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Vidchops vs Vidpros: Video Editing Service Comparison (2024)

Vidchops vs Vidpros
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Are you stuck in an editing nightmare? Hours disappear, but that perfect cut always feels just out of reach. 

Sound familiar? 

Ditch the struggle and say hello to video editing services, where complexity and high costs are old-fashioned.

With streamlined processes and affordable options, it’s easy to get your videos professionally edited. 

Imagine a subscription model that simplifies the entire editing journey – you submit your brief, they edit overnight, and you can fine-tune the final product. 

It’s a game-changer in video creation, making top-notch video editing accessible to all. 

This in-depth comparison uncovers the strengths of Vidpros and Vidchops, showcasing why they stand out as the ultimate video editing partners for discerning creators who value quality video clips, expertise, and a seamless workflow.

Buckle up as we explore the battle royale of video editing services.


Vidchops Vs Vidpros Chart

Who needs video editing services?

Embracing video editing services transcends the boundaries of video content creation, extending its transformative impact from YouTubers, vloggers, and social media enthusiasts to small businesses. 

These services emerge as a pivotal game-changer for individuals and entities deeply committed to create stunning videos and captivate their audiences. 

By availing themselves of the expertise of editing professionals using video editing software, content creators can refine their content and amplify their brand presence, all while optimizing time efficiency.

The advantages of professional video editing services are not only for entertainment and marketing. Even online course instructors and thought leaders can harness the powerful capabilities of expert editing to enhance the caliber of their presentations. 

This powerful utilization of video editing enhances educational content, enabling instructors to scale new heights in engagement and impact. 

Professional editing services are indispensable tools for those who aspire to establish a lasting and influential presence in their respective domains.

Vidchops and Vidpros Overview

Vidchops and Vidpros provide video editing services based on the client’s needs. 

Vidchops, founded by Augie Johnston in 2017, specializes in providing a subscription-based, monthly flat-rate plans video editing service primarily for YouTubers, vloggers, and digital course creators. 

With a commitment to speed and reliability, Vidchops’ dedicated editors handle day-to-day edits, offering unlimited video editing service and revisions with a 2-day turnaround. 

The service extends beyond traditional editing, covering professional consulting and a white-label option for businesses to resell under their brand.

On the other hand, Vidpros operates as a Fractional Video Editing Service, simplifying the video editing process through a straightforward flat monthly fee model. 

In addition to its Fractional Video Editing Service, Vidpros also extends its offerings to include White Label services.

Clients submit their video briefs, and Vidpros edits business videos overnight, allowing users to request revisions or mark the project as complete. 

Vidpros, with its focus on simplicity and efficiency, caters to a broad audience seeking a hassle-free video editing experience. 

While Vidchops targets content creators, including YouTubers, Vidpros aims to streamline video editing for businesses of all sizes, emphasizing ease of use and quick turnarounds in video content creation.

Vidchops and Vidpros – A Comparison

1. User Interface

The Vidchops Portal, which uses a proprietary system, is a user-friendly project management tool offering features such as submitting video editing requests, providing feedback via descriptions to the designated editor, and accessing video download links from Dropbox. Revisions can be requested through time stamped comments integrated into the portal, functioning similarly to Frame.io

Users can log in, complete a form outlining their preferences and style, and initiate the video editing process on the Vidchops dashboard. 

The progress tracker is through five columns: Video Request (initiating the request), Editing (editor working on the video), QA (video review for quality purposes), and Done (completed video submitted to the client for approval or revision)

This streamlined portal ensures transparent communication and a smooth workflow for clients.

Vidpros facilitates direct communication between customers and video editors, streamlining the video order process within the user-friendly customer portal powered by Service Provider Pro.

This integrated platform ensures prompt video editing overnight, accommodating clients’ specific needs. 

Customers can effortlessly request revisions or mark videos as complete while communication with the video editing team seamlessly unfolds within the portal. 

