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Top 10 Video Editing Techniques Courses (+Bonus Resources)


So, you want to learn how to edit videos? Cool. Video editing is a great skill to have. You can’t produce eye-catching content without quality video editing. If you take the time to learn, you’ll

  • Learn a creative skill
  • Improve your content
  • Save money by doing it yourself
  • Open up freelance editing opportunities
  • Become better at planning and filming content 

That last one is really important. As you develop your editing knowledge, you start to think differently about choosing your camera angle or lens effect. Your improved editing knowledge allows you to see the creative process from a different angle. Being half decent at video editing will make you a better creator overall.

Do Video Editing Skills Take Long To Learn?

You can learn the basics of video editing in an afternoon, but it takes a lifetime to truly master the craft. We’ve put together a list of video editing techniques courses to help you get started on your way.

How Do I Make A Start on Editing?

There are a ton of directions you can take with video editing. And each direction has its own ideal learning path. So to start in the right place. Ask yourself a few questions…

Why do you want to learn video editing?

If your goal is to become a Hollywood film editor, the steps to get there are very different than if you want to edit your fun TikToks and IG Reels. This article focuses on editing online and social video content. If you want to go Hollywood, we recommend you go to film school.

Do you know which video editing software you plan to use? 

Many courses are software specific. If you don’t already know what software you want to use, that’s ok. Start with your editing goal and work from there. Check out (link to article) on the different types of video editing software and how to pick one. Also, you should know whether you plan to edit on your phone or with computer software. 

We’re going to focus mainly on computer software. (Link here) if you want to learn about editing on your phone for simple social media videos. Pick a free app from the list, and look for online and YouTube tutorials teaching you the basics to get started. With that in mind, let’s get into it.

Start Learning Editing For Free

Before we get into our top 10 recommended courses, here are some free options you can get started with. One of the best places to start is by watching YouTube video tutorials. You could learn everything you need online for free if you’re resourceful. Here are a few quality videos and channels you could start with.

9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know | Filmmaking Tips by Shutterstock Tutorials

This is an entry-level video to teach you the basics of using cuts to edit your footage. It’s racked up almost 4M views with great feedback. This is a great video for you to get started on, especially as it’s less than six minutes long.

3 1/2 Hour Beginner Video Editing Course by VideoRevealed

This course teaches you the entire editing process, from file setup and media management, through editing skills to export & troubleshooting. While this course teaches with Adobe Premiere Pro, you can still apply the concepts and structure you’ll learn here to any editing software. 

DaVinci Resolve – Complete Tutorial For Beginners by Justin Brown – Primal Video

If you plan to use Resolve, this one is worth watching. Justin runs through the complete workflow of setting up and editing a project. You’ll learn keyboard shortcuts, how to add your footage and audio, and essential editing tips.

HillierSmith – Hayden Hillier-Smith’s YouTube Channel

Ever heard of Logan Paul? On YouTube, he’s kind of a big deal. Logan ranked 9th for highest earnings in 2022 with a cool 20M. If you’re keen on quality content, then he is one of the best in the business. This is his long-time editor. It’s safe to say Hayden knows what he’s doing. Read this if you want to learn more about him and his partnership with Logan Paul. On his YouTube channel, he breaks down popular editing techniques used by other creators. He shares his knowledge, including videos on what mistakes to avoid. 

Justin Odisho’s YouTube Channel

Justin has been teaching editing tips and tricks on his YouTube channel since 2011. He is nearing 1M subscribers and produces excellent content using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. Even if you work with other software, you can still pick up valuable tips from him.

The Top 10 Video Editing Techniques Courses

If you’re getting into video editing for the first time, it’s always a good idea to make a start with free resources. With so much fantastic content online, you can become the next great self-taught editor. You can also access free trials on so much software to try before you buy. Having said that, paid courses offer something extra – structure, which means a quicker learning curve.

Taking any of the courses we recommend below takes the guesswork out of the equation. These courses are top-rated and highly reviewed, so you know the content is helpful, current, and well-structured.

Video Editing on iPhone & Android | Udemy | $19.99 

If you’re a company looking to create content for social media, this course is perfect for you. This course teaches you how to maximize the potential of your smartphone, including using accessories like gimbals and drones, using ten different video editing projects.

Phone Filming For Beginners

This beginner-friendly course covers all the basics of smartphone content production and is regularly updated with new content. In 5 hours of video content, you’ll learn about the best gear and device settings for smartphone video production, tips on which apps to use, and how to incorporate cinematic shots and video codecs into your content.

You start from the basics. It guides you through the essentials of smartphone video production and teaches you how to use tools like iMovie Essentials and VN Video Editor. You’ll also learn about:

  • Storytelling in your content
  • How to shoot and edit walking sequences
  • Planning stories for your video content
  • Managing creative shots and slow-motion content
  • How to edit video sequences like a pro

The course also teaches you file management skills for your video content- don’t forget that you need to be organized with your files if you’re going to be efficient with your time. Every second counts! 

