2023 Digital Marketing Conferences (January to June)

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Do you want to step up your digital marketing game and be in stride with the latest trends in the industry?

As our early holiday present, we provide you with the list of the most-anticipated and sought-after digital marketing conferences here and abroad from January to June, 2023.

We will continue to update the list with the latest information and details of other upcoming digital conferences as they come in.

So feel free to check back on this post for updated schedules and events.

Saudi International Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Expo

January 3-5

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SIDMC aims to assist and stimulate basic businesses to keep up with the future of e-commerce by highlighting the benefits and advantages of global marketing and e-commerce practices, procedures and solutions.

Additionally, the expo shares best practices of excellence on how to shape the future of smart services and encourages government and private institutions to raise the level of information and spread the culture of smart electronic transactions.

Lead Generation World

January 8-10

San Diego, CA

The Lead Generation Summit brings together some of the best minds in the industry and those who want to improve their lead generation campaigns.

The primary focus of LGW is to assist Advertisers and Lead Buyers in navigating the lead generation ecosystem by providing highly relevant and insightful content as well as exclusive networking opportunities, especially for in the digital marketing field.

Affiliate Summit West 2023

January 23-25

Las Vegas, Nevada

Considered the “biggest affiliate marketing event in the world”, the Affiliate Summit West 2023 brings together around 6,000 affiliates, advertisers, ecommerce sellers, networks, and tech suppliers for access to exclusive networking opportunities that’ll help build better partnerships through cutting-edge, tactical sessions delivered by leading industry experts.

Web & Digital Marketing Expo

January 18-20

Osaka, Japan

The Web & Digital Marketing Expo (Web-Mo Osaka) offers a wide selection of solutions for marketing automation, artificial intelligence, Web marketing, adtech, and video marketing.

Marketing, public relations, advertising, sales planning, and sales promotion professionals conduct face-to-face business with exhibitors at Web-Mo Osaka.


January 30- February 3


SUPERWEEK is the leading event for digital marketing professionals, analysts, and thought leaders in the online performance measurement industry.

Intrigue MAdTech Summit

February 1

Melbourne, Australia

The MADTech Summit is a premier one-day event by Carney Technologies Services that brings together marketing professionals and industry leaders to explore digital marketing, advertising and tech.

The digital sector is being embraced by businesses today to build their brand and create omnichannel experiences. There is more to the future than experience and skill set in 2020 and beyond.

Global Marketing Day 2023

February 16-17

Virtual Conference

A one-of-a-kind online conference that will redefine how to approach marketing education.

The conference is a 24-hour live stream filled with profound insights, trends, and power-packed sessions available at the click of your fingertips.

Among the highlights are the most innovative marketing cases and actionable solutions from savvy CMOs and the brightest in-house marketers.

Topics ranging from ‘Content marketing that drives revenue’ to ‘A million customers with 0 advertising.’ plus more from a community of progressive marketing professionals who strive for knowledge and drive the industry forward.


LA/ Spring – February 23

NY/ Summer – July 11

LA/ Fall – October 18

Hundreds of DTC founders and growth marketers are brought together for the friendliest, smartest, most approachable and most fun people for
the GROW conference series.

Speakers and discussion hosts will be sharing their valuable experiences in creating multimillion-dollar online brands, explaining exactly
how they got there and providing ideas and proof of concept strategies.

Pubcon Austin 2023

February 27-28

Austin, TX

Four educational tracks will be offered each hour throughout the conference and each session will feature industry-leading speakers sharing
their latest SEO, PPC, Local Search, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Digital marketing strategies.

 The Pubcon conference can provide businesses with tactical resources and insights to help them achieve their marketing objectives.


February 27- March 1

Valencia, Spain

The conference gathers delegates from across the world including Israel, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

It is a safe space where senior executives, upcoming rockstars can develop their professional networks, enhance their career opportunities, and build more profitable collaborations.

The 3-day event gives ample time for delegates to touch base and reconnect with old and new colleagues (plus an optional pre-event networking day).

DX3 Canada

March 1-2

Toronto, Canada

DX3 focuses on the intersection of retail, marketing, and technology. Retail of today and tomorrow is defined by these three elements, which form the foundation of successful retailers’ growth stories.

