YouTube Demonetization: How To Avoid It

Many people think that content creators can just publish any video on YouTube, but little do they know about common yet critical mistakes that can cause a creator’s account to get suspended, get demonetized, or worse, banned from the platform. What can cause these, and how can video content creators avoid them?

What if you suddenly lost a lucrative income stream from your YouTube videos? Sounds like a bummer, right?

But it happens, and many have gone through such a painful experience, which led to the YouTube Adpocalypse in 2017, after the video-hosting platform laid down new policies on content moderation and expanded content restrictions.

What happens when you get demonetized?

In simple terms, demonetization occurs when a video content creator violates any of the platform’s monetization policies. 

Demonetization is a punitive measure that penalizes and indicated by the following scenarios;

  • Getting suspended from the YouTube Partner Program
  • Ads for your videos are instantly turned off from your content
  • Suspension or, worst-case scenario, termination of your YouTube channel 

As the first two cases are generally associated directly with your ability to generate revenue through your videos, the third scenario is something that you do not want to happen because you don’t only get to lose income, you get kicked off your YouTube channel by having your account penalized.

For many content creators on YouTube, revenues through ad placements in their video content are the primary motivators that make them churn out more video content.

Why does YouTube demonetize channels and videos?

Many creators have been doing their best to generate more positive video content but end up getting demonetized. So, what gives and what’s the best thing to do?

Most of the time, many content creators are aware of the basic Youtube policies yet many are not cognizant of the fine details, which can be a very thin line between adherence and violation.

Here’s a summary of the four basic policies that matter to YouTube and should also concern content creators using the platform;

  • YouTube Terms of Service – It lays down the conditions and terms of how creators and viewers operate on the platform.

  • YouTube Community Guidelines – This stipulates the specific policies to ensure the safety of everyone on the platform.

  • AdSense Program Policies – This sets the guidelines and regulations on ad placements on the platform.

  • Advertiser-friendly Content Guidelines – These are the guidelines that specify the content that is suitable for advertisers on the platform.

AND YES! A violation of any of the details provided in these policies and guidelines can get your account demonetized.

To simplify the demonetization process, your YouTube account or video is restricted from having any advertisements in it – sponsored cards, display ads, overlay ads, non-skippable and skippable ads. This means that your content will no longer be able to earn revenue.

However, demonetization goes beyond simply ads getting turned off from your videos, YouTube can also suspend monetization on all accounts tied to your YouTube profile.

YouTube can also disable monetization permanently from the platform beyond Google AdSense such as Super Thanks, merchandise shelves, Super Chats and Stickers, YouTube Premium, and Channel Memberships. 

Why content creators get demonetized?

As mentioned before, failure to follow all the stated community guidelines under Youtube’s policies can get your video or channel demonetized. It covers DIY and or any YouTube video editing service availed to produce your video content.

Here are the more specific samples, so make sure to note this down carefully and take to heart so you can avoid getting demonetized.

Scams, span, and deceptive content

For sure, a lot of content creators need to stay away from these practices because it does get them demonetized, or worse, it could even get them banned from the platform. 

Youtube’s intentions are fair in this aspect because it is bent on preventing and penalizing content and channels that promote disinformation and discord in the platform’s community.

But perhaps many are unaware that content posted excessively or encouraging people to browse or view videos away from Youtube also falls into this category, as well as trolling, spam comments, distribution of hacked software, or get-rich-quick scams.

Sexually-explicit content and nudity

Pornographic or aggressively suggestive sexual content is totally banned from the platform and not only do you risk demonetization, but your video content can be taken out and your channel may be subject to permanent termination.

There are several sexually-explicit contents that is illegal and totally banned from the platform, including the use of children or minors in a sexually exploitative manner and can get you afoul with the law and be imprisoned if proven guilty.

Subtle fetish-based content may be allowed, but make sure to provide the necessary disclaimers such as age restrictions and warning notices.

Child safety

Child safety has been a paramount concern for YouTube after the 2017 Adpocalypse controversy and has placed it at the forefront of campaigns to protect and preserve child safety and security throughout the platform.

Any video content that places at risk a minor’s – this means those below 18 years old – physical and mental well-being depicts the harming of children, bullied, coerced, or sexually abused. The same goes for content that provides inaccurate or misleading information for families.

Dangerous or harmful content

This refers to content that’s considered graphic, depicts harm or entices people to engage in harmful or dangerous activities. This includes harmful or dangerous practical jokes or pranks, poking fun or presenting eating disorders, dignifying or promoting violent events, or content providing instruction to encourage people to commit illegal acts.

Hate speech, racial slurs, and profanity 

These are about video content that promotes hatred or violence against an individual, group of people or of different cultural or racial origins. 

It also includes verbally laced slurs against persons with disabilities, gender, sexual orientation and cultural minorities, just to name a few.

Harassment and cyberbullying

While it may sound similar to hate speech, but harassment and cyberbullying are a category of their own as it is more intended for individuals who are the subjects of an online attack or prolonged efforts to instigate malicious intent.

So, the next time you prepare your video content on YouTube, consider all these details and find the time to go through and review the fine details of the policies because it can help you avoid getting demonetized on YouTube. 

Remember, prevention is always better than cure

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