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The Benefits of Video Editing

Video Editing

Content is king in today’s online world. Each creator must jockey for position while standing out from the crowd, and generating an idea and filming the video are the first steps. 

Editing is an essential part of the process of content creation. A quality editor can help turn an otherwise decent video into a polished and engaging narrative. Trying to edit a video yourself can be a time-consuming and tedious process. 

Because of this, many creators are turning to video editing services to assist them. Outsourcing editing boosts content quality while reducing frustration and frees up the creator’s time to focus on crafting additional content. The benefits extend beyond saving time–professional editors can enhance viewer engagement and brand growth. 

Enhancing Professionalism

There are two primary types of content creation: spontaneous and scripted.

Both have pros and cons. Spontaneous content may feel great while recording, but back in the studio, it may be less than stellar. 

Conversely, scripted content has the advantage of a polished narrative. However, if the video isn’t engaging, it is likely to get lost in the ocean of content. 

This is why video editing is important. Skilled editing isn’t just chopping a video into pieces and stringing them back together. It is about ensuring smooth transitions, audio quality, and boosting audience immersion. 

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An uncut video is likely to contain many distractions that can make an otherwise quality video jarring for the viewer. Editors work tirelessly to remove these and lessen their impact. 

Here are a few common distractions you may have noticed while watching poorly edited videos and how a quality editor can help:

  • Poor lighting fluctuations: Correcting scenes where the lighting changes abruptly

  • Handheld camera movements: Stabilizing shaky footage or removing unintended camera movement

  • Awkward pauses in dialogue: Trimming out lengthy pauses or hesitations to maintain the pace and keep the audience engaged

  • Visual distractions: Cropping or re-framing shots to match aspect ratios, as well as removing background distractions that may draw attention away from the main subject

  • Unnecessary repetition: Cutting out repetitive content or redundant scenes that don’t contribute to the overall narrative or message

The fine-tuning an editor offers keeps the audience engaged. It helps keep videos efficient and consistent. 

Consistent Efficiency

Both content creators and brand strategists aim for the same goal: a unified message and delivery. Reaching this consistency is a team effort of the creator and the editor. One way to achieve this is to keep the team consistent. Over time, the editor will begin to anticipate the creator’s needs. 

This harmony between editor and creator is the cornerstone of consistent and quality content. That said, consistency is not the only goal. The second goal is efficiency. 

An editor who knows the client and their style can be free of additional time to construct a narrative; they already understand what is needed and are well organized for the task. 

This efficiency extends beyond time savings and reduced turnaround times–it is also about the efficiency of the content. Concisely conveying complex ideas is art, and editors excel at delivering videos that get straight to the point. 

When viewers know what to expect from their content, they are more likely to come back for more. Consistency breeds loyalty, as does ensuring a video doesn’t waste a viewer’s time with unnecessary details. When combined, efficiency and consistency can expand and retain audiences. 

Increasing Viewership Through Collaboration

Ideally, a creator’s vision will align with the desires of their audience. Maintaining that vision can be difficult if the creator is both the videographer and the editor. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is exactly what’s needed to take the quality of a video from good to great. 

At Vidpros, we believe that the role of an editor is to bring clarity and focus to your message, which is why our editors only have four full-time clients each. This ensures an editor always has a minimum of two hours dedicated to each of their clients. 

The time spent with individual clients quickly fosters a collaborative relationship. Over time, the editor will know what is needed before being asked and can provide consistent and efficient services. This allows creators and brand strategists to focus on new content rather than always having to look backward. 

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