paul Reiser, a business owner who faced video editing challenges. But then, he stumbled upon Vidpros, a fractional video editing company.

Result? His videos soared to 200k TikTok views in just three days! 

So, yeah, outsourcing your video editing– it’s not just a task, it’s a game-changer. 

Let’s dive in and explore why outsourcing video editing services could be your secret weapon for top-notch videos without the editing hassle. 

Ready? Let’s start.

What is outsourcing in video editing?

outsourcing video editing

Outsourcing video editing means hiring a pro to edit your videos. You find video editors, tell them you want an engaging video, give it to them, and pay for their help. It’s beneficial because you get quality work, use top-notch tools, save money, have flexibility, and free up your time. You can find editors online or through outsourcing companies. 

Work With An Expert To Get The Best Results

work with an expert

If you want your videos to stand out in online content, make them better. The easiest way? Get a professional to edit them. These professionals know their editing stuff and use powerful software tools to keep your content top-notch.

Are you curious about how they enhance the quality of your videos?

Well, imagine watching a video where the editing was so bad it distracted you. Talented editors make sure that never happens. They’re experts at storytelling, visual clarity, audio quality, brand consistency, appropriate length, complex edits, and emotional impact.

Not only do they bring technical skills and creativity, but they also save you loads of time. If you outsource your editing, you send them your footage and instructions, and they handle everything else. 

Imagine what you could do with all that extra time—focus on growing your business, connecting with your target audience, or even just taking a breather.

So, while editing is crucial, it doesn’t have to be your job. Outsource it, free up your time, and watch your business grow.

How much does it cost to outsource video editing?

how much video outsourcing

​​Outsourcing video editing services costs vary based on video complexity, editor experience, and project size. 

On average, freelance editors charge $20-$45 per hour for beginners and $50-$100 per hour for experts. 

Prices can differ by country.

Estimating the cost involves considering the source video duration and choosing an hourly or fixed rate. For more complex edits, expect around 1 hour of editing for every minute of the final video length. Keep in mind these are general figures, and rates can fluctuate.

Where can I outsource video editing?

where to outsource video editing

Now that you’re ready to outsource your video editing– let’s dive into the different online platforms where you can discover skilled freelance video editors. Each platform offers unique features, ensuring you find a dedicated video editor for your video editing needs.

One possible avenue is Fiverr, a platform where many beginners initiate their search for a full time video editor. However, it might not always yield the desired results.

Do you remember Desiree Martinez, one of Vidpros’ precious clients? In her search for a suitable video editing service, she stumbled upon the concept of unlimited video editing companies. This idea brings excitement, but the journey to finding the perfect match involves overcoming challenges. Desiree faced problems, experiencing less-than-ideal situations before discovering the ideal match for her video editing needs. 

This journey is not uncommon. 

For instance, providing detailed notes to a previous video editor did not guarantee smooth sailing; they struggled with the workload and delayed the delivery of the final videos. 

As you explore outsourcing your video editing options, be aware of different digital services offering unique features to cater to your editing needs.


A global online marketplace connecting businesses and individuals with freelance video editors. Whether on a budget or looking for premium services, Fiverr provides options to find talented editors for your video editing projects. 

Navigate through profiles, explore diverse talents, and choose the editor that suits your needs. With a vast pool of freelancers, Fiverr is a valuable resource for those seeking professional video editing services

The pricing varies based on your specific requirements and the video editors’ expertise. Basic tasks start low at $10, and rates can increase depending on project complexity and the editor’s experience, ranging from $20 to $150 or more. 

Factors like video duration, editing complexity, and the editor’s expertise influence the cost. 


Upwork offers video editing as one of its many services as the largest online platform for freelance work. It provides businesses with access to skilled freelancers globally. 

It is a hub for businesses to discover and hire freelancers adept at one off projects, streamlining the process from posting jobs to selecting the best fit. 

Upwork provides end-to-end service provider support, from crafting job descriptions to payment management and milestone tracking. The cost of video editing services on Upwork varies, influenced by specific project requirements and freelancer expertise. 

Pricing can range from $20 to $150 per hour, with additional options like flat rates per finished video ranging from $50 to $500 or more. Factor in the service fee, ranging from 5% to 20%, and communicate your needs clearly for an accurate quote, ensuring a smooth and budget-friendly project experience.

People Per Hour

It is a freelance platform where freelancers set their service prices, giving clients the option between fixed-price services or hourly rates. 

Freelancers, carefully selected by the platform, can apply for buyer-posted projects, with a minimum project cost of $10 and the ability to create up to seven gigs initially. Video editing service prices on PeoplePerHour vary widely, determined by freelancer expertise and project specifics.

The average cost of video editing services range from $20 to $150 per hour, with freelancers proposing flat rates per video, starting from $50. Pricing factors include video duration, complexity, and the editor’s expertise. PeoplePerHour charges a service fee of 5% to 20% based on the amount of the project completed. 

Clear communication ensures accurate quotes, and factoring in the service fee aids in budgeting for a smooth project experience.


It is a platform that links businesses with independent service provider worldwide, offering various services, including video editing.

Freelancers set their service prices, allowing clients to choose between fixed-price services or hourly rates. Video editing costs vary widely on this platform, with freelancers determining their rates based on expertise and video specifics.

The average cost of video editing can range from $300 to $800 or more per day, depending on the freelancer’s experience. 

Fixed-rate projects are negotiated individually, with costs ranging from a few hundred dollars for simple tasks to thousands for complicated ones. Hourly rates for video editing fluctuate between $20 and $150 per hour. Clear communication with freelancers ensures accurate quotes aligned with your needs and expectations.

Social Media Platforms

  • Explore Facebook groups dedicated to video editing services or freelancing.

