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Flocksy Review: Is Their Unlimited Creativity Worth Subscribing To?

Flocksy Review

Video editing is our company’s core service, but we’re always looking for innovative new partners with whom to collaborate. That’s why we knew we had to look closer when we discovered Flocksy- an “unlimited creative services” platform covering everything from graphic design to copywriting to video production.

Flocksy stands out with its unlimited graphic design service, allowing clients to submit multiple projects, which is a significant advantage for businesses in need of continuous creative content.

While Flocksy is more focused on something other than a video like ours, their promises of fast turnarounds, flat-rate pricing, and a deep bench of professional creatives caught our attention.

Could we expand our capabilities while maintaining quality standards by partnering with Flocksy? Their comprehensive service lineup, including web design and web development, highlights the platform’s versatility beyond just graphic design.

There was only one way to find out.

We signed up for one of Flocksy’s top packages to put their video editing skills to the test first hand. Over the past few months, we’ve worked with their team on a video project – experiencing their process, communication style, and editing abilities for ourselves.

Now, we’re ready to share an in-depth look at the Flocksy platform and evaluate if their unlimited creative model is a valuable solution for video creators and agencies like us. While they may be a different breed of vendor, this head-to-head competitor review will break down the good and the bad we encountered.

Get ready for an unfiltered and raw review of Flocksy’s video services.  We’ll be upfront about what worked and what didn’t and whether their offering is viable for scale affordable video production. Let’s dive in!


Website Experience

Flocksy Homepage

Flocksy’s website looked nice and friendly. The design is colorful and almost cartoonish, which I found refreshing compared to many other company websites that can seem dull. Although I needed to verify if the pictures were of their team members, the images they used created a welcoming atmosphere on the website.

I liked how the website had a lot of white space around the text, which made everything easy to read without feeling cluttered or cramped. The fonts they chose are nice and straightforward, simple enough, and easy to understand. Navigating their website felt like a pleasant, straightforward experience from the start.

It was like walking into a creative playroom or art studio – the fun colors and laid-back vibe made me feel comfortable and intrigued to see what creative services they could provide. The website set the tone for working with Flocksy to be enjoyable and easygoing.

Pricing and Packages

Flocksy Pricing
For the most current and accurate pricing information, please visit Flocksy’s website to review their latest pricing plans.

Flocksy has three main pricing plans – Basic/Silver at $499 per month, Best Value/Gold at $995, and the top Everything/Platinum plan at $1,695 monthly.

The Basic plan is a good option for smaller businesses or those just starting with graphic design, short videos, and social media content. The Gold and Platinum plans unlock more services like custom illustrations, motion graphics, and editing for longer videos.

Flocksy did an excellent job making packages for different budgets and needs. The Gold plan we tested seems perfect for companies wanting extensive creative capabilities across various media without going to premium pricing.

No matter which package you choose, Flocksy lets you make as many revisions as needed until you’re delighted with the final videos, designs, or other deliverables. You have complete control over providing feedback.

Flocksy’s pricing structure is straightforward – you pay one flat rate based on the services and volume you need, with no hidden fees for revisions or going over limits. 

Flocksy’s Video Editing Service

We put them through their paces for their video editing services by requesting a 10-minute long-form video edit. They quoted us a 72-hour turnaround window for this project, utilizing software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, and CapCut on their end.

Throughout the editing process, Flocksy’s communication was indeed transparent, thanks to the structured support from our dedicated account manager. Our assigned video editor and the project manager provided daily updates in the chat, outlining their daily changes and previewing what to expect for the next day’s work.

However, the initial turnaround time was slightly longer than the quoted 72 hours. It took Flocksy’s creative team 6 full days to deliver that first draft of the 10-minute edited video. Once we had that initial cut, any subsequent revisions were implemented within 24 hours, which was appreciated.

As for the quality of that first long-form video draft, it landed somewhere in the middle – decent but could have been better.

One pain point we encountered was inserting revision notes. Since Flocksy doesn’t use a professional video review tool with timing markers, we manually noted timestamps in the chat and reloaded the video file to continue reviewing changes. The process could have been smoother.

Revision Notes

On the upside, Flocksy does allow requesting particular animation styles or graphics to enhance videos. However, this required filling out a separate request form and adding an extra step.

We also had Flocksy tackle a short-form video request, which they turned around within 24 hours as promised. Unfortunately, the quality fell short despite us providing clear examples of the desired style we wanted them to match.

So, in our experience, Flocksy’s film editing covered the fundamentals well but had room for improvement when it came to sticking to initial timelines, nailing more polished visual styles, and implementing a smoother feedback process. Having transparency into their progress was helpful, at least.

