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Why Is Video Editing Important?


Weekly or daily videos from our favorite content creators have become ubiquitous. Still, with so much content at our fingertips, we must remember how much effort goes into each video.

For content creators, what sounds easy in theory can turn out to be more difficult than anticipated. Often, a mountain of research is involved, and even just recording the video can be a messy business. It may require several takes and shots at various angles to capture everything that is needed. When all is said and done, video content creators can easily require over an hour of footage for a ten-minute video.

After all of that work, the content creator must edit the video. The footage needs to be condensed into something that is easily watchable for the target audience. So, what are busy content creators to do?

One solution is partnering with a reliable video editing company like Vidpros. Skilled editors can take footage and seamlessly craft a compelling story to captivate an audience.

Filtering Quality from Quantity

After understanding the content creator’s needs, an experienced editor will begin the cutting process. Right from the start, a large percentage of the video footage sent to the editor might be cut. Outtakes, errors in dialogue, and sections that don’t work stylistically will be removed.

Once the editor has selected all the usable footage parts, they will arrange these parts to create a rough cut. The next step is to take this rough cut and polish it.

Enhancing Quality 

The benefit of video editing isn’t just about splicing clips together–it’s about creating a rhythm to the video that feels natural. The goal is to keep the video moving without missing key aspects. Consistency and clarity are key, especially for content creators and marketers who want to maