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Repurposing YouTube Content into Enticing Blog Posts with AI

Repurpose YouTube Content into Blog Post

Have you thought of maximizing the potential of your hard work by getting more out of the YouTube videos you produce? You are in for a treat as we have a golden opportunity today – turning your video script or transcript into a compelling blog post. 

The best part? You can achieve this in just a few minutes with AI tools.

This efficient method expands your reach and gives your content a little SEO boost. Stick around as we explore why repurposing your video into a blog post can be a game-changer.

Why Repurpose YouTube Videos into Blog Posts?

Repurpose YouTube Videos

Diving into this approach reveals a space where your videos go beyond screens and smoothly blend into the written part of the digital world.

Now, unravel the reasons behind the strategic move to transform a video into an engaging new blog post, unlocking opportunities for audience engagement and content marketing. 

Here’s why you should navigate the phase of converting your visual storytelling into compelling written works:

Broaden Your Audience: Transforming your YouTube videos into text form enables you to reach an extensive audience and give more value, including those who might not have viewed the original video.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A website’s SEO performance is enhanced with SEO-friendly textual content to increase visibility in search engines.

Boost Engagement: Crafting an article based on your video can incentivize readers to get into your YouTube channel, garnering increased engagement with your content.

Establish Authority: Developing blog posts derived from videos can solidify your position as an authority in your field, showcasing your expertise and knowledge on the subject matter.

Optimize Reach and Engagement: Repurpose video content for blog posts to maximize your reach, ensure broader audience access, and encourage heightened engagement within your target demographic.

Explore Diverse Content Formats: Transforming video content into blog posts opens avenues for exploring various content formats such as infographics, checklists, Twitter threads, how-to guides, eBooks, and emails. This approach adds versatility and value to your content rather than focusing on one platform.

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos into Blog Posts?

To kickstart the process, you’ll need a transcript of your video. 

There are several ways to obtain this, such as using services like Rev.com, Temi or Descript. Check out our tutorials on these platforms for guidance.

Organize the transcript into sections, paragraphs, and bullet points.

Include highlighted phrases and create together a story, cutting out repetition or irrelevant parts of the video.

Next, you’ll need an AI tool to repurpose your text into another engaging piece. While there are various tools available, ChatGPT is a personal favorite. Other options include Notion AI or Jasper.

AI Tools to Help You Generate Blog Posts

AI tools to Generate Blog Posts


ChatGPT, short for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” represents a collection of widely embraced generative AI chatbots crafted and upheld by OpenAI. 

Operating as an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT employs natural language processing to generate conversational dialogues that closely resemble human interactions. 

This advanced language model can write code, emails, essays, social media postings, articles, and other written materials. It can also handle queries.

Notion AI

It is your quick solution for seamlessly adapting existing content to align with specific requirements without manual reconfiguration. 

Whether it’s adjusting the tone of a document, rectifying spelling and grammar, exploring synonyms, or translating content into a different language, Notion AI stands ready to assist you effortlessly.

Jasper AI

It is a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) with complex language processing abilities.

Crafted to enhance user engagement, it excels in understanding context, generating meaningful content, and participating in dynamic dialogues. 

This AI marvel goes beyond the ordinary, creating personalized experiences as a virtual assistant, a customer service chatbot, or a tailored recommendation system. 

Jasper AI is well-known for its capacity to generate human-sounding text for different content types, such as blog posts and social media advertisements. 

Use SEO keyword research tools.

Leveraging SEO keyword research tools to uncover keywords for optimal blog post performance entails the identification of pertinent and high-traffic keywords to fine-tune your blog content. 

This strategic approach not only enhances the visibility of your website in search engine results but also attracts organic traffic. By seamlessly incorporating these identified keywords into your page post’s title, subheadings, and content, you can significantly augment its SEO performance and heighten the likelihood of ranking for those keywords. 

Furthermore, mirroring the content structure of your blog post to that of your video aids interested consumers in following along, elevating the overall user experience and increase engagement to your website.

How to Use ChatGPT to Repurpose YouTube Videos


When using ChatGPT, the user must provide specific prompts for optimal results. The efficacy of ChatGPT is with detailed instructions, such as directing it to craft a 1000-word blog post from a given video transcript while retaining the original tone and omitting fillers.

Upon execution, ChatGPT quickly generates a title and introduction that encapsulate the essence of the provided video transcript. Subsequently, users are encouraged to transfer this content to Google Docs for further refinement, including the incorporation of links and seamless video embedding.

It is crucial to bear in mind the potential limitations of ChatGPT when dealing with longer transcripts. 

As such, use Notion AI for more efficient handling and enhanced results. This strategic combination teaches users how to maximize the strengths of each tool for an optimal content creation experience.

Users are encouraged to transfer the entire transcript into Notion, where, with a comparable prompt, they can swiftly obtain a condensed and summarized version in under 30 seconds. 

This streamlined approach highlight the efficiency of leveraging Notion for concise and effective content creation.

For those who lack direct experience in video editing, a simple request to the video editor for the transcript file suffices. 

Transcript Convenience with Vidpros

In the case of collaboration with VidPros, a specialized on-demand video editing service, obtaining the transcript becomes a seamless and hassle-free process.

The integration of tools such as ChatGPT and Descript further expedites the transformation of a YouTube channel video script into a comprehensive post, requiring only a matter of minutes. 

This combination empowers users to breathe new life into their content, unlocking the latent potential embedded within their videos. 

These tools are capable of quick and efficient transformation, providing users with an efficient avenue to repurpose and maximize the value of their videos.


In summary, repurposing video content into captivating blog posts fueled by AI tools like ChatGPT, Notion AI, and Jasper AI offers a transformative approach to content creation. The process is efficient in obtaining transcripts and optimizing with SEO keywords.

Collaboration with VidPros and the strategic use of ChatGPT and Descript showcase a swift and efficient transformation of video scripts into comprehensive blog posts. 

This teamwork unlocks the latent potential within videos, providing content creators the means to broaden their reach and engage diverse audiences.

As creators embrace this fusion of technology and creativity, they gain the tools and insights to breathe new life into their content. 

Embrace the power of video repurposing and unleash the full potential of your content.