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A Battle for Video Editing Dominance: Increditors vs Vidpros

Increditors vs Vidpros

Video editing is crucial for businesses, creators, and agencies looking to engage their audiences with captivating visual content. The right video editing partner, equipped with highly skilled video editors, can enhance your videos, amplify your message, and drive better results.

At Vidpros, we’re on a mission to help video creators and businesses find the perfect video editing solution. We’re back again with another in-depth look at a famous video editing company – Increditors.

Increditors have been making waves in the industry, boasting impressive video editing capabilities and high-profile clients. But how do they stack up against other options like Vidpros?

This honest review will investigate Increditors’ pricing, services, and customer experience. We’ll also compare them with Vidpros’ offerings so you can decide which video editing partner best fits your needs and budget.

Read until the end to get an unbiased perspective on whether Increditors or Vidpros is the right choice for your upcoming video projects. Let’s get started!


TL;DRIncreditors vs Vidpros Comparison Table

Increditors and Vidpros Overview

Both companies offer video editing services but cater to different client needs.

Increditors delivers high-end visuals and motion graphics, suitable for clients with bigger budgets seeking advanced editing techniques. Vidpros, on the other hand, aims to provide an affordable yet quality video editing experience with a quick turnaround time, catering to clients who value personalized service, clear communication, and flexible pricing options.

Moreover, both Increditors and Vidpros excel in their ability to create videos, focusing on producing marketing and social media videos that showcase their creative and agile approach in video production and post-production processes.

What is Increditors?

Founded in 2018 by Mohammad (Mo) Mahmoudilari, Increditors is a video editing company that has made a name for itself with its impressive motion graphics and visual effects capabilities.

Their team of experienced editors and motion graphics artists are skilled in seamlessly integrating advanced animation techniques, illustrations, and eye-catching visual effects into videos. They offer a diverse range of video editing services, catering to various genres such as music videos, promotional content, sports videos, and more.

Increditors also excels in video post-production, offering professional services that include the collaboration of skilled editors, artists, animators, and motion designers to create high-quality and tailored video content.

This comprehensive approach to post-production services, managing the entire process from creative development to final delivery, positions Increditors as a prime choice for video production companies, directors, videographers, cinematographers, and businesses worldwide with specific video post-production needs.

While their pricing aligns with their premium offering, Increditors is well-suited for clients with larger budgets seeking advanced visual storytelling and a professional touch in their video content.

What is Vidpros?

Established in 2020 by Michael Holmes, Vidpros provides video production services for content creators, businesses, and agencies. They offer high-quality video editing with quick turnaround times by utilizing a global team of editors.

Vidpros stands out by assigning dedicated editors to each client through their Fractional Video Editing service, allowing for personalized attention and efficient collaboration. They have a transparent and client-focused business model with flexible pricing options to meet different needs and goals.

As a global remote video editing agency, Vidpros delivers a fully managed post-production process, showcasing their expertise in video editing for a diverse clientele including startups, production houses, creators, and agencies.

Increditors and Vidpros – A Comparison

User Interface

Increditors has a website that looks modern and professional. However, it uses too many moving animations that can distract people trying to understand the services—the homepage packs in too much information, which may not provide a good user experience.

One clever element is the “Reserve Spot” button that creates a feeling of scarcity. It can motivate potential clients to explore Increditors’ services before slots fill quickly.

Increditors do not list set prices or packages on their site. Instead, they have a quiz that estimates costs based on the video needs. However, these estimates tend to be higher and more suitable for clients with bigger budgets.

Vidpros, on the other hand, offers a user-friendly and transparent approach to its services. Their customer portal, powered by Service Provider Pro, streamlines the video order process for clients. This intuitive platform allows Users to request revisions or mark video files as complete.

One standout feature of Vidpros’ user interface is the integration with Frame.io, a video proofing tool. Upon project completion, clients receive a link to Frame.io, allowing for seamless collaboration, feedback, and revision tracking throughout the editing process.

