The Top 20 Most Exciting Podcasting Conferences in 2024 

Podcasting Conferences

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Whether you’ve been podcasting for a while or just starting, these best podcast conferences offer a variety of content for everyone. 

Get into a lively gathering where you can exchange stories with fellow podcast enthusiasts, share your know-how, and soak in the infectious energy of this thriving community. It’s a giant podcast party!

So, mark your calendars, polish your mics, and get ready to dive into a podcast-packed year. These podcast conferences really are not to be missed chance to learn, connect, and propel your podcasting journey to new heights.

Outlier Podcast Festival

January 11-12, 2024

Downtown Salt Lake City

Price: General Admission $27.59

Outlier Podcast Festival


The Outlier Podcast Festival extends an open invitation to individuals seeking an unforgettable experience encouraging keynote talks, workshops, panels, and live shows. 

Attendees will engage with industry experts and beloved favorite podcasters, gaining insights into the latest trends and techniques in the podcasting community. Regardless of one’s level of expertise in the podcast industry, the festival ensures a diverse range of offerings.

With hands-on workshops, insightful panels, captivating keynotes, and dynamic live shows, participants will depart the festival enriched with knowledge and a renewed passion for their podcasting journey. The event promises interactive sessions to connect with the Outlier podcast community.

As a traveling event held in various cities across North America, this podcast conference facilitates an intimate space for collaboration between independent talent and industry leaders within the podcasting community. 

Whether attendees identify as outliers or have an affinity for a podcast movement, this is an exceptional significance.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Outlier Podcast Festival 2024:

  • Gwendolyn Dolske – Highly caffeinated bookworm, writer, Philosopher | Co-Host @goodisinthedetailspod

  • Roger Seng – Designer by day. Creator by night.

  • Helen Garcia | Popsicle Wisdom

  • Spencer Wright | The Pod Mill

Brand Podcast Virtual Summit 2024

January 24, 2024


Price: FREE

Brand Podcast Virtual Summit


Presented by Lower Street, the Branded Podcasts Production Agency, the Brand Podcast Conference is tailored for marketers seeking podcast success. 

This concise podcast summit covers strategies for developing attention-grabbing concepts, creating high-quality content, and effectively reaching the target audience. 

Attendees can gain exclusive insights, offers, and discounts from podcast industry professionals and sponsors, providing immediate value. The virtual format allows flexibility, enabling participants to select talks relevant to their needs without traveling, ensuring a focused and efficient experience. Start the year ahead in the podcasting competition with this must-attend podcast summit.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Brand Podcast Virtual Summit 2024:

  • Rand Fishkin – Cofounder and CEO | SparkToro

  • Harry Morton

  • Hannah Southern

  • Steven Bonnard

She Podcasts: Unplugged

January 24-26, 2024

Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

Orlando, FL

Price: $147

She Podcasts Live Unplugged


She Podcasts Unplugged stands out as a transformative experience tailored exclusively for women podcasters, providing expert-led workshops, interactive sessions, and exceptional networking opportunities. 

Curated by influential voices in the podcasting community, this event aims to empower independent creators to elevate their voices, amplify impact, and truly own their narratives. With hands-on experiences featuring leading podcasting educators and a unique 1-room, 1-day learning format, attendees can anticipate an uplifting and connected event.

This in-person gathering intimate conference is for women podcasters, enthusiasts, and audio content creators. The event promises an immersive experience in a supportive community that celebrates the influence of female voices in podcasting.

Throughout the evening, participants will engage with influential speakers, gaining insights, tips, and tricks to enhance podcasting skills, grow audiences, and monetize content

Beyond education, She Podcasts Unplugged emphasizes meaningful connections, offering networking sessions for like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, break industry barriers and build lasting relationships.

Whether a seasoned podcaster or a newcomer, She Podcasts Unplugged invites everyone to mark their calendars for an inspiring, empowering, and entertaining experience.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the She Podcasts: Unplugged 2024:

  • Alana Baumann – She Well Read

  • Elsie Escobar – She Podcasts, Libsyn

  • Jessica Kupferman – She Podcasts

  • Hilary Russo – HIListically Speaking®

The Podcast Advertising Summit

January 25, 2024

The Barbican Centre, London 

Price: Standard Ticket £450 +VAT

The Podcast Advertising Summit 2024


The Podcast Advertising Summit advocates for podcasting as a vital media and advertising channel, aiming to educate marketers and agencies on its benefits. 

