Master Video Editing with Descript (Full Tutorial)

Descript Full Tutorial

Let’s be candid for a moment. Trimming videos may seem deceptively simple, but it’s far from a walk in the park. Our video Content Creator, Irene Chan, ventured down that intricate path before, and it’s more complex than one might assume. 

Video editing demands time, undivided attention, and a generous dose of creative energy. It requires meticulously watching your videos, listening to your audio files, identifying the precise moments to make a final cut, diving into the timeline to pinpoint silent intervals that need manual adjustments, and ultimately weaving together video footage that looks visually appealing and maintains a seamless audio flow.

The mere contemplation of this intricate process can be physically draining. But don’t be disheartened dear content creators; we’ve got your back. 

In this blog post, we’ll embark on a deep exploration of an exceptional video editing tool that has the power to revolutionize your video and audio editing experience: Descript. 

We’ll dig into how Descript remarkably simplifies the video editing process, dissect its strengths and weaknesses, and dissect its pricing structure.

Our objective is for you to understand and decide whether Descript aligns with your video and audio editing aspirations. 

However, there’s an intriguing twist: we won’t stop there. We have an alternative to Descript assured to leave you astonished, especially if you’re a creator aiming to save time and money. Be with us because this revelation is not to be missed.

What is Descript?

Descript Defined

Descript stands as a formidable audio and video editing software, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to streamline the editing process. This browser-based platform reimagines the editing experience by presenting a unique approach: utilizing straightforward text overlays for video and audio editing

The innovative aspect of Descript is its automatic transcription feature, allowing for text document-style editing. Descript’s integration of AI streamlines tedious tasks and introduces new capabilities, saving time for editors.

Understanding Descript

understanding Descript

Now, let’s take off on our journey through Descript. Visualize this scenario: you’ve just uploaded your video, and it’s time for you to edit audio and video. 

Descript provides the versatility to select your project type, whether video projects, audio recordings, podcast episodes, a call recording, or a screen recording session with fellow creators. 

This flexibility ensures that Descript caters to a wide range of content creators with diverse needs and preferences.

As your video content lands within Descript’s capable hands, it undergoes an almost magical transformation. The transcription, a pivotal starting point for any video edit, is automatically generated. 

Now, let’s guide you through Descript’s video editing features.

Minimize Word Gaps

word gaps

Word gaps, those subtle pauses between words and sentences, can disrupt the flow and dynamism of your videos. They represent those awkward intervals that, if left unattended, can test your audience’s patience. 

Descript acknowledges the significance of minimizing these gaps. With a few clicks, you can swiftly diminish these word gaps. 

In our introductory video, we identified just two-word gaps, thanks to Descript’s effective word gap management. These gaps, essentially silences, can range from a few seconds to a minute. They occur when contemplating your line, reading from a script, or taking a deep breath. You’re one step closer to refining your video if you address these gaps.

Bidding Farewell to Filler Words

filler words

Now, let’s find out how Descript remove filler words. These include those “ums,” “uhs,” and other repetitive sounds that can clutter your audio recording and diminish its professional appeal. 

Descript does not only identify repeated words as mentioned earlier, eliminating them is incredibly easy too. Picture a transcript riddled with background noise like “ums” and “uhs” Right-click on one of these filler words, and they’re gone. 

In our video, Descript notified us of eight additional filler words detected. A few more clicks and your video is free from these audio nuisances. Should you opt for the Descript Pro version, you’ll unlock the power to refine your content by eliminating filler words, ensuring that your material exudes sharpness and professionalism. It’s similar to magic, only superior in precision.

Streamlining Your Video: Discarding Imperfect Takes

imperfect takes

Another common issue encountered in video editing is the presence of subpar takes. It’s not unusual to initiate and restart the same sentence multiple times until it achieves perfection. Striving for excellence in every video project is a shared dedication to perfection.

Descript’s intuitive interface simplifies identifying and eliminating these undesirable takes. By conducting a brief review and a series of simple clicks, eliminate unnecessary and less-than-ideal portions from your video files. Consider it similar to editing an article; you remove the excess, ensuring your video recording remains concise, engaging, and ready for your audience.

Seamless Collaboration


Descript extends beyond the editing stage. It offers invaluable collaboration features. You can seamlessly share project access with your video editor or team members by entering their email addresses. It streamlines the process of adding overlays, transitions, and other elements to your video clips, ensuring a polished and professional finish.

When you’re ready to publish your video, it’s as straightforward as copying and pasting the link to share it with anyone. Descript serves more than just one of your editing tools; it acts as a platform for collaboration. It’s a valuable asset for creating onboarding video footage for your team or clients.

