What Is the Role of a Video Editor?


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The position of editor in the world of video production is vastly underappreciated. In reality, an editor is as much a part of the creative process as the content creator or marketing department. 

An editor takes disparate clips and places them in order, and enhances the video, audio, and graphics. The initial video material an editor receives, and the final product can vastly differ in length, detail, and style. An editor can give a video a new identity that is polished and professional-looking. 

Tackling editing as a content creator can be distracting and frustrating, especially for the inexperienced. With this in mind, many creators and marketing departments have turned to video editor services, such as Vidpros, that can quickly deliver quality edits. The transformation from raw footage to a refined final product relies on an editor’s mastery. 

Wizardry Behind the Scenes

Software such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects often get most of the credit for the editorial magic that happens off-camera. Practically, this is akin to giving the paintbrush credit for Van Gogh’s best works. It’s not just the tools but the expertise in applying them that underscores the benefits of video editing

Editors must deeply understand pacing, timing, and narrative structure; they need to know precisely where to cut one scene and begin the next. Editors must also have an insight into the emotions the creator wishes to convey. The most subtle changes in lighting and audio can take an otherwise neutral video and align it with the creator’s wishes. 

Creative Collaborations

It can not be understated how crucial the relationship is between a creator and their editor. Both individuals must be on the same page and open to new ideas. Successful collaborations are built upon a relationship of trust, and an editor’s job is to foster this relationship by transforming the creator’s vision into a compelling and professional product. 

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When working with a creator who has a consistent vision, an editor can quickly develop a sixth sense of what is needed. Graphics, jump cuts, and picture-perfect crops become second nature to the editor.

Once this happens, the creator no longer needs to inform the editor of their desired style. This gives the marketer or creator additional time to focus on crafting new content. They can simply trust the editor to develop a product ready for market. 

This relationship must be collaborative and creative. While the creator is the ultimate decision maker in the relationship, they should remain open to the editor’s ideas. An editor is not a videographer, but they may offer insights into mistakes that can be corrected. Fixing these mistakes during production can help reduce the turnaround time in post-production.  

Editors can also bring fresh ideas to the table and encourage new concepts. Audiences enjoy predictability, but an over-reliance on one or two styles can quickly grow old. Creators need to be willing to take risks when an editor thinks changing things up may work better. 

This is especially true for established creators who can easily revert to tried and true methods if new ideas fail to gain traction with their audience.  

Here are a few new ideas an editor may suggest:

  • Innovative transitions: Introducing creative transitions between scenes to keep the content dynamic and engaging

  • Creative b-roll insertion: Skillfully adding b-roll footage to add depth and context to the narrative

  • Reframing shots: Cropping and reframing to create better composition or highlight certain elements within a scene

  • Captivating graphic overlays: Changing the style of graphic overlays, such as lower thirds, titles, and picture-in-picture overlays

Finding Your Creative Partner With Vidpros

Relationships take time to build, and one way to make it take even longer is by overloading an editor with too many clients. Here at Vidpros, creating relationships between editors and creators lies at the heart of engaging content. 

That’s why our editors are limited to just four full-time clients–this ensures that each editor has a minimum of two hours a day devoted to each client. Spending so much time on a single client allows an editor to more effectively manage expectations while developing a creative relationship with the creator. 

Wondering how you can edit videos with us? Schedule a call with our sales team today, and let us help you find an editor who understands your needs!


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