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2024 Video Marketing Conferences [Not Your Ordinary List!]

video marketing conferences
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Imagine this: a room full of ideas, cameras snapping away, and people chatting about the next big thing. That’s what video editing conferences in 2024 are all about – where cool ideas meet the camera.

In our rapidly evolving digital world, videos rule the brand and marketing game. Whether you’re one of the top video influencers, a digital marketing strategy whiz, or just curious about moving pictures, these digital marketing conferences are like VIP passes to the future of telling stories through video content.

Now bear with us as we check out the best video marketing conferences of 2024, and get ready to see the magic when creative minds and big shots come together to create videos. 

It’s not just talks and presentations; it’s about living the experience. It’s not just what’s on stage; it’s about the friends you make, the ideas you get, and the buzz that stays with you after the event.

So, get set for a ride through the world of innovation. Whether you’re a movie buff making stories or one of the best video creators telling brand tales, these conferences promise a front-row seat to the future of video. 

Get ready to pick up tips, meet people, and stay ahead to see the trends that’ll rock the video world in 2024.

Join us as we unwrap the story of these video marketing strategies and conferences—one step at a time. 

Before that, we’ve got a TubeFest 2024 shout-out happening on May 23, 2024 in Birmingham UK.

We, at Vidpros, could not be more hyped to sponsor this must-attend industry conference.

We know how vital continuous learning is for video pros striving for success.

Vidpros fully supports TubeFest founder Matthew Hughes’ vision to create a leading video marketing event where attendees can learn and network with others in the industry.

At TubeFest 2024, you’ll discover cutting-edge YouTube and social video strategies from the world’s top video experts. Learn tactics for driving business growth through workshops, panels, and talks.

The Vidpros team will be there to discuss collaborating on viral video campaigns!

Don’t miss out on TubeFest 2024. Get your pass today.

1 Billion Followers Summit

January 10-11, 2024


Price: One Day Ticket AED 520 | Regular Ticket AED 810 

The 1 Billion Followers Summit, the leading gathering for content creation, has announced its theme, “Get Connected,” for the second edition. The summit, scheduled for January 10-11, 2024, at Emirates Towers and Museum of the Future, is organized by the New Media Academy. 

It aims to provide a dynamic platform for content creators, social media figures, self-starters, digital marketing professionals, and industry players to share insights, collaborate, and create a positive impact.

The summit is a significant Expo for Content Creators, bringing together the largest digital marketing creators and industry leaders from around the world in Dubai. The event stretches two days, featuring sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, and keynotes by renowned speakers sharing their inspirations and insights into rapidly evolving digital advertising world. With over 3000 attendees, including 200 CEOs, 100+ speakers, and 300+ companies, the summit serves as a meeting point for the creative community and social media giants.

Here are the confirmed Speakers at The 1 Billion Followers Summit:

  • Khaby Lame – #1 Most Followed TikToker Worldwide

  • German Garmendia – A Top 10 Most-Subscribed YouTuber 2022

  • Anasala Family – USA’s Golden Fam on Social

Silicon Valley Video Summit

January 23, 2024

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, CA

Price: Registration is free for qualified professionals who actively produce videos, events, and broadcasts.

Big Tech is a growing market for Video and Broadcast, with big companies embracing Video as a core technology, transforming its production, distribution, and storage. 

It is the annual gathering of industry experts from Broadcast and Big Tech right in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS) is hosted by Silicon Valley Group (SVG). On January 23, 2024, SVVS will bring together professionals to discuss the state of enterprise video marketing and production. 

SVVS has become the go-to event for big-tech video users and developers. SVG, in collaboration with ASG and B&H, has been building a community of big-tech and video content production professionals since 2019.

The agenda, developed by advisors, marketing leaders and sponsors, covers topics like Remote Production, Production in the Cloud, Virtual Production, Youtube Video Marketing & the Metaverse, Advancements in Streaming Technology, and Content Management & Storage. Drawing from the expertise of sports television and digital content marketing strategy professionals who transitioned to enterprise video, SVG connects with valuable end-users.

SVVS, held at the Computer History Museum, has established itself as a crucial event in the video and broadcast calendar, attracting over 400 attendees last year. The end of January provides an open slot for this executive-level digital marketing conferences in Silicon Valley.

Here are the confirmed Speakers at the SVVS:

  • Karina Anglada – Strategic Development Manager | Adobe

  • Alejandro Arango – Technical Director Virtual Production | Epic Games

  • Nicole Atkinson Roach – Director | LinkedIn Media Productions

Ad Age Gen Z Summit

March 6, 2024

City Winery New York

Price: Subscriber Rate: Early Bird $199 | Pre-Registration $225 | Standard $325

Non-Subscriber Rate: Early Bird $399 | Pre-Registration $425 | Standard $525

Attend Ad Age’s Gen Z Summit in March to understand the factors influencing Gen Z behavior and buying choices. 

This one-day conference is for marketing professionals and digital marketing managers seeking insights into the attitudes and preferences of individuals born between 1997 and 2012. This must attend event includes workshops and interactive sessions featuring insights from brand and agency leaders, along with Gen Z influencers. 

Topics covered range from social media marketing trends and creator marketing to brand authenticity, mobile marketing, product marketing, and the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Gen Z Summit is essential for business leaders in the advertising and online marketing sector aiming to efficiently reach and connect with this particular audience.

