Does Google Have a Video Editor?


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The internet giant Google has many tools available to its users, from search engines to document editors. But does Google have its own video editor service? 

In this article, we’ll explore the different options for creating and editing videos that are available with a Google account. We’ll look at what features are offered, how easy it is to use these tools, and whether or not you can actually create professional-quality videos with Google’s video editing software. So, let’s dive in and find out if Google has a video editor!

Can You Edit Videos on Google?

Can You Edit Videos on Google?

The short answer is yes–Google does have a video editor, but it’s not as robust as some of the other options on the market. There are three main options available: Google Photo Video Editor, Google Android Video Editor, and Google Video Maker on iPhone. Each of these programs has its own pros and cons.

Google Photo Video Editor

Google Photo Video Editor

Most aspiring cinematographers opt for the built-in functionality that can be found in Google Photos; this program was recently updated to offer basic video editing capabilities. The tool is very intuitive and allows you to: 

  • Add music 

  • Trim clips

  • Apply filters

  • Adjust exposure

While the Google Photos video editor can be a great starting point for creating quick videos to share on social media or with family, it doesn’t offer the advanced features required for professional filmmakers or serious hobbyists or allow you to enjoy the advantages of linear video editing.

Google Android Video Editor

Google Android Video Editor

Another popular option for smartphone users looking to edit on-the-go is Google’s Android Video Editor. This tool is specifically designed for creating videos on a mobile device, and allows you to: 

  • Trim and join clips

  • Add titles and transitions

  • Apply effects and filters

  • Adjust audio levels

The downside of the Android Video Editor is that it’s only available to Android users, and there are certain limitations on what you can do, depending on the specifications of your device. For example, some of the crucial video editing functions–such as being able to crop footage, add filters, and straighten frames–can only be carried out if your phone has at least two gigabytes of RAM, and is using Android version 6.0 or above.

This can be a major issue for those with older devices, because they aren’t able to take advantage of all of the features that the Google video editor offers.

Google Video Maker on iPhone

Google Video Maker on Iphone

Google Video Maker is an app specifically designed for iPhones, which allows you to create and edit videos with ease. This is an ideal option for those who already have an iPhone, but don’t want to pay for a third-party video editing software.

The tool is very user-friendly and has a range of features, including the ability to:

  • Combine clips

  • Trim footage

  • Add titles and transitions

  • Add music or voice overs

You can also pick from a range of filters and effects to give your videos an extra touch of creativity.

The Verdict

The Verdict

While all of the Google options include some aspects of video making and are ideal for shorter content or social media videos, they are unlikely to offer enough power or features for more experienced editors or for projects that require a larger quantity of footage. If you are editing a major project, a larger piece of content, or want the ability to add more advanced features, invest in quality software or hire a professional, such as the team at Vidpros.

Our simple subscription package allows you to access unlimited fractional editing on demand, putting you in complete control of your budget, output and content needs. Whether you are a business, a content creator, or an agency, we have the skills you need to create outstanding video–and all for an affordable subscription cost. Get in touch with the team today, and find out how we can help your business or content plan!


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