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10 Video Editing Tips For Beginners


If you are an aspiring content creator, chances are that you will have to edit your videos somewhere down the line. So the best way to approach it is with a hands-on attitude. Video editing is complex and can be difficult to get a grip on. When you have an okay number of likes and subscribers, that’s when you should look for a professional video editing service. But until then, it could be better for you to work on your own video editing skills. This article gives you with the basics of video editing, including the flow of a video and some great video editing tips for beginners.

What are the Basics Of Video Editing?

Video editing -fixing up your video footage to create what is clearly a higher-quality final video that works for your chosen format or online channel. Create new stories, communicate a message, or simply entertain.

Most videos follow a similar structure. They generally start with a title sequence, which introduces the video’s topic. Then, the video will show various snippets in a sequence that is related to the topic, like a preview. These may be in chronological order, or they may be arranged to create a certain effect.

Finally, the video needs to end with a conclusion, which summarizes the video’s main points or leaves the viewer with something valuable to think about or a call to action (a marketing term to get users of your content to actually make a change in their lives somehow). If you can add value to you the life of your viewer, they will certainly come back to you and hopefully follow your channel. Remember, they give you their precious attention, so give them a good reason to like, subscribe, or search for you again.

The Video’s Flow

Title Sequence

The title sequence is the first thing that viewers see when they watch your video. You want it to be eye-catching and memorable so that people want to continue viewing it. You can use graphics, text, or even just a simple color scheme to create your effective title sequence.

Scene Selection

Your video will likely be made up of multiple scenes. You should choose these scenes carefully to contribute successfully to the overall message of the video. When you select scenes, consider both the content and the order you present them in. For example, you really want to try to start with a scene that grabs the viewer’s attention, followed by a scene that provides more information about the video’s topic. 

How To Round Off  Your Video

The conclusion of your video is your last chance to make an impact on the viewer. You can use it to summarize the main points of your video. Alternatively, you’re objective can be to leave the viewer with something to think about. Your final section should be memorable and satisfying so that people will want to watch your video again or, more importantly, hit that subscribe button!

How To Edit Your Videos Like A Pro

Use High-Quality Hardware For Video Editing – A Fast Computer

If you’re serious about video editing, you need a solid computer. That’s because video editing is a resource-intensive process that requires a lot of horsepower. Can you get away with a slower computer? Yes, but it will make your editing process painfully slow.

So what kind of computer do you really need for video editing? Well, ideally, you want a computer with a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, and a fast hard drive. So it comes under the banner of “desktop replacement” if you are buying a laptop – meaning something that has all the power of a laptop but is portable.

A powerful processor is important because you often work with large files and perform multiple tasks simultaneously. That puts a lot of strain on your processor, so you need one

Plenty of RAM is also important because it allows your computer to keep more information in memory while you’re working. When you’re editing video, you often have multiple programs open at the same time, and you’re constantly switching between them. We cannot stress enough how RAM is important for multitasking. On this, really you need the highest you can get, so avoid trying to save money on this part, or you’ll end up regretting it. Seriously, we know, because we’ve done it in the past!

A fast hard drive is also important for video editing. Why? You need to be able to access your video files quickly when you’re working with them. A slow hard drive drags on your access time which means the data goes slowly between your drive and your machine, which is where the work gets done. Get a solid-state drive (SSD). It is more expensive, but in the long run, it pays off. In general, most laptops now ship with an SSD. You will more than likely end up with a bunch of external drives if you are making lots of videos. Make sure those external drives are also SSDs – external drives work slower with your computer than the internal ones, so spending a bit extra is needed here.

Really the bottom line with video editing, is that it uses up every bit of power that you can give it, so you need a high-specification machine in all areas…Simple!

Get Good With The Right Video Editing Software

Two Great Beginner Video Editing Software Options..

