Proven Ways to Win Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency


The best work we do for others is often the worst of the work we do for ourselves.

This is something that hounds a lot of digital marketing agencies because it holds them back from growing their business.

Digital marketing firms may need serious help to balance working on their client’s businesses while working on their own companies simultaneously.

The problem is that many agencies relegate themselves to the back burner when building and maintaining long-term relationships with their clients.

It is increasingly difficult to keep track of all the client data your agency is responsible for, so consider implementing a customer relationship management tool to help you manage that data better.

Organizing, updating, managing, and maintaining your customer database can be daunting, especially when you have more than one client at a time.

This is where automation tools, such as customer database software, become very useful in reducing the workload.

Let’s put it this way. We live in a world full of doctors who make the mistake of neglecting their own health and housekeepers who end up having messy homes in which they live – all because they are too preoccupied with the work they do for others.

Many marketing firms deliver outstanding client results but must drum up business.

“Agencies often put off some of the most critical activities in their day-to-day operations to focus on acquiring clients.”

However, if you want long-term success, now would be the perfect time to invest in your development.

We have compiled some of the best practices for finding clients for your agency in the industry, which you might find helpful.

If you have never been to a training academy to learn about the formal programs for running a digital marketing agency, consider this training your informal boot camp to understand what you need to know to get ahead in the digital marketing world.

Get up and move

There’s no doubt digital marketing is one of the foremost things that come to the mind of most people in our technological age.

But, as much as you can’t ignore the digital world, sometimes you must step out into the “real world.”

It would be best to build your presence at local events where you can interact with business owners and decision-makers.

The best way to achieve this is by participating in networking events, business expos, trade shows, etc.

The main goal is to become a recognized member of the local business community as member of the local business community. Therefore, take the time to get to know your fellow business owners and potential clients.

As you build your business and client directory, you must begin to refer people to the businesses you know when the opportunity arises. A positive response from the grateful business owner will not only increase your chances of becoming a client, but they will also be more likely to return the favor and refer others to you.

A conference that speaks to your business sector can make a significant difference to your business. Consider attending a discussion related to your industry if you want to learn more about how it works.

In this post, we have compiled a list of all the upcoming conferences you can attend throughout the year 2023, so take the time to browse the list and find out which ones are most suitable for you to hear.

2023 Digital Marketing Conferences (January to June) – access here

2023 Digital Marketing Conferences (July to December) – access here

The Best 2023 Content, Influencer, and Social Media Conferences – access here

2023 Video Production and Video Marketing Conferences – access here

Be your client

“In what ways can digital marketing agencies win clients for their work? First and foremost, become their client.”

Look at it this way: you already have a working process for your clients. Is it time to review your agency schedules and replicate them with your agency?

As you would with your other clients, go through each step similarly. You should develop a brand guide and template, generate and collect data, create an outcome-based data-driven marketing plan, and follow through on each process step.

It would be best to remember to use all the pointers, advice, and strategies you give your clients. Finally, use storytelling techniques to build a trusting bond between your audience and yourself.

Most importantly, maintain the quality of your work and output. Discriminating business owners will assume that you would do the same for them if they see that you are doing your own marketing half-heartedly.

Use online directories

It is crucial to remember that your website is one of many places where you can build your web presence. Getting into as many online directories as possible is one of the most overlooked ways to increase your online presence.

This is one of the easiest ways to get in contact with businesses that are interested in digital marketing.

You have a few options available to you. The first thing you should do is to be listed on a general, widespread directory like Google or Yelp.

Next, you should focus on industry-specific online directories for marketing agencies.

There are a lot of advantages to utilizing these kinds of ads because it means that everyone in the audience is a qualified buyer looking for the service you are offering.

Finally, you should submit your business to local directories as well. In the case of people who want to patronize businesses in their area, these sites are often used by them as a source of information.

Of course, all directories are different, so some things must be considered.

For example, some sites provide a basic listing without the benefit of scrutinizing whether its beneficial for readers or audience consuming their content.

Instead, consider investing in guides with more advantages, such as advertising opportunities and events, to make your promotion investment go further.

Manage your portfolio

The best way for prospective clients to know how great you are at your job is to see it for themselves, not just hear about how great you are.

Your portfolio is the proof they need to see if they want to know how you can get clients in the digital marketing industry. It can also be persuasive if your team holds prestigious digital marketing certifications.

Your online portfolio must have a few key characteristics.

To begin with, it should show a variety of different styles. You must offer your clients that you can capture their voice, so by listing various brands you have already mastered, you will be able to show them that you can catch any voice they need.

Second, you want your portfolio to reflect the type of work you wish to attract to your organization. In this case, you should prioritize your work for past clients in your portfolio, for example, if you want to gain more clients from the real estate industry.

This way, you can show the right companies that you are an expert in their field. Furthermore, choosing a niche in the digital marketing sector for your business is essential.