It helps delegates unlock learning, understand new strategies, and discover new tools by bringing people from each of those groups together.

Friends of Search: Amsterdam

March 23


Friends of Search is one of Europe’s largest search conferences.

Each year consultants, marketers, and businesses learn the latest insights on and techniques in SEO, SEA and more that will help them improve their online marketing strategies.

Delegates get to interact with international, expert-level speakers provide insights and solutions, as well as network with fellow delegates.

Shoptalk 2023
March 26-29
Las Vegas, NV

Shoptalk is the best event in the retail industry. Thousands of retailers describe the experience as amazing, educational, energizing, exciting, insightful, inspiring, productive, and fun.

An annual gathering of individuals and companies leading the reshaping of how consumers shop, discover, and buy products, Shoptalk takes place in Las Vegas each year.

During the event, large retailers, branded manufacturers, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts can learn, network, collaborate, and evolve.

DMO Advanced

March 28-30

Napa Valley, CA

DMO Advanced is a premier conference for Digital Marketing leaders focused on solving business-critical challenges.

Global brands, agencies, and in-house marketers are invited to attend our flagship event.

Collaboration, professional networking, and valuable content are guiding the accelerating shift to e-commerce.

E-Marketing Paris

March 28-30

Paris, France

E-marketing Conferences will showcase companies and startups that have “pivoted” to the future of marketing with agility and flexibility.

Adapting to the markets, listening to consumers is one of the legitimate goals of marketing and communications stakeholders, with topics focusing on the following;

-Metaverse innovation, NFT, crypto currencies, games in consumer experiences,

-Climate responsibility, brand commitments in CSR, and value chain respect are all key areas of responsibility.

-Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, and influencer marketing, as well as the animation of its communities…

-Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are at the core of effective B2B marketing strategies.

-Circular economy extends beyond second-hand and vintage purchases to the desire to preserve the planet.

Digital Marketing Europe

March 28-29

Virtual global conference

A virtual 2-day experience of inspiring sessions and keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and networking opportunities awaits you at Digital Marketing Europe 2023.

Global experts at all levels can participate, network, and advance their careers through this event.

Digital Summit

March 29-30

Phoenix, AZ

With the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, the Digital Summit has become the essential resource for those seeking to advance their knowledge and skill set.

Annually, Digital Summit hosts more than 1,200 sessions, workshops, and seminars covering digital marketing best practices.

The summit has featured keynote speakers like Seth Godin, Reshma Saujani, Mark Cuban, Randi Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, Ann Handley, Dan Pink, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

There are regular presentations by thought leaders from the world’s leading companies, such as Disney, Microsoft, Google, Nike, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook.

April 2-4

Miami, FL

PI Live Miami 2023 is a three-day event in Miami: The Magic City.

The event will be the new home for America’s boldest and bravest brands and publishers, to reimagine the future of performance-based partnerships.

Delegates will join changemakers, e-commerce led brands, creators and publishers helping ‘Build Profitable Partnerships’.

Digital Marketing Expo

April 5-7

Tokyo, Japan

This year’s Digital Marketing Expo (Web-Mo Spring) includes a wide range of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, web and digital marketing, adtech, and video advertising solutions.

Visitors to Web-Mo Spring conduct face-to-face business with exhibitors in marketing, public relations, advertising, sales promotion, sales planning, and sales planning.

Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference & Exhibition Series

April to November

Multiple locations

With 40 annual events across 18 countries worldwide, DigiMarCon is the world’s largest Digital Marketing, Media, and Advertising Conference & Exhibition Series.

At DigiMarCon, speakers from the digital marketing, media, and advertising industries showcase their audacious and thought-provoking presentations, providing attendees with insights into successful digital marketing campaigns, the latest innovative technologies, and best practices.

ANA Masters of Data & Analytics Conference

April 13-14

Orlando, FL

The conference will showcase groundbreaking innovations and insights on digital networking, learning and growth.

Connecting with peers from companies large and small expands your personal network and sphere of influence, provides rich insights, best practices, case studies, and to improve marketing knowledge and drive sustained growth for brands and businesses by learning from key marketing and advertising leaders.

Hero Conf: Austin

April 13-14

Austin, TX

Hero Conf is a training event for digital enthusiasts interested in learning about PPC along with the latest advances in digital marketing.

