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The Top 10 Videography Conferences for 2024

Videography Conferences

Connect with video influencers, acquire industry insights, and boost brand presence on social media through persuasive video content. 

Next, explore the dynamic potential of networking with fellow video professionals and industry leaders. Envision cultivating collaboration, seamlessly exchanging innovative ideas, and propelling your career to new heights. 

In the next section, we will explore the most important events of the year, where creativity converges with technology. 

Experience the best video production conferences in 2024 to enhance your skills, learn about the latest trends, and form valuable connections.

Top 10 Video Production Conferences for 2024

Traffic & Conversion Summit

Date: January 9-11, 2024

Caesars Forum Las Vegas

Price: All Access $1,995 | VIP $ 2,595 | Ultimate VIP $15,000

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2024 Banner

Every year, thousands of smart entrepreneurs and agency owners meet to discover the latest trends in digital marketing. If you’re a marketer, own an agency, or run your own business, the Traffic & Conversion Summit is the event for you.

Connect with thousands of like-minded individuals facing similar challenges. 

Join marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and video creators worldwide for strategic networking at happy hours and events. Leave having formed valuable partnerships.

Here are some of the World Class Speakers Lineup of Traffic & Conversion Summit 2024:

  • Sir Richard Branson – 2024 Keynote Speaker Founder | Virgin Group

  • Daymond John – Founder & CEO of FUBU, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank | FUBU

  • Ryan Deiss – Founder & CEO | DigitalMarketer, The Scalable Company & EPIC Network

  • Perry Belcher – Co-Founder & CEO | Rival Brands

  • Roland Frasier – Co-Founder Scalable, T&C, DigitalMarketer, Founders Board, EPIC Network & Exit Ready

SuperMeet 2024 at NABShow

Date: April 15, 2024

Las Vegas NV

Price: TBA

SuperMeet 2024 Banner

SuperMeet is the ultimate conference dedicated for creatives to build interaction, fresh ideas, decisive collaboration, and empowerment.  

The SuperMeet scheduled for NABShow 2024 emerges as a top-tier community-building networking event, offering attendees the opportunity to connect with industry peers, mingle with friends, and create new connections.

SuperMeet is owned, managed, and produced by Daniel and Katie Bérubé (SuperMeet, LLC).

As of now, there is no official announcement yet of the speakers for SuperMeet 2024.

Content Entrepreneur Expo 2024

Date: May 5-7, 2024

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Cleveland, OH USA



CEX 2024 Banner

Content creators, including bloggers, podcasters, authors, newsletter writers, speakers, coaches, consultants, freelancers, video editors and YouTubers, are invited to the premier learning and networking event for content entrepreneurs. 

Participants will discover strategies and training sessions to build revenue and audiences independently of Big Tech, explore the effective use of AI for thriving in the digital landscape, and accelerate growth through networking and collaborations with fellow content entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the World Class Speakers Lineup of CEX 2024:

  • Joe Pulizzi – Founder, The Tilt

  • Keenya Kelly – CEO of If You Brand It

  • Robbie Fitzwater – Founder of MKTG Rhythm

  • Mike Stelzner – Author and Founder, Social Media Examiner

OMR 2024 The Festival for the Digital Universe

Date: May 7-8, 2024

Hamburg Exhibition Center


OMR 2024 Banner

The OMR Festival offers a comprehensive experience for digital professionals, featuring information, inspiration, and networking opportunities in digital business. 

With top international speakers across multiple stages, Masterclasses, a two-day trade fair, side events, and Guided Tours, the festival is a must-attend for those in the digital industry. 

Attendees can anticipate two days filled with keynotes, panels, talks, live concerts, and more, providing inspirational, unique content, and best practices on the latest digital marketing trends and topics.