  • Connect with editors directly and get a sense of their work through the group’s community.

  • Verify skills and previous work by engaging in group discussions.

Video Editing Agencies

  • Agencies provide a streamlined approach to finding and managing editors.

  • Benefit from a curated selection of skilled professionals.

  • Agencies often handle the coordination, ensuring a smooth outsourcing process.

Vidpros – A Fractional Video Editing Company

Vidpros, a leading fractional video editing company, ensures a focused and efficient editing process by assigning a maximum of four clients to each video editor. 

With a commitment to providing at least 2 hours per workday for an editor to focus on a client’s videos, this approach results in quicker turnaround and polished final product. 

Unlike the traditional “unlimited video editing” model, fractional video editing services offers a cost-effective solution, allowing clients to pay for specific hours needed, maximizing return on investment. 

Maintain a clear communication channel, assess candidates thoroughly, and keep your scope of work in mind as you navigate these platforms. Base your decision on your project needs, budget, and desired level of expertise for the final product.

How To Choose a Good Video Editing Service

how to choose good video editing service

So, how do you pick a video editing service that suits your needs? Here are some straightforward questions to guide you:

1. Do They Offer What You Need?

  • Check if the service provides the exact editing you require.

  • Watch demo videos or ask for samples to understand their style.

  • Reach out for clarification and express your needs.

  • A trustworthy company will engage with you, answering questions before any commitment.

2. What Do Reviews Say?

  • Read customer reviews to grasp the service’s reputation.

  • Look for specific feedback highlighting strengths or weaknesses.

  • Understand the quality of a service by examining the experiences of past clients.

3. Can They Keep Up with Your Workload?

  • Ensure the editor has the time commitment for your projects.

  • Check if they can adapt to your growing needs and new ideas; scalability is vital.

  • If they can’t adjust to your demands, consider other options.

4. Do You Have a Dedicated Editor?

  • Consistency is crucial; working with the same full time editor builds rapport.

  • Your editor should become familiar with your business and goals.

  • Ensure the service commits to providing a consistent editing partner.

5. Is Turnaround Time Adequate?

  • Turnaround times vary but inquire about their typical timelines.

  • Organize raw footage efficiently to expedite the process of editing.

  • For simple projects, expect a quality edit service delivery within 48 hours.

6. How Many Revisions Are Allowed?

  • Choose unlimited revisions to ensure satisfaction.

  • The editing process should only conclude when you are content.

7. Is It Budget-Friendly?

  • Assess affordability based on your preferences: freelance, full-time, or a monthly plan.

  • Consider flat-fee monthly pricing for predictable costs.

  • Ensure the service can adapt as your editing needs fluctuate.

Find a service provider that aligns with your requirements, maintains quality, and adapts to your evolving needs to create videos without breaking the bank.

Assessing Candidates – A Practical Guide

assess video editor candidate

Checking English Proficiency:

If collaborating globally, assessing English proficiency is crucial. Test their writing with a short self-introduction or opt for a quick video sharing insights. It helps evaluate their communication skills in English. FYI: All our editors at Vidpros have English as their second language.

Confirming Tech Proficiency:

Ensuring candidates have the right tech is essential. Keep it straightforward. Ask if their computer can handle the job, covering basics like operating system, video card, hard drive, and internet speed. Also, inquire about their preferred video editing software, with a nod to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

Clarity on Experience Levels:

Sorting candidates based on experience is wise. Entry-level may lack deep tech knowledge but show promise. Intermediates have experimented but need real-world exposure. Advanced editors excel in things like motion graphics. Seniors need minimal guidance and might even serve as consultants.

Precision in Test Project:

Reviewing a reel and test project gives a comprehensive view. Be specific. The test task should be doable under a short deadline. Assess how close it gets to the required style, incorporate branding elements, and decide what to include or cut.

Clear Guidelines for the Test Project:

Including a test project aids in practical evaluation. Provide clear instructions upfront. Define the expected difficulty, style preferences, and deadlines. It ensures candidates understand what’s required.

Setting Up a Feedback Loop:

A transparent feedback process is integral. Establish a structured feedback system. Pose specific questions to gauge decision-making, creativity, and alignment with project needs. It guarantees a fair evaluation for all participants.

What should I charge for video editing services?

charge for video editing service

When choosing a video editing service, it’s crucial to consider its pricing structure. Discussing payment details upfront is essential for transparency and aligning expectations. 

Understanding charging options, such as hourly or daily rates, ensures both parties are on the same page regarding costs. Freelance video editors often charge hourly rates based on location and regulations. 

Some prefer daily rates, providing more stability for both parties. Project-based services offer a set amount per video, eliminating surprise charges, and may have limitations on video duration or revisions. 

Hiring an employee entails a salary with benefits, giving more control but incurring costs during idle periods. 

Alternatively, video editing subscriptions, like Vidpros’ fractional model, offer dedicated professional editors without full-time expenses, providing excellent value for ongoing projects.

Capping Off

Before you work with a video editor, ensure they take the time to understand your needs. If they try to sell you a pre-packaged deal without grasping your business or can’t address your questions, keep searching for a video editing service that can. 

Hiring a professional video editor can significantly boost your content’s impact. Sharing high-quality videos increases the chances of gaining more likes, comments, and followers.

For businesses, this translates to enhanced brand awareness and the potential to convert viewers into loyal customers. Outsourcing video editing improves the quality of your content and frees up your time for essential business tasks, promoting growth and revenue. 

Invest in a competent editor who aligns with your requirements, allowing your channel, audience, or business to flourish as you focus on strategic business endeavors. 

If you have any queries about video content or the process of editing, feel free to book a call with us at Vidpros. We’re here to assist with any video editing challenges you may encounter.