Why You Should Outsource Your Video Editing

outsource video editing

Why You Should Outsource Your Video Editing

Like most people, you probably don’t enjoy spending hours in front of a computer screen editing videos. The problem is that without quality editing, your videos won’t perform.

So what gives..?

Well, your videos need quality editing, but you don’t need to be the one slaving over the keyboard. Just outsource your video editing to a professional.

If you partner with the right video editor, everything becomes easier.

  • Your videos look and perform better
  • You save time
  • And now you can focus on growing your business

To free up your time and increase the results you get from your video content, just put one task at the top of your to-do list:

  • Outsource video editing

The Benefits Of Working With A Pro

Whether you’re a content creator, influencer, or business owner doesn’t matter. Video is the most potent format to convey your message and reach potential audiences and prospective customers.
The problem is…your target audience is wading through an ocean of ads and content every time they hop online. So how do you get your video content clicked, watched in full, shared, and encourage your viewers to take action?

The answer remains the same whether you want to build up your audience or generate new sales for your business.Your video content needs to be better. Better than it is now, and better than your competition’s.Do you want to know the easiest way to improve the quality of your finished video?

Outsource your video editing to a professional. They edit videos all day, every day. It’s kinda their thing. They use powerful video editing software and are constantly learning to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

A Professional Editor Improves Your Content

Are you wondering how a video editor could actually make your content better? The quick answer is that they should be better at editing than you are. It’s their job. Their specialty.

If you want a little more nuance, consider it from your viewer’s perspective.

Have you ever watched a video where the editing was so bad that you noticed it? Did you wonder why they didn’t spend a bit more time working on it and why they thought it was ok to publish as-is? It’s distracting, isn’t it? It can even cause you to miss what the video is about.

When video editing is top-notch, you shouldn’t even notice it. The whole video flows. Everything works. It all makes sense.

And that’s not an accident. It’s because the editor knew what they were doing, and they understood how to incorporate elements such as:

  • Storytelling: How to craft a compelling story by stepping into your viewer’s shoes. A pro editor knows how to rearrange and cut footage to give the video a clear and logical structure and provide appropriate pacing
  • Visual clarity: How to use color correction, shot selection, text overlays, animations, and transitions where suitable to enhance the visual look of your video. This makes it easier for your viewers to follow along
  • Audio quality: Pro editors clean up and enhance the audio track, remove background noise, reduce hiss, and equalize the volume levels. The audio should enhance the video, not distract or take away from it
  • Brand consistency: They ensure that all your videos maintain the same tone and style and mesh with your overall branding strategy. Your audience will come to recognize your videos at first glance
  • Appropriate Length: Your editor can trim unnecessary footage, tighten transitions, and streamline the overall length of the video. Online attention spans are getting shorter every year. Your content needs to be short and sweet – seconds matter
  • Emotional impact: A well-edited video enhances emotional moments in the video and leaves your viewers thinking and feeling about your content long after the video finishes. Making an emotional connection and getting a viewer to feel something gets your content shared and helps you go viral

A professional video editor brings technical skills, creativity, and an outside perspective to your content. Your editor collaborates with you, elevating your videos to a higher level to better engage and captivate your audience.

Reclaim Your Time

Out of all the tasks involved with video production, video editing swallows up the most time by far.
Even if you know what you’re doing, it still takes roughly 1-2 hrs of editing time for every minute of finished video.
When you outsource your video editing, you simply send your raw footage to the editor (along with your instructions), and they take care of the rest. You no longer need to spend hours or even days editing videos yourself.

You also free up mental energy and headspace you may not have realized was being tied up. Here is where things start to get exciting…If you could free up 10 hours or more each week, what would you do with your free time?

Cultivate a Growth Mindset

While your videos must have great editing, there’s no reason you need to be the one doing it. By itself, editing videos doesn’t directly make you more money. Do you know what does, though? Focus on the big-picture tasks that actually build your audience or gain new customers.

