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​​The Best Podcast Video Editing Services for a Polished Podcast

best podcast editing services

Do you love podcasting but hate the editing process? If spending hours splicing segments and balancing audio levels makes you want to hang up the mic for good, you’re not alone.

“I’m beginning to experience podcasting burnout,” says one podcaster on LinkedIn. “Still love the medium and talking to guests. But now hating the pain of editing podcasts.”

Many podcasters share this frustration. 

While recording episodes and engaging guests is exciting, podcast editing can become a chore. 

Painstakingly removing every “um” and “uh” or tweaking background noise for hours is enough to sap anyone’s passion.

But what if you could reclaim the joy of podcasting by taking editing off your plate? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore services that allow you to outsource the grunt work. With professional editing handled, you can refocus on high-quality conversations that captivate listeners.

You can also try podcast editing software like Descript, but for now we will focus on the best podcast editing services we recommend.

Don’t Get Lost in 500+ Million Podcasts – Edit Smarter

The popularity of Podcasting is exploding. Globally, podcast listeners will exceed 500 million by 2024. It’s a remarkable increase of 8.6% from last year.

With podcasts entering their golden age, production service standards are higher than ever. As the top podcasters know, proper editing is now mandatory to captivate and retain audiences amidst the fierce competition.

Learn the types of editing needed for different podcast formats using simple terms and objective comparison of the right podcast editing service. It will help you make the best choice for your show. 

Why Podcast Editing Matters?

Podcast editing improves sound quality. Good audio is the most crucial part of a podcast. It is way more important than the content. 

Listeners can lose interest and stop listening if the final audio file is poor quality. It makes editing vital for keeping current listeners and attracting new ones.

A study found that 70% of podcast fans listen while doing housework. Podcasts can advertise a variety of products.

Looking at podcast statistics helps make better shows that listeners enjoy. Stats let you see trends, check how well episodes do, and make clever choices to improve the podcast. 

Using number-based insights means you can optimize your content, marketing, and audience growth plans.

David Couto, owner and podcast editor at Bright Vox Audio, acknowledges his interest in promoting podcast editing. 

However, he stresses that even basic edits can help podcasters stand out from those just posting raw, ragged recordings. Couto believes simple editing is easy and enhances production and audio quality.

How much does it cost to have someone edit a podcast?

The cost of podcast editing varies based on who does it and how much editing you need. 

One blog says it can range from $50 to $500 per episode if you hire a freelancer or company. 

Another source says freelancers charge anywhere from $15 to $15,000 per episode. New freelancers cost $1 to $20 per hour of audio. Mid-level editors cost about $30 to $50 per audio hour. Top editors charge \$50 to \$200 per audio hour.

Podcast editing companies also have very different prices. Some start at $40 per episode. Others with complete services start at $499 per month. 

When picking an editor, consider what services you want, your budget, and how much editing you need.

Types of Podcast Editing

Podcast editing consists of two primary forms – audio editing and content editing. 

Audio editing works to enhance the overall sound quality. It involves adjusting volume levels across the episode, incorporating background music or sound effects, and utilizing audio processing tools. 

The main stages in editing audio are piecing together segments, balancing different sound elements, and applying finishing touches.

Content editing focuses on organizing the episode in a cohesive, logical flow that aligns with the podcast theme or narrative. It entails condensing down the raw recording and sequencing the segments in an optimal order for the audience. 

The extent of editing required differs based on aspects like the podcast’s style and tone. But both editing forms are vital to elevating production value.

5 Best Podcast Editing Services

Disclosure: Vidpros is an affiliate partner of Podmachine. If you buy something using the link in this article, we might get a small commission without charging you extra. It helps support the creation of more content to help podcasters like yourself.



Podmachine offers an all-in-one platform for recording, editing, publishing, and distributing podcasts. It has an intuitive editing interface with tools to professionally polish audio and video files within 48 hours. 

Ron Baetiong, a serial tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Podcast Network Asia, the largest podcast network in Southeast Asia, founded Podmachine. It sets itself apart with collaborative editing features.

Multiple team members can access episodes to provide feedback and edits. This consolidated, easy-to-use workflow is a prime benefit. 

Podmachine also creates graphics, transcriptions, and social media snippets to promote episodes. The different pricing tiers provide options for podcasters’ varying needs, from DIY editing to complete production services.

Overall, Podmachine aims to simplify growth and maximize reach.

Their key capabilities include:

  • Professionally editing audio and video podcast episodes.

  • Creating video snippets for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to promote podcast episodes.

  • Providing each podcaster with a dedicated Podcast Manager.

  • They guaranteed turnaround time for editing and publishing within 48 hours.

  • Helping podcasters with audio and video editing, sound design, transcriptions, and other production tasks.

  • They are distributing edited podcasts to platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

Four pricing plan tiers:

  • Videogram (\$49.99/month): Create social media video clips

  • Basic ($149.99/month): 4 edited episodes and Podcast Manager

  • Pro ($349.99/month): Everything in Basic plus extras like audiograms, trailers, etc.

  • Elite ($599.99/month): Full podcast creation and growth services

Podmachine focuses on streamlining podcast creation through immediate professional editing turnaround and social media content creation. 

Their plans offer scaling options for different budgets and needs. 

By handling editing and promotion, Podmachine allows podcasters to focus on creating content rather than production.

Want to get started using Podmachine? Use our promo code: vidpros

We Edit Podcasts

It’s easy to produce a podcast with a professional editor at We Edit Podcasts. You can focus on recording quality episodes while they handle the hard stuff.

Founded in 2015 by Carli van Heerden, We Edit Podcasts provides end-to-end podcast production services. Their team has grown to over 65 editors, writers, designers, and more working remotely.

We Edit Podcasts simplifies the podcast production process into just four easy steps:

  • Record your podcast episode however you want with your gear, or take advantage of We Edit Podcasts’ recording services. 

  • Upload your raw audio or video files to their online portal. Then, their professional team handles editing your files and sends back the polished, completed episode within a fast 48-hour turnaround time. 

  • Review the edited episode, request any changes, and publish when satisfied.

We Edit Podcasts offers production services, including podcasting basics and more. 

They provide audio editing options ranging from simple to advanced multi-track editing. They also offer video editing services like syncing footage, sound design, and graphics creation. 

Additionally, We Edit Podcasts handles show notes writing, transcription services, intro and outro music, artwork and branding assets, and more. Their comprehensive services make it easy to hand off all the production work.

We Edit Podcasts offers set monthly packages like:

  • Audio editing only – $200/month for two (2) episodes; $380/month for four (4) episodes

  • Audio and video editing \$440/month for two (2) episodes; \$820/month for four (4) episodes

  • Audio, show notes, transcription – $400/month for two (2) episodes; $740/month for four (4) episodes 

  • Their custom packages allow you to build your plan.

The key benefits of using We Edit Podcasts include having an all-in-one production solution, more time to focus on content creation, consistent professional editing, flexible options, and quick turnaround times. 

With We Edit Podcasts, you don’t have to cobble from different services for each part even during post production process. Their consolidated, end-to-end platform means you save time not having to manage multiple vendors. 

You also gain more time to devote to developing high-quality podcast content rather than getting bogged down in production tasks. Their team delivers reliable, top-notch editing work every time. 

Customized packages let you choose options that fit your schedule and budget needs. And their fast 48-hour turnaround on edited episodes means you can get shows published quicker. 

Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings is a podcast agency that provides full-service solutions to make podcasting easier for clients. 

They offer services, including audio editing, production management, and more, to help businesses and individuals create high-quality podcasts that resonate with their listeners.

What sets Resonate Recordings apart is their extensive experience in the industry. They have a team of professionals who have worked in various fields, including broadcast television, film, radio, and music production and have edited over 3,000 podcasts. 

Their clients range from Fortune 100-500 companies to entrepreneurs, influencers, and hobbyists.

Resonate Recordings was founded in 2014 to build something bigger than a traditional podcast production company. 

They utilize innovative technology to enhance their services and provide high-quality solutions to their clients.

Resonate Recordings offers various pricing options to cater to different budgets and needs. 

Their monthly subscription plans include the Essentials package for $1,000/month and the Complete package for $1,800/month. 

The Essentials package provides basic services such as premium audio production, video production, and basic podcast hosting, while the Complete package offers enhanced services, including a dedicated podcast producer, pre-production support, and transcripts of each episode.

In addition to their monthly subscription plans, Resonate Recordings also offers launch packages to help clients start their podcasts. 