The event features insights and takeaways from brands successfully using podcast advertising, building networking opportunities. 

Attendees can stay informed about upcoming developments in podcast advertising and learn how to stay ahead in the field. The summit emphasizes the potential of podcast advertising and the importance of investing in this space. 

Podcast ads should be impactful, aligned with the appropriate podcasts for authentic communication with the target audience, and branded to evoke brand empathy and promote brand value and image.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Podcast Advertising Summit 2024:

  • Gary Lineker – Podcast Co-Host | The Rest Is Football

  • Ed Couchman – Head of Sales, UK & Northern Europe | Spotify

  • Sarah Le Brocq – Founder | All About Obesity 

Podfest Expo 

January 25-28, 2024

Wyndham Orlando International Drive

Price: Creator Pass $300 | Expo Hall Pass $99 | GO VIP Experience with Creator Pass $600 | College Creator Pass (Must Show ID) $99 | Party Pass $99 | Speaker Pass (Only for confirmed speakers) $ 299

PodFest 2024

Celebrating its 10-year milestone, PODFEST reflects on its remarkable journey from humble beginnings in 2015 to a global force. 

The last four years have seen unprecedented growth, with PODFEST’20 hosting the only in-person podcast conference, drawing over 2,000 attendees. 

In recognition of this shift to virtual events, Guinness World Records awarded the title of Largest Virtual Podcasting Conference to the event. It was a nostalgic reunion for PODFEST ORIGINS as it returned to Tampa, Florida. 

As the world’s longest-running in-person podcast conference, PODFEST anticipates a historic turnout for its 10-year celebration, uniting podcasters and brands globally. 

Thousands of indie podcasters worldwide anticipate this special milestone event.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the Podfest Expo:





KL PodFest 2024

February 3-4, 2024

Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJ PAC), Selangor Malaysia

Price: Day Pass RM26.00 | Weekend Pass 2 Days RM46.00 | SFP: Financial Faiz RM56.00

Speakers: TBA

KL Podfest 2024

Keluar Sekejap podcast channel and partners proudly announce the inaugural KL PodFest 2024, scheduled from February 3 to 4 at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre. 

With nearly 20 confirmed podcasters from Malaysia and Singapore, the festival will feature over 20 live recording sessions, workshops, and engaging activities. 

KL PodFest 2024 aims to be a vibrant platform nurturing creativity, cross-cultural dialogue, and economic opportunities, welcoming local and international participants. The mission is to bridge the gap between podcasters and audiences, offering an inclusive experience across various genres. 

Khairy Jamaluddin, curator-in-chief of Keluar Sekejap, and Media Prima’s partnership aims to expand awareness and solidify podcasts’ position in the broadcasting industry, marking KL PodFest 2024 as a significant milestone.


February 17


Price: $25

PodKnow 2024

PodKnow is a virtual podcasting conference featuring ten speakers poised to share their insights. The sessions encompass a range of knowledge beneficial for seasoned podcasters aiming for success with their existing shows and novices seeking an entry point into podcasting. 

Attendees can anticipate a variety of topics presented and instructed by industry experts, positioning PodKnow as a valuable resource for podcasting enthusiasts across different experience levels.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the PodKnow:

  • Matt Tompkins – Search Engine Optimization For Podcasts

  • Jason Miller – he strategy to grow a podcast to the top 2% worldwide in under 4 months…

  • Tony Durso – Cracking The Social Media Code for Podcasters & Plus a free PDF.

  • Mike Cavaggioni of Edit Pods – The Fast and Easy Way To Edit Your Podcast

IAB Australia Audio Summit Sydney

February 28, 2024

NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Surry Hills

Price: IAB Australia Member Complimentary tickets (2 Free tickets per member organization) | Additional Member tickets $125 | General Admission $225 | Agencies & Advertisers Free

Speakers: TBA

Audio Summit Sydney

The 8th annual IAB Audio Summit returns in 2024, offering marketers, agencies, ad tech professionals, broadcasters, and publishers valuable insights into the streaming audio and podcasting advertising landscape. 

