How To Effectively Monetize Videos On YouTube

This article is all about how to effectively Monetize videos on YouTube. It will cover the YouTube monetization program, the benefits of monetization and how to effectively use video editing services to Monetize videos on YouTube.
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Can content creators still earn from YouTube with the YouTube Adpocalyse that followed policy changes in popular video-hosting platform YouTube by imposing restrictive content moderation and demonetization policies?

A lot has been said about videos being one of the biggest money makers in the online sphere today. And yes, that’s true! 

Video content has become so popular that its phenomenal rise is seen only as paving the way for newer trends and more innovative ways of delivering content.

Here’s proof, Cisco forecasts that video traffic will represent no less than 82% of all consumer traffic throughout 2022, with websites and social media – YouTube included – topping the list of the most-used video delivery channels.

And dig this, videos found on landing pages have been found to increase conversions by 80%, and online users were found to spend no less than 88% of the time watching videos on those websites, regardless of whther it was done by yourself or through a video editing service.

Now, let’s get specific to YouTube. 

The video-hosting platform has a total number of active monthly users of 2.6 billion and counting and more than 122 million daily active users, each spending an average of 18 minutes daily watching video content.

YouTube is the primary source of video content on the planet, accounting for around 78% of all online users

It’s no wonder businesses, and video content creators are investing a lot into videos not only for their powerful marketing capability but also for generating additional or even passive income from YouTube videos.

So, how do YouTube content creators generate revenue for their video content?

Simple, through YouTube monetization!

Of course, there are requirements and policies that govern the monetization program of YouTube, and it’s important to meet and adhere to these rules.

First, you need to sign-up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and meet the required criteria to become a partner.

Generally, the minimum requirements for monetization of video content are;

  • Adhere to the YouTube channel monetization policies.
  • Reside in a region or country where the YPP is available.
  • A YouTube channel needs to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers 
  • Incur more than 4,000 valid public watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months
  • Do not have any active YouTube Community Guidelines strikes on your channel
  • Must have a linked Google AdSense account.

Don’t forget that the key to monetizing on YouTube is not to violate any of the monetization policies of the platform and avoiding copyright mistakes (which we will be discussing in a separate article).

Note: Always make sure to check YouTube for updates or revisions on policies, which can happen at any time and may impact your ability to monetize your videos on YouTube.

Monetizing on YouTube

There are several ways for content creators to earn money through the platform’s monetization program, and here they are; 

Paid sponsorships

This is when businesses or brands sponsor or pay content creators to feature their products or services in a YouTube video. 

Getting paid sponsorships are a bit challenging, especially for new or inexperienced YouTubers, but once it gets done, the benefits can be very rewarding, especially for influential content creators with a large following.

It may demand a bit of skill and hard work in pitching to brands or businesses by using your YouTube analytics data and engagement statistics along with your past video content, as well as convincing sponsors how you can add value to their brands or business.

YouTube ads

The most popular and traditional method of earning is through ads that appear in your video content.

Of course, you must sign up and be approved for the YPP, and your videos need to adhere to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines to be eligible for ads.

Channel membership

While the channel membership feature is a paid monthly subscription, it has exclusive perks for creators, such as providing exclusive product discounts to channel members, access to exclusive videos, and one-on-one live chats with the channel owner.

The fee for membership is determined by the creator, and a channel may only qualify if it has 1,000 subscribers or more.

Merchandise or product offerings

Channels with 10,000 subscribers or more are eligible to sell branded merchandise goods through a merch shelf that generally appears on a video page. 

This is a great way to earn, especially if you have a large fan base or have established a strong community and for creators who do not have their own website.

YouTube supports more than 45 merch platforms and retailers around the world, so it is also a great way to promote and grow your brand.

Channel patronage

Third-party platforms such as Patreon is supported by YouTube so content creators can offer exclusive perks, discounts or merchandise to loyal patrons.

Similar to memberships, content creators can earn by promoting their creative works, authentic music, or digital assets in exchange for tiered patronage rates.

YouTube Shorts

Last year, YouTube launched a funding program valued at $100 million for content creators developing short videos through its YouTube Shorts.

Each month, creators can earn between $100 to $10,000 depending on views and engagement for Shorts videos.

Super Features

If you have seen a live stream video on YouTube, you might be familiar with these Super features.  In fact, it’s a nifty and novel way for content creators to earn money on the platform.

With Super Chat, creators may activate the feature so the audience can pay a minimum of $1 to as high as $500 to have their messages featured in a live stream chat thread. 

Super Stickers work the same way as Super Chat, where the audience can purchase or share fun stickers that are pinned on top of the chat stream and be recognized by the channel host.

Super Thanks, on the other hand, lets the audience or viewers give their thanks or appreciation to their favorite creators by donating a certain amount and provided a GIF to be used for the purpose.

Unlike Chat and Stickers, Super Thanks can be used on any video on the channel.

YouTube BrandConnect

BrandConnect helps connect creators to brands for their campaigns. This is a great way for brands to partner with content creators.

The service, though, is only available in the US, UK, and Canada.

YouTube Premium

This is the popular YouTube subscription service where subscribers can download videos, watch content ad-free, allow background playback, and many more.

The Premium feature allows content creators to earn additional revenue on top of ads in their channels when subscribers watch their video content. The revenue generated from subscriptions is then distributed to content creators at the beginning of every month, just like ad payments.

So, don’t you think it’s time to put your thinking caps on and start creating your YouTube videos? Many content creators have earned a lot, and so can you!

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