It is pretty hard to be clear on only one best video editing software package, so we’ve given you our two favourites. For both of them, you can get a ton of free video editing tutorials and video editing tips on Youtube.


iMovie is a great place to start if you are an Apple user. It’s free on Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones. Literally, just download it and get going.

iMovie is easily the easiest software for Mac users. You get a really simple and intuitive interface, but you can still do some cool stuff quite easily- visual effects, sound effects, filters, and a good selection of super simple presets which actually look good. A lot of home video editors with Apple Macs never bother to use anything else, it is so easy to use. Automated “Magic Movie” is a killer feature – no work creates a simple video for you. We love this!


HitFilm could be the best entry-level video editing software for beginners. you get over 400 presets and effects for an amazing, but easy video. Your workspace is easily customisable, but still simple at the same time. You get the option of paid add-ons, too including a heap of specialized visual effects. The only downside is that sometimes there is a watermark on your videos, so you need to check on the costs for upgrades and getting rid of watermarks.

Have a Clear Picture of What You Want To Achieve With Your Video

Before you start editing your video, you really need to have a clear picture of what your editing style is going to be for each video. This is key in your video editing process and honestly, one of the most important video editing tips. What exactly is the purpose of your video? Do you want to promote a product or service? Do you want to raise awareness for a cause? Do you just want to entertain your viewers? 

You decide, but you do need to be clear about this, otherwise, editing turns into a mess. This is especially important if you are making Youtube videos, or something for a specific platform like TikTok or Instagram, as you are competing with other video creators, as well as keeping in mind the need to be popular with the relevant algorithm.

Once you get clear on the purpose of your video, you can start to put together a plan for your editing. What scenes do you need to include? What order should they be in? What shots do you need to get?

Answering these questions will help you to create a clear vision, which will make the editing process much easier – which leads us to the next point…

Tell Your Story Through Your Video Editing

Your video editing can help tell your story in ways that words alone cannot. If you choose the right shots and sequence them together, you can better engage your audience with something more punchy and sharp.
Here are some tips to help you get started:

Plan your story. Decide what you want to say and how you want to say it. Stick to your main idea and support it.

Choose your shots carefully. Every shot contributes to your story. Think about what each shot is saying and how it fits into the bigger picture. Don’t add fluff or be indulgent.

Edit with purpose. Every edit should serve a specific purpose. Whether it’s to transition between scenes, build tension, or create a certain mood. Be strict here.

Pay attention to detail. The little things can make a big difference. Pay attention to the audio, the lighting, and the framing of each shot. Be fussy – your competitors are.

Be patient. Editing is a process, and it takes time to get it right. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different things. And most importantly, enjoy the process.

Your story is the most important part of your video. It influences how you will approach every aspect of your editing structure – you will see it referenced throughout the rest of the tips.

Video Editing Tips: Less Is More – Edit Your Video Short And Powerful

This can be difficult to do, especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s worth taking the time to edit your videos to create a shorter, more powerful final product. If you specialize in TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube shorts videos – this one is important!

Simple tips tick list:

      • Start with the most important footage

      • Be willing to cut out unimportant details

      • Use transitions sparingly

      • Keep it simple

      • Experiment with special effects, but only what is needed

      • Use color to set the mood

      • Use captivating music if you can

    Double Check Copyright Issues

    As a video editor, be aware of copyright law and to respect intellectual property rights. Ignore them, and it could cost you in the long run.

        • Make sure you have the right to use any media you include in your videos

        • If you want to use someone else’s content in your video, get permission from the copyright holder first

        • When in doubt, give credit

        • Be aware of fair use policies

        • Keep track of your sources

        • Ask for help if you’re not sure

      Back-Up Your Edits

       Isn’t this is one that should speak for itself? Editing software can crash. Raw footage can get damaged on a hard drive. Play it safe on your data, is seriously at the top of our best video editing tips, even though it isn’t strictly a video editing tip…As a video editor, never forget the basics!

      What Is Next? Tips for Beginner Editors

      First, get clear on these video editing tips, and then you will start to feel editing videos like a pro is within reach. However, if video editing seems like a mountain that is too high to climb and you would rather spend more time creating videos – consider Vidpros professional video editing service. Jo, our wizard of a video editing consultant, can give professional advice on everything from improving watch time on Youtube videos, right through to knowing if you should get an editor, or hold off for a while. Chat with him here.