In addition to utilizing Frame.io for project completion reviews, Vidpros optimizes communication processes. This holistic approach aims to enhance team efficiency and collaboration throughout the video editing journey.

2. Dedicated Team

Vidchops has a group of talented video editors skilled at working with videos, creating compelling stories, and leaving a lasting impact online. 

This team, known for its adaptability and meticulous attention to detail, is vital in producing creative and magical content for clients. 

Each subscription with Vidchops ensures that customers not only benefit from the expertise of a dedicated video editor but also have the support of a dedicated account manager

Vidpros elevates the concept of individualized care with its Fractional Video Editing service. 

The 1:4 proportion of video editors to clients ensures personalized attention and top-tier video edits. This method secures dedicated time from a video editor, allocating 2 hours each workday and accommodating extra hours when necessary. It ensures a consistently tailored experience for each project, nurturing personalized and efficient collaboration.

At Vidpros, our commitment to personalized video editing experiences is evident through our dedicated Editors, building agile workflows and an approach centered on clients. 

Our video editors excel at integrating client feedback, providing an enhanced experience without intermediaries. As your collaboration with the editor advances, a natural sense of familiarity develops, ensuring a unique and efficient working relationship.

3. Turnaround Time

Vidchops is committed to providing a streamlined video editing experience with prompt delivery. The service promises a 2-day turnaround time for the initial draft, ensuring clients receive the first version of their edited video. 

Additionally, revisions and repurposed videos boast a 1-day turnaround, allowing for quick adjustments and modifications. It’s important to note that Sundays are excluded from the turnaround time, aligning with the commitment to delivering efficient video editing services throughout the rest of the week. It ensures that clients receive high-quality edits within a specified and efficient timeframe.

Vidpros champions efficiency, ensuring you receive 1-2 final drafts within 24 hours, depending on your video’s length and complexity. No more wasting precious time, just quick action and polished results to keep your content engine humming.

Operation is from Tuesday to Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm Philippine time (GMT +8). Vidpros strategically responds to video editing work requests each workday evening for its U.S. clients. 

This unique time zone advantage allows the company to be “in the future,” ensuring the final editing process for videos submitted by the end of the U.S. business day. This commitment ensures that clients promptly receive polished and professionally edited content.

4. Video Types

Vidchops provides diverse video editing solutions for online content, surrounding Facebook ads, and Instagram videos and specializing in YouTube content

The service also caters to editing commercials, real estate videos, and online course material.

These specifications aim to streamline the editing process, ensuring the prompt delivery of top-notch edited content within the specified guidelines.

Vidpros offers a comprehensive range of video content editing services, including Thought Leadership content, online courses, tutorials, and informational products. 

The platform is well-equipped to handle product reviews, transform podcasts into engaging videos, edit vlogs, and create dynamic social media content. 

Additionally, Vidpros caters to ads, real estate videos, interviews, and conversions of PowerPoint presentations into compelling video formats. 

The service extends beyond these categories, accommodating various other video content needs and showcasing its versatility and adaptability to diverse client requirements.

5. Team Collaboration

Vidchops ensures seamless collaboration within its team, offering direct communication channels for clients. While email communication is an option, the preferred and more streamlined method is through The Vidchops Portal. 

Upon purchase, clients are automatically directed to a form to create a portal account, facilitating easy video edit requests and collaboration through comments with the assigned editor. 

Within 24 hours of sign-up, clients receive an email from their editor. The portal is a simple project management tool, allowing clients to submit editing requests, provide feedback via descriptions, access video links on Dropbox, and request revisions by making timestamped comments. 

This user-friendly interface enhances communication efficiency and ensures a smooth workflow.

Vidpros prioritizes effective communication through its SPP Portal, providing customers with a user-friendly platform for direct conversations with their editors. 

The portal features a dedicated project chat, enabling seamless communication with the editing team.