You could:

  • Focus on ideas for creating new content, or your next marketing campaign
  • Create and publish more video content – increase your output
  • Incorporate microcontent (Link to Greg’s Vidpros article) into your content marketing strategy and push it out to other social media platforms
  • Run promotions or giveaways
  • Connect with your audience or customers and have a conversation. What do they want? Is there an opportunity to give them something new or tweak your current offering?
  • Collaborate with other brands, creators, or influencers
  • Find sponsors you share values with

It’s your business…you likely already know the things you really should be doing. Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day?

Outsource your video editing, and you can finally get to that list of things you wish you had time for.

Those activities are what drive business growth. And when you focus on them and outsource or delegate the rest, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your revenue increases.

How To Choose a Good Video Editing Service

So, how do you find a video editing service you can trust? You can start by asking yourself::

Do They Offer The Editing Services You Need?

First, you’ll obviously want to find a service that offers the exact video editing services you require. Take a look at the demo videos on their site to get a feel for their style and capabilities. If they don’t have any, ask for video editing samples.

Contact them if you need more clarification, and describe what you need.

A reputable company will talk to you one-on-one and answer any questions you have before accepting your money.

Do They Have Good Reviews?

What do their customers say about working with them?

You can learn so much just by reading what past clients have said about their business. Look for specifics that point out which part of the service clients love or find lacking.

Can They Handle Your Current Volume Of Editing Work?

Look for an editor who has the right amount of time available for you. Can they scale with you as you grow? If they can’t adjust how much time they give you based on your needs, you’re better off working with someone else.

Do You Get a Dedicated Editor?

It’s essential you work with the same editor for as long as possible. If you find a good one you work well with, lock them down.

Your editor is your partner in crime. You should be able to bounce ideas off of them, and they should understand your business and your goals.
Over time, the amount of communication and input from your end will decrease, and your video style will stay consistent and on brand.

Ask any company you interview if you get to work with the same editor. Also, ask them what happens when your editor eventually gets sick. Will your content schedule have to wait until they return? Or is there a team behind them to step in and keep the workflow rolling?

Is The Turnaround Time Fast Enough?

We’ll be the first to admit that turnaround times are anything but standard. Many factors impact how long any particular editing project will take. Overall though, how much editing you’d like done and the length of the finished video will have the largest impact.

Protip: Label and organize your raw footage files with timestamped instructions to save valuable time and get your edited video back sooner. And if you aren’t sure what this means, just ask your editor.

So, how long does editing usually take? For simple projects, a quality video editing service should be able to turn around the first video edit within 48 hours.

Again, you should be able to talk to them before signing up. Describe your typical project to them, and they should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of their turnaround times.

How Many Revisions Do You Get Per Project?

Ideally, you want to work with a video editing service that allows unlimited revisions for each project. The video editing work should only be finished once you are happy.

Is It Affordable?

In order to check “outsource video editing” off your to-do list, the editing has to be affordable to make sense. There are a few options to consider. Do you prefer to hire freelance video editors? Or should you hire a full-time video editor? Would you rather pay an hourly rate for a video editor?
Or would you like to partner with a company that offers flat-fee monthly pricing?

It may help you to have fixed monthly costs you can plan around.

Regardless of your choice, make sure your video editing service can scale up your editing time when needed.

Final Words of Advice

It’s worth stating again. Before you work with a video editor, make sure they take the time to speak with you and listen to what you need.

If they want to sell you a package without trying to understand your business or can’t answer your questions, move on until you find a video editing service that can.

To Do: Hire Video Editor – Make More Money

Higher-quality videos give you a better chance at breaking through the noise and getting your content watched and shared.

For content creators, it means increasing your likes, comments, and sub-count or followers. Viewers will be more likely to share your content with their friends and on social media.

If your goal is to gain new customers, you’ll gain more awareness for your brand when your videos get watched to the end. Potential customers will be more likely to remember you later on. And your calls to action will encourage more viewers to visit your website or landing page. You then get a chance to convert them into happy and loyal customers.

Outsourcing your video editing also saves you major time. It allows you to tackle CEO-worthy tasks to grow your business and revenue.

Find a competent and reliable editor to take the editing work off your plate and get them up to speed with your needs. Your channel, audience, or business will take off when you spend time working on your business instead of in it.

If you have any questions about video content or the video editing process, get in touch with us here at Vidpros. We’re always happy to help you on any video editing problems.