Attendees from agencies and marketing fields can join for free, with IAB Australia member organizations eligible for two complimentary tickets. 

Digital audio revenue trends, Audio Advertising State of the Nation Research, creative audio asset development, podcast conferences, real-life crime podcast research, panel, connecting with Gen Z through audio, and optimizing audio investments are some topics covered at the Summit. The event concludes with networking opportunities over drinks and nibbles.

On Air Fest

February 28-March 1, 2024


Price: SINGLE-DAY PASS $175.00 | TWO-DAY PASS $299.00 | VIP MULTI-DAY PASS  $700.00

Speakers: TBA

On Air Fest

On Air Fest, a leading cultural event for audio creatives and enthusiasts is at the forefront of advancing the culture of audio. The festival is a platform that brings together emerging and established voices to explore creative possibilities.

For six years, the flagship festival has been held in Brooklyn every winter at Wythe Hotel, featuring over 100 artists presenting innovative ideas and new works. This year, the event expands across multiple spaces in Wythe Hotel, offering a unique setting against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. 

On Air Fest encloses special programming, parties, networking events, the annual Audio Vanguard Award, and more.

Recognizing that inspiration can come from diverse sources, On Air Fest curates a multi-disciplinary lineup of thinkers and creators across LA. 

The On Air LA Annex is a valuable networking and learning opportunity for individuals invested in the future of audio, including creative audio professionals, multimedia artists, musicians, podcast industry leaders, and inspired fans.

If you are passionate about storytelling and creativity in sound, On Air Fest invites collaboration. Interested individuals can reach out via email, providing details on their availability, experience in volunteering, customer service, events, and what they are currently listening to.

VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference

March 7-10, 2024

Hilton Atlanta Airport

Atlanta, GA

Price: General Admission Pass – $647.00 | Kids Program Pass – $497.00 | 2024 Video Replay Access – $447.00 | 2023 Video Replay Access – $347.00 | 2023 & 2024 Video Replay Access – $747.00

VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference 2024

VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference is the industry’s most enduring event. Boasting an expansive content lineup and numerous presenters, it is an essential gathering for voiceover professionals. 

This comprehensive four-day conference gets into every aspect of the voiceover industry, offering 150+ sessions that provide a holistic view of success in the field. 

Specialized content includes curated programs for audiobooks and Spanish speakers, ensuring a tailored experience. 

The unique KIDS Program caters to young talents aged 8-17, featuring top coaches, animation stars, and industry professionals. As a conference twice the size of others, VO Atlanta facilitates extensive networking opportunities with agents, casting directors, and industry leaders. 

Additionally, the event supports colleagues through the VO Atlanta Scholarship Fund, encouraging donations to assist those in need with registration.

Here are some of the confirmed Speakers at the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference:

  • Vikas Adam – Voice Actor & Narrator

  • Christi Bowen – Voice Actor & Coach | TN Voiceover Studios

  • Mario Caceres – Voice Actor, Creative Director & Demo Producer | GOdemos

  • Libby Clearfield – Casting Director / Voice Actor | Coupe Studios | Voiceover Activate Inc.

Radiodays Europe

March 17-19, 2024

Munich Germany

Price: 3 day – Access Pass 649 EUR + 19% German VAT | 2 day – Conference Pass 575 EUR + 19% German VAT | 1 day – Sunday Summits Only Pass 100 EUR + 19% German VAT | 1 event – Radiodays Europe Inclusive 39 EUR + 19% German VAT | Free Exhibition only Registration FREE | Group Booking On request

Radiodays Europe 2024

Radiodays Europe is the pivotal gathering for radio, podcast, and audio professionals, attracting 1,300 visitors from 65 countries over three days. 

The event surrounds keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive sessions, summits, workshops, and networking events, delivering a wealth of ideas, innovations, trends, and comprehensive data for radio, podcast, and audio companies. 

The 2024 conference, held annually in varying European cities, introduces a podcast track featuring industry experts. The event has a strong signal for the media location Bavaria and its innovative audio industry.