Here are some of the World Class Speakers Lineup of OMR 2024:

  • Rick Rubin – Def Jam Recordings & American Recordings | Music Producer & Founder 

  • Kara Swisher – Podcaster and Influential Tech Journalist

  • Tim Ferriss – Author & Podcaster

  • Mrs. Bella – Content Creator & Entrepreneur

  • Philipp Schröder – 1Komma5° | Founder & CEO

Mumbrella 360

Date: May 21-23, 2024

Sydney, Australia

Price: Explorer Pass $2,569 +GST | All-Access Pass $ 1,899+GST | Conference Pass $ 1,499 +GST

Mumbrella 360 2024 Banner

Mumbrella360 assembles CMOs and marketing leaders from Australia and New Zealand, providing a platform for agency leaders in media, content creation, digital marketing, and social sectors to share insights on market conditions, challenges, ideation processes, and client opportunities. This live event features prominent media brands addressing diverse global and local industry topics.

Here are some of the World Class Speakers Lineup of Mumbrella 2024:

  • Greg Hoffman – Founder, Modern Arena & Former Chief Marketing Officer, Nike

  • Joanna Robinson – Chief Marketing Officer, The Iconic

  • Naysla Edwards – VP Brand, Marketing, and Member Experience, American Express

  • Simon Cheng – Chief Marketing Officer, Menulog

TubeFest 2024

Date: May 23, 2024

Birmingham, UK

Price: Early Bird Ticket £299


TubeFest 2024 Banner

After globetrotting and participating in diverse marketing events, Matthew Hughes, the visionary behind TubeFest, identified a prevailing trend: many creators, some with substantial followings, lacked a business-oriented mindset. Recognizing the gap, TubeFest has curated two tracks to address this issue.

From its inception, Mike Holmes, Vidpros’ CEO, has been a steadfast supporter. 

Over drinks, Matthew shared his vision, and Mike not only endorsed it but also pledged sponsorship. While commitments made in casual settings may raise skepticism, Mike’s dedication remained sincere. Reiterating his unwavering support in Dallas and with the backing of Vidpros, TubeFest now enjoys genuine enthusiasm and sponsorship.

Whether you’re a creator, business owner, or entrepreneur, TubeFest offers an ideal platform for your advancement.

Here are some of the World Class Speakers Lineup of TubeFest 2024:

  • Justin Evans – From Failed Vlogger to 2+ Million Subscribers & 1+ Billion Views

  • Sam Bearfoot – How to gain 100k followers in a year using short-form video

  • Andrew & Pete – Building a community your clients love and can’t wait to recommend

  • Louise Brogan – How we use YouTube as a B2B lead generation pipeline!

Atomicon 2024

Date June 18, 2024

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Price: £339

Atomicon 2024 Banner

ATOMICON distinguishes itself as a pitch-free event, ensuring participants with discounted tickets for future occasions.

With its multi-track structure, individuals can choose sessions aligned with their interests, and all sessions are recorded professionally for subsequent viewing. 

ATOMICON consistently assembles a fresh agenda each year, covering topics of utmost relevance to small business owners, including the latest strategies for Reels and TikTok, which have been gaining significant traction.

Here are some of the World Class Speakers Lineup of Atomicon 2024

  • Davina McCall – One of UK’s most beloved TV Icons

  • Lisa Bilyeu – Author of Radical Confidence. Co-founder of Impact Theory and billion-dollar brand, Quest Nutrition.

  • Jen Gottlieb – International speaker, host of the I Dare You Podcast and co-founder of Super Connector Media

  • Andrew and Pete – Founders of ATOMIC & Your ATOMICON Hosts

IBC 2024

Date: September 13-16, 2024

Rai Amsterdam

Price: TBA

IBC 2024 Banner

IBC is the globe’s most influential content and technology event, serving as a magnetic force for the worldwide media, entertainment, and technology sector. 

Rooted in its founding principle of being ‘by the industry, for the industry’ since its establishment in 1967, IBC has dynamically evolved across its 56-year history, adapting to emerging trends and technologies. 

From its initial representation of 24 countries in the first year, IBC expanded its reach to host exhibitors, speakers, agency executives, and visitors from over 170 nations, providing a platform for critical insights, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities.

