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Best Travel YouTube Channels to Help Plan Your Dream Trip

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Imagine being transported to breathtaking destinations worldwide without ever leaving your couch. 

With 52% of travelers admitting to being inspired by visual content shared on social media, it’s no surprise that YouTube has become a virtual travel agency for wanderlust souls. 

From adrenaline-pumping adventures to private explorations, the best travel channels on YouTube offer a front-row seat to the most mesmerizing corners of the globe. 

Whether seeking inspiration for your next getaway or a secondary escape, these channels will ignite your passion for exploration and leave you itching to pack your bags.

The Top 10 YouTube Travel Channels You Should Follow

Mark Wiens [10.4M subscribers]

Mark Wiens
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/migrationology

Mark Wiens is a US-based blogger, vlogger, TV host, family travel journalists and proprietor who lives in Bangkok.

Through his engaging content that explores various cuisines and cultures worldwide, he has gained enormous popularity with 10.4 million YouTube subscribers.

Mark’s unique hobby and talent revolves around his passion for exploring multiple cuisines and cultures worldwide, which he shares through engaging content as a travel and food blogger and vlogger

As a culinary adventurer and storyteller, he can immerse himself in local food scenes and even share practical tips.

His unique hobby of exploring the world through its culinary delights has shaped his career as a successful travel and food blogger. It also allowed him to connect with millions of followers who share his love for gastronomic adventures. 

His talent for bringing the flavors of different cultures to life through vivid storytelling sets him apart in the world of travel and food content creation.

Zack D. Films [8.83M subscribers]

Zack D. Films
Photo Source: Facebook

Zack D. Films is a well-known travel YouTuber who creates captivating videos showcasing his adventures and experiences worldwide.

His YouTube channel offers viewers a chance to explore different cultures, landscapes, and activities through high-quality videos that capture the essence of his travel journeys. 

As of today, Zack D. Films has gained a massive following of 8.87 million YouTube subscribers, demonstrating the popularity and appeal of his travel-focused content.

Zack D. Films’ unique talent lies in his ability to immerse his audience in his travel experiences through engaging storytelling and visually striking content. He has a knack for capturing the essence of each destination he visits, from the local cuisine and traditions to the breathtaking scenery and hidden gems.

Zack D. Films’ passion for travel and exploration translates directly into his content creation. 

His videos transport viewers to different corners of the globe, allowing them to indirectly share in his adventures and gain a deeper appreciation for various cultures and environments. 

This strong connection between his passion and work likely fuels his creativity and drives him to continually seek new and exciting travel experiences to share with his millions of followers.

Hep Gezen [7.09M subscribers]

Hep Gezen
Photo Source: YouTube

Hep Gezen is a Brazilian travel YouTuber with over 7.9 million subscribers. His YouTube travel channel showcases beautiful beach destinations and holiday spots around the world.

Hep’s videos transport viewers to stunning coastal locations, capturing the beauty of pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and adventurous water activities like rafting.

With a lively and welcoming tone, Hep shares the diverse cultures, sights, and sounds he experiences during his global adventures.

His content inspires wanderlust, offering a virtual escape to breathtaking natural landscapes and immersing audiences in the local flavors of each region.

Hep’s passion for exploration, sharing the world’s unique places, travel tips has made him one of YouTube’s most popular travel bloggers.

Drew Binsky [4.13M subscribers]

Drew Binsky
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky

Drew Binsky is a renowned travel YouTuber who inspires and educates through his captivating content.

With 4.13 million subscribers today, Drew has established himself as a prominent influencer in the travel space, documenting his adventures and experiences from around the globe.

Beyond his love for exploration, Drew harbors a unique passion for sports, particularly baseball, golf, and hockey. His enthusiasm for teams like the Chicago sports franchises and the Wisconsin Badgers is a fun outlet and a means to connect with fellow sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Drew’s passion for sports might seem unrelated to his travel pursuits, but it adds a relatable and enjoyable dimension to his content. 

By weaving in his love for sports, he creates a common ground with viewers, building a deeper connection and highlighting the universal power of shared interests, no matter the cultural context.