Vidpros prioritizes clear communication and project management by providing a dedicated project chat within their customer portal. This feature enables direct communication between clients and their assigned video editors, nurturing a personalized and efficient collaboration experience.

Dedicated Team

Increditors has a team of video editors, artists, animators, and motion designers who are very skilled. They assign multiple editors to work on each project. The editors they choose specialize in the editing and style needed for that project.

Increditors also include a project manager and a creative director as part of the editing team for each client. The project manager oversees and coordinates the work. The creative director guides the video project’s creative vision and artistic direction.

At Vidpros, they take a different approach to dedicated teams. 

Vidpros assigns up to 4 clients per video editor. This 1:4 ratio ensures that each client receives personalized attention from a dedicated editor. The video editors work at least 2 hours per workday on each client’s projects, with the ability to add more hours as needed.

It allows for efficient collaboration and tailored editing aligning with each client’s unique creative vision. As the editor and client continue working together, the editor gains an in-depth understanding of the client’s preferences, resulting in eminent video editing quality.

Turnaround Time

Increditors state they can edit videos quickly, but their website has yet to give an estimated turnaround time. They explain that the first video may take longer because they experiment with different editing styles and approaches. It helps them understand what the client prefers.

After grasping the client’s desired style, Increditors aims to deliver further edits within five days for long videos and one day for shorter ones.

So, while the initial turnaround is uncertain as they figure out the preferences, subsequent revisions happen more rapidly once they know the style the client wants.

On the other hand, Vidpros prides itself on swift 24-hour turnarounds. Clients get a final draft overnight based on project complexity.

Vidpros finishes editing by the end of the U.S. business day. It ensures clients can meet tight deadlines and promptly receive their edited content, making Vidpros a standout choice for those needing rapid video editing services.

Video Types

Increditors edit various videos, including music videos, promos, sports content, social media videos, educational/training videos, YouTube and podcast editing, app/software promos, wedding videos, visual effects, and sound design. They present themselves as versatile across genres and purposes.

Vidpros also handles various video types like course guides, instructional videos, promotions, product reviews, podcasts, vlogs, real estate, talk shows, presentation slides, and more. They transform different content into engaging visuals for clients across educational, marketing, and personal projects.

Both companies excel in creating professional YouTube videos, enhancing outreach for creators and brands on this leading social platform.

Team Collaboration

Increditors follow a structured process for collaborating with clients and within their team. Their primary way of contact is through email. Increditors use Trello for project management and Slack to communicate with clients who subscribe to their services. They assign each client a dedicated point person or project manager to simplify communication.

Vidpros prioritizes seamless communication within each project team. Their custom client portal, powered by Service Provider Pro, allows clients to chat directly with their assigned video editor throughout the editing journey.

Vidpros integrates with Frame.io, a video proofing tool that streamlines feedback and revision tracking. This software promotes straightforward collaboration between the client and the editor’s team.


Increditors do not have a fixed pricing structure or pre-defined packages on their website. Instead, they have a quiz that potential clients can take to get a rough estimate based on their video requirements. However, this quiz does not provide accurate upfront pricing, and the estimates tend to be higher, catering more towards clients with larger budgets. 

Vidpros takes a different approach with transparent and flexible pricing for their Fractional Video Editing Service.

They offer two flat monthly rate options: $1,000 (Vidpros Part Time) and $3,000 (Vidpros Full Time). With these plans, clients get 2 hours of dedicated editor time per workday, unlimited video editing requests, and extras like stock assets and AI-generated captions. Vidpros does not have confusing subscription models or hidden fees, making its pricing straightforward to understand.

Visual Effects

Increditors excels in advanced visual effects (VFX) and motion graphics. Their skilled team seamlessly integrates eye-catching animations, illustrations, and VFX-like greenscreen compositing into videos. Increditors’ expertise in motion graphics brings complex ideas to life through engaging visuals. Their color grading services ensure a consistent, visually striking look.

On the other hand, Vidpros offers accessible visual enhancements like professional color correction and motion graphics. While not specializing in advanced VFX, Vidpros’ color experts can fine-tune elements for a polished aesthetic. Their motion graphics artists create dynamic title sequences and overlays. Vidpros also provides free stock footage and royalty-free music access, adding value without extra costs.

