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Editor’s Connection vs Vidpros: Comparing Online Video Editing Services

The Editor's Connection vs Vidpros
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Have you experienced the frustration of coming up with dull videos? 

Picture a video editing service that takes your raw footage into an engaging video content that parks emotions and yields tangible results.

These video editing services transform shaky video files into polished gold, ensuring your visual story shines with professionalism.

Whether enhancing visual appeal, refining transitions, or bringing out vibrant colors in your footage, these services play a vital role in crafting resonating videos. 

Video editing services navigate the details of storytelling, turning your content into powerful stories that capture attention and stand out. 

Before the year ends, let’s cut right through the chase: which video editing company is the best for you?

By the end of this post, you’ll know who deserves your support as an editing champion.

So, grab your popcorn (or video editing software) and be ready for the ultimate video editing showdown!

Remember, the best service is the one that fits your needs and budget. Don’t get caught up in fancy words or promises that sound too good to be true!


The Editor’s Connection vs Vidpros Table


How to find the best video editing service?

Choosing the optimal video editing service hinges on tailoring your selection to meet your unique requirements and financial considerations. 

It involves various factors such as the quality of the final product, turnaround time, pricing structure, and feedback from previous customers. 

To identify the best fit for your needs, thorough research, and comparison among different companies is essential. Get into customer reviews, scrutinize portfolios, website reviews, and evaluate the efficiency of their delivery timelines.

Additionally, seeking advice from fellow content creators or businesses within your industry can offer valuable insights and recommendations. 

When looking for a video editing service, there are crucial factors you need to address. Here’s a breakdown of what to consider:

  • AI Editing Features: Seek services equipped with intelligent features like face detection, color correction, and stabilization – elements that elevate the overall quality of all your videos.

  • Cloud Integration: Opt for services with seamless cloud integration, nurturing collaboration among multiple contributors for efficient teamwork and easy access.

  • Royalty-Free Music and Image Libraries: Choose a service offering pre-loaded, royalty-free audio and image libraries, enhancing your video production without incurring extra costs.

  • Diverse Editing Services: Understand the scope of editing services available from freelancers to professional editors. Select the one that aligns with your specific needs and the nature of your video content.

  • Portfolio and Reviews: Prioritize reviewing the service’s portfolio and client feedback. It ensures their work aligns with your vision and meets the desired quality standards.

  • Expertise of Editing Professionals: Examine the backgrounds and experiences of the professional video editors. As a result, their skill set plays a critical role in your decision-making process.

By navigating this comprehensive process, you empower yourself to make informed decisions aligned with your preferences and constraints.

The Editor’s Connection and Vidpros Overview

The Editor’s Connection and Vidpros are powerhouses in the video editing world. They’re constantly innovating, pushing boundaries, and helping creators bring their visions to life.

The Editor’s Connection, spearheaded by CEO Oswaldo Martinez, tailors its offerings to content creators, videographers, marketing agencies, and filmmakers. This professional service boasts a team of full-time video editors with extensive backgrounds in film and media. 

At The Editor’s Connection, clients benefit from unlimited revisions, empowering them to request as many adjustments as needed until they achieve satisfaction with the final video. 

Each client is paired with a dedicated editor, ensuring project continuity and a comprehensive understanding of the client’s vision. 

The presence of a dedicated post-production manager oversees the editing process, guaranteeing quality control and consistent delivery.

Vidpros operates as a Fractional Video Editing Service, revolutionizing the editing process with its uncomplicated flat monthly fee model. This innovative approach simplifies client costs and ensures a transparent and predictable billing structure, eliminating surprises.

Notably, Vidpros expands with White Label services, providing added versatility for clients looking to brand their video content seamlessly. 

This dual offering sets Vidpros apart by catering to varied editing needs, from fractional to fully customized solutions.

The user-friendly process begins with clients submitting their video briefs, followed by Vidpros swiftly editing business videos overnight

This prompt turnaround combines with the flexibility for users to request revisions or mark the video project as complete, emphasizes Vidpros’ commitment to client satisfaction and the repetitive nature of content creation.

Vidpros is a comprehensive solution that harmonizes simplicity, efficiency, and adaptability. It is the go-to choice for those seeking a video editing service and crafting impactful visual narratives effortlessly.

The Editor’s Connection and Vidpros – A Comparison

1. User Interface

The Editor’s Connection boasts a user-friendly interface featuring a transparent client agreement visible on the portal for every order, thus ensuring clarity throughout the editing process. 

The website displays law-mandated holidays, providing clients with important scheduling information. 

Leveraging the  Service Provider Pro (SPP), The Editor’s Connection enhances efficiency and streamlines its editing workflow.