Here are some of the confirmed Featured Speakers at the Radiodays Europe:

  • Sheng Song

  • Mark Barber

  • Norma Jean Belenky

  • Aislinn Kelly

Evolutions by Podcast Movement

March 26-29, 2024

JW Marriott at LA Live

Los Angeles, CA

Price: Beginner Pass – HOLIDAY SALE ($164.00) | Podcaster Pass – HOLIDAY SALE ($264.00) | Industry Professional Pass – HOLIDAY SALE ($549.00)

Evolutions by Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement events annually gather and educate thousands of podcasters and industry professionals, building growth in shows, the podcast community, and the industry. 

Evolutions, a key focus, gets into cutting-edge research, tools, and technology vital for professionals to stay ahead. With over 10,000 podcasters attending from 35 countries in the last eight years, Evolutions offers three simultaneous tracks (Podcaster, Industry Pro, Beginner) featuring workshops, breakout sessions, and keynote talks. 

The event stretches four days, boasting 150+ educational sessions, workshops, networking events, an expo, and a trade show, providing rare opportunities for connection and collaboration.

Here’s one of the confirmed Speakers at the Evolutions by Podcast Movement:

  • Hrishikesh Hirway – Song Explode

The Podcast Show London 2024

May 22-23, 2024

Islington’s Business Design Centre, London

Price: With only a limited number released at this best price, register your interest in booking today and be guaranteed a chance to secure your passes before they go on general sale, with our 48-hour presale pass priority booking opening on 23rd January.

The Podcast Show London 2024

The Podcast Show London 2024 is a major international festival dedicated to the business of podcasting. It stands as Europe’s largest gathering for the global podcasting community. 

The event brings together independent podcast creators, industry professionals, and business leaders, featuring 350+ speakers, 150+ panels and sessions, global industry brands, and extensive networking opportunities across two days. 

The festival includes a week-long program of live podcast stage shows at Islington, London, offering exclusive performances and guests. The Podcast Show aims to inspire, empower, and support the future of the podcasting industry. It is a distinctive and influential event for those in the podcasting business.

Here’s one of the confirmed Speakers at The Podcast Show London 2024:

  • Jez Nelson – Global Head of Podcasts | Sony Music Entertainment

TrueCrime Podcast Festival 

July 12-14, 2024

Denver Colorado

Price: Early Bird – Standard Ticket $169.00 | Early Bird – VIP Attendee $199.00 | 

Early bird – Podcasters [1Host] $149.00

Speakers: TBA

TrueCrime Podcast Festival 2024

The True Crime & Paranormal Festival (TCPF) offers a weekend of immersion and inclusivity, focusing on families and survivors. 

It promotes meaningful connections and content exploration by connecting true crime advocates, paranormal enthusiasts, and creators. 

Emphasizing Creator Equality, TCPF ensures an even playing field for creators of all backgrounds. Co-founders Lanie Hobbs and Lisa Strawn led the festival with a commitment to advocacy and ethics. 

TCPF goes beyond typical festivals, aiming to build genuine connections, ethical discussions, and action-oriented advocacy, shaping the future of content creation in a welcoming community for all.

Podcast Movement

August 19-22, 2024

Gaylord National Resort Washington DC

Price: Standard Pass – HOLIDAY SALE ($199.00) | PLUS Pass – HOLIDAY SALE ($299.00) | PRO Pass – HOLIDAY SALE ($499.00)

Speakers: TBA

Podcast Movement 2024

Podcast Movement brings together thousands of podcasters and industry professionals worldwide every year. 

In August 2024, Podcast Movement will debut in the nation’s capital.

Attendees can expect the best in education, networking, and parties at this four-day event, featuring over 100 educational and informative breakout sessions, and workshops, premier networking opportunities, lively parties, and the most significant expo and trade show in the podcasting world.

Podcast Movement stands out as the world’s largest gathering, conference and tradeshow for the podcast industry, providing a gathering place for podcast creators, platforms, and industry professionals to connect and collaborate.

Independent Podcast Conference

September 13-14, 2024

Holiday Inn Philadelphia South-Swedesboro

Price: TBA

Speakers: TBA

Indie Pod 2024

Established on Facebook in December 2014, Indie Pod, born in New Jersey, has blossomed from its modest origins into a thriving and expanding network. 

Each day brings new growth, fostering numerous friendships, collaborative business ventures, and valuable client connections within this exceptionally supportive and distinctive podcaster community. 

Here, you’ll discover solutions to your podcasting queries, assistance in growing your podcast audience, and a community of some of the most amiable individuals you’ll encounter anywhere on the planet.


