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What Does a Video Editing Agency Do?


Anywhere you look, you will see people glued to their smartphones, watching videos on social media. We live in a digital world, and businesses increasingly turn to video-editing professionals to help them ramp up their online presence.

New and engaging video content must be constantly created to be effective. It needs to capture the attention of new customers (and retain an existing customer base) who use online resources as part of their purchasing decisions.

Smart marketers everywhere and in a wide range of industries leverage the services of video-editing agencies and white label video editors to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Video-Editing Agencies Explained

Video-Editing Agencies Explained

Professional video production and editing requires specialized skills, technology, a keen eye, and artistic talent. Depending on the source footage, video editors may need to fix blurriness, adjust coloring, align audio to the visuals, add special effects, clean up unexpected pixelation, and apply other editing techniques to get the desired impactful effect.

These are skills that only some companies need on a full-time basis. For this reason, savvy organizations understand how outsourcing video editing to a reputable provider is the way to go.

Because the video needs of one organization will differ from another, video editing services can be customized. When hiring a video editing agency, take the time to evaluate their experience, services offered, customer reviews, pricing, and how that aligns with what you want to accomplish.

How a Top-Notch Agency Services Its Clients

How a Top-Notch Agency Services Its Clients

Vidpros is a premier video editing service with an established track record in the industry. We provide fractional, on-demand video editing services for our customers using cost-effective, month-to-month subscription models proven to deliver exceptional results. We have a curated pool of offshore video experts who edit and enhance customer footage into stunning video content they can use however they need.

Our two subscription programs are:

Standard Support Options

Standard Support Options

As you start to investigate video editing services, you will immediately be struck by the plethora of available providers. Usually, these companies assign a certain number of work hours to a video editor for each client.

Digging a little deeper, you’ll discover that many video editing providers assign five to seven clients to each editor. This may seem reasonable–until it’s not. Rather than risk an editor being overbooked and unable to give your project the attention it deserves, Vidpros limits the number of clients assigned to each of our editors to only four.

With a monthly subscription, you have two hours per day of skilled editing talent dedicated to your projects. Editing professionals who work with Vidpros always have stock video, music, and other tools at their disposal to use on their assignments. Of course, if a client has projects requiring more time or services, this can be added to their subscription.

The White Label Option

The White Label Option

As companies ramp up their video marketing efforts, they often ask what is included with a white label video editing subscription and what the benefits of white label video editing are.

At a high level, the term ‘white label’ describes when video content is created via a video-editing platform and rebranded and resold by another company as their work product.

At Vidpros, we create a customized portal with your logo and branding that can be shared with clients who submit video editing requests and support footage on our portal. Vidpros does the work, but you present the finished product to your clients as though it was developed in-house.

Final Thoughts

Video editing is an art form; no one can be a jack of all trades. Recognizing that video creation is not necessarily part of your wheelhouse and handing this responsibility to a professional lets you focus your valuable time and energy on your core business. It is also a proven way to easily beef up revenue and expand the range of services and products you can provide your customers!