Beyond Editing: Exporting with Descript

exporting Descript

However, Descript isn’t limited to video editing. It’s about elevating your content to the next level. You can export your videos in diverse formats, tailoring them to meet the specific requirements of various platforms and objectives. 

Whether you’re uploading your content to your YouTube channel, sharing it with clients, or incorporating it into an onboarding process, Descript ensures that your content seamlessly fits.

Let’s delve into the aspect of composition. When you record within Descript, you can establish multiple compositions within one project. This powerful feature enables you to segregate different segments of your video. For instance, you can allocate one composition for the introduction, where you address the camera and another for the screen share. This separation simplifies editing individual sections, re-recording when necessary, and ensuring that your video aligns with your vision.

When the time comes to export your work, you have a spectrum of options. You can export the current composition or as one cohesive video. You have control of the resolution, quality, and professional audio settings, ensuring that your content reflects your distinct vision.

What is Descript’s Transcription Tool?

Trabscription Tool

Descript’s usefulness extends beyond just video. It can export the transcript of your video, replete with speech recognition for each paragraph. This key features simplify the process of determining the speaker at any specific moment.

What is Descript Overdub?

Descript Overdub

Descript’s capabilities extend further with the Overdub feature . Overdub ingeniously transforms text into speech, leveraging ultra-realistic AI voice generation. It encompasses an array of overdub voices, including those of Descript customer’s own voice. 

Additionally, Descript provides an option for creating a custom new voice and the freedom to align the overdub voice with your content or explore varying styles. It’s a leap into the future of content creation, presenting exciting prospects for voiceovers and narration.

How much is the Price of Descript?

Price of Descript

Cost considerations play a pivotal role in selecting a video editing solution. Descript understands the significance of this and offers a spectrum of pricing alternatives designed to accommodate a wide array of requirements and financial plans. Now, let’s dig into the framework of their pricing model:

  • Free Plan: Descript’s free version lays a robust foundation for creators mindful of their budget. It encompasses essential video trimming and transcription features, allowing you to transcribe up to one hour and export one video monthly. The initial video export is free of watermarks, but subsequent exports may bear a watermark. Furthermore, this plan limits the resolution for exports to 720p.

  • Creator Plan ($15/month): The Creator plan elevates your capabilities. It offers up to 10 hours of transcription and unlimited video exports without watermarks. This plan is ideal for creators looking to increase the quality of their content.

  • Pro Plan ($30/month): The Pro plan takes things a step further. It provides up to 30 hours of transcription time, making it an excellent choice for content creators with a high volume of video production. The Pro plan also eradicates limitations on word vocabulary, ensuring that your content maintains a natural and polished quality. This Descript plan is a superb choice if you’re committed to achieving the utmost quality in your content.

  • Enterprise Plan: Descript offers an enterprise plan for larger teams or companies with specific requirements with their custom pricing. This plan is for an organization’s unique needs, with customization, priority support, and a dedicated enterprise executive.

Descript is an outstanding option for solopreneurs and creators seeking to streamline their videos with a professional software and focus on content creation. It’s also an excellent choice for podcast producers looking for straightforward podcast editing to create show notes. 

However, here’s a surprising revelation: we introduce an alternative that possesses the potential to elevate your video editing skills to new heights. 

Vidpros Joins the Descript Alternatives

Vidpros Descript Alternatives

VidPros is an on-demand video editing company that offers access to expert fractional video editors through a straightforward monthly subscription. It’s your solution for achieving professional video editing without requiring extensive editing skills.

We recognize that diverse projects need distinct editing paths. Whether you’re a solo creator on a tight budget, part of a growing team, or a company seeking personalized solutions for your videos, VidPros has you covered. 

Before you commit to any video editing apps, watch our video discussing the ideal path for your project. It’s all about discovering the perfect fit for your unique requirements. Our YouTube channel has information on various AI trimming tools, including Kapwing, Wise Cut, and We encourage you to explore our playlist before deciding on other editing software. This way, you can assess your options and make an educated choice. We’re here to assist you in navigating the world of editing audio and video creation.


In video editing, nothing is more important than accessibility and efficiency. Thanks to the availability of video editing software such as Descript and VidPros, content creators can effortlessly transform their creative visions into tangible realities. Whether you’re a solo content creator, part of a team, or a company looking for personalized solutions, these tools empower you to produce high-quality videos efficiently. It’s all about discovering the perfect match for your requirements and financial plan.