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9 Best YouTube Channels Explaining Complex Subjects Clearly

man looking on a laptop for the best YouTube channels for explainer videos

This article highlights the best YouTube channels for educational explainer videos that break down complex topics through animations, visuals, and expert insights.

It covers what makes a great explainer video and introduces top channels across science, technology, history, and philosophy that excel in this craft.

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Today’s top YouTube creators are mastering the art of captivating explainer videos to make complex topics engaging and accessible. 

Read the full article to discover the best educational channels for excelling at this craft—and learn tips for creating compelling educational content yourself.

9 Best Educational YouTube Channels

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell [21 million subscribers]

Kurzgesagt is a unique YouTube channel with over 21 million subscribers, focused on creating captivating animation videos that explain complex topics concisely and engagingly. 

Their niche is delivering educational content through a distinctive visual style that combines minimalistic flat and 3D design elements.

Kurzgesagt’s video style is unique, characterized by its modern, vector-based approach that incorporates vibrant colors, gradients, and crisp visuals. 

Science, space exploration, technology, biology, history, philosophy, and physics are all explored through a lens of non-belief that sparks curiosity and encourages viewers to explore the world.

One area where Kurzgesagt excels is in offering interactive workshops that leverage innovative technology to create immersive and engaging educational experiences. 

These multi-phase workshops involve concept development, research, illustration, design, production, testing, and maintenance, ensuring the final product is visually stunning and scientifically accurate.

In addition to their interactive workshops, Kurzgesagt offers a unique collaboration with Brilliant. Through interactive courses and lessons, viewers can learn more about the science behind their favorite Kurzgesagt videos.

With their distinctive visual style, commitment to accuracy, and dedication to sparking curiosity, Kurzgesagt has built a dedicated global following, making their channel a must-watch for anyone seeking to learn about complex topics in an engaging and accessible way.

TED-Ed [19.6 million subscribers]

TED-Ed is a highly influential YouTube channel with 19.6 million subscribers dedicated to creating educational video lessons that are both engaging and informative.

It specializes in short animated films that explore various topics surrounding science, technology, art, and global issues.

With high-quality animation and expert insights from educators and subject matter specialists, the channel’s video style is captivating.

These collaborative efforts result in visually stunning and engaging videos, that make complex topics accessible and understandable for learners of all ages.

One area where TED-Ed excels is in offering interactive workshops and courses designed to help educators and students effectively communicate their ideas and experiences. 

These workshops focus on teaching proven strategies for translating concepts into compelling stories, understanding the importance of a strong storyline, and guiding the development of TED-style talks and presentations.

Through their free, one-hour onlineIdea Workshops,” participants learn valuable skills in effectively communicating ideas, transforming experiences into ideas worth spreading and continuing to develop their ideas with the support of the TED-Ed platform.

In addition to workshops, TED-Ed offers an extensive library of educational videos curated through collaborations between educators and animators.

This extensive collection is a valuable resource for teachers, students, and anyone eager to learn, offering a wealth of knowledge in an engaging and visually appealing format.

CrashCourse [15.4 million subscribers]

CrashCourse is a popular educational YouTube channel with over 15.4 million subscribers.

Its niche is creating engaging and informative video lessons that break down complex topics across various subjects, from world history and literature to biology and philosophy.

The channel uses historical footage, illustrations, and humorous voiceovers to make learning enjoyable and accessible.

CrashCourse simplifies complex concepts and simplifies diverse subjects through its unique editing style.

One area where CrashCourse truly shines is in its commitment to offering free, high-quality educational content to learners worldwide. 

The channel has no formal courses but offers engaging video lessons covering various topics.

CrashCourse’s videos cater to both students and casual learners, aiming to make education accessible to all.

The channel’s widespread impact and recognition stem from its ability to balance educational validity with an entertaining presentation, incorporating humor and personality into its scripts and animations to captivate viewers.

With a diverse team of educators, videographers, and creative professionals, CrashCourse has become a go-to platform for anyone seeking to acquire knowledge in a fun and accessible way, empowering learners worldwide with free, high-quality educational content.