Content Curation

At Increditors, content curation is a forte, offering various video editing services catering to multiple genres and platforms. Their expertise ranges from creating captivating music videos and promotional content to crafting engaging sports videos and social media reels.

Increditors’ team of seasoned editors deeply understands what resonates with audiences across different platforms. Whether it’s a high-energy YouTube video, a cinematic wedding film, or a corporate training module. They can customize the content according to the unique requirements of each project.

Moreover, Increditors brags a strong command over scriptwriting and research, enabling them to provide comprehensive services specifically designed for content creators. This capability allows them to collaborate closely with clients, transforming raw footage into compelling narratives that resonate with the intended audience.

While Vidpros may not specialize in as diverse a range of content genres as Increditors, their focus lies in streamlining the content production process for creators. With their Fractional Video Editing service, Vidpros assigns a dedicated editor to each client, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.

Vidpros caters to various video editing requirements, from instructional content and promotional videos to product reviews and vlog episodes. Their editors work closely with clients, incorporating feedback and understanding their unique preferences to deliver tailored content that aligns with their creative vision.

One standout aspect of Vidpros’ content curation is their commitment to swift turnaround times. By finalizing the editing process for videos submitted by the end of the U.S. business day, they ensure that creators can consistently deliver fresh content to their audiences without delays.

Both Increditors and Vidpros aim to create fans by engaging viewers and generating a fanbase through high-quality content creation.

Access to Resources

Increditors provides clients extensive creative assets like stock footage, motion graphics templates, and VFX elements. It allows the seamless incorporation of high-quality visuals, animations, and effects to boost production value.

On the other hand, Vidpros streamlines access to essential video assets through their subscription packages. Clients get free stock footage, royalty-free music, AI-generated subtitles, and simple thumbnail creation services included. They also benefit from a generous three-month storage period to quickly access recent projects.

Vidpros’ Additional Features

Vidpros offers simple thumbnail creation, AI-generated captions, and access to stock video and music in their packages. 

Complimentary Creative Assets

With your subscription to enhance your videos, get free access to a massive collection of stock footage and royalty-free music. These high-quality assets empower you to craft visually stunning and engaging content that stands out.

Seamless Collaboration and Feedback

Seamless communication is at the core of our process. Integrating Frame.io, a powerful video proofing tool, ensures transparent and efficient collaboration during the review and revision phases. This streamlined approach allows for transparent feedback exchange, building a smooth and productive editing experience.

Effortless Content Distribution

Once your video masterpiece is complete, we make it easy for you to share your work with the world. Our seamless process enables your videos to be promptly uploaded to YouTube, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience quickly and without hassle.

Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Possibilities

Our generous three-month storage provision lets you easily access and edit your recent projects, ensuring your valuable work remains within reach. This feature simplifies editing, enabling you to concentrate on producing outstanding content.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Vidpros, we are confident in the quality of our services. That’s why we offer new clients a risk-free 14-day trial period to experience our offerings firsthand. If unsatisfied, complete the cancellation form within 14 days and email support@vidpros.io to request a refund.

What Sets Vidpros Apart?

Fractional Video Editing

While many unlimited services may limit editing hours or quality, Vidpros takes a different approach. Our fractional video editing model allows you to purchase a dedicated portion of an editor’s day without scope or quality limitations.

This transparent and flexible option addresses the potential drawbacks of unlimited services, ensuring you receive the dedicated editing time and attention your projects deserve.

Capping Off

In the showdown between Increditors and Vidpros, Vidpros emerges as the better choice with its transparent flat-rate pricing, dedicated 1:4 editor ratio for personalized attention, swift 24-hour turnarounds, and affordable yet quality visual enhancements. 

While Increditors delivers impressive VFX and motion graphics, Vidpros wins with its client-centric approach, transparent pricing, and fast editing services. 

Check out our in-depth Increditors review to explore more details on their services and how they compare to Vidpros’ offerings.

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