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Is Hiring a Content Repurposing Service Right for You?


Do you want to make more noise with your content to expand your brand’s reach? Have you thought about hiring a content repurposing service to get some help? If so, you’re in the right place.

The best way to expand your reach is to repurpose your content and spread it across as many distribution channels as possible. The idea is to generate substantially more impressions to grow your audience or customer base. 

It’s a great concept, but here’s the honest truth…

It takes knowledge and a fair bit of time to repurpose content well. And you can’t do everything yourself. At some point, it’s wise to get some help.

So should you outsource the process to a content repurposing service?

Well, let’s dig in and find out…

What Exactly Is Content Repurposing?

Let’s say right now, your content marketing begins and ends with YouTube videos. That’s not bad at all. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and it changes the lives of content creators and brands every day. But you can do even better. 

You could take your YouTube videos and repurpose them into:

  • Short video clips or highlights to use as teasers
  • An audio recording for a podcast episode
  •  An infographic using the key points and data from your video
  • A blog post, and then embed your video in it
  • Quotes, memes, or GIFS
  • An ebook or course. Passive income, anyone? Let’s go!
  • A newsletter or email campaign

The point is you can do a ton with your initial video content. You repurpose your content when you adjust your message for different formats and mediums and distribute it across a wide variety of social media platforms.

So why would you want to bother with the effort involved in doing all this?

The Benefits For You

Well, it’s pretty simple. You get results. It’s a proven strategy that small and large brands are using right now. And you can too. You can leverage social media and free marketing channels to grow your audience and make a lot more money. 

Take a look at a few of the benefits you get when you repurpose your content:

  • You get your message or content in front of new audiences and generate many more impressions. More content + more platforms = more views + more shares + better chance you go viral
  • Those impressions lead new traffic back to your YouTube channel, website, podcast, newsletter, landing page, or wherever you link to and tell people to go
  • It’s free if you do it all yourself. It’s a more efficient use of your time compared to creating more content from scratch

The only downside is it takes time to do it well, and there’s a fair amount to learn. Although you will get faster over time once you develop a system and use templates for consistency and speed. 

So How Do Content Repurposing Services Work?

Naturally, it will depend on who you select to work with. Any provider worth their salt will engage you in intensive discussions before you begin to learn about your brand, goals, and target audience. They will create a content strategy blueprint with you. Here’s a general overview of the process when it’s time to get to work.

Step 1: Give Them Your Pillar Content

In a nutshell, they take the content you’ve already created and transform it into shareable snacks. It’s best to start with your long-form or pillar content and break it down. The best pillar content is video or podcasts, but it could also be long-form written content such as an Ebook or blog post. 

Step 2: You Do Something Else While They Work For You

Depending on your agreed-upon goals, they rework your original content into microcontent, properly formatted for each platform. You do you.

If you gave them a YouTube video, it could look something like this. Your original YouTube video becomes:

  • 1 Blog post for your website
  • 1 podcast episode
  • 6 Images for social media – 3 with quotes & 3 with episode details for your YT video or Podcast (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)
  • 2 Tweet threads breaking down an educational takeaway
  • 2 LinkedIn carousels similar to tweet threads
  • 4 short 15-second video stories (IG & FB)
  • 2 TikToks (10 seconds) of an entertaining or exciting moment
  • 6 Highlight videos (30-60 seconds) for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels & Facebook 
  • 1 Infographic – shared on Pinterest, Reddit, FB, and IG
  • 1 Meme posted to Reddit and Twitter
  • 1 GIF shared on Twitter and FB
  • And you could keep on going

In this fictitious example, your original content spawned 30 children. That’s a lot of content! You can sprinkle them all over social media to get your message in front of fresh faces. 

Can you see why repurposing is the rocket fuel for your growth?

Step 3: Choose Your Own Adventure

Either they hand the completed content back to you, and you can distribute it on your own. Or, if you prefer a full done-for-you service, they can also schedule and post your new content. 