Veritasium [15.1 million subscribers]

Veritasium is a hugely popular YouTube channel with over 15.1 million subscribers

Its niche is creating engaging and informative videos that explain complex science, math, and innovation topics in an easy-to-understand way. 

The channel’s video style combines interviews with experts, fascinating demonstrations, and immersive tours, providing a captivating 3D look at intricate subjects.

One area where Veritasium truly excels is its no-nonsense, straightforward approach to educational content. 

The science channel also doesn’t rely on fancy frills or gimmicks. Instead, it breaks down complex ideas through clear explanations, real-world examples, and visually compelling footage.

While Veritasium doesn’t offer formal mini-courses or workshops, its videos serve as an invaluable educational resource. 

The channel’s ability to simplify science, math, and innovation engagingly has garnered incredibly high viewership, with videos like “Math’s Fundamental Flaw” garnering over 24 million views.

Veritasium’s strength is making traditionally dry and complex science topics understandable and genuinely appealing to a broad audience through its unique blend of expertise, visual storytelling, and relatable examples.

The Infographics Show [13.9 million subscribers]

The Infographics Show is a massively popular YouTube channel boasting 13.9 million subscribers. It produces animated videos on history, true crime, science, and hypothetical scenarios.

The channel’s unique style involves meticulously crafted animations brought to life using industry-standard software like Adobe Audition for voice recording, Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics, and Adobe After Effects for animation. 

This blend of informative content and eye-catching visuals has made The Infographics Show a standout in the educational content space on YouTube.

While the channel does not offer specific courses or workshops, it excels in the art of motion graphics design and animation techniques, showcasing its superior skill through the high-quality animated infographics it produces daily. 

With its engaging approach to presenting complex topics in an accessible and visually stunning way, The Infographics Show has carved out a niche as a go-to source for entertaining and educational content on best YouTube channel.

Vox [12 million subscribers]

Vox is a popular YouTube channel with over 12 million subscribers, known for creating engaging and informative explainer videos on a wide range of topics. 

Their niche is breaking down complex ideas and subjects into easy-to-understand visual stories, making them accessible to a diverse audience.

One area where Vox truly excels is in its innovative animation techniques

While Vox does not offer workshops or mini-courses, if you like the animations in Vox videos, Flat Pack FX offers an Animation Master Course, “Create Eye-Catching Animations.”

He offers mini-courses and workshops that provide in-depth training on various aspects of video creation, such as motion graphics, visual storytelling, and animation in After Effects.

Through these programs, aspiring creators can learn the art of crafting visually captivating animations, replicating Vox’s signature style, and mastering the nuances that make their videos engaging. 

Big Think [6.68 million subscribers]

Big Think is a highly engaging YouTube channel with over 6.68 million subscribers

Its niche creates educational and thought-provoking videos featuring insights from renowned experts and thought leaders across various fields, including science, technology, economics, politics, and culture.

The channel’s video style is informative and captivating, delivering complex ideas in a way that is accessible and easy to understand for a broad audience. 

Big Think’s videos showcase interviews, discussions, and perspectives from influential figures like Bill Clinton, Bill Nye, Michio Kaku, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

One area where Big Think excels is offering mini-courses and workshops designed to help learners develop critical thinking, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence skills. 

These instructional design-led courses, taught by experienced experts, aim to provide actionable lessons and equip learners with essential 21st-century knowledge and skills.

For example, Big Think offers a premium course called “Emotional Intelligence in Practice,” which is highly rated and designed to help learners cultivate emotional intelligence over four weeks. 

Their “Critical and Strategic Thinking in Practice” course teaches valuable critical thinking and strategic thinking skills through expert-led lessons.

Learning from Big Think means exploring big ideas, gaining new perspectives, and developing personal and professional growth.

Life Noggin [3.2 million subscribers]

Life Noggin is a popular YouTube channel with 3.2 million subscribers that describes creating engaging educational content through animated videos.

Its niche is answering intriguing questions related to science, the human body, and the universe in an entertaining and visually captivating way.

The channel’s unique style involves colorful 2D animations and a friendly animated host named Blocko, who guides viewers through complex topics with clear and simplified explanations. 