Petya English [3.95M subscribers]

Petya English
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/petya_english

His YouTube channel with 3.95 million subscribers, features various content like engaging travel Vlogs, fun challenges, and insightful lifestyle advice.

Petya’s charismatic yet relatable personality, unique humor, and remarkable storytelling abilities have struck a chord, garnering a huge following across social media.

Beyond YouTube, Petya maintains an active presence, frequently interacting with his dedicated fanbase and offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into his life. This intimate connection has solidified his status as a beloved digital figure.

While his net worth remains speculative, Petya’s income stems from brand partnerships, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and collaborations – a proof to her business sense. 

His dedication and creativity have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his remarkable rise as a content creator, inspiring and entertaining audiences worldwide.

Lost Leblanc [2.12M subscribers]

Lost LeBlanc
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/lostleblanc/

Lost LeBlanc, known to the world as Christian LeBlanc, has over 2.12 million YouTube subscribers.

This Canadian storyteller has captivated audiences worldwide with his new videos and his visually stunning and immersive documentation of global adventures.

Lost LeBlanc is known for nurturing young creators with an unexpected passion. 

Through his Lost Creator Academy, he shares invaluable insights into the art of filmmaking and the business sense required to thrive in this competitive industry. 

Drawing from his transformative journey, LeBlanc aims to empower individuals to turn their creative passions into sustainable careers.

LeBlanc’s path has been an inspiring one. 

Once confined to an unfulfilling 9-5 corporate routine, he took a leap of faith by quitting his job, selling his possessions, and going on a journey of self-discovery with a one-way ticket to Thailand

With no prior experience, he taught himself the skills of video content creation and production, allowing his natural storytelling abilities to flourish.

Through unwavering dedication, LeBlanc evolved from a novice backpacker into a prosperous entrepreneur, collaborating with renowned brands and building a multimillion-dollar business by age 25. 

However, his success did not come without challenges – financial uncertainties, self-doubt, and the pressures of a highly competitive industry tested his resilience every step of the way.

Today, Lost LeBlanc’s passion for travel and content creation is inextricably linked to his drive to uplift others. 

Having navigated obstacles aspiring creators face, he provides guidance and inspiration. Through the Lost Creator Academy, he equips his students with the tools to capture captivating stories and establish sustainable careers in the digital world.

Lost LeBlanc’s journey shows the power of following one’s passions, embracing change, and paying it forward. 

Kold [1.33M subscribers]

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/samkolder/

Sam Kolder, known as Kold on YouTube, is a talented Canadian travel vlogger and cinematographer. 

As of today, he has an impressive 1.33 million subscribers on his travel YouTube channel. Through his creative filming and editing techniques, Kold’s videos showcase stunning travel destinations.

An unexpected passion of Kold’s is photography. 

He is a self-taught photographer who developed his skills from a young age by studying camera functions and editing in his spare time.

Kold has an eye for capturing breathtaking landscape shots and aerial views using his high-tech 6K drone.

Kold’s photography passion directly influences his travel videos and content creation. His travel vlogs are visually stunning thanks to Luma fades, zoom transitions, handstands, and hyperlapses. 

Kold seamlessly blends his love for creative photography with immersive storytelling about the places he explores. Through his cinematic lens, viewers can virtually experience destinations.

Vaga Brothers [1.14M subscribers]

Vaga Brothers
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/vagabrothers/

The Vagabrothers, consisting of brothers Alex and Marko Ayling, are renowned travel vloggers on YouTube with 1.14M subscribers

Their channel, Vagabrothers, takes viewers on cultural and culinary discovery to some of the most unique places worldwide through engaging travel videos.

Beyond their passion for travel, the Vagabrothers have a unique focus on cultural immersion and gastronomic exploration. While traveling, they immerse themselves in local culture, cuisine, and history by participating in cultural activities, visiting historical sites, and sampling traditional dishes.

The Vagabrothers’ commitment to cultural immersion and culinary exploration enriches their travel content by providing viewers with an authentic and insightful experience of each location they visit. 

They offer a holistic view of the places they explore, showcasing their sights, rich histories, traditions, and flavors to inspire you on your next trip.

Sorelle Amore [1.02M subscribers]

Sorelle Amore
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/sorelleamore/

Sorelle Amore is a full-time traveler and minimalist YouTuber who has built a successful career around her passion for exploring the world and sharing her experiences. 

