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How to Choose A Video Editing Service in the Philippines


If you want to outsource your video editing to English-speaking pros and save money in the process – editors in the Philippines are some of the best candidates in the world for the job.

In this guide, we explore your options to hire a video editing service in the Philippines so you can feel confident to start your search for the option that makes sense in your specific case.

Whether you’re a business owner, a content creator with a Youtube channel (or TikTok or Instagram for that matter), or an individual in need of professional video editing, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been hiring video editors from the Philippines for the last four years and have learned a thing or two along the way.

We give you years of hiring experience broken down into an easy-to-digest 5-minute bite. So consider each option and discover the right solution for you.

What Are My Options for Video Editing Services?

Let’s start with the different hiring options in front of you. Once you know whether it makes more sense for you to hire a freelancer or team up with an agency, you can proceed and begin to compare individual providers. 


When should you hire a freelance video editor to edit for you? When you think of freelancers, think of flexibility. It’s a customizable work relationship where you get personalized attention, and it’s usually the best fit for small projects or short-term contracts. 

You can find skilled video editors on platforms like Upwork.com (free job posts) if you spend time and sift through the mountain of job seekers. 


  • Cost-effective: While freelancers often have a higher hourly rate to compensate for their business expenses and lack of benefits, they are usually your cheapest option for small jobs.

  • Avoid paying employee benefits: Want to avoid paying all the benefits Filipino employees would otherwise be entitled to? No sick time, vacation, or maternity leaves required.

  • Flexibility: Freelancer video editors can often adapt to your specific needs and project requirements and give you a custom solution. You can find editors in the Philippines who work weekends, for example.

  • Wide talent pool: You can find a generalist video editor or someone with the specialized skill set you need. Need an experienced video editor for your Youtube channel focused on character design? There’s plenty to choose from.

  • Be direct: You work directly with a freelancer, which allows for easy and fast communication, reviews, and revisions.

  • Simple to hire: And simple to fire. While it can take substantial time to find the right fit, you could theoretically hire a freelancer in less than 5 minutes from Fiverr or Upwork. If you aren’t happy with the fit….next!


  • Not an employee: Freelancers may have other commitments and projects, which can affect their availability and ability to meet strict deadlines. Your work won’t always be their top priority, and turnaround times can suffer.

  • Limited resources: As individuals, freelancers might not have access to the same level of resources, equipment, and software as larger agencies.

  • Dependability: The barrier to calling yourself a freelancer is extremely low. You could become one right now if you wish. Many are unreliable and frustrating to work with. No backup when they are sick or want time off.

  • It takes effort to find a good one: The best video editors are expensive, and their calendars are already fully booked. If you can plan your projects out far enough ahead or work on longer deadlines, you can find great freelancers. Be prepared to spend hours, if not days interviewing and vetting potential hires before you find the right fit.

  • You have to manage them: Even though they aren’t your employee, you kind of still have to manage them as if they are. Provide expectations, train them to your standards, manage their work and give feedback, and fire/replace them if it doesn’t work out.

Freelancer video editors can get expensive if you keep them around for a while. One option for ongoing project work is to pay your freelancer per project instead of per hour. This way, you incentivize them to get it done faster, and you know how much your costs are upfront. 

Hire A Full-Time Employee

If you want a long-term partnership, consider adding a full-time video editor to your operation. Onlinejobs.ph is a great source to find your next contractor or full-time employee. 

A few words of warning – when you hire an employee, you must be aware of and follow all local laws and regulations. In the Philippines, the most important distinction is whether you classify your hire as an Independent Contractor or an Employee. 

Why is it important?

Employees are entitled to a long list of benefits, and contractors are not. But if you misclassify an employee as a contractor to save money and then get caught, you can get in a fair bit of trouble with the Philippine government. However, this isn’t legal advice and is way outside the scope of this article. 

We want to give you a heads-up, so do your homework. We recommend you work with a local employment lawyer to stay on the right side of the law.


  • Dedicated resource: You get a high-quality video editor 100% dedicated to your needs. You can set a work schedule and assign tasks as needed.

  • In-house expertise: A dedicated employee can develop a deep understanding of your brand, style, and preferences. In the long run, the relationship gets easier, and you can trust them to do the right thing.

  • Training compounds: Any time spent training your employees compounds over time, and they become more and more valuable. If you expand your team, you may even have a future team lead on your hands.

  • Increased collaboration: It’s easier to integrate your employee into your operation and have direct communication with other team members and departments.

  • More control: Everything is within your control. If you aren’t happy with any aspect of the relationship or operation, change it and try something new.