IBC can be considered as the second largest conference and sits at the global crossroads of the media, entertainment, and technology industries providing an informative, innovative, and engaging experience. Always at the forefront of industry innovation.

However, as of this writing, there is no official announcement yet of the speakers for IBC 2024.

Inbound 2024

Date: September 18-20, 2024

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Price: General Admission $ 899 | VIP $ 1,699 | General Admission – Group Package (10 or more attendees) $ 765

Inbound 2024 Banner

Harnessing culture, innovation, and creativity, INBOUND accelerates collective advancement. It is a launchpad for burgeoning careers, facilitates business scaling, and enriches community transformation for the greater good.

INBOUND 2024 Agenda is coming this spring.

As of this writing, there is no official announcement yet of the speakers for INBOUND 2024.

Digital Marketing Days & Total Video 2024

Date: October 9-10, 2024

Gastwerk, Hamburg

Price: Early bird ticket EUR 880.00

Digital Marketing Days & Total Video 2024 Banner

The HORIZONT Digital Marketing Days & Total Video annually convene decision-makers in advertising, video marketing, post production professionals and services immersed in digital marketing and videos. 

The shared platform facilitates insights into trends and innovations within digital and video marketing for advertisers and agency executives. 

Industry-leading speakers, marketers and producers share relevant approaches and successful communication strategies across various channels. The event provides a collaborative space for networking, enabling participants to exchange ideas and expand their professional connections.

As of now, there is no official announcement yet of the speakers for Digital Marketing Days & Total Video 2024.

Strengthen your conference experience with these valuable tips for video professionals:

Make the most of your video production conferences journey by strategically planning your schedule, engaging in diverse sessions, and building effective communication. 

Enhance your conference experience further with Vidpros, offering expert video editing services to bring your insights to life and create a lasting impact.

Here are some practical tips:

  1. Strategic Planning: Research and prioritize sessions aligned with your interests.

  2. Diverse Engagement: Attend keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops for insights and skill development.

  3. Balanced Approach: Factor in breaks, leverage technology tools, and prioritize networking for valuable connections.

  4. Effective Communication: Engage with speakers and attendees by researching in advance, crafting an elevator pitch, and actively participating in discussions.

  5. Approachability: Maintain openness through body language and follow-up for lasting relationships.

  6. Social Media Leverage: Utilize social media strategically with relevant hashtags for extended networking.

  7. Resource Utilization: Focus on videography context when using conference resources. Explore proceedings for insights, bring professional meeting materials, and disregard unrelated resources for a seamless conference experience.

Enhance your post-conference strategy with effective video marketing initiatives:

As you wrap up your conference experience, weave together the threads of insights gained either through a live event or during virtual events, ensuring they resonate for knowledge consolidation, improved communication, and informed decision-making. 

Craft a comprehensive summary, drawing from clear notes and points, and present it professionally to align stakeholders seamlessly. Embrace new knowledge by reflecting on insights, identifying actionable steps, and developing detailed plans. 

You can also seek feedback, pilot on a small scale, monitor progress, and share these insights with your team, nurturing continuous improvement. 

In an effective networking follow-up, initiate connections with prompt gratitude emails and personalized LinkedIn messages. Keep well-curated ‘reconnect files’ for regular follow-ups, consider thoughtful follow-up letters, and connect by sharing relevant insights to discuss. 

For promising connections, propose follow-up meetings and build lasting professional relationships.

Closing Thoughts

As we share these exciting conferences for video professionals, the question is: With such valuable opportunities at your fingertips, why not explore them?

These events aren’t just about learning; they’re about building relationships, honing quality skills, and growing continuously.

From TubeFest to Content Entrepreneur Expo, each conference promises a unique experience. Maximize takeaways, infuse newfound knowledge into your work, and nurture connections.

Check out our list of 14 Most Awaited Video Editing Conferences in 2024 to further enhance your skills and stay at the forefront of industry trends!

Book a call with Vidpros today, where personalized service meets your video editing needs. 

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