These packages range from the Basic Launch at $2,000, which includes essential elements like cover art, podcast music, and directory setup, to the Custom Launch at $5,800, which provides custom music, voiceover, and audio and video trailers.

Resonate Recordings aims to provide comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of its clients, whether they are looking for simple podcast production or more advanced and tailored solutions.

Resonate Recordings also offers professional podcast hosting services with secure private hosting, up to 5,000 private listeners, unlimited episodes and downloads, an analytics dashboard, an embedded player, and more. Pricing for this service is available upon request.

With their team of experienced professionals, innovative technology, and a commitment to making podcasting easier for their clients, Resonate Recordings aims to be a one-stop-shop for all podcasting needs, delivering high-quality content that resonates with audiences.

Sonics Podcast

Sonics Podcasts is a one-person operation run by Alex Kontis, who lives in Manchester, UK, with his wife, son, and pets.

Alex Kontis founded the site in 2015 as a side project. 

He has had a deep passion for music and audio since a young age, playing in bands, learning to record music, and eventually studying Music Technology at university. After graduating, he started freelancing as a podcast editor, and over the years, he has gained extensive experience, having edited and produced over 1,000 podcast episodes.

Over time, Sonics Podcasts evolved into a platform that guides podcasters through the unique challenges of creating a podcast, whether they are just starting, three seasons in, or looking to take their podcast to the next level.

The site offers various resources to assist podcasters, including a blog, a monthly newsletter, and guides that cater to different stages of the podcasting journey. 

Sonics Podcasts offers various pricing options to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The pricing varies depending on the specifics of each podcast.

Sonics Podcasts provides services such as compiling show notes with links mentioned during the episodes, scheduling episode releases to hosting services, and offering additional startup costs for launching new podcasts.

With his extensive experience in podcasting and a passion for audio and storytelling, Alex aims to be a collaborative partner throughout the podcasting journey, ensuring clients can create engaging and impactful podcasts that resonate with their audiences.

Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions is a professional Podcast production company creating award-winning, high-quality podcasts since 2008. 

Pro Podcast Solutions aims to help content creators concentrate on what they do best: creating content while leaving the technical tasks to the experts.

Pro Podcast Solutions has a team of skilled professionals, including 9 audio editors, 8 show notes writers, 5 project managers, a graphic artist, a podcast launch specialist, and 14 voice-over artists. The team members are in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The company was founded by Darrell, who began podcasting about the TV show “Fringe” in 2008. 

Pro Podcast Solutions offers a robust selection of done-for-you podcast services to help clients get more done with minimal effort. The Standard Editing service is the foundation of their services, and clients can add additional production services to enhance their podcasts.

In addition to the Standard Editing service, Pro Podcast Solutions offers various add-on services, such as show notes writing, transcription, voice-over work, and more. 

They also provide stand-alone services not directly related to podcast production, such as updating cover art, troubleshooting directory issues, or offering advice on podcast formats and audience engagement.

The prices for Pro Podcast Solutions’ services are on their Podcast Production Services page. It has three levels of production packages and individual pricing for most of its other services. They don’t charge extra setup fees or hide any costs.

With their deep understanding of podcasting and a team of skilled audio professionals, Pro Podcast Solutions aims to help podcasters focus on creating outstanding content as they handle the technical aspects, ensuring a high-quality podcast production process.

Capping Off

More and more people are listening to their favorite shows as podcasting becomes more popular.

However, as the number of podcasts grows, creators must focus on producing high-quality content that stands out.

Editing a podcast can improve its quality. It helps conversations flow smoothly and ensures the content connects with the audience.

When creators outsource the technical parts of making podcasts, they can spend more time and energy making content that keeps their listeners hooked.

Various podcast editing services are available, each offering a range of options and pricing tiers to cater to different needs and budgets.

Services like Podmachine, We Edit Podcasts, Resonate Recordings, Sonics Podcast, and Pro Podcast Solutions provide professional editing solutions, audio and video enhancements, show notes writing, transcription services, and more. 

These services aim to simplify the podcast production process, allowing creators to focus on their strengths and deliver the best possible content to their audience.

If you’re a podcaster looking to take your show to the next level, consider exploring the services offered by Vidpros. 

Vidpros focuses on fractional video editing. We offer professional video editing solutions to help improve your podcast’s quality and reach more people.

Book a call with Vidpros today to find out how our services can help your podcast. It’s the first step to creating a great listening experience for your audience.f

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