Submission of video projects is through the customer portal, and for video reviews, clients receive a link to Frame.io, Vidpros’ video proofing tool. To enhance efficiency and collaboration within each team, Vidpros actively commits to optimizing the project communication process, addressing a common challenge encountered when working with video editing freelancers.

This focus on streamlined communication highlights Vidpros’ dedication to providing a smooth and efficient video editing service for its clients.

6. Pricing

Vidchops pricing adopts a unique approach by requiring users to engage with a lead capture form to access detailed subscription plans. 

They offer the Vidchops Weekly plan, catering to those needing four videos per month with dedicated video editing, royalty-free assets, a 1-2 day turnaround, and can cancel anytime. The Vidchops Pro plan extends services to 8-10 videos monthly, including a dedicated account manager and unlimited revisions.

Notably, Vidchops introduces a YT Helper Service, available as an add-on to the main video editing plans. 

One potential complication for those seeking a quick overview of costs and plan specifics is the absence of transparent pricing on the Vidchops website.

This unique approach encourages potential customers to directly engage with Vidchops through the lead capture form to explore the pricing structure and offerings. 

Users need to be aware of this approach before considering subscription plans.

Vidpros revolutionizes video editing pricing through its fractional-time model, providing clients exceptional flexibility. 

This innovative approach allows users to prioritize high-quality videos or maximize content production within a specified timeframe.

Clients can align their video editing strategy with specific goals, whether emphasizing visually stunning premium content or generating a higher volume of videos for strategic distribution.

In contrast to subscription-based pricing models with a potential limit on editing hours and quality, Vidpros’ fractional-time model offers transparency and adaptability. 

The pricing starts at $1,000 per month, featuring a dedicated editor working 2 hours per workday, overnight turnaround, stock video and music, unlimited storage, thumbnails, and human captions. 

This model caters to varying project complexities, providing clients with tailored solutions. For those interested in the Agency/White Label service, Vidpros encourages scheduling a call, recognizing the complexity of this service.

7. Visual Effects

Vidchops enhance videos with visual effects, including color grading, lower thirds, text animation, and more. The color grading offered is basic, addressing issues such as toning footage, fixing primary white balance problems, and exposure issues. 

However, Vidchops does not do complex gradings involving masking or intricate 2D and 3D animations from scratch. While they won’t create footage for your project from the ground up, Vidchops excels in providing impactful text animations and compelling calls to action.

Vidpros surpasses conventional video editing by providing an array of visual enhancements, including detailed color correction, dynamic motion graphics, and access to a library of free stock footage. 

These services redefine and elevate the visual appeal and quality of your videos. However, Vidpros does not engage in video editing that involves creating animations or cartoons from scratch. 

While customization of templates and incorporating lower thirds is acceptable, full-fledged animated videos are not within their scope.

8. Access to Resources

Vidchops provides access to valuable resources, including royalty-free stock audio and video. As a bonus, they also offer “The Cheat Code To Growing Your YouTube Channel,” providing additional insights and strategies for channel growth.

Vidpros ensures users have access to essential resources, offering stock footage and video audio as standard inclusions within the subscription package, eliminating the need for additional upsells

The subscription price seamlessly covers these fundamental video services. Moreover, users benefit from a generous six-month storage period, providing convenient and extended access to all recent video projects for effortless editing.

9. Money Back Guarantee

Vidchops offers a customer-friendly Money Back Guarantee. For first-time users, there is a 14-day risk-free period to assess the quality of the service. To avail of this guarantee, customers can request it within 14 days of service via email: vidchops@gmail.com. It ensures a hassle-free and risk-free experience for new customers evaluating the service.

Vidpros welcomes new customers with an enticing adventure by offering a risk-free 14-day trial period

During this exclusive opportunity, customers can assess the outstanding quality of the services firsthand, gaining insight into professional video editing without any commitment. The Vidpros team prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring a rewarding and seamless trial experience. 