Learn about the latest paid media and digital marketing trends, keep up-to-date on industry trends, and have fun while learning.


April 17

Las Vegas, NV

Email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, mobile marketing, and omnichannel marketing professionals connect at MailCon, a global community of email marketers.

Leading marketing executives from a variety of industries attend MailCon, including insurance, financial services, health care, travel, legal, automotive, consumer goods, and e-commerce.

B2B Online

May 1-3

Chicago, IL

The B2B Online Chicago event brings together 900+ B2B leaders to exchange the hottest digital, e-commerce and omnichannel content and digital marketing best practices. Discover actionable insights that will increase your profits.

Manufacturers and distributors meet and discuss innovative strategies to provide customers with the best online experience.

Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

May 21-23

Austin, TX

Experience the newest products and strategies that will help accelerate the change you are looking for.

Get to know like-minded dealers in a relaxed environment away from long walks, noise, and hustle of larger conventions.

In the past few years, DMSC has become a “must attend” event for dealers looking to capitalize on the changes coming their way.

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo

May 22-24

Aurora, CO

The plans for the Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2023 are underway and will be announced soon. The last successful event this year offered attendees the chance to develop their strategic leadership skills and make their marketing vision a reality with insights and research-backed sessions that help to cut through the hype and reach deeper into the areas that drive success.

Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit

May 22-24

Palm Springs, CA

This summit will examine programmatic marketing, which is being rewritten along with the demise of third-party cookies and the rise of opportunistic channels as it ushers in a new era for the medium.

Learn how experts and analysts are responding to these changes and what it means to succeed in programmatic marketing in the new environment.

Is there an opportunity within new channels to reaffirm a strong programmatic marketing strategy? Are there any implications for the industry from the Great Resignation? In light of changing infrastructure to support audience demand, what effect will it have on the bid process?

2023 AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference

May 30- June 2

Santiago, Chile

Global marketing will continue to develop creatively as a result of the GMSIG conference.

As the world faces uncertainty, the GMSIG Conference in Santiago, Chile offers academics the opportunity to share insights and learn from the global marketing research findings and experiences of others.

A unique cultural experience in Santiago, Chile, will complement the conference with interactive, energetic, and enlightening sessions.

Emerce Digital Marketing Live

June 8

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unlike the typical conference, this is an ongoing program filled with CONTENT.

Roundtable sessions are full of in-depth interactions and discussions.

Digital marketing and advertising professionals get a knowledge boost. The online advertising industry’s biggest players are either onstage, on panels or in attendance for the much-anticipated summit.


June 13

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

World-class speakers deliver transformational and actionable content that draws entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Find out what is working right now for sales & digital marketing from business owners who have created their dream businesses.

Delegates attending ATOMICON will be equipped with actionable ideas you can implement immediately.

A post-event implementation workshop ensures that you take action and make the most of the event.

Digital Enterprise Show

June 13-15

Malaga, Spain

The DES2023 will feature cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and digital solutions that will help your business grow.

The Digital Era is the best time to rethink your business strategy and become the industry leader.


June 15-16

St. Paul, MN

MnSearch Summit is the premier search marketing conference for paid, organic, and multi-channel marketing.

Each year, digital marketers from across the country gather at the search marketing conference to share knowledge, engage in conversation, and establish valuable connections.

Web Marketing Festival

June 15-17

Rimini, Italy

Through multiple events, the WMF Festival aims to educate and promote the spread of an innovative digital culture among students, entrepreneurs, companies, and non-profits.

Digitization, Sustainability, Education and Training, Research, Inclusion and Accessibility, Health, Legality, Employment, and Entrepreneurship are among the main topics to establish an inclusive experience for all.

Growth Marketing Summit

June 22

Frankfurt, Germany

It is Europe’s largest conference for digital growth and optimization.

Delegates learn from world-class talks and topics that move the digital world forward. SUMMITs on growth marketing are less focused on conversions. Instead, it’s about scaling sustainably through a data-driven, customer-oriented approach.

App Promotion Summit: NYC

June 22

New York, NY

The App Promotion Summit NYC is the leading conference for digital app marketing in the United States.

Direct access to world-class app growth experts makes it an ideal platform for learning growth marketing strategies and tactics.

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