Vidpros vs Video Husky

Want to know the BIGGEST SECRET in comparing Unlimited Video Editing services?

Editor Ratio (ER) – This is the number of clients per editor.  Other companies don’t advertise this because they choose to rely on the turnaround time as a selling point.  

Why should you care?

Anyone can meet a deadline and produce a trash product.  Experienced clients who are also editors will question why small edits take large periods of time or the quality vs time the project was worked on doesn’t make sense.

We can’t say the ER of Video Husky as it is not publicly available, but we can tell you ours is 1:4.  That means 1 editor to every 4 clients.  

You should ask any unlimited service provider what their ratio is.

Here’s an idea how much more value you get with comparing our 1:4 ratio with a range of other possibilities.  

Interested in a 1:1 ratio?  Contact us about our enterprise pricing.  We offer a discount over purchasing 4 fractional accounts.

Process improvements

Saving time
Customer portal to manage your account and submit new projects.

Streamlined intake forms.  Don’t fill out endless forms to get your project started.

Recall previously submitted forms and use them as templates for new projects.

Efficient communication

Video review and proofing using industry leading  Leave feedback on desktop or mobile apps.  Feedback is synced to Premiere Pro so our editors never miss a comment.

Tuesday – Saturday Philippine work schedule.  With Mon-Fri firms you lose a day basically.  Your Friday projects don’t start till Sunday night.  With our schedule you get those files on Saturday morning.  Contact us for 7-day plans.

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