September 15, 2024

Youth and Leisure Center at Dümmer

Dümmerstraße 42

49401 Damme – Dümmerlohausen

Price: TBA

Speakers: TBA

Postock 2024

Welcome to Podstock, where the audience is to connect with the voices behind the podcasts, nurturing conversations around the campfire. It might spark your podcast venture.

Experience live podcasts. Engaging shows and interactive episodes take center stage day and night, recorded and streamed live.

From breathing techniques to technical setups, screen printing to astronomy—diverse talents shine. Workshops provide a platform to grow professionally share expertise, exchange ideas, and discuss hobbies beyond podcasts. Join the community, sharing knowledge and experiences in a welcoming environment.

PodFest Berlin

September 2024


Price: TBA

Speakers: TBA

Podfest Berlin 2024

Scheduled for September 2024, the next PodFest Berlin invites participation from experienced and passionate podcasters,, enthusiasts, industry professionals, and anyone passionate about creating a fantastic event.

Founded in 2021, PodFest Berlin has seen remarkable growth in the Berlin podcast community. Despite podcasting being a medium typically experienced in isolation, the live podcast recordings at PodFest Berlin break this dynamic, building personal connections between listeners and creators.

Founder Daniel Stern expresses the community’s desire to connect, amplify each other, and promotes collaboration. PodFest Berlin aims to provide a rare opportunity for podcast fans and creators to be in the same place at the same time, allowing hosts to witness the appreciation of their audiences in person.

Following a successful three-day event in 2021, PodFest Berlin expanded its reach in 2022, growing from 500 to 2000 attendees and confining fifteen represented languages, up from four in the inaugural year.

In 2023, PodFest Berlin evolved into a year-round podcasting hub, hosting weekly events such as community gatherings, educational programs, podcast production sessions, and larger live-stage tapings for international podcasts visiting the city.

Afros and Audio Podcast Festival

October 18-20, 2024

Baltimore, MD

Price: 1 Day Pre-Sale From $100.00 to $175.00 | Weekend Pre-Sale Ticket From $150.00 to $225.00 | All-Access Weekend Pre-Sale From $200.00 to $275.00

Speakers: TBA

Afros and Audio Podcast Festival 2024

In 2019, the inaugural Black Independent Podcast Creatives and Audio Professionals hybrid conference commenced in Brooklyn, New York. This event, known as the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, has quickly become a highly anticipated annual gathering in the podcasting industry, offering a unique and intimate podcast conference experience.

The primary mission of Afros & Audio is to go beyond discussions of diversity, inclusion, limited resources, and industry barriers. Their goal is to transform the Podcast Industry by ensuring the representation of Black Podcast Professionals. Additionally, they aim to design and maintain infrastructures of sustainable resources and consistent support.

Afros & Audio serves as a community of independent podcasters committed to curating accessible and inclusive events and spaces specifically for Black independent podcast creatives and audio professionals. 

The flagship event, the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, is the industry’s first two-day conference organized by and for this community.

Since its inception in 2019, Afros & Audio has been a trusted source of support and resources for podcast creatives, networks, audio professionals, and podcast-related businesses. 

Looking ahead to 2024, speaker submissions for the festival and events will open in February, inviting contributors to be part of this dynamic and influential event.

Audio Intelligence Summit

Dates, Locations, and Speakers; TBA

Audio Intelligence Summit 2024

The Audio Intelligence Summit returns, promising a grander experience! Inviting attendees to revel in the impact of audio as brands, agencies, and publishers convene to delve into the effective utilization, measurement, and optimization of audio and audio advertising. 

This informative half-day affair will scrutinize the metrics, trends, and best practices driving successful audio strategies, showcasing insights from top thought leaders in the audio and podcasting technology.

Capping Off

The podcasting conferences above are every experienced podcasters one-stop-shop.

  1. Learn from the Pros: Industry experts and successful podcasters share insights on content creation and monetization.

  2. Hands-On Experience: Engage in workshops, networking events and demos to enhance your recording, editing, and marketing skills.

  3. Connect with Peers: Network with fellow podcasters, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

But there’s more!

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Imagine recording a high-energy episode, sending it to Vidpros, and waking up to a beautifully edited video capturing your podcast’s personality.

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