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Common Yet Damaging Video Editing Mistakes To Avoid

alt="man seeing problems with what he is doing and thinking of ways to correct it."
alt="man seeing problems with what he is doing and thinking of ways to correct it."

Are you a video editor? Media planner? Creative thinker? If so, it’s important to be aware of the most common and damaging mistakes that can occur during the editing process. By understanding what these mistakes are and how to avoid them, you can produce better quality videos that resonate with viewers. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most common video editing mistakes!

As video content becomes more popular than ever before, it’s safe to say that written word might just have some tough competition in its hands. With 2 billion people logged into YouTube monthly and counting (based on the latest Statista report), depending on how often they view videos versus reading pages of text – you can bet your bottom dollar there will always be room for both types!

The power of videos

The Power Of Videos

No less than 87% of businesses worldwide use video as a marketing tool that delivers results backed by 83% of digital marketers who firmly believe that video is truly a marketing powerhouse.

Video content marketing is a great way for brands to create content and boost it online, whether in the form of live videos, training modules, webinars or self-hosted video content.

As functional and amazing as it is, making videos can be a bit challenging and prone to mistakes if the creator or video editor is not careful enough to check and double-check their output.

At times, these video audio editor mistakes can occur randomly so it is critical to make sure such problems are checked to avoid affecting the desired outcomes of your video content.

The problem with poor-quality videos

Poor Quality Videos

Let’s face it, poor quality videos can be very damaging to their owner or creator.

Numerous studies have found common problem denominators that were found consistent among the research findings.

The researchers found three common damaging effects that can adversely impact your promotional goals.

> Poor audience engagement and traffic

> Evokes a negative emotional response from the audience

> Creates a bad impression on brands associated with the video output

This simply means that poor quality video content becomes a recipe for disaster that will do you more harm than good.

Is there a way out of it?

Yes, there is. In fact, there are solutions to address such problems as long as you determine what those problems are, find the best solutions and ensure that you churn out great quality video content each and every time.

Here is a list of several common yet irritating problems hounding video content creators and editors so you can better anticipate solutions should these problems occur.

Audio problems

Audio Problems

Consider this a pet peeve due to numerous factors that may cause this sort of problem, especially from the video editing standpoint from low-quality recording equipment, hardware limitations, rendering tools, editing issues, and so much more.  

Inappropriate jump cuts

Jump Cuts

Video editing techniques vary in terms of style and execution and one of these is the use of the jump cut to save time or as a creative measure to move or transition a story.

But make no mistake, the jump cut has been overused and abused by many content makers especially those who are new to the game and do not know what type of cuts to use, thinking it might be a good or creative idea.

This process is evident in videos taken using a single shot and time is cut from the same frame, causing a subject or character to appear ‘magically’ in a single frame. 

A wrongly-placed jump cut could be the result of a poorly-planned or sloppy editing process.

Transition mistakes

Transition Mistakes

This happens when the length of transition between two clips is either longer or shorter than the previous one.

An editor usually places the transition between two successive clips and one of the clips does not extend long enough to seamlessly transition. As a result, the previous clip abruptly stops and reveals a black void in between transitions.

Incorrect music

Incorrect Music

For instance, if you want to use an intense electric guitar song in your video but it’s not licensed for usage then you have no choice so either you find another track or go through the daunting process of seeking permission to use it. 

The same goes with any other type of soundtrack material – if they don’t match the pace or energy level required by a creative director during post-production it will cause unwanted consequences like cutting out parts that require extra emphasis because nothing can top good editing work!

Missed frame adjustments

Missed Frame Adjustments

You’re about to preview your edited video when you suddenly notice your subject is off-center or has too much space on top of their head in the frame, which mostly affects the visual continuity. 

When this happens, you may need to re-do the edit which could be very cumbersome and cost you more time repeating the process.

Some video creators or editors will just let it pass and owe it to experience, but the moment the video comes out in public it can adversely impact the brands associated with it.

Worse, such a simple and negligible mistake can cause viewers to cast doubt on the creator’s reputation for lack of quality assurance in the preparation of the content.

Inconsistent fonts and graphics

Inconsistent Fonts and Graphics

While it is not expected for video content creators or editors to be experts at graphic design, prudence in the use of appropriate design components such as fonts, colors and sizes that must remain consistent throughout the video.

One of the most common mistakes of new video creators and video audio editors is using a variety of editing effects, styles and texts that can cause distractions for the viewer and lose focus on the main content.

If you’re just getting started with videos, these issues could affect people’s initial impressions and put people off from following or subscribing to your videos.

These mistakes can make or break your online journey so it is best to take note of these issues and anticipate them before they can occur in your videos.

Do you have the time and energy?

But truth be told, time is not always a video creator or editor’s friend, especially when pressed for time to publish their video content in a given time frame. So much more when they need to deal with such trivial yet irritating matters.

Content creators are better off spending their time focusing on their ideas, concepts and creative aspects of their content rather than wasting time doing the technical details and fixing errors.

Creators are more effective and productive by doing the best at what they do, being creative and developing content, then leaving the editing to the ones who have the equipment and expertise to handle it and avoiding costly mistakes with the final output.

Remember, it is better to make the wise decision to ensure you have everything under control and begin your journey towards fame and success.

Learn more about how we can help you create great videos! 

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