On-boarding is a quick process, taking just 5 minutes and requiring only a credit card and an email address.

Once onboarded, clients are directed to their personalized portal, where the “start edit” button allows them to request edits promptly. Using specificity expedites editing by describing the desired video and sharing the footage link.

While they also utilize Frame.io as a video proofing tool, it lacks the download feature. 

Vidpros brings much-needed fresh air to the video creation process, eliminating communication hiccups and ensuring you get the perfect video every time. 

An intuitive customer portal powered by Service Provider Pro makes requesting edits and managing projects easy. Sleep soundly and know your video is in excellent hands. Their dedicated video editors work tirelessly to meet your deadlines, typically delivering polished masterpieces within 24 hours.

The portal makes requesting revisions quick and painless, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Say goodbye to confusing email chains and lost messages. Frame.io integration keeps everyone on the same page, streamlining communication and keeping your video files on track.

Vidpros ensures convenience by making the download button visible whenever they share a Frame.io link.

Experience the Vidpros difference and see how a streamlined video editing process can make your life easier and your videos shine brighter.

2. Dedicated Team

The Editor’s Connection ensures clients collaborate with the same dedicated team, building reliability and consistency crucial for scaling a video content business. All editors are full-time professionals with backgrounds in film and media. 

The Editor’s Connection empowers clients – from content creators to marketing agencies – with a team of skilled video editors for increased productivity and earnings. 

Each client benefits from a dedicated editor’s skills and creative input, overseen by a post-production manager at no extra cost, ensuring quality and consistency across all memberships. 

Vidpros redefines personalized care through its Fractional Video Editing service, maintaining a 1:4 ratio of video editors to clients. 

It ensures dedicated attention and high-quality video edits, with each editor committing 2 hours daily and flexibly accommodating extra hours as needed. The approach promotes consistently tailored experiences, promoting personalized and efficient collaboration.

The Vidpros team of Editors is dedicated to delivering personalized video editing and prioritizes client satisfaction. As a result of this commitment, video editors can directly integrate customer feedback, enhancing the overall experience without intermediaries.

Over time, as collaboration progresses, a natural sense of familiarity develops, establishing a unique and efficient working relationship for rare video editing experiences.

3. Turnaround Time

The Editor’s Connection adopts a next-day delivery model, empowering video creators, marketing agencies, and videographers to efficiently scale their businesses while minimizing time and cost investments in video editing. 

This streamlined process ensures that edits are complete within the next day, with a dedicated editor working on one video at a time from Monday through Friday.

While most video projects are ready the next day, intricate edits with heavy footage and multiple layers may require additional time to achieve exceptional results.

With The Editor’s Connection, particularly under their $589 plan, the process requires closing the most recent order before opening a new one.

In such cases, the completion time might extend beyond a few days. This detailed approach acknowledges the varying complexities of editing projects and sets clear expectations for delivery times based on the intricacy of the task at hand.

Here’s how Vidpros gets you ahead of the curve:

  • Rapid Deliveries: Expect 1-2 final drafts within 24 hours, depending on your video’s length and complexity. No more weeks-long editing– Vidpros keeps your content pipeline flowing smoothly.

  • Simultaneous video editing across all subscription plans: Vidpros offers simultaneous video editing capabilities across all subscription plans, positioning it as a versatile and efficient solution in the video editing services category.
  • Strategic Time Zone Advantage: Located in the Philippines (GMT +8), Vidpros operates during U.S. off-hours. It means your video requests submitted by the end of your workday are strategically picked up by their team as the day starts for them, ensuring your project gets a head start.

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Don’t let fast turnaround compromise quality. Vidpros boasts a team of skilled editors who meticulously fine-tune your footage, delivering polished and professional results that elevate your brand.

4. Video Types

The Editor’s Connection embraces various video types, making it a versatile choice for content creators. 

Whether you’re into vlogs, podcasts, viral videos, documentaries, testimonials, short films, or any other creative endeavor, The Editor’s Connection caters to your needs. 

The service seamlessly handles diverse video content, including podcasts, wedding videos, YouTube content, entire classes, reels, and more. 

Vidpros offers a diverse and comprehensive palette of video editing services from thought leadership pieces to captivating social media snippets.

Whether you’re crafting online courses, transforming podcasts into engaging visuals, or polishing product reviews, their skilled editors bring your vision and story to life.

But Vidpros doesn’t stop there. They expertly handle real estate videos, powerful ads, and interview edits, even breathing new life into your PowerPoint presentations with compelling video conversions. 

5. Team Collaboration

At The Editor’s Connection, collaboration is the key to business growth. Clients avail their expert, creative, and dedicated editors, while a hands-on post-production manager ensures quality control in all memberships at no extra cost. 

