Attention: YouTube Updates Content Creators Must Know!

This article contains the latest updates for Creators on YouTube, including new tools and features, new metrics, and more.
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Many content creators are often caught off-guard when something new happens or change on YouTube, significantly when it impacts their video’s performance and, worse, affects their monetization goals. Here are some of the latest and important updates that everyone needs to know in the world’s largest and most popular video-hosting platform. 

Youtube recently relaunched its YouTube for Creators website, which provides information about how to build a YouTube channel and presence with advanced monetization tools.

Three sections have been added to the new website to simplify listings and make finding information easier for creators.

As part of the ‘Welcome Creators’ section on YouTube, you can find links to YouTube’s policies and tips on how to get started, while YouTube has also provided more in-depth explanations of how each component of the channel-building process works.

YouTube is focusing on monetizing the refreshed website, which is seen as a key tool to fend off competition from TikTok since Creators can earn money from their content.

We previously wrote about YouTube’s new funding program for YouTube Shorts creators, which will allow the platform to pay shorts publishers up to $10k per month, based on views and engagement.

YouTube updates to know!

Greater accessibility to copyrighted music

In order to give creators more music options for their videos, YouTube is expanding partnerships with music labels and publishers.

Thus, creators will have access to more copyrighted content while earning revenue from their videos.

In the past, including copyrighted music would make a video ineligible for monetization.

More information will be available in the coming months as YouTube is currently doing pilot tests with a limited number of creators.

Subscribers from posts: A new metric

The number of subscribers gained from community posts can now be seen by creators.

In YouTube Analytics, you can find this new metric in the subscription source report.

YouTube plans to add subscriber metrics per post in the future.

Remixes: More Data

It’s now possible to see more information about remixes in YouTube Analytics if you allow other creators to remix your content.

Here are the metrics you’ll see with this improvement:

Total remix views

Mobile Top 15 remixes 

Desktop Top 15 remixes 

Video Editor Changes in YouTube Studio

There are changes to YouTube Studio’s video editor, including an improved trim feature that will make it easier to cut videos, which is also a relevant update for any online video editing service

YouTube Studio on a desktop is receiving the following updates:

Fine-grain time editing is now possible in the new cut section.

Trim and cut features have color-coded and wider edges to make them easier to use.

Accessibility of previews and editing features has been improved.

Video trimming and cutting have been made easier in YouTube Studio through updates to the trim feature.

It’s easy to trim a video on a computer. You don’t need to upload it again. The URL, view count, and comments will remain the same when you trim a video.

Updated guidance and information on YouTube’s Creator Safety Center.

Copyright and policy

Two changes have been made to YouTube Studio’s Video Copyright Details page. YouTube updated the page design, so you may notice some new button locations

You will see the claimant’s name and the claim policy details by hovering over the “Impact on the video” row. 

The available information and options for responding to claims won’t change. Secondly, a new Copyright tab will be added to a video’s Details page so you can easily access the Video Copyright Details page.

Super Chat & Super Stickers expansion

Using Super Chat and Super Stickers, you can now support your favorite creators in live chat in Indonesia. Super Chat highlights your message in the chat, while Super Stickers gives you an animated image in your live chat feed.

Earlier this year, YouTube Android app customers were billed via Google Play for purchases of Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. You can see your recent charges and check how you are billed by visiting This change will not affect pricing or cost.

In order to make live chat messages stand out, creators can buy and send Super Chats or Super Stickers. With Super Chats, your message will pop up during your live chat feed. If you purchase and send Super Stickers, you’ll see an animated or digital message pop up. 

Find out if it’s available and what system requirements it’s compatible with. The majority of Super Chat and Super Stickers revenues go to creators.

Channel Memberships Gifting Beta

Channel members can now buy one-month gift memberships for others from YouTube. In live streams and Premieres, channel members can purchase gift memberships, which we will distribute to viewers. Once redeemed, gift memberships give viewers access to channel membership perks for up to one month.

Supervised experience on more apps and devices

YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music can now be used on compatible smart TVs, mobile devices and the web for supervised accounts in the US.

Children under 13 (or the relevant age in their country/region) can enjoy supervised YouTube and YouTube Music experiences under the supervision of their parents.

Parental control is used with supervised accounts to limit the content that children under 13 can access through videos and music. They also adjust the features they are able to use, default account settings, and advertising.

Watch Shorts on computers, tablets, and mobile web

In order to make short videos more accessible to everyone, YouTube introduced the Shorts player to computers, tablets, and mobile web on your phone. 

Watch short videos using an experience tailored to them. In addition, tablets and mobile web viewers can tap Shorts at the bottom of their apps or browsers to begin watching Shorts.

New Subtitle Editor permissions level in YouTube Studio

Subtitle Editors are granted access to add and edit subtitles on their videos. In addition, you will be allowed to modify subtitles on any video where a default language has been set.

The app will now support picture-in-picture mode on iOS, so people can watch videos while doing other tasks.

Apple has offered picture-in-picture mode for years, and it’s been adopted by most big video streaming apps. The video can be shunted into the corner of the screen, so people can continue using their iPhone or iPad.

YouTube has long resisted implementing this feature within its app, but now people can move their video to the corner of the screen, allowing them to watch videos while using their iPhone or iPad. 

Initial rumors suggested it would arrive soon, and it did come in certain forms for some users in recent months.

YouTube has finally added the feature to all iPhone and iPad devices running the latest iOS 15 software update.

The company acknowledged that the rollout had been “slow” and thanked those who helped out with experiments.

However, most users are still restricted to the US. US users will be able to use the mode for non-music content.

People in all other countries can only enable picture-in-picture mode if they have a YouTube premium subscription. However, that will also allow the mode for music videos.

The mode can be enabled in the YouTube app by clicking on “General” and selecting “Video Mode.” Once the mode is enabled, users can simply leave the YouTube app, and the video will continue to play.

We will keep you posted on YouTube updates that come our way because we know how important these are to video content creators.

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