Video Production Essentials | Fiverr Learn | $24 

The Video Production Essentials Course is for brands, entrepreneurs, and freelancers seeking to expand their video content creation skills. This course focuses on the core principles of transforming raw footage into professional-quality clips and does not emphasize any particular editing software. 

This versatile course is for beginners and gives an entry point to video production and optimization. You learn how to establish an effective pre-production process and select the right equipment for producing high-quality videos, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, webcams, and smartphones. You also get guidance on how to set up your studio. 

What Does It Cover?

Course topics include critical concepts such as filming yourself confidently, designing title cards for your videos, and enhancing content with audio. Additionally, you learn how to:

  • Choose appropriate audio, lighting, and editing equipment
  • Plan and develop lucrative video ideas
  • Capture the right shot and compose your shots effectively
  • Shoot using various cameras and lenses
  • Manage your audio and video equipment effectively
  • Optimize your content through basic video editing techniques

The course takes 3.8 hours to complete and includes a Fiverr profile badge and a certificate of completion. 

Make Compelling Videos That Go Viral | MasterClass | $19/month

If you want to increase brand awareness and reach, this may be the ideal course for you. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) teaches this masterclass. Marques is closing in on 17M subs on his YouTube channel and knows a thing or two about creating great videos that build an audience. 

His course teaches you how to produce visually stunning videos that effectively capture the attention of your audience and have the potential to go viral. You learn the fundamentals of video production and how to plan for successful content creation.

What does Marques Brownlee Cover? 

You gain valuable insights into scoring videos, sharing them with your followers, and increasing engagement through strategic implementation. The course also covers cameras, lenses, and lighting, providing a comprehensive overview of video production. Marques also delves into B-roll content and how to effectively use your voice in recordings.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills to:

  • Select the best cameras, lenses, and lighting for your videos
  • Enhance composition in any video strategy
  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Source stock footage to improve your videos
  • Package and share your videos on social media

You can access this course on MasterClass for $19/month. It can typically be completed in one month.

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners | SkillShare | $19/month

This course covers everything you need to know about one of the leading video editing and optimization tools. It is regularly updated to address new features. You do not need prior knowledge to get started, and you can test your skills with online quizzes.

The course starts with an introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro’s features. It shows you how to organize and start your new video project.

The course is for beginners and includes plenty of visual overviews of how to leverage the Premiere Pro interface. It Walks you through the steps of performing basic edits, and works in layers. You learn how to arrange clips, leverage masks & blending techniques, and access the toolbox functionality for more advanced results.

There is also a hands-on class project with demo files to download so you can compare your work to the videos made by professionals. Topics covered include:

  • Exporting videos into the right file format with the correct settings
  • Mixing audio from sound effects, music, and speech
  • Creating custom animations and understanding their mechanics
  • Making custom templates and third-party templates
  • Creating custom texts and graphics
  • Applying and adjusting video and audio effects

The course costs $19 per month. However, if you haven’t used Skillshare before, you can sign up for a trial membership and get the first month for free. The course’s content clocks in at 3 hours and 22 minutes.

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing | Adobe | Free

Adobe produces some of the most popular creative tools on the market and offers free courses to guide you through learning the basics. They offer three short courses to guide you through learning Premiere Pro.

Learning Premiere Pro Basics in 1 Hour

This short course by Josh Olufemii covers a comprehensive introduction to Premiere Pro. You learn to navigate the Premiere Pro interface, organize and import footage, edit content with simple color correction, and sync audio files. You also gain an overview of adding simple graphical elements and exporting content in required formats.

Premiere Pro: Essential Editing Skills

The second short course offered by Adobe teaches you how to adjust color and audio for higher-quality content. You discover how to leverage content from other Adobe applications and master the Creative Cloud. 

There is also an overview of key features like: Dynamic Link for connections to Adobe Audition, After Effects, and Photoshop Lumetri color panel for rich color grading Essential sound panel for mixing basic audio Essential graphics panel for browsing through and customizing animations.

Advancing Your Editing Skills to the Next Level in Premiere Pro

In the third and final step, you learn about the captioning workflow, scene edit detection, quick exporting, and more. The course covers timeline editing and trimming techniques, a drag-and-drop editor, quick color correction guides, and advice on how to use source clips.

These courses are free, but you need Premiere Pro to put your skills to the test. There is a free trial of the software available, but you need to buy a premium subscription for full functionality. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass | Udemy | $57

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass takes a hands-on approach with 24.5 hours of video content. It leads you through the basics of editing your promotional video with included demo footage, photos, graphics, and music. 