As of today, Sorelle Amore has 1.02 million YouTube subscribers.

Beyond her love for travel and minimalism, Sorelle Amore harbors a unique passion for luxury travel experiences. 

Despite embracing a minimalist lifestyle, she has had the opportunity to stay in multi-million-dollar luxury homes during her trips. 

This passion allows her to blend high-end accommodations with immersive travel adventures, showcasing a unique approach that balances comfort with exploration.

Sorelle Amore’s passion for luxury travel experiences directly influences her content creation as she shares her travel stories with her audience. 

By showcasing lavish and adventurous aspects of her journeys, she offers a mixed perspective on travel, catering to those seeking both indulgence and cultural immersion. 

To experience the best of both worlds, her unique blend sets her apart and adds depth to her storytelling.

Hey Nadine [510K subscribers]

Hey Nadine
Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/heynadine/

Nadine Sykora, better known as Hey Nadine, is one of YouTube’s top travel vloggers with 510k subscribers

Her channel focuses on her travel experiences and expertise from visiting over 60 countries through engaging videos filled with practical advice, hacks, and adventures that inspire and educate viewers about travel.

Beyond her passion for travel, Nadine loves teaching others. Her passion for inspiring people with her honest travel advice and tips is evident in her informative videos. She aims to help both first-time and seasoned travelers achieve their travel dreams.

Nadine’s desire to combine her love for travel with her teaching skills has driven her to produce content that showcases the destinations she visits and educates and inspires her audience. 

Her unique ability to blend her passions for travel and teaching into captivating and instructive videos has made her a respected figure in the travel Vlogging community.

The Power of Unexpected Passion

It’s exciting when travel Vloggers share talents beyond just traveling the world. Finding out about their secret hobbies makes them feel like real people we can relate to. 

When a travel creator shows off an unexpected skill like painting, playing music, or cooking delectable food, it gives us a whole new way to connect with them. 

We get to see different sides of their personality.

These bonus talents can make a travel Vlogger’s content fresher and more creative.

If a Vlogger loves photography, their travel videos might focus more on capturing beautiful shots of the places they visit. 

Or if they’re really into local cuisines, they’ll probably spend lots of time taste-testing foods and sharing recipes from their travels. 

Blending their off-the-beaten-path hobbies with exploring new destinations keeps things feeling new and unique for the audience.

Having different creative outlets can inspire travel vloggers to think outside the box with their videos. When they show their varied passions into the storytelling, it results in content that feels more authentic and multi-layered than a standard travelogue. 

Viewers get transported into the vlogger’s experience – not just the typical tourist highlights. 

This range of interests and expressions makes their adventures more vibrant, engaging, and memorable for fans.

Vidpros: Empowering Travel Creators to Share Their Passions

Vidpros is a fractional video editing company that allows travel creators to outsource the editing process. It frees the creators to focus on filming their adventures and exploring other hobbies beyond travel.

Working with Vidpros gives creators more time to craft compelling travel stories while also pursuing side passions that can inspire fresh creativity in their videos. 

Blending varied interests into their travel vlogs results in a unique, authentic storytelling style that resonates with audiences.

Vidpros handles the technical editing so creators can invest their energy into developing distinctive, personalized travel content that captivates fans.

Capping Off

The most compelling travel YouTubers are those who share unexpected talents and hobbies beyond just globe-trotting. 

Discovering these creators’ secret passions – whether it’s photography, sports, or culinary adventures – makes them feel like multidimensional individuals we can deeply relate to.

When travel vloggers blend their varied interests into their videos, it elevates the creativity and authenticity of their storytelling. 

Their adventures feel rich and more engaging as we get transported into the vloggers’ full experiences – not just the typical tourist checklist.

To seamlessly merge their passions with their travel content, Vidpros empowers these creators.

By outsourcing the video editing process, Vidpros frees up vloggers’ time to fully invest in crafting compelling travel stories and exploring personal hobbies that inspire unique perspectives.

The takeaway? 

Follow your favorite travel YouTubers down the rabbit hole of their captivating side interests. 

You’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the liveliness they inject into their already wanderlust-inducing adventures. 

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