Unlimited Graphic Design and Other Flocksy Services

In addition to the film editing capabilities, our Gold package from Flocksy gave us access to several of their other key service offerings:

Graphic Design: When creating video thumbnails, the Flocksy team, a renowned graphic design company, used their Flocksy creative approach. Their graphic designers expertise and creativity were evident as they could deliver initial thumbnail options within 24 hours, and any requested revisions took another 24 hours to turn around. Their thumbnails were high-quality, enhancing photos to match the look of popular YouTube creators.

Copywriting: We had Flocksy’s writers create a 500-word blog post explaining reasons to outsource film editing. While only providing one initial source, their copywriters delivered a well-researched, organized, and compelling draft within four days.

Illustrations: Our illustration request is ongoing, but so far, Flocksy sent initial sketches within four days of the project kickoff and provided a progress report by day 7, showing their illustrators make this a prioritized task.

Motion Graphics: Flocksy’s motion graphics team could incorporate elements like animated logos or graphics loops into our video projects per request.

Voice Overs: We could request voiceover recordings through Flocksy’s voice artists.

Virtual Assistants: Our package included a virtual assistant working 2 hours per day via chat. We tasked our VA with repurposing the blog content into an infographic brief and creative direction, which they turned around within 24 hours. Our VA was efficient at quickly completing tasks like this.

So, across graphic design, copywriting, illustrations, motion graphics, voiceovers, and virtual assistance, we could experience and test many of Flocksy’s creative service lines through this Gold package.

Video Editing: Style and Quality

From what I could see on their website and video portfolio, Flocksy’s editing style is fast-paced and high-energy. Many of their sample videos have quick cuts and fun transitions and use motion graphics and animations.

Their style gives off more of an informative or promotional vibe rather than going for a cinematic Hollywood look. It’s the kind of slick, modern editing you’d expect for corporate videos, product demos, social media ads, and the like.

Their editing style could work well for promo videos, tutorials, and social content our company produces. We usually go for an engaging, easy-to-follow look rather than anything too fancy.

As for the overall quality, user reviews are mostly positive about Flocksy’s editing abilities. People praise the clean transitions, smooth motion graphics, and professional-looking effects their team can create.

From the portfolio samples, Flocksy’s editors have a good handle on fundamentals like proper color grading, high-quality rendering, and audio mixing. Their transitions are modern and purposeful rather than cheesy.

The only negative I noticed was some reviews mentioning occasional minor errors or lack of polish on effects. However, clients could fix those relatively minor issues with revision requests.

Flocksy’s slick, eye-catching editing style and high technical quality are ideal for our video needs – as long as we provide clear creative direction. 

Dedicated Project Manager and Customer Service

Flocksy Dedicated Chat Area

You communicate with Flocksy’s video editors mainly through their online portal and project management system. You get a dedicated chat area for each video edit you request to give feedback, ask questions, and upload new files or samples. It’s not just about the direct feedback, but rather the acknowledgment of that feedback and the concerns it raises that is crucial in the project management process.

Flocksy also assigns dedicated project managers as your primary contact point throughout editing. This project manager coordinates with the editing team and ensures your video requests stay on track. However, there’s room for improvement in Flocksy’s approach, particularly in areas where a company lacks customer service, such as emotional intelligence and the acknowledgment of customer concerns, which are essential for a positive client experience.

The turnaround times for initial video edits are quick, with most users reporting a 24-72 hour window to receive their first drafts from Flocksy’s editors. Then, you request revisions until you’re happy with the final product.

Based on the reviews, people generally appreciate being able to communicate directly with their editors and getting consistent updates from the project managers. It creates a seamless back-and-forth process.

For our company’s experience working with Flocksy, the communication has been smooth, and the responsiveness has been solid, especially for the longer video edits.

Our project manager has been organized about collecting all the necessary footage, references, and notes up front. The post production team has diligently checked daily via the portal to share their progress.

The actual turnaround times have matched what Flocksy advertised – around that 72-hour window for the first cut of our longer videos. Any additional rounds of revisions happened quickly after that initial draft, too.

So, from our first hand experience, their customer service through the portal and having a dedicated point person has been a user-friendly way to shepherd these more complex video projects.

Reputation and Reliability

Most people have an overall positive experience working with Flocksy’s creative services. Many reviews highlight their talented team, fast turnaround times, and good value for the subscription pricing. Additionally, Flocksy’s efficiency in handling ‘projects completed’ showcases their ability to deliver successful outcomes for clients needing only a few projects finished each month, further cementing their reputation for reliability and effectiveness.

On the negative side, I noticed recurring complaints about inconsistent quality control and difficulties with complex revisions. A handful of reviewers mentioned receiving first drafts that missed the mark or had errors, requiring multiple rounds of back-and-forth.

While significant issues seem rare, there were a few mentions of Flocksy’s team occasionally needing more stated deadlines or going a bit silent during the communication process: nothing too extreme, but some frustrations with delayed timelines.

One good thing is that Flocksy stands behind its work with a 14-day money-back guarantee advertised on its pricing packages. Based on the reviews, they allow unlimited revisions until clients are delighted at no extra cost.