  • Higher cost: Hiring a full-time employee involves costs beyond their salary, such as benefits, insurance, government pensions, and more. You’re also on the hook for vacations, maternity leave, and 13th-month pay (some companies even offer 14th-month pay).

  • A sunk cost: A full-time video editor may not be cost-effective if your video editing needs fluctuate or you have sporadic projects. You may end up paying for the idle time during slower periods.

  • Harder to let them go: This is another area to consult local legal help – but in the Philippines, you can terminate an employee for Just Causes and Authorized Causes. In either case, there are due processes to follow.

  • HR responsibilities: Hiring a full-time employee also means taking on additional HR responsibilities, such as recruitment, onboarding, training, and performance management. Otherwise known as a Royal Pain in your butt.

To legally hire employees in the Philippines, you must register a local business. It’s a great way to go if you plan to grow an offshore team. But it’s a lot of red tape, hassle, and expense if you only need a few video editors. 

You can get around this by hiring independent contractors. Still, we can’t stress enough that you should always seek legal advice before proceeding. For base level knowledge, if you hire an independent contractor and you are their only client, and you set a work schedule for them, the Philippines’ legal system is likely to consider them an employee. 

Should You Talk To Recruitment Agencies?

If you want to outsource the hassle, you can hire a recruiter to do the heavy lifting. Recruitment agencies have access to a pool of talented professionals and can help to screen and hire your next video editor. 

Manila Recruitment and Staffhouse are two of the biggest players. Let’s look at some pros and cons of working with a recruiter.


  • Expertise in recruitment: It’s all they do, after all. A recruiter saves you time and effort with a done-for-you service. You can focus on more important tasks and let them bring short-listed applicants to you, or even let them pick and hire for you.

  • Access to a pool of candidates: Agencies often have a broad network of pre-vetted local talent which can speed up the process and increase the likelihood of a successful hire.

  • HR support: Some agencies can handle administrative tasks, payroll, and other HR responsibilities to lighten your load. They know the local market, including the laws and regulations

  • Replacement guarantee: They may even offer replacement guarantees. Meaning they will find a new candidate if your initial video editor isn’t the right fit.


  • Expect to pay more: Recruitment agencies typically charge ongoing fees or commissions for their services. Convenience always comes at a cost.

  • Less control over the hiring process: You may have limited involvement in the selection process, as agencies handle most of the initial screening and interviews.

  • Longer onboarding process: Due to the involvement of a third party, the onboarding process may take longer, potentially delaying the start of your project.

  • Limited customization: Agencies often have a standard process and may be unable to adapt to your specific project requirements. For example, you might want each short-listed candidate to perform a test project, and some agencies might not offer this service.

Recruitment companies are a great option to find expert-level talent. If you are okay with an entry-level video editor, you’re better off searching for yourself to save money. Unless you can’t be bothered to spend any time on it and can easily eat the markup. 

Full-Service Video Production Companies – A Good Or Bad Idea?

Would you rather outsource the whole kit and kaboodle? Not only your video edits but also find someone who plans, scripts, and films for you too? 

If that sounds ideal, take a look at video production companies. They have a wide range of resources and the skills to provide a customized end-to-end solution. 


  • A wider range of services: Video editing production companies often offer a wide range of services, including pre-production, film, post-production, special effects, and distribution.

  • High-quality production value: These companies typically have access to world-class equipment, software, and talent, which allows them to create polished and visually appealing videos.

  • Well-honed procedures: With established processes and workflows, video editing production companies can efficiently handle complex projects and deliver them within your specified timelines.

  • Specialized expertise: Production companies often have teams of professionals specializing in different aspects of video production, such as project management, scriptwriting, cinematography, and video editing.


  • Higher cost: Of course, it’s going to cost you substantially more. But if you don’t want to purchase any gear or do the work yourself, it can be worth it to outsource your whole video creation process to a team of experts.

  • Less flexibility: Due to their established processes and workflows, these companies may have less flexibility in accommodating unique or unconventional project requirements.

  • Limited involvement: You may have limited input or control over creative decision-making as a client. Can you trust their process?

  • Communication challenges: A larger company often means more layers of communication. It could potentially lead to slower response times or miscommunications.

As with any service provider, it’s crucial to research and consider the specific offerings, reputation, and track record of video editing production companies before deciding. By far your most expensive option, but if you find the right company, you may find that the quality and convenience are worth it. Video production companies are a great way to capture your corporate events.

Video Editing Agencies – How Do They Work?

Video editing agencies have established teams of the best video editors and are a perfect solution for your long-term video needs. You get top-tier talent with proven systems and efficient communication channels for a low flat monthly fee.


  • Specialized skills: Video editing agencies have dedicated teams of professionals with extensive experience and skills in video editing.