If customers want a refund, they can send the cancellation form within 14 days of service and contact support@vidpros.io via email. It guarantees a transparent and customer-centric approach to the trial period.

10. Additional Features

Vidchops‘ YouTube Helper Plan is an add-on to their video editing service, requiring a subscription to their video editing plan. 

This service simplifies time-consuming tasks like creating thumbnails, titles, and tags. It optimizes content visibility, expands the audience, and aids in business scaling. 

Vidchops ensures professional polish, offering a repurposed version of YouTube videos with captions for broader social media sharing. 

The service comes with a 2-day turnaround and a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing creators to focus on content creation while Vidchops handles the technical aspects.

Unlike Vidchops’ additional features that may come at an extra cost, Vidpros‘ inclusive services, such as stock video and audio access, human-generated subtitles, thumbnail creation, free stock footage, and royalty-free music, are seamlessly included as add-ons without additional charges

The integration with Frame.io for video proofing, efficient project file handling, quick distribution of approved YouTube videos, and six months of unlimited storage further enhance the value of Vidpros’ subscription packages. 

Exclusive to Vidpros, the utilization of Clockify sets it apart from other services.

The transparency of editing time ensures that clients understand the time spent on projects. This unique feature allows users to gauge the efficiency of the editing process. 

By incorporating Clockify, Vidpros demonstrates a commitment to openness and client satisfaction, offering a valuable tool for a transparent and collaborative video editing experience.

What sets Vidpros apart?

Vidpros and Vidchops offer video editing services but have unique features that set them apart.

Vidpros operates as a Fractional Video Editing Service, pioneering a revolutionary video marketing model that diverges from the constraints often associated with unlimited video editing services

In contrast to services that claim to provide unrestricted editing but impose limitations on editing hours and quality, Vidpros introduces fractional video editing.

In this innovative model, users purchase a specific portion of an editor’s day without encountering scope or quality restrictions. This approach allows clients to tailor their editing requirements, ensuring a transparent and customizable video editing experience. 

With Vidpros, you do not have to worry about backlog issues and less dedicated editing time, which are common drawbacks of unlimited video editing services.

While Vidchops excels in catering to individual content creators, Vidpros focuses on providing a streamlined and user-friendly video editing experience for a broader business audience. 

In delivering a more efficient, adaptable, and client-focused video editing solution, Vidpros’ commitment to simplicity, quick turnarounds, and the introduction of fractional video editing positions it as a frontrunner.

Final Verdict

In video editing services, Vidchops and Vidpros emerge as distinct players, each offering unique features tailored to different needs.

Vidchops, focusing on catering to individual content creators, particularly YouTubers, stands out for its expertise in crafting compelling narratives and providing a dedicated video editor for a more personalized experience. 

The user-friendly Vidchops Portal streamlines the video order process, allowing efficient communication and collaboration between clients and editors. 

However, it’s important to note that Vidchops follows a lead capture form model, keeping its pricing hidden until users provide their information, which is less transparent.

On the other hand, Vidpros operates as a Fractional Video Editing Service, introducing a groundbreaking model that sets it apart from typical unlimited video editing services. 

The fractional video editing approach enables clients to purchase specific portions of an editor’s day, ensuring transparency, flexibility, and a more tailored video editing experience. 

Vidpros targets businesses of all sizes, emphasizing simplicity, efficiency, and quick turnarounds. 

With transparent pricing and a straightforward monthly subscription model, Vidpros offers a clear advantage regarding accessibility and openness.

Considering the non-transparent pricing model of Vidchops, Vidpros gains an edge in the final verdict, offering businesses a more transparent and efficient video editing solution. 

The decision between Vidchops and Vidpros hinges on personal preferences and the specific requirements of video editing. Vidpros stands out as a leader, excelling in providing adaptable and client-focused services. 

Book a free consultation with Vidpros and discover how their client-focused services can skyrocket your content.