5 Biggest Misconceptions About Video Marketing Agencies

Are you one of the many marketers opting to add a video to your marketing strategies that will help your business increase brand awareness? Have you decided what kind of video marketing agency is right for you? If not, whether you don’t know what you don’t know or you got confused about video marketing agencies.

In short, does my business really need a video marketing agency? 

Take it easy! You will have a better understanding of video marketing agencies after reading this article. Here we discuss 5 biggest misconceptions that people get confused about when it comes to a video marketing agency.

A Video Marketing Agency is Not Important

Did you know that most consumers today expect to see a video content from the brands they love? On different social media platforms, usually on Facebook or Instagram, brands are using video promotions beyond every other type of content. If this is not enough to encourage you to make videos to promote your brand, you can take a look at the stats below.

Globally, Internet video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022, up from 73% in 2017. – CISCO

So, with the help of a video marketing agency, your brand can create, polish, and send a quality video that will connect you to your viewers. In addition, a video marketing agency can provide the assistance that your brand needs when it comes to promoting the videos to the right channels and maximizing engagement, views, and revenue.

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Too Expensive

It is no surprise that you also think that video marketing agencies are too expensive. Have you? Sure, looking at all the costs and price tags for video editing and other services is pretty shocking. But, on the other hand, a video marketing agency can give you high-quality videos that certainly require a budget and could be very expensive on your end. However, know that the project you are dealing with is always flexible, and not every piece of your video requires a Marvel Studios budget for production.

To keep your video marketing costs down, simply put in mind that you need to be cautious enough about hiring a reliable video marketing agency. Instead of wasting your money on having a poorly-executed video made by a low-quality freelancer, hire a professional video editing company to maintain the kind of video needed for your marketing success.

All Video Marketing Agencies Are the Same

If you have thought that all video marketing agencies are the same, you are very wrong. Unfortunately, most businesses that consider this big misconception have failed to achieve the precise video marketing strategy to inline the style of the agency to their brands. This is very essential that you understand well that all video marketing agencies pride their unique style of content. 

For example, some could provide you quick edits with elegant effects or transitions, and others can give you slower edits with a quality and refined approach.

It is very crucial that you pick the right video marketing agency whose work can bring out the very style of your brand. Then, as a marketer, you can take your time to do your thing and research which company suits your brand.

Videos Are All That’s Needed

Do you think that all you need from a video marketing agency is an incredibly awesome video? 

Please don’t mistake the importance of audio, transitions, effects, and other components in the final output. 

Having a clear video doesn’t mean it’s all good for now because poor audio, effects, or even transition can ruin everything and destroy the engagement that needs to be maintained while your audience watches your videos. 

Bad audio, effects, transitions, etc., is a sign of poor video content planning and production.

It is vitally important that you need to consider the final output of your videos. 

Experienced video marketing agencies know that these types of mistakes are incredibly costly. 

And they want to assure you that the whole package of their services will not disappoint you and meet your video marketing expectations.

I Can Do It Myself
Have you thought that video editing can be so easy to study and learn it yourself? 
Or, maybe you can say, “I have the skills for this, and definitely I can do it myself or even better than those video marketing agencies.” 
Yes, you can be right about that. However, there is a big difference between a professional video editor and a home-baked video maker. 
It is a common misconception when you think that video marketing agencies are no different from those skilled solo flight videographers or video makers.

You should understand that a video marketing agency can help you formulate a marketing-and-video strategy. 

Suppose you want your brand that signifies the importance of marketing goals instead of having a client working alone or DIY video production. 

In that case, the most effective video asset can only be delivered by experts in the field of video marketing, capable of helping you produce videos that will make your brand stand out.


We are glad to have this opportunity to share with you these 5 biggest misconceptions about video marketing agencies. 

We only hope that this information is useful on your end! It is very important that you learn about each one when deciding to hire a video marketing agency.

Let’s take it a step further by checking out our blog by opening the link below on effective ways to win clients for your agency.

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If you are thinking of getting help from professional video editors, feel free to get in touch ((805) 800-4594) with us! Thank you!

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