  • Get a dedicated video editor: You get matched up with an experienced video editor with the correct skill set for your needs. And you work with the same editor in the long run. They become your creative director, and you can consult with them on your videos.

  • Get access to a team: What happens to your production schedule when your freelancer falls sick or needs a day off? With an agency, there’s a team of expert video editors ready to step in and keep your projects rolling when needed.

  • Professional equipment and resources: Good agencies use state-of-the-art software, equipment, and resources. Adobe Premiere Pro is considered the gold standard for video editing software, but its high price tag can be a barrier to new or small editors.

  • Faster turnaround time: Agencies offer fast delivery and can turn around simple jobs in as little as 1-2 business days.

  • Unlimited Revisions: Many video editing agencies even offer unlimited revisions. So your project isn’t finished until you’re happy and say so.

  • Affordable Rates: Most agencies work on a flat monthly fee, which can work out to a very low-cost solution for a consistent and reliable service.


  • Less direct communication: Working with an agency may involve more contact points and a defined communication channel. For example, you are unlikely to be able to text or Slack message your video editor. Many agencies have in-house systems they use for you to provide instructions and feedback through, to keep all communication in one accessible location (which allows team members to step in when necessary).

  • Less control over the process: Your video editor is not your employee, and they often have an allotted amount of time to spend with you each week. You can’t expect rush jobs prioritized when you snap your fingers.

  • Availability and workload: Popular and reputable video editing agencies may have high demand, resulting in limited availability or longer waiting times.

There are good video editing agencies, and there are pretenders. You must take the time to interview and properly vet companies beforehand. While many allow you to sign up with a credit card online, we strongly recommend you at least talk to them before you make any decisions. 

Once you’ve found a quality agency, you’re set! If you need more editing time, you can simply add services on top without hiring a new editor from scratch. All of your agency’s video editors are seasoned pros who have worked in the trenches with clients like you before. 

Your Key Considerations for Hiring a Video Editing Service

When it’s time to choose a video editing service, there are several factors you should consider. You should know what you need before you begin to shop around and talk to prospective service providers.


How much can you afford to pay? It’s going to determine which options are viable for you. 

Freelancers tend to be cost-effective for quick jobs but are more expensive than employees over the long run. Agencies are a great blend of affordability and expert service that can scale with you as you grow. And production companies could be terrific if you’re well-funded and want someone else to take care of the whole process.   

Turnaround Time

How quickly do you need your videos turned around? Turnaround times can vary widely, so discuss your expectations with potential service providers to ensure they can meet your deadlines. 

Quality and Experience

Poorly edited videos rarely get watched. So look for service providers with a portfolio of relevant, high-quality work and credibility in your niche or industry. Then get your hands on some samples. 

Communication and Collaboration

Poor communication with your video editor will sink your partnership faster than a cannonball. Just like in any marriage, you need to be able to talk to one another openly and share both the good and the bad. Choose a service provider that offers clear communication channels, understands your requirements, and actively involves you in the editing process.


Do you want your video editor to own the entire process and make some decisions? Or would you prefer someone who is good at taking direction and can just do the work? 

If you’d like your editor to add their creative ideas, you want to work with the same editor for the long run. Hire an agency that assigns you a dedicated video editor to get your dream partnership started.

Tips To Hire A Video Editing Service in Philippines

As you embark on your journey to hire a video editing service, here are a few essential tips to remember.

Determine Your Project Requirements And Goals

Clearly define what you need from the video editing service, including the desired style, tone, and specific editing techniques. How much content do you edited? And how quickly do you need your projects completed? Gather as many details as you can and get this information straight before you start your search.

Research And Compare Service Providers

Once you know what video editing service you want to hire, it’s time to do your homework. Take the time to research and compare different service providers based on their portfolios, experience, and customer reviews.

If a candidate has reviews or testimonials, what are past clients saying about their ability to meet deadlines? Or about their communication style? Remember that these are their best reviews, and they are unlikely to display anything negative. 

To combat this, you should always…

Conduct Interviews

Unless it’s for a small one-off project, it’s a good move to interview your prospective video editor first. Even if it’s an agency or production company. Any agency worth its salt is happy to chat on the phone to discuss your needs and answer your questions. 

And if you want to hire a freelancer or employee, we strongly recommend assigning a test project to all short-listed prospects to see what they can do.

Where You Can Go From Here

If you want to hire a video editor in the next month or two, then let us help you navigate the process. We can share our experience to let you know which video editing service makes sense.

Our expert video editing team is based in the Philippines. We have been in your shoes and have learned through trial and error how to hire from the Philippines. Book a call to chat, and let us know what we can help you with.

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