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The Role of Video Editing in Television Production


Video editors are integral to television production and are often cited as ‘the magicians behind the scenes.’ Editors are responsible for creating a final product that is visually pleasing and effectively conveys the story or message of the content. Video editors can also make creative decisions about how to adjust a production’s pacing, content, and style to improve its impact.

In this article, we’ll dive into the significance of a quality video editing service and the importance this can have on television production in particular.

Why Are Video Editors Important?

The importance of a skilled video editor lies in their ability to craft a story or video that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging. With the right video editor, a program may be appealing and leave viewers connected to the story or message. Additionally, an experienced video editor can help create a consistent look for production by ensuring uniformity of lighting, color, and overall visual style.

Video editors help tell the story logically and sequentially, which is essential for audience comprehension. One of the advantages of linear video editing is the ability to tell a logical story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. 

Ultimately, the video editor is responsible for conveying a particular piece’s story or message, ensuring that it achieves its intended purpose with the audience. Some of the main priorities a video editor will have when working on a television production include:


Video editors need to work with storytellers to determine the best way to tell the story so that it makes sense to the audience. This is particularly important if you are making a serial drama or series of episodes which must follow a particular order.


The final product must also have a good sense of flow and pacing, which means ensuring that the audience is caught up in the story and taking care that no sections are too slow, which can be tedious, or too fast, which can compromise the flow of the narrative.

Good Sound

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a show and being unable to hear half of the dialogue because the music or background sounds are too loud. A good video editor will achieve auditory balance, which involves allowing the crucial conversations to be heard while still making good use of non-diegetic sound.

Clear Colors

Color grading is another area in which a good editor will make all the difference, whether it is adjusting the colors of individual scenes or creating a consistent look and feel for an entire program.

Visual Effects

Finally, video editors are often also responsible for bringing the visual effects to life–from simple transitions between scenes to complex 3D animation sequences. This is particularly important in larger-scale productions, and can be a crucial element in creating a truly captivating experience for the audience.

Is Video Editing Profitable?

Video editing is profitable, with esteemed and established editors charging more for their expertise. The amount you can expect to pay for a video editor relies on key factors such as the type of project, the amount of time needed to complete the project, and the editor’s experience. 

For television productions, you should search for a highly experienced professional who might look at rates for more than $100 per hour. This means that with enough experience and expertise, video editing can be super profitable.

How Vidpros Can Help

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