Passes.com: What It Is and How It Works?

Passes.com User Interface

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

This article explores Passes.com, a top creator monetization platform, for creators with over 100k followers to monetize their fan bases through exclusive content and experiences.

It covers how Passes.com works for creators and fans, highlights popular creators on the platform, compares it to alternatives like Patreon, and discusses the main issues.

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Passes helps top creators monetize fans through exclusive paid content and experiences.

Read the full article to discover how this new creator economy platform stands out from past alternatives like Patreon – and core considerations for creators and fans.

Passes.com UI

What is Passes.com?

Lucy Guo is the Founder of Passes.com, a brand friendly platform with more features than anyone else in the industry. It launched in 2022 in Miami, Florida. This website lets creators make money by sharing their stuff directly with fans. 

Passes raised a lot of money to get started, including $40 million from investors. The website allows creators with over 100,000 followers to share exclusive photos, videos, live streams, and one-on-one calls with fans. 

Fans pay for “passes” to get special access to this exclusive content from their favorite creators.

Passes bought another website called Fanhouse to help grow their business and earn more revenue streams for creators.

On Passes, creators sell different “passes” like tickets for fans to unlock premium content and experiences. 

For example, a workout trainer could sell their customers a paid “Private Training Pass” for exclusive workout classes for pass holders. Fans buy these special passes to get behind-the-scenes, members-only stuff from creators they love.

The users of Passes are creators who make videos, art, coaching content, etc, and fans who want to pay for exclusive access to that content directly from their favorite creators. 

It allows a unique connection between creators and their biggest supporters.

Passes takes 10% plus 30 cents from each payment a fan makes. It also has a referral program where people can earn 5% of what creators make if they refer those creators.

What is the Passes website used for?

For Creators:

Passes Sign Up page
Photo Source: Passes.com Blog

How creators can sign up and set up their Passes account:

  • Go to the Passes.com website.

  • Click the “Sign Up” button.

  • Enter your personal information and account preferences.

  • Make sure you have at least 100,000 total followers across social media. It is sometimes possible to make an exception.

  • Complete the sign-up process and verify your account.

Get ready to start creating exclusive content and experiences for your fans!

Use the website’s tools to engage with your audience and earn money from your content.

Creators using Passes can offer various types of passes to their fans, including:

  • Exclusive Content: Creators can provide access to exclusive content unavailable elsewhere.

  • Live Streams: Creators can offer live streaming sessions for their fans to engage with them in real time.

  • Community Access: In a community space, creators and fans can interact.

  • Real-Life Experiences: Creators can offer real-life experiences or events to their fans as part of their passes.

  • Personalized Interactions: Creators can provide personalized interactions with fans, such as Q&A sessions or direct messaging.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Creators can give fans a glimpse behind the scenes of their work or life.

These different types of passes allow creators to engage with their audience uniquely and offer exclusive experiences to their fans.

Creators on Passes.com can set pricing and manage subscriptions for their passes by following these steps: 

  • Creators can create multiple membership tiers with different prices and perks, allowing them to offer a variety of options to their fans. 

  • Creators can choose a monthly subscription or one-time purchase for lifetime access in membership tiers.

  • Creators can set the number of Free messages included in each membership tier, which resets monthly for subscribers.

  • They can also limit the total number of subscribers for a particular membership tier or leave it unlimited.

  • Creators are cautious not to overpromise in the membership description to avoid issues like chargebacks.

  • Creators can pin their memberships to ensure they are prominently displayed on their profiles for fans to see.

  • Additionally, creators can edit membership details, send welcome messages, view subscriber lists, offer free trials, and manage costs associated with each membership tier.

  • Passes.com offers flexible pricing and subscription management so creators can tailor their offerings accordingly.

For Fans:

Discovering and Subscribing to Passes

  • Go to the Passes.com website and look at all the different creators and their profiles.

  • Browse the various “passes” each creator is offering. These could include exclusive videos, photos, behind-the-scenes looks, livestreams, personal interactions, and more.

  • When you find a pass you want, select it and follow the instructions to purchase a subscription.

  • Once subscribed, you’ll get access to all the exclusive content and perks included in that creator’s pass!

Accessing Exclusive Passes Content

  • The content you get depends on which creator’s pass you bought. It could be private posts, livestream access, a way to join their community, special in-person events, or backstage footage.

  • You’ll be able to view and engage with this bonus content that regular fans don’t get to see.

  • Check your subscribed creator’s page frequently for new exclusive pass-holder content!

Safe and Secure Purchasing 

  • All purchases on Passes.com are safe, as the site checks every piece of content to ensure nothing is inappropriate.

  • Passes.com takes a 10% fee plus 30 cents for each transaction.

  • There’s also a referral program where you can earn 5% of what any creators make that you recommend to the site.

  • Rest assured that your personal information and payment details are safe and secure, and you can confidently purchase passes without worries.

Top Passes Creators

Anna DeGuzman

Anna DeGuzman
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/annadeguzman/

Anna DeGuzman is a talented magician and illusionist who has made her mark on shows like America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. On her Passes profile, she offers fans an unprecedented look into her magical world.