Write a blog

There is no doubt that you already tell your clients about the importance of content marketing and how important it is for them to establish themselves as experts in their particular field. Marketing agencies are no different from advertising agencies in this regard.

Many businesses go through a similar process. Initially, they try to save money by doing all their marketing, so they don’t have to pay for it. Then, to learn the craft, they go through a whirlwind of Google searches to find as much information as possible.

They may try a couple of campaigns and see how it goes. Soon, however, they realize it is more challenging than they thought. At this point, an agency is called in to assist them.

If they wanted to take the DIY approach, then who better to contact than the agencies whose marketing blogs were so helpful when they were trying to do it themselves?

Furthermore, your blog will be able to give you credibility in the eyes of SEO clients, boosting your credibility and increase your chances of winning them.

 As a result, blogging can be one of the best answers to how to find digital marketing clients for your agency if you are asking how to find them. As one of the most effective optimization methods, clients want to see that you are taking the advice you give when it comes to blogging.

As much as a blog on your website can be helpful, you should also consider writing guest blogs for other websites in addition to your own. Business Insider and Forbes are examples of websites that are popular among business owners and executives.

Get more prospects using interactive tools.

So many digital marketing strategies revolve around social media, but most brands fail to take advantage of the “social” aspect of the platform. In many cases, they spend much more time writing their content than sharing it, commenting, or engaging online.

To get started, you should identify a few companies in your industry that you would like to work for. Then, engage with their posts on social media from time to time and follow them on social media. In a week, a few comments can go a long way in making an impact on your business in a positive way.

Getting your name in front of businesses can be an effective way of getting your name out there, especially if it’s a small business where the owner or manager manages their social media. Once they have become familiar with your name, it will be much easier for you to make that cold call that is now not so cold.

Email newsletters: build your following

Local businesses are always looking for new ways to further their growth and boost their revenues. So please become the expert resource they turn to for help.

Although you can serve your audience’s needs through your blog, it is even more effective if you can land in their inbox by sending out a consistent, valuable, and trustworthy newsletter.

Ensure you create weekly email newsletters containing marketing tips, new insights, and other exciting information. Then, put your efforts into a campaign to get more subscribers by using strategies such as using social media blitzes and adding a clear “subscribe” button to your website to increase subscriber numbers.

The people who subscribe to your newsletter know that you are an absolute marketing genius, so every week, your emails will land in their inboxes, and you will genuinely want them to succeed. In addition, whenever they need to hire a professional, you will be the first name that comes to their mind when they are looking for one.

To help you avoid the stress of managing your email marketing campaigns, it is also worth investing in a reliable automated CRM email marketing tool.

You can look at our review of some of the most popular digital marketing tools that can help with the automation aspect of your marketing campaigns.

It would help if you gained subscribers, but it is equally important to refrain from spamming or signing up people without their consent.

In addition, you’ll have a more challenging time getting into your subscribers’ inboxes if you begin getting flagged as spam by a few subscribers, so it will be harder for you to enter their spam folders instead of their inboxes.

Continually educate yourself

The field of marketing is one of those that is constantly changing and evolving. To stay at the forefront of their businesses, business owners and administrators must keep abreast of the latest developments.

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to invest in mini-courses and seminars that explain the current trends and practices in marketing. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the one to provide them?

There are two ways in which you can benefit from selling these seminars. First, it gives you a whole new source of revenue that you can tap into.

In addition, you will instantly be positioned as a professional in your field. A lot of these people recognize that if you are good enough at something enough to be able to teach it, you are also good enough to do an excellent job with what you do.

Alternatively, you can get into the conference circuit instead of organizing your seminars and courses if you want to avoid managing your own. Look for business conferences in your area to speak at them and pitch your idea as a speaker.

You may have to pitch for several conferences before your proposal is accepted, which can take considerable time.

As you gain more experience in your field, however, the more credibility you will get and the easier it will be for you to book future speaking engagements as you will have more credibility.

Speaking engagements can be a game-changer for your business. As a result, you will gain exposure and a reputation as one of the leading experts in your field. In addition, if you are selected as a worthwhile speaker at a conference, the audience perceives you as especially credible.


To keep track of the data and activities of each of your clients, you need to use AI-driven CRM software and tools to prevent losing a critical client and bringing in a new one.

In the meantime, CRM apps allow you to collect, track and manage all the client data you need to maintain your business while developing new marketing strategies.

Several tools that can assist you in getting more clients, such as Apptivo, Bitrix24, Freshworks CRM, ProofHub, etc., provide stand-out features, including pipeline management, contact management, collaboration, reports, sales tracking, automated lead capture, integrations, and much more.

“The better you understand your agency’s core needs in the first place, the more likely you are to grow your revenue as an agency.”

No matter how small or how large your agency the tips above can help you attract clients no matter how small or how large it is.

It is essential to have a diversified marketing strategy that includes not only your staple of digital marketing but also traditional methods – if needed –  methods to maximize results.

Be sure to be transparent about the pricing of your product or service.

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