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The Best Path to Trim Your Videos (4 Ways)


Short-form video has become trendy in the world of social media. From TikTok videos to YouTube Shorts, short-form content have captured the attention of an increasing number of viewers from all over the world.

There are content creators who have become quite popular creating these short-form content for people to enjoy. They usually originate from long video content repurposed into multiple short, bite-sized versions. There are also some who take advantage of short-form video content for promotion and marketing purposes. 

Appeal of Short-Form Videos

Whether it may be a popular podcast, YouTube video, and even movies or MTV’s, a short snippet version of it is available on social media. It seems to garner a growing number of younger viewers who prefer watching more minute-long snippets over lengthier ones.

If you are a content creator wishing to explore making content for various short-form video platforms, you can consider repurposing or trim your existing videos. You can choose from a number of options available.

Trim Video Online: Factors To Consider

Various free online and offline options are available to help you trim your long video. You can use a desktop computer software to start trimming your stock of long videos yourself for free.

You can also now trim your video using your mobile device. There are both free and paid apps available that will allow you to now trim video content wherever you are.

You can also seek the services of experts to trim videos for you. There are different factors to consider to help you in choosing the best video trimming path to take.  

What’s Your Goal?

Do you wish to create multiple short clips for your social media channels or for a client or a particular sponsored brand? Your goal for a project will determine which video trimming option to consider.

Level of Complexity

Some projects may require certain brand guidelines for creating the short video snippets. You need to trim videos to a desired length, use brand logos, follow color schemes, and other requirements.

The complexity of certain tasks require a higher level of skill or expertise. It can be way above making just simple cuts and trims into existing videos.  

Content Volume and Frequency

Do you have a large amount of video content that you need to trim regularly? Do you need short clips produced daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis? The amount of video trim tasks required will help determine if you need to seek the services of experts or tools for a certain project.    

Budget Size

How much money are you willing to spend to accomplish certain video trimming projects on your table? Are you working on a minimal budget or are you willing to spend more for better video quality output? 

Timeline for Video Trimmer Projects

Do you need the video clip right away or do you need it the week after? Your posting schedule is also something you need to consider when you are looking for a video clip trimmer of your content. 

Four Paths to Consider for Video File Trimming Projects

Once you have the above mentioned factors in mind, there are different options available to choose from. They have their advantages and drawbacks that you also need to consider.  

Let Your Virtual Assistant/Video Editor Do It For You

You can let your virtual assistant work as a video trimmer. If you already have a video editor, you can hand in those tasks to someone with a higher skill level for doing short videos. 


One of the advantages of this option is that you get quick results and at no additional cost. As a content creator, you may already have a typical do-it-all virtual assistant and video trimmer. You only need to assign the simple video trimming as an added task.  

It also provides added convenience since the video trimmer is someone whom you’ve already worked with. He or she already knows you and understands what you want. It just takes minimal instruction and supervision to get the work done. 


woman, burnout, multitasking

Your virtual assistant can only do so much as an online video trimmer when it comes to the complexity of the task. Initially, video trimming may take some time to do since doing so may take a bit of training.  

Your virtual assistant will need time to learn how to use the video trimming software tools and the basic techniques. Even then, it may take quite some time before you can even consider handing over tasks of creating multiple clips of varying complexity. 

Using a Video Editing Agency

A video editing agency is the option to choose if you wish to have experienced video trimming professionals to cut videos for you and more. You can enjoy some added convenience having a professional team with a creative director or project manager on board.


A video editing agency can handle even the most complex tasks with high quality results and not just to simply cut video. If you have a regular bulk of videos to upload and convert into short snippets, then getting a video editing agency is your best option.   


The cost is considerably higher if you avail the services of an agency just to cut videos. But if you have the budget and would not compromise on quality, then this option is the right fit for you.

Use the Power of AI Tools

The recent emergence of online AI tools made it easier for just about any task to accomplish, including as an online video trimmer. Several AI tools are available online that are specifically designed for trimming long videos.   

mobile device


With free AI tools to trim videos online, the once tedious task of cutting and trimming a long video clip is now done automatically. The only thing you usually need to do is simply upload your video file for the tool to analyze and trim.

As an online video trimmer, the free AI tool analyzes each video or audio clip you upload, identify start and end points, and then create multiple snippets from the same video with only a few clicks. The output is provided in various video file types for upload.

It is more or less the most affordable option available, considering the amount of work it can do in just a short time. If you are looking for a high volume, quick turnaround, and low budget solution, AI tools is your best video cutter option.    


cutting format

When you trim a video file using free AI tools, it cannot identify very specific areas of your long videos to trim or remove unwanted sections. If you wish to trim your YouTube video online into shorts, be aware that current AI tools may not be capable of doing more complex trimming tasks.

It can analyze and choose the best parts from your long videos to make into a series of smaller snippets. But it can only do simple trimming tasks ideal for posting on social media platforms.

The VidPros.com Option 

Now, if you are looking for an option that offers the best of both worlds, then VidPros.com may be the option for you. We offer a reliable and affordable solution that can be the perfect fit for your video trimming needs.


VidPros.com offers a professional online video cutter and editing service at a fraction of the cost. Unlike most agencies that require retainer fees or a signed contract, VidPros provides its service for a reasonable monthly subscription fee.

With your subscription, you get access to a team of highly skilled video editors who can edit entire videos for you, improve the video’s image and not just clip it.

man, editor, color correction

With VidPros, you always have an experienced video editor available as long as you are subscribed to the service. You no longer need to go through the exhaustive task of searching for the perfect editor.

The work process with VidPros is easy and convenient. You simply provide the video file to work on and then your specific instructions on what should be done. 

online, meeting, virtual

You can also provide other files such as the music to use and visual effects. Your VidPros editor will then see what’s the best approach to take in editing based on the instructions you provided.

 VidPros can work with individual content creators as well as agencies and companies taking care of their video editing needs aside from trimming. Depending on project complexity, VidPros can provide overnight turnaround time for clients.


Despite the many benefits, VidPros also has some limitations that you should know about. For one, we do not provide animation or voiceover services. 

microphone, headphones, voiceover

With your subscription, video editor availability is just for a set number of hours, not all day. You might need to have your video files and instructions to upload your video already planned and prepared before submission to the VidPros editor to make the best use of valuable time.

You can rely on VidPros for your high volume and recurrent video editing projects, not just for trimming. For added assurance, you can always check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for some video testimonials coming from our other satisfied clients. 

You can also check out some case studies to discover how it is like working with VidPros as well as the results. Here at VidPros, we highly value client satisfaction and we let that become our badge of honor.  


All in all, you need to consider a number of factors before choosing the best option for your video trimming needs. What is your purpose or goal to trim video? What is the level of complexity needed for making them? How often and how many clips do you need and at what time? How much are you willing to spend?

Once you have answered these questions, you can now check out the different online video trimming options available to you. By then, you will not have a difficult time finding out the perfect fit for you.

Check us out at VidPros.com and find out how we can help you achieve your video trimming goals.  

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