The team, fluent in native Spanish and English, including a touch of Spanglish, offers responsive client support. 

With a membership, businesses seamlessly integrate a reliable video editing department for a flat monthly fee, eliminating the challenges associated with freelancers and ensuring consistent quality and supervision.

Clear communication is vital to a smooth video and audio editing experience.

That’s why Vidpros prioritizes it with their intuitive SPP Portal.

This user-friendly platform serves as a central hub for all project communication, streamlining the process from start to finish.

Forget scattered emails and confusing threads. With the portal’s dedicated project chat, you can talk with your video editor in real-time, instantly addressing any queries or feedback. 

Submitting your video project is equally effortless through the portal, and for reviews, you’ll receive a convenient link to Frame.io, Vidpros’ trusted online video proofing tool.

Recognizing the common communication challenges in freelance video editing, they actively optimize their workflow for maximum efficiency and collaboration. 

It ensures everyone is on the same page, from the video editor to the client, leading to a smoother and more satisfying experience.

Vidpros’ commitment to streamline communication goes beyond a simple feature; it’s a fundamental part of their philosophy. They understand that clear and efficient communication is crucial for producing stunning videos that meet your vision.

6. Pricing

The Editor’s Connection presents its pricing clearly and straightforwardly, offering three distinct membership tiers: Unlimited, Unlimited+, and Unlimited Ultra. 

Each tier outlines the monthly cost, auto-renewal details, and a flexible cancellation policy, providing transparency for potential clients. 

The tiered structure allows clients to choose based on content volume and delivery requirements. 

The mention of specific features, such as next working day delivery for most edits and a dedicated Post Production Manager, enhances the perceived value of each tier.

All Memberships include no additional cost: unlimited revisions, stock footage, music, titles, animations, and project files.

Forget cookie-cutter video editing services trapped in the subscription model maze. 

Vidpros throws open the doors with a revolutionary fractional-time approach. This game-changer lets you customize your video production journey, whether you seek breathtakingly polished story or a content cannon firing a steady stream of strategic clips. 

Align your goals, be it crafting visual feasts that mesmerize viewers or generating high-volume content for multi-platform domination. With Vidpros, there’s no fighting for scraps of editing hours or sacrificing quality for quantity. 

Get into the $1,000 monthly starter pack, where a dedicated editor becomes your daily two-hour partner in a creative endeavor.  

Their bespoke model flexes to meet every project’s unique demands, ensuring you get a tailor-made video editing suit, not a hand-me-down. 

And for the intricate scope of Agency/White Label services, a dedicated consultation awaits. 

7. Visual Effects

The Editor’s Connection enhances videos with a professional touch, incorporating special effects, animated titles, subtitles, and lower thirds. These visual special effects elevate the content, adding sophistication and engagement. Whether introducing segments, improving accessibility with subtitles, or enhancing visual storytelling with lower thirds, these features contribute to a polished and impactful video presentation.

Vidpros takes your videos to the next level with a dazzling array of visual enhancements beyond basic editing. 

Think of meticulous color correction that sets the mood, dynamic motion graphics that inject energy, and an extensive library of free stock footage to enrich your visuals. These services elevate your content, transforming it from ordinary to captivating.

However, it’s important to note that Vidpros focuses on polishing existing footage, not crafting animations from scratch. While they can customize existing templates and incorporate lower thirds, creating full-fledged animated videos isn’t part of their repertoire.

This approach allows them to specialize in enhancing your captured materials with stunning visual techniques, ensuring your videos shine with professional polish. 

8. Access to Resources

The Editor’s Connection equips creators with a comprehensive suite of resources, including stock footage, music, titles, animations, 4K footage, multiple export options, cut downs, vertical formatting for social media, and project files. 

Vidpros packs essential resources seamlessly into its subscription package. There’s no need for costly upsells – you’ll have instant access to a generous library of stock footage and royalty-free video music to enrich your visual storytelling.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a spacious three-month storage period for all your recently edited projects. This extended access lets you revisit edits, make tweaks, and collaborate easily, all within the comfort of your Vidpros account

9. Money Back Guarantee

The Editor’s Connection offers a 15-day money-back guarantee applicable only to the initial month of membership and restricted to a single first-time purchase of Unlimited Video Editing.

Vidpros extends a warm invitation to new customers through an alluring 14-day trial period, free from risks. 

This exclusive opportunity enables customers to personally evaluate the exceptional quality of services, providing valuable insights into professional video editing without any commitments. 

The Vidpros team prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring a gratifying and smooth trial experience. 

Should customers desire a refund (we doubt they’ll do that!), they can submit the cancellation form within 14 days of service commencement and reach out to support@vidpros.io via email. 

This approach highlights a commitment to transparency and a customer-centric orientation throughout the trial period.

10. Additional Features

The Editor’s Connection goes beyond conventional video editing services by offering “cut-downs on any format for any video platform.” 

It means they provide customized versions of the original video tailored to the specific requirements of various platforms like social media, websites, or other digital channels. 

Vidpros packs its subscription plans with value. 

Essential elements like stock video and audio libraries, AI-generated subtitles, simple thumbnails, and royalty-free music are all included with no extra charges or surprises.

Streamline your workflow with Frame.io integration, allowing for effortless video proofing, organized project files, quick YouTube distribution of approved videos, and a generous three months of unlimited storage.

Add to that their exclusive use of a tool. It tracks editing time transparently, ensuring your editor and you always know exactly how much effort goes into your project. Gauge the editing process efficiency, adjust your needs, and collaborate.

Vidpros prioritizes openness and client satisfaction. It’s a powerful tool for transparency and collaboration, making your video editing experience smooth, informed, and truly rewarding.

What sets Vidpros Apart?

Vidpros sets itself apart from The Editor’s Connection by introducing a revolutionary approach to video editing services. 

Unlike its counterpart, Vidpros pioneers the Fractional Video Editing Service, simplifying the video editing process with a straightforward flat monthly fee model. 

This innovative model eliminates the complexities often associated with unlimited video editing services by allowing users to purchase specific portions of an editor’s day. 

This approach provides transparency and customization in editing, addressing common drawbacks like backlog issues and ensuring dedicated editing time.

With Vidpros, users enjoy a hassle-free experience, submitting video briefs and receiving edited business videos overnight. The service caters to a broad audience seeking simplicity and efficiency in video editing, standing out in the dynamic landscape of content creation. 

Vidpros stands out by surpassing mere video resizing. 

Their commitment lies in meticulously replicating desired outcomes per provided instructions. 

Vidpros further enhances its versatility by extending its offerings to include White Label services for diverse clients.

With video editing services, Vidpros and The Editor’s Connection showcase distinct features that define their positions. 

Vidpros, with its Fractional Video Editing Service, challenges the limitations of unlimited video editing services. This model eliminates hidden constraints on hours and quality, allowing users to customize their editing requirements transparently. 

By prioritizing simplicity, speedy turnarounds, and innovative fractional video editing options, Vidpros is the leading provider of efficient, adaptable, and client-driven, video editing software solutions, catering to a diverse business audience.

Final Verdict

Informed by feedback from a former client of The Editor’s Connection who sought our services, despite numerous examples and reminders shared during their collaboration, it appeared that The Editor’s Connection failed to meet clients’ expectations.

While prompt, their emphasis on speed compromised overall quality, notably in their short-form content.

Vidpros excels beyond basic video resizing; our dedication involves precisely replicating desired outcomes as per provided instructions.

Also, with The Editor’s Connection, particularly under their $589 plan, the process requires closing the most recent order before opening a new one.

Vidpros allows simultaneous video editing across all subscription plans.

While they also utilize Frame.io as a video proofing tool, it lacks the download feature. In contrast, Vidpros ensures convenience by making the download button visible whenever they share a Frame.io link.

Therefore, in video editing services, Vidpros stands as the superior choice compared to The Editor’s Connection. 

Vidpros distinguishes itself with its groundbreaking Fractional Video Editing Service, a revolutionary model simplifying the video editing process with a transparent monthly fee structure.

Unlike The Editor’s Connection, Vidpros eliminates the constraints often associated with unlimited video editing services by introducing fractional editing. Users can purchase specific portions of an editor’s day, ensuring transparency, customization, and dedicated editing time.

Vidpros’ commitment to providing a hassle-free experience is evident in its streamlined process, allowing users to submit video briefs and receive professionally edited business videos overnight.

The service caters to a broad audience seeking simplicity and efficiency in video editing, offering a distinctive and user-friendly solution in the ever-evolving landscape of content creation. 

Furthermore, Vidpros extends its versatility by including White Label services, showcasing its adaptability and appeal to a diverse clientele.

In video editing, Vidpros stands out as the frontrunner with its innovative approach, addressing common drawbacks of unlimited video editing services and delivering a more efficient, adaptable, and client-focused solution. 

The Final Verdict unequivocally favors Vidpros, positioning it as the top choice for small businesses, and content creators looking for a superior video editing experience.

Experience hassle-free video editing with Vidpros – where simplicity, efficiency, and client satisfaction converge. Click here to schedule your call and embark on a new era of impactful video creation. 


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