Step 4: Evaluate Results And Adjust Approach

As most of your work is done autonomously, it’s good to meet at least once a month with your content repurposing manager to review the results. You can see what works and where there’s room to tweak the strategy to improve. Continue the cycle until you’re Mr. Beast’s Daddy…or whatever you’re into.

Do You Create More Pillar Content Or Repurpose What You Have?

Hopefully, content repurposing is for you, and your brand takes off. In the example we outline above, you could either choose to: 

  • Create and upload 2 YouTube videos
  • Or you create 1 video and repurpose it into 30 pieces of new content, which you then spread over 11 social media platforms

Both methods would take roughly the same time if you did it all yourself.

Which way grows your brand and audience faster? 

Your Options For Who Does The Work

You have the following 5 main options in front of you.

Say F’ It

Screw repurposing; it’s too much work. Or, maybe you aren’t ready yet. Pros: You don’t have to do anything, and you get to continue enjoying the same results you have today. 

Say Yes – And Do It All Yourself

The simplest of the bunch. Just do it. The benefits are that it’s low cost. If you don’t pay for any tools, it won’t cost you anything. You also get to learn a bunch of new skills.

On the flip side, you have to learn a bunch of new skills. You probably won’t be great at it in the beginning. And it’s going to take up a lot of your time. 

You Could Hire A Freelancer(s)

Next up, you could look for an all-around freelancer to do it for you. Just know it’s hard to find one person with the skill to do everything well. The benefits are lower cost compared to an employee, and you get on-demand help to match your needs. 

And your cons? You need to hire, train, and manage one or more freelancers. You may run into issues with reliability or deadlines, as they have other clients, and freelancers can be flaky. 

Pay A Content Repurposing Agency

For the most hands-off solution, you can pay an agency and let them handle it. The pros are that you get expert help – they specialize in repurposing content. They can also automate your entire process if you want them to handle distribution. You can buy your time back. 

Your downside includes cost. This is likely the most expensive option available. Also, your service provider may batch all of your work and complete it as much as 1 month after you deliver your original content. Unless you delay posting your long-form content, there is a big gap between your initial post and the follow-up repurposed social media posts to drive engagement. 

You Team Up With A Video Editing Service

Do you want a hybrid solution where your work is outsourced, but you retain control of your content scheduling and distribution? If you do, a video editor could strike the right balance. A professional video editing service knows how to break down your long-form video and repurpose it into video microcontent

Your upside: You know top-end pro video editors create well-formatted videos that engage your audience. You can also secure their services at a great price and save money compared to hiring a full-service agency. For most jobs, your turnaround times are usually short, from overnight to 48 hours. 

The downside, they only work in video. If you want any other content created, you can do it yourself or hire a freelancer to help you. But as video is the most complex editing job in content repurposing, finding talent to take over the rest is easier. 

This solution works especially well for YouTube creators who want help to turn their videos into short, shareable clips to post on their other socials.

Get After It!

If you want to grow your audience, why aren’t you repurposing your content already?! It’s the single greatest way to leverage and multiply your content creation efforts. When you change the format of your content, you get to creatively say the same thing in different ways and get your message in front of a wider audience. 

Let’s face it, everyone likes their content served up in different ways and on different platforms. Some people love podcasts, and some people never tune in (or have hearing issues or don’t have headphones). Some people love to read, and many people HATE it. Some use Twitter, while others mindlessly scroll TikTok. And some people seem to live on Facebook. 

The fact is, if you only publish your content in one format and in one medium, you lose out on a HUGE growth opportunity. You need to tap into the massive benefits of social media and repurpose video content already! 

If you want to join the repurposing party but don’t want to do it yourself, we get it. It’s a lot of work and can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. The good news is you can collaborate with a content repurposing service to outsource the headaches and continue focusing on what you do best…creating killer content. 

Would you like to learn more about what it’s like to team up with a video editing service?

Learn how a video editing service can help you grow your YouTube channel fast! Or check out our great guide to learn more about video microcontent.

If you prefer to talk to real people, feel free to give us a call anytime! Video is our passion, and we’re always happy to help!