So, while not perfect, Flocksy maintains a largely positive industry reputation for delivering solid creative work through its subscription model. As long as clients provide clear direction upfront and make use of the revision process, most end up happy with the final product.

Complicated projects with many revisions can sometimes test Flocksy’s responsiveness and put their quality control to the challenge based on those negative experiences noted in some reviews. But their policies seem fair overall.

Flocksy Alternative

When it comes to video editing services, our team has had our fair share of experience working with various vendors out there. While Flocksy certainly caught our interest with their unlimited creative model, they are just one game in town offering professional video production solutions.

One alternative that should be on your radar is Vidpros. We take a unique approach compared to the Flocksy subscription setup. Instead of unlimited access, Vidpros operates based on dedicated editing time blocks that clients can purchase monthly.

With our “Fractional Video Editing Service,” you essentially buy hours where an assigned editor is yours and yours alone to collaborate on video projects. No, competing for attention – it’s a high-touch, customized experience tailored specifically to your needs.

This one-on-one editor relationship is a big selling point for Vidpros. We emphasize seamless communication by giving you a personal project chat and integration with fancy video review tools. That way, you can easily discuss changes, provide notes, and manage revisions alongside your dedicated editing partner.

What also stands out about Vidpros is how upfront we are about our editing capabilities and limitations right from the start. We’ll let you know we’re video pros at specific tasks like color grading, motion graphics, and stock footage – but also define what’s out of scope—no false advertising or overpromising.

As for pricing, Vidpros works slightly differently from Flocksy’s flat subscription rates. Our fractional model starts at $1,000 per month, which covers 2 hours of editing time per workday and unlimited video requests and assets like music, footage, captions, etc.

That focused editing time offers excellent value versus an unlimited subscription, depending on your company’s video volume and needs. And Vidpros provides a 14-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in kicking the tires first.

Vidpros is a compelling video partner to consider alongside the likes of Flocksy. Having options designed for various priorities – unlimited editing, dedicated touchpoints, transparent scoping – is vital when vetting new collaborators.

Final Verdict

After putting Flocksy’s extensive creative capabilities through their paces over the past few months, it’s time to sum up our overall experience and share some closing thoughts.

While we’ve covered many specific pros and cons, I want to zoom out and give a higher-level take on whether their platform genuinely delivers value – especially regarding their flagship film editing capabilities.

The most significant advantage Flocksy offers is convenience across creative disciplines. Film editing, graphic design services, copywriting, and more are available through a straightforward subscription, which appeals to our team.

Instead of juggling multiple specialists or agencies, Flocksy pulls it all together nicely, showcasing how it offers graphic design services alongside its comprehensive suite of creative solutions. This approach contrasts sharply with platforms like Design Pickle, which only offers graphic design services, underscoring Flocksy’s value in providing a well-rounded service.

However, unified convenience was only sometimes so seamless behind the scenes. Separate request forms and processes between departments sometimes bogged down more complex, multi-faceted video projects using multiple Flocksy service lines. A more cohesive, integrated workflow would be ideal.

Additionally, cancelling your subscription currently requires an email to support, but integrating this function within the portal could help you manage your account more easily. You also can’t fully access your account on their portal when you end/cancel your subscription, preventing you from downloading a copy of your projects.

When it came to Flocksy’s actual post production work, we experienced a mixed bag. The video above is our project with them. Their quoted 24–72-hour turnaround times for standard edits were only sometimes adhered to – our 10-minute video took six full days for the first draft. Subsequent revision rounds were snappier at 24 hours.

The quality of their edits also landed somewhere in the middle. That initial 10-minute draft was decent from a technical perspective but didn’t quite “wow” us. Inserting notes was more complex and more accessible with professional review tools. The post production needs improvement despite the clear examples provided.

That said, Flocksy’s video team did excel in some areas. Their communication and progress updates were transparent throughout the editing process. By request, they could also incorporate complex animations, graphics, and visual effects into the final videos.

Another standout was Flocksy’s attractive “unlimited revisions” model, allowing us to keep providing feedback until we were delighted with each video edit.

So, while their bread-and-butter video capabilities showed some bright spots alongside opportunities to improve, it’s hard to ignore the inherent value proposition of Flocksy’s all-in-one model, especially for businesses needing scalable creative production across multiple disciplines beyond just video.

If Flocksy can enhance its core editing skills and processes to match the high standards of its other creative services while improving transparency around policies, its unlimited platform could be an industry game-changer down the line.

Capping Off

Flocksy’s all-in-one video editing and creative solutions model is intriguing but has some areas for improvement.

For video-focused companies, an alternative like Vidpros’ dedicated editing model could provide a smoother, more tailored experience from true video specialists. Their money-back guarantee also lets you explore a high-touch partnership that is risk-free. Having options allows you to find the right long-term creative fit for your priorities.

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