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beCreatives vs Vidpros Video Editor Service: Which is better?

beCreative vs Vidpros
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Imagine you’re in the middle of a critical video production, and the last 15 minutes hang in uncertainty. Concerns over losing footage subside when solutions appear.

In this scenario, a client facing concerns about missing footage turns to a video editing service for help. The chosen service seamlessly integrates the final 15 minutes and enhances the project with impactful screenshots and clips, showcasing a commitment to visual storytelling.

As we compare beCreatives and Vidpros, this scenario sets the stage for selecting the ideal video editing service. Join us as we analyze strengths and intricacies, guiding you toward the perfect fit for your video editing needs. 

beCreatives or Vidpros—which will bring your projects to life? Keep on reading as we compare these two best video editing services.


beCreatives vs Vidpros Chart

How does a video editing company contribute to the content creation process?

A video editing company plays a vital role in content creation, elevating the quality and efficiency of editing videos. Their expertise enhances overall content quality, making it visually compelling and impactful. 

The main advantages of partnering with professional video editing services include:

  1. Expertise: Video editing companies bring video editing skills and experience to create emotionally engaging content, incorporating special effects while aligning with your brand’s voice.

  2. Time-saving: Outsourcing video editing allows content creators to focus on other business aspects, saving valuable time and energy.

  3. Consistent visuals: Video editing services help maintain consistency with templates, custom color palettes, and logos, ensuring a professional and cohesive look across all videos.

  4. Improved storytelling: Through adjustments in shots, pacing, music, and coloring, video editing enhances storytelling, allowing creators to convey narratives more effectively.

  5. Polished final product: Professional video editors transform raw footage into amazing videos and impactful content, making your brand more attractive and memorable.

  6. Access to specialized equipment and video editing software: Video editing companies have specialized tools not readily available in-house, ensuring optimal results.

beCreatives and Vidpros Overview

In competitive video editing services, beCreatives and Vidpros have unique strengths.

beCreatives offers unlimited video editing at a flat monthly rate, uplifting efficient collaboration through dedicated editors and account managers. With a growing team reaching ten countries, their emphasis on customer satisfaction and a curated Video Ideas Library sets them on a trajectory to become an industry leader.

On the other hand, Vidpros specializes in high-quality, affordable video production with a swift 24-hour turnaround. Founded by Michael Holmes in 2020, their global team provides a versatile solution for content creators, businesses, and agencies.

Vidpros holds a distinct advantage with its commitment to quality, affordability, and rapid turnaround, making it a standout choice for professional video editing solutions.

What is beCreatives?

beCreatives, a startup bridging the USA and Lithuania, is a video editing company offering unlimited services. 

Founded by Birute Efe and Roneta Bajorinaitė, together with their diverse team of editors from around the globe, they’ve created a user-friendly platform connecting clients with dedicated video editors. 

They not only streamline workflows but also provide essential storage and revision tools. 

beCreatives goes beyond conventional services, aiming to boost clients’ brands by delivering visually compelling and engaging video content

Additionally, they nurture a creative community spirit through the annual CREATIVELAND festival for their editing team. 

beCreatives is committed to supporting businesses in achieving exponential growth through consistent and high-quality video content.

Here’s a rundown of some of their features:

  • Unlimited Editing & Revisions: Users can refine their content through unlimited revisions encapsulated in a single package with no hidden costs.

  • Quick Turnaround Times: Benefit from 1-2 day turnaround times for your initial draft, ensuring professional results at an accelerated pace.

  • Strategic Insights: Merge video expertise with market trends to craft compelling content that resonates and generates impactful results.

  • Dedicated Editors: Avail the services of dedicated editors who engage in real-time chats and align their work with your brand.

  • Free Resources: Access free resources such as stock footage, music, and graphics to enhance your videos without additional costs.

  • Ready for Social: Prepare your content for various social media platforms, including Instagram reels, TikTok, and Facebook stories, ensuring your social media videos stand out on every channel.

What is Vidpros?

Under the guidance of Founder Michael Holmes, Vidpros introduces an inventive approach to monthly video editing with Fractional Video Editing.

Vidpros is a prominent video editing company that has gained recognition for its transparent business model. 

An open business framework for a video editing service ensures clarity and fairness in pricing so clients know what they are paying for. 

Vidpros offers a client-centric approach, assigning no more than four clients per video editor and guaranteeing a minimum of 2 hours for an editor to work on a client’s videos, ensuring more focus, attention, and faster turnaround.

beCreatives and Vidpros – A Comparison

Within this segment, we will unveil the unique features, strengths, and intricacies that distinguish these two video editing services, laying a comprehensive foundation for comparison.

1. User Interface

beCreatives provides a user-friendly platform called SPACE for customers to submit their video editing orders.

After subscribing, customers can access their task management system to submit their requests. 

