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Unlimited vs Fractional Video Editing: Key Differences

unlimited vs fractional video editing

There is a difference between “unlimited” and “fractional” video editing services. But what do they mean? Which type of service is better for your video projects?

This article will compare unlimited video editing and fractional video editing to help you decide which fits your needs.

What Does “Unlimited” Video Editing Mean?

unlimited video editing

The word “unlimited” sounds tempting. 

It implies you can submit endless videos for unlimited video editing services every month. However, read the fine print carefully. “Unlimited” usually means unlimited edit requests on a fixed number of videos.

For example, a service may allow unlimited edit requests on three videos per month. But you can’t submit unlimited videos. The service only handles editing instructions on a limited number of original videos.

Most unlimited services only provide basic editing. 

If you want stunning videos, you need sophisticated editing techniques, like smooth transitions or motion graphics, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a higher tier or hire another editor.

The Limitations of Unlimited Video Editing

limitations of unlimited video editing

Unlimited video editing services typically have a few limitations:

These services work best for simple and short social media videos. But they likely can’t handle advanced projects like animated videos edited into explainers or heavily edited tutorials.

What is Fractional Video Editing?

Fractional video editing gives you editing time in increments, like 2 hours daily. It’s like having a part-time dedicated video editor on your team. The more hours you pay, the more editor time your videos get.

Some key benefits of fractional video editing services 

  • Flexibility to buy more or less time as needed.

  • Access to experienced, professional editors.

  • Ability to get basic or advanced edits.

  • Great for varied projects month-to-month.

Fractional editing suits all types of video content creators – from YouTubers to business owners. The hours-based model easily adapts to shifting needs.

Comparing Edit Outputs: 3 Examples

Seeing edited samples helps crystallize the differences between basic unlimited editing, and customizable fractional editing:

1 Hour Edit

  • Basic text

  • Minimal effects

  • Best for simple social posts

2 Hour Edit

  • More dynamic with b-roll

  • Enhanced audio

  • Ideal for short tutorials

4 Hour Edit

  • Advanced techniques like rotoscoping.

  • Complex transitions.

  • Cinematic videos, explainers, promos.

The more hours invested, the higher the video content creation value. 

Fractional editing makes basic and immediate edits or meticulously crafted masterpieces.

Why Choose Fractional Over Unlimited?

why choose fractional video editing

Flexibility is the core advantage of fractional video editing services. You get an assigned editor and purchase their time as needed for each new project. 

Benefits include:

With unlimited edits, you’re generally stuck with fast, basic editing. 

The model lacks flexibility – especially for creators with diverse video content creation types and quality needs.

Vidpros, a fractional video editing company, gives each editor at most four customers. They ensure every editor spends at least 2 hours per weekday editing for each client. 

It allows the next video editor to focus more on each video project. It also means faster and better work on every video.

Some video editing services treated clients like just another name on a long list. 

Fractional editing takes a different approach. It puts your needs front and center. The editor gives your videos their full, undivided attention. It leads to impressive videos you will be proud to share.

You can get answers to your most frequently asked questions about Fractional Video Editing in our comprehensive guide.


Unlimited sounds alluring. 

But fractional video editing gives you transparent and flexible access to experienced editors. Fractional services work for all video types – from simple social posts to high-end explainers. 

And with the ability to scale time up and down, it keeps pace with your evolving project needs.

Vidpros offers a straightforward monthly fee. This subscription provides up to two hours of video editing time per weekday.

Each customer has a professional editor assigned to them for the month. The number of finished videos depends on the complexity of each project. Simple videos take less time to edit resulting in a fast turnaround.

This specialized approach takes your videos to the next level.

Book a call to see how fractional video editing can transform your content creation.

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