Anna’s area of expertise is in magic and illusion performance. As a highly skilled magician, she has amazed audiences with her sleight of hand, mind-bending tricks, and spellbinding stage presence.

Through her Passes offerings, Anna gives fans exclusive access they can’t find anywhere else. Some of the passes she provides include:

  • Daily posts and tutorials teaching her illusion secrets and magic techniques.

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at her process for developing new magic acts.

  • Private messaging for one-on-one interactions and personalized content requests.

  • Get first looks at upcoming magic shows, product releases, etc.

  • Pay-per-view style exclusive magic performances and content drops.

Anna engages her community, encouraging tips that she rewards with even more special insider content. For any true magic enthusiast, her Passes profile unlocks a new level of closeness to this incredible illusionist.

Check out Anna’s magical world and prepare to be amazed!

Maren Altman

Maren Altman
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/marenaltman

Maren Altman is an expert astrologer who uses her deep knowledge of the stars and planets to provide insightful horoscopes and astrological readings.

On her Passes profile, she offers a stellar experience for anyone looking to learn more about astrology or get personalized cosmic guidance.

Maren’s content niche is astrology and horoscopes. As a skilled astrologer, she has a gift for interpreting the movements of celestial bodies and how they influence human lives and events that play out here on Earth.

Through her Passes offerings, Maren gives her fans and students an exclusive window into the mysteries of the cosmos. Some of the special passes she provides include:

  • Daily and weekly horoscope readings available to pass-holders.

  • Educational astrology courses are suitable for beginners or advanced students.

  • One-on-one private chat sessions for personalized astrological readings.

  • In-depth tutorials on how to read and interpret astrological charts.

  • Exclusive Astro-events like live-streamed full moon rituals and gatherings.

Maren’s Passes content is invaluable whether you’re new to astrology or have been studying the stars for years.

Get exclusive insights about your zodiac sign, learn to understand complex astrological concepts, or even chat directly with Maren herself.

Open your mind to the magic of the stars by visiting Maren’s illuminating Passes.com profile.

Emma Norton

Emma Norton
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/emmanorts/

Emma Norton is a rising star in beauty and lifestyle content creation. 

On her Passes profile, she gives fans an intimate look behind the scenes and exclusive access they can’t find anywhere else.

Emma’s expertise is in makeup, fashion, and trendy lifestyle content. 

She has built a loyal following by showcasing her makeup skills, fashion sense, and fun, relatable personality as a technology savvy creator.

Through her Passes offerings channel, Emma invites her fans into her creative world with some truly unique experiences:

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at how she films and edits her popular TikTok videos.

  • In-depth makeup tutorials unveiling her techniques for achieving stunning looks.

  • First looks at her newest makeup releases, fashion hauls, and lifestyle products.

  • Interactive Q&A sessions where fans can get personal advice and tips directly from Emma.

  • Sneak peeks at her upcoming creative projects before anyone else.

Emma has cultivated an engaged community of supporters who admire her authenticity and talent. Through her Passes page, Emma offers exclusive content and conversations for her community.

Whether you’re a makeup maven or appreciate Emma’s bright personality, join her exclusive world!

Who knows what gorgeous looks or fun behind-the-scenes moments await?

Passes.com Alternatives


Patreon lets fans fund their favorite creators online.

Creators offer exclusive content, community access, and bonuses in exchange for monthly fees from fans, called “patrons.”

Patreon takes a percentage (5-12%) of the revenue and the money creators earn as fees. These fees can get quite expensive for very successful creators earning a lot.

On Patreon, creators can set up different membership levels with perks and money goals. However, the website doesn’t have built-in marketing tools to help promote creators. There have also been issues with Patreon censoring some content.

Since it’s subscription-based, some fans may not want to pay monthly and prefer making one-time payments. Additionally, by using Patreon, creators don’t fully own and control their fan community – Patreon does.

Due to high fees, lack of marketing, potential censorship concerns, subscription model limitations, and less creator control, many creators look for alternatives. They want better ways to make money, get exposure, keep costs low, and fully own the experience for their fans.


Fanfix is a website where creators can make money from their biggest fans. 

Creators share exclusive behind-the-scenes content that fans pay a monthly subscription for. It’s a way for creators to earn recurring income by giving fans stuff they can’t get anywhere else.

To become a Fanfix creator, you must have at least 10,000 followers on your social media accounts. Set your prices for monthly subscriptions and direct messaging. Fanfix takes a 20% cut from the creator channel‘s earnings to cover the costs, while the creators get to keep 80% of what they make.

The cool thing is creators can track stats like their monthly earnings and subscriber counts directly on Fanfix. It helps them see what’s working and grow their fan base even more.

One important rule is no nudity or explicit adult content is allowed on Fanfix. 

Creators have to keep things PG and share clean, behind-the-scenes content only. You also have to be 18+ to use the platform.

Fanfix allows creators to monetize their following by sharing exclusive, clean content that their biggest fans pay a monthly fee to access. It’s an easy way for creators to make recurring income.


Empower your favorite creators by supporting them directly through Ko-fi-a platform that allows you to show your appreciation while helping them to continue creating content you love. 