The course teaches you what it means to start projects with the correct settings for any camera or video type. You learn how to make videos more dynamic with photos and cutaway titles. You can add motion to your photos, titles, and videos to make them more visually engaging. You can share your projects with the option to export and save your videos in 4K.

You learn everything Premiere Pro users need to know to make the most out of their editing software. It teaches you how to edit and use green screen footage, apply visual effects like removing grain and stabilizing shaky video, leverage color grading functionality, and color-correct your videos to fix exposure and white balance issues. You also learn to design professional and clean titles and audio transitions for your video.

Adobe After Effects CC Quick Start | Creative Live | $49

This course covers everything you need to know about using Adobe After Effects. Chad Perkins, an award-winning author and filmmaker helps you master After Effects to take your brand video to the next level. The course has 4.5 hours of easy-to-follow videos to teach you the After Effects ecosystem. 

Learners start with an intro to what After Effects can do and how to set up a workflow. The course teaches you how to import assets, work with layers, and create compositions.

There are lessons and exercises as you go to reinforce what you’re learning. The lessons cover everything from creating titles and text within videos to get started with animations, textures, and shapes. There is even guidance on leveraging 3D motion.

Mastering Final Cut Pro | Coursera | $49/month

Mastering Final Cut Pro guides you through all of the key features of Apple’s software, covering both video and audio editing techniques. Mastering Final Cut Pro prepares you for the Final Cut Pro X certification exam. 

What Video Editing Techniques & Skills Do You Learn?

In the self-paced course, you practice your skills with the guidance of an Apple Certified Trainer. While a basic understanding of macOS is required, and knowing some of the most common video editing terminologies is helpful, extensive background knowledge isn’t necessary.

You learn everything from how to use transitions and effects to how to leverage titles and motion graphics. You will discover all of the key features of Final Cut Pro, including color correction, 360 video development, and media management.

The course costs around $49 per month via a subscription to Coursera, and students should plan how many hours they can fit into each week when deciding how long they need to subscribe. The estimated time to complete is 40 hours. 

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X | SkillShare | $32/month

This course provides a step-by-step guide to Final Cut Pro and teaches how to create a YouTube-style video from scratch. The hands-on learning experience is ideal for those who learn by doing.

Who is This Course For?

The course is built for beginners and is one of the best video production courses for fans of Final Cut Pro X. It covers everything from assembling components in Final Cut Pro X to adding audio optimization strategies.

The course includes topics such as:

  • How to tighten an edit with trim deletes
  • The most common keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro X
  • Syncing external audio with video clips
  • Managing images and desktop or iPhone screen recording
  • Integrating background music and sound effects
  • Export files into the proper format for your production needs

If you’re new to Skillshare, you can start this course for free using your month’s free service trial. That should give you more than enough time to complete the lessons. However, after the first month, you can expect to pay around $32 monthly for continued access. You can lower your monthly cost to around $14 if you purchase an annual plan.

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals | LinkedIn Learning | $35

This course teaches you to use DaVinci Resolve, understand the different file types, and manage various projects. The course focuses on hands-on learning and starts with an introduction to DaVinci Resolve, how to restore Resolve projects, and manage your archive. You discover essential systems and user preferences and learn how to create your first project.

With convenient and user-friendly video content, you learn how to organize your media into bins, import footage, and manage metadata on your media pages. There’s also a convenient 60-second commercial you can work on as you learn, allowing you to transform a rough cut using trim tools and transition into something more professional.

Carefully constructed challenges guide beginners through trimming audio, adding B-roll content, and working with on-screen transformations. Other topics covered include how to:

  • Organize video and audio track layouts
  • Add effects to your video pages
  • Navigate the color page and create custom curves
  • Split audio tracks for various forms of mixing
  • Render and export different file types

For beginners on LinkedIn Learning, accessing a month’s worth of course content for free is possible. After that, this course costs $35, which includes 6 hours and 30 minutes of content and a certificate of completion. 

Want To Get Certified? Bonus Options

If you want to pursue video editing as your profession, getting certified can help you land higher-paying work and boost your credibility. Learn more using the links below:

Adobe Premiere Pro Certification

Final Cut Pro Certification

Enjoy The Journey To Better Videos

Hopefully, you’ve found the right fit for you. Video editing can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It all depends on what you want to do with it. 

If you’re brand new, start with online articles and YouTube videos. Pick a free video editing app suitable for the type of content you want to work on and practice what you learn. If you enjoy it and are hungry to learn more, you can graduate to paid courses and take it as far as you want to. 

When you create fun content and projects along the way, it reinforces what you learn and helps you enjoy the journey. Plus, you end up with projects in your portfolio, in case you want other people to hire you down the road. 

Good luck on your editing journey!

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