Here are the confirmed Speakers at the Ad Age Gen Z Summit:

  • Victoria Bachan – President of Whalar Talent | Whalar

  • Winnie Burke – Head of Fashion and Retail Partnerships | Roblox

  • Catie Cambria – VP of Marketing | Clinique North America

Marketing Interactive Content 360

April 24-25, 2024



Content360 is a well-established platform catering to various roles, from digital marketing chiefs to executives, backed by 12 years of research. It connects expert solution providers with senior marketing professionals, industry experts, leaders and decision-makers, building lasting relationships. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, driving Content360, aids in achieving diverse strategic marketing and business goals like brand exposure and lead generation.

The event sparks creative thinking, bringing together marketers and influencers for fresh content ideas and latest trends. Content360 demystifies tech solutions, ensuring a seamless content creation experience. It’s not just about digital marketing theory; attendees learn practical insights from case studies, fireside chats, keynote presentations, and panels. The event encourages active participation, promoting meaningful engagement in content and video marketing.

Here are the confirmed Speakers at the Content 360:

  • Amy-Lee Cowey-Small – Global Brand Director | Coco & Eve

  • Tang Ji Ching – APAC Category Head, Feminine Care | Kimberly-Clark

  • Lynette Pang – Deputy CEO | National Arts Council

iab.Podcast Upfront

May 9, 2024

New York

Price: Free to qualified media buyers and brand marketers

Speakers: TBC

Podcast Upfront is a marketplace tailored for digital marketing brands, agencies, and media buyers to explore the latest trends in podcast programming. Leading audio and podcast companies will present the podcasting potential, unveiling new shows and opportunities for advertisers. 

The iab.podcast upfront 2024 is an exclusive event for brand marketers and digital marketing agency professionals, offering insights into cutting-edge podcast programming.

The event highlights podcasts’ growth and potential as a media channel through dynamic speakers sharing content and insights. Attendees will discover key challenges, new content opportunities, measurement capabilities, marketing event programmatic advancements, and how podcasting can boost ROI for direct response and e-commerce.

Alongside the in-person event, the IAB will release its annual Podcast Advertising Revenue report, providing insights into ad revenue trends and projections for 2022 and beyond, categorized by ad and content genres.

TECHSPO New York 2024 Technology Expo

May 16-17, 2024

New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge Hotel

Price:  VISITOR PASS: FREE | $19.42  TRAINING PASS: $309.78 | ALL ACCESS PASS $517.18

Speakers: TBC

Get ready to geek out at TECHSPO New York 2024! It’s all about the hottest new and emerging tech in Internet, Mobile, Ads, Marketing, and Software. Whether you’re a developer tinkering with the latest trends, a brand looking to level up, a marketer crafting magic, or simply a techie who loves gadgets, this is your playground.

Brace yourself for mind-blowing demos from exhibitors rocking the latest big things. Connect with fellow tech nuts, share wisdom, and maybe even spark some groundbreaking ideas. 

It isn’t just about seeing cool things but about getting inspired, learning how these shiny toys can boost professional growth of your digital business, and making connections that could change the game in video marketing.

Think of it like a giant tech party for people who love playing with the future. 

Capture Summit

August 6-7, 2024


Price: Super Early Bird $99 | Group Super Early Bird $89

Speakers: TBC

Capture Summit is all about the essentials – filmmaking, video production, and social media marketing – crucial tools to share the Gospel. 

It’s a gathering that unites church techs, creatives, and leaders to collaborate on the latest techniques and technologies for conveying God’s story in our ever-changing world. It’s not just for individuals; it’s for entire church teams – the game-changers, trendsetters, and creative warriors for Christ. 

Here, you can explore how to leverage streaming and social media marketing world, enhance the worship experience for live and online audiences, embrace cutting-edge technologies like camera-to-cloud, and elevate your video marketing, production and streaming capabilities. 

The Capture Summit is where you find answers, strengthen filmmaking skills, enhance live production, and leave as better storytellers.


October 23-26, 2024


Price: TBA

Speakers: TBA

Join professional network of more than 2,000 Money Enthusiasts at FinCon, an online event crafted to assist in expanding your brand, connecting with similar individuals, and gaining practical insights to monetize your efforts. Discover FinCon Central, participate in sessions led by peers, and obtain digital recordings of all sessions.

In addition to creating better content, reaching their audience, and increasing earnings, the goal is to assist personal finance content creators and brands. FinCon, initially the Financial Blogger Conference since 2011, now includes influential digital content creators and leading brands in personal finance.

The annual event is a hub for creators in various new media formats, focusing on financial topics. Attendees connect with potential advertising and influencer marketing partners. The event includes panels and workshops where creators learn from experts on creating, promoting, and profiting from money-related content, and panel discussions covering the latest in personal finance and investing.

Capping Off

That’s a wrap on our tour through the world of online video marketing conferences in 2024. We’ve explored and learned together, but let’s sum it and stay up to date together.

These video marketing conferences are more than just a series of events – they’re a playground for creative minds. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone, from the latest tech trends to storytelling secrets.

Now, if you’re buzzing with ideas and can’t wait to turn them into amazing videos, we have something for you. 

Imagine having your raw footage transformed into a masterpiece. That’s where Vidpros comes in – your go-to video editing service. Don’t just dream it; make it happen!

Take your youtube channel and video marketing to the next step. Book a call with Vidpros, share your vision, and let us sprinkle our editing magic. Your videos deserve to shine, and Vidpros is here to make it happen.

So, here’s to a future filled with stellar videos and countless “wow” moments. 

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