Life Noggin excels in developing mini-courses and workshops on content strategy and animation techniques, enabling its expertise to create educational videos that captivate and inform audiences of all ages.

With its commitment to merging art and education, Life Noggin offers a refreshing and accessible approach to learning, making it a standout in the educational content space on YouTube.

Cleo Abram [2.23 million subscribers]

Cleo Abram’s YouTube channel, with over 2.23 million subscribers, is a unique platform where she creates engaging and optimistic tech explainers. 

Her niche lies in breaking down complex technological concepts into digestible and easy-to-understand content while maintaining a positive and forward-thinking perspective.

Cleo simplifies complex topics and presents them in an informative yet entertaining manner in her youtube videos.

Her series, “Huge If True,” showcases her expertise in decoding the latest technological advancements and exploring their potential impact on our lives.

One area where Cleo truly excels is in her approach to video content creation and storytelling. 

Without mention of mini-courses or workshops, Cleo’s video journalism background and involvement in creating exceptional online content suggest expertise in crafting engaging and impactful material.

Cleo shares insights and strategies on topics such as how to approach content creation naturally, boost foundational research across multiple platforms, and adapt content to fit different audiences’ unique characteristics and expectations.

With her channel, Cleo Abram provides engaging and informative content about the latest technology trends. With expertise in journalism, technology, and content creation, she provides an optimistic and forward-thinking outlook.

What Makes a Great Educational Explainer Video? 

Imagine a world where complex concepts feel like child’s play. That’s the magic of educational explainer videos.

These bite-sized wonders pack a punch, breaking down intricate topics into simple bites. 

They unlock the secrets of even the most mind-boggling subjects through captivating storytelling, vibrant visuals, and crystal-clear narration.

For learners, these videos are a game-changer. 

Say goodbye to information overload – complex ideas become easily digestible. Abstract theories burst into life with clever animations that spark genuine understanding. 

And who doesn’t love an interactive adventure that keeps you hooked from start to finish?

But the real MVPs are the content creators behind these educational gems. 

With explainer videos, they wield the power to communicate brilliant ideas with clarity and charisma, reeling in audiences from the get-go. 

It’s a surefire way to build credibility as a source of insights. And with dynamic visuals and compelling calls to action, viewers stay glued and inspired to take that next step.

A clear script that hits the mark, visuals that amplify the message, and a call to action that prompts action – it’s perfection.

Above all, these videos focus on real educational value, catering to audience needs and pain points with pinpoint precision.

So whether you’re a knowledge-seeker or a visionary creator, buckle up for the ride of a lifetime with educational explainer videos. 

Understanding has never felt so exhilarating!

What is the most informative channel on YouTube?

Want to learn something new?

YouTube has many great channels for gaining knowledge. The creators here are masters at explaining complex topics in simple, easy-to-understand ways. Their well-researched, informative videos can teach useful information and expand the world.

What is the best educational YouTube channel for knowledge?

Whether you’re looking for informative videos to supplement classroom learning or to satisfy your curiosity, the above YouTube channels deliver. The skilled hosts break down complicated subjects using clear language and visuals that anyone can follow. 

Their explainer videos cover everything from science to history to life skills.

Who makes the best explainer videos?

Watching these knowledgeable YouTubers is also a great way to pick up tips for creating standout explainer videos. You’ll see first hand how the best explainers craft compelling narratives, design striking visuals, and structure their videos for maximum impact.

Let their expertise inspire you to share your knowledge effectively.

What is the most educational channels on YouTube?

No matter your age or interests, expanding your mind is always worthwhile.

Let the mentioned talented creators on these carefully curated educational videos and YouTube channels be your guide to a world of fascinating new subjects. Get ready to be inspired and informed!

Capping Off

The article highlights the top YouTube channels that excel in creating engaging and informative explainer videos on complex topics across various fields, from science and technology to history and philosophy. 

These channels use innovative animation techniques, visuals, expert insights, and storytelling to break down intricate subjects and make them accessible to diverse audiences.

The value lies in the opportunity to learn from the masters of explanation. 

With the knowledge from these channels and the support of Vidpros, a fractional video editing company, you can bring your explainer video visions to life and resonate with your audience. 

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