Ko-fi is another brand friendly platform that allows you to receive donations without any fees. Your fans can show their support by “buying you a coffee”.

But Ko-fi offers way more than just donations. Creators can also sell merchandise through, run an online shop, offer paid membership tiers with exclusive benefits, and even take commissions or requests for custom work – all through their Ko-fi page.

Fees on Ko-fi are the lowest – either users get a small 5% cut on things like memberships and shop sales or creators can pay the company for a flat \$6/month “Ko-fi Gold” subscription to get zero fees.

Compared to Passes, Ko-fi seems more focused on smaller, independent creators just starting to monetize. There’s no minimum follower requirement, and it’s easy to get set up to accept tips immediately.

Passes has a higher barrier to entry, requiring at least 100k followers before creators and investors can join. But it allows for premium content and experiences beyond simple donations and goods.

Both facilitate that creator-to-fan transaction. Ko-fi is a more casual, low-cost option for new creators to start monetizing. Passes.com seems geared more towards established creators offering premium exclusive content and fan experiences.

The fee structures differ between Ko-fi and Passes.com. Ko-fi has zero/low fees, while Passes.com charges 10% and $0.30 per fan payment.

Passes vs Patreon vs Fanfix vs Ko-fi

Passes.com Competitor Comparison Table

Key Similarities:

  • All facilitate direct creator-to-fan monetization of content/experiences

Key Differences:

  • Content focus varies from open (Passes.com, Ko-fi) to niches like behind-the-scenes only (Fanfix)

  • Fee structures range from 0% donation fees (Ko-fi) to 10%+ per transaction (Passes.com)

  • Target audiences differ from all creators (Ko-fi) to more established ones like Passes.com’s 100K+ requirement

While enabling that creator economy connection, the platforms differ in areas like acceptable content rules, monetization models used, fee levels, and the experience levels of creators they primarily target.

Is Passes.com right for you?

Passes could be a good fit for established creators with a large fanbase of over 100,000 followers across social media. The new platform appears to target more successful creators looking to monetize their audience based on engagement with its high engagement per follower requirement.

Creators on Passes can offer a wide variety of exclusive content and experiences to fans beyond just photos/videos. 

It includes live streams, one-on-one calls, tips, and more. So, creators wanting to provide premium access and connections may benefit.

However, newer or smaller creators just starting to build an audience may find the 100K follower minimum quite difficult and restrictive compared to alternatives like Ko-fi that let anyone begin monetizing.

For fans, Passes.com allows you to get unique and personal experiences directly from your favorite creators – something beyond just photos/videos. 

But this exclusivity comes at a higher pricing through tips, purchases, etc.

A potential drawback of Passes.com is its fee structure of 10% plus $0.30 per fan transaction. Top-earning creators may pay more fees per pass out than on platforms like Fanfix’s 20% cut.

Additionally, Passes.com’s strict content guidelines prohibiting any adult material is a limitation for creators working in that genre who may prefer fewer restrictions.

Established creators with a massive fanbase interested in offering premium exclusive experiences could benefit most from Passes.com. 

But newer creators and those requiring advanced technology for adult content may find other such media platforms better suited to their needs.


What kind of platform is Passes?

Passes is a top creator monetization platform for top creators with over 100k followers to monetize their fan base through exclusive content and experiences.

Is Passes.com like OnlyFans?

Passes.com and OnlyFans are different websites for creators.

Passes started in 2022 by Lucy Guo. It is a website that lets creators make money but does not allow naked or sexual stuff.

OnlyFans began in 2016. It became known for letting creators share adult content that fans pay to see.

The main difference is that Passes.com focuses on creators connecting with fans and making money from their work but does not permit nude or inappropriate adult material.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, is known for allowing sexual and adult-only content that creators charge fans to view.

While both let creators earn money from fans, Passes doesn’t allow nudity or not-safe-for-work content like OnlyFans does. 

Passes has strict rules against that kind of stuff.

Instead, Passes provides a website for different types of creators to share and make money from exclusive behind-the-scenes content, live streams, one-on-one sessions, and more – as long as it is all family-friendly material.

Does Passes.com allow NSFW content?

Passes.com wants to provide a safe and family-friendly environment for creators and fans using the platform.

It is different from other websites like OnlyFans, which are known for hosting and allowing adult sexual content that you wouldn’t want kids to see.

Instead of that kind of mature content, Passes.com focuses on helping creators make money and connect with fans through their regular, non-explicit work.

Creators can share exclusive behind-the-scenes content, live videos, personal interactions, and more with fans on Passes.com, but it should be appropriate and not contain any nudity or sexual material.

The main thing is that Passes.com does not permit any not-safe-for-work (NSFW) or adult-only content to keep the website clean and secure for all users.

Capping Off

Passes.com enables top creators to monetize their fanbases with unique experiences.

A service like Vidpros, which provides fractional video editing, can help creators needing to produce many hours of high-quality exclusive video content efficiently.

Passes.com aims to empower successful creators with over 100K followers to build sustainable businesses around their passionate fans through gated premium content and experiences. 

Its potential growth depends on attracting more established creators and their dedicated fan communities.

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