The process involves utilizing a pre-defined order form, ensuring efficiency in providing all necessary information. Upon completion, customers receive an email notification to review and provide feedback on the initial video draft, establishing smooth communication and collaboration in the video editing process.

Vidpros streamlines the video order process for customers through the user-friendly customer portal powered by Service Provider Pro

It allows for the prompt editing of videos overnight to meet clients’ needs.

Customers can request revisions or mark the video files as complete. 

As part of the review process, we furnish a link to Frame.io, our video proofing tool, upon project completion.

Aiming to address a prevalent challenge encountered by clients engaging with video editing freelancers, Vidpros focuses on optimizing project communication processes. 

The goal is to enhance efficiency and collaboration within each team.

2. Dedicated Team

At beCreatives, every customer benefits from a personalized touch with their dedicated video editor and account manager, creating consistency in service. 

By maintaining the same editor-client relationship over time, the editor becomes attuned to the brand and style preferences. 

This dedicated approach facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing customers to provide instructions and feedback directly to their assigned video editor. 

Vidpros enhances the notion of personalized attention with its Fractional Video Editing service.

The 1:4 ratio of video editors to clients ensures personalized attention and high-quality work video edits.

This approach guarantees time from a dedicated video editor, working 2 hours per workday and accommodating additional hours if needed, ensuring a consistently tailored experience for each project and creating personalized and efficient collaboration.

At Vidpros, our commitment to individualized video editing experiences shines through our dedicated Editors, promoting agile workflows and a client-centric approach.

Our video editors excel in incorporating customer feedback, creating an enriched experience without going through an account manager. As your collaboration with your editor progresses, a natural sense of familiarity develops.

Vidpros Customer Testimonial
Vidpros Customer Testimonial


This evolving relationship reaches a stage where your editor gains an intimate understanding of your preferences. This unique aspect results in elevated video editing work, aligning seamlessly with the distinctive creative vision of each content creator or business.

3. Turnaround Time

beCreatives tailors turnaround times based on the complexity of video editing requests. The general estimate is 2-3 business days for videos up to 60 minutes in length. 

However, the actual time may vary, especially if the request is more intricate, with a potential longer turnaround for footage significantly exceeding the final edit length or containing numerous files and unselected shots. 

Faster turnaround is available for straightforward requests. 

In contrast, most Vidpros clients receive 1-2 final drafts overnight, contingent on the length and complexity of their projects.

The company is committed to finalizing the editing process for videos submitted by the end of the U.S. business day, ensuring swift and efficient turnarounds to meet tight deadlines and promptly deliver edited content to clients.

4. Video Types

beCreatives caters to different video types, from explainer videos and video ads to custom animations, color grading, and thumbnails, delivering various business needs and content.

Vidpros caters to a wide range of video editing requirements, spanning from guiding expertise and digital courses to instructional content, promotional videos, informative offerings, product assessments, audio broadcasts, video logs, real estate visuals, discussions, presentation slides, and various additional forms, transforming them into stunning videos.

5. Team Collaboration

The beCreatives SPACE platform simplifies collaboration, consolidating all communication and video editing tasks into a centralized hub. However, real-time collaboration with their editors through Slack is included only in their Pro Plan.

Vidpros facilitates communication through their SPP Portal, offering customers a convenient space for direct chats with their editors. The Vidpros Portal includes a dedicated project chat where customers can communicate directly with the editing team.

6. Pricing

beCreatives simplifies video editing costs with a subscription-based pricing model. 

With monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, the company ensures unlimited orders and revisions, a swift turnaround, and a dedicated video editor. 

Choose between the Pro and Scale plans based on your business needs—the Pro plan suits basic editing requirements, while the Scale plan accommodates more complex services. 

Vidprosfractional-time video editing pricing stands out for its exceptional flexibility. 

Clients can choose between prioritizing high-quality videos or maximizing the content produced within a specified timeframe. 

This unique approach recognizes and accommodates clients’ needs, allowing them to align their video editing strategy with their specific goals, whether creating visually stunning premium content or generating a higher volume of videos for strategic distribution. 

Unlike beCreatives’ subscription-based pricing, Vidpros’ fractional-time model provides a distinct advantage. While some unlimited services limit editing hours and quality, Vidpros addresses these drawbacks, offering transparency and flexibility for clients seeking adaptable and efficient video editing solutions.

7. Visual Effects

beCreatives uses special effects, color grading, animations, and sound design to enhance videos and improve their quality.

Vidpros goes beyond standard video editing, offering a suite of visual enhancements such as meticulous color correction, dynamic motion graphics, and access to a repository of free stock footage. These services elevate and redefine the visual appeal and quality of your videos.

8. Content Curation

beCreatives‘ content curation goes beyond standard editing, incorporating discretionary enhancements that save clients time. This personalized approach caters to the client’s brand and style preferences, ultimately aiming to elevate the quality and impact of the video content.

While you won’t find explicit “content curation” features on Vidpros‘ homepage, its offerings, encompassing free stock footage, motion graphics, color correction, and real-time collaboration, serve as counterparts to BeCreatives’ content curation feature. Together, these features augment the quality and impact of video content.

9. Access to Resources

beCreatives provides access to stock footage, music, and graphics without additional charges.

Vidpros provides users with stock footage and video audio as standard inclusions within the subscription package without additional upsell. The subscription price seamlessly covers these essential video services. Additionally, users enjoy a generous six-month storage period, facilitating effortless editing access to all recent video projects.

10. Money-Back Guarantee

beCreatives offers a 14-day guarantee for all plans, limited to the initial month, and does not permit refunds beyond the 14th day of the subscription. 

The company may decline refund requests at its discretion, particularly in fraud, refund abuse, or other manipulation of the refund process. 

Furthermore, certain non-refundable items include promotions, upgrades, add-ons, unused time, and adjustments to existing plans.

It’s important to note that this refund policy is more restrictive when compared to Vidpros. 

New Vidpros customers step on an enticing adventure, benefiting from a risk-free 14-day trial period. 

This exclusive opportunity allows them to assess the outstanding quality of the services firsthand, providing a glimpse into professional video editing without any commitment. 

The team at Vidpros prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring a rewarding and seamless trial experience. 

If they wish to initiate a refund, they can send the cancellation form within 14 days of service and contact support@vidpros.io via email.

11. Additional Features

beCreatives provides the option to include a Creative Director and Custom Video Template as add-ons

All-inclusive services in Vidpros‘ packages: stock video and audio access, human-generated subtitles, and thumbnail creation.

Also included in Vidpros packages are the following features:

  1. Free Stock Footage and Royalty-Free Music: Purchase stock footage and royalty-free music as part of your subscription without extra charges, enhancing the overall value.

  2. Video Proofing with Frame.io Integration: Our integration with Frame.io ensures a seamless and transparent communication channel for reviewing and revising content. This software builds collaboration, allowing clear feedback and streamlining the revision process.

  3. Efficient Project File Handling: Upon approval, we’ve streamlined the process of promptly uploading your YouTube videos directly on the platform. It saves time and ensures quick and seamless distribution to your intended audience.

  4. Unlimited Storage for Six Months: Enjoy the convenience of retrieving and editing recent projects with our generous six-month storage provision. This feature guarantees that your valuable projects stay easily reachable, creating a seamless and effective editing workflow.

  5. Use of Clockify: Vidpros displays Clockify to clients, providing transparency regarding the time editors spend on editing tasks.

What sets Vidpros apart?

Fractional Video Editing

In contrast to numerous unlimited video editing services that claim to provide unrestricted editing but often impose constraints on editing hours and quality, Vidpros presents a distinctive approach. 

Vidpros introduces fractional video editing, a revolutionary video marketing model that diverges from the limitations associated with typical unlimited video editing services.

Users purchase a specific portion of an editor’s day without encountering scope or quality restrictions. 

This innovative model allows clients to tailor their editing requirements precisely, ensuring a transparent and customizable video editing experience.

Vidpros mitigates common drawbacks with unlimited video editing services, such as backlog issues and less dedicated editing time. 

Clients can now enjoy enhanced transparency and flexibility in their video editing projects, ensuring optimal collaboration and the delivery of high-quality, personalized content. 

This innovative approach positions Vidpros as a frontrunner in providing a more efficient, adaptable, and client-focused video editing solution.

Final Verdict

Our research unearthed a noteworthy contrast between beCreatives and Vidpros. 

At beCreatives, the assignment of editors proved to be a hurdle, compounded by the unfortunate personal problem by one of their editors, resulting in a delay.

The onboarding process took longer than anticipated, impacting the timely addressing of client needs. 

In contrast, Vidpros emerges as the undisputed champion, prioritizing efficient onboarding processes and swiftly responding to unforeseen challenges. 

In the battle between these two contenders, Vidpros is the ultimate preference for a seamless, personalized, and highly efficient video editing experience.

Vidpros’s dedicated editor model sets it apart, ensuring consistency and quality with a lightning-fast overnight turnaround, access to supplementary resources, transparent pricing, and unique service offerings. 

These factors firmly establish Vidpros as the foremost choice among video editing services

Consider your specific needs when comparing options, and remember that Vidpros eliminates compromises. Vidpros equips you with the tools and qualities essential to realizing your creative vision, providing accuracy with efficiency. 

Leap into the next level of video editing excellence by booking a call with Vidpros and allowing us to elevate your creative endeavors.


Remember the scenario we introduced at the beginning of this blog post? That is a real-life occurrence, and Vidpros successfully addressed that client’s issue:)

Vidpros Customer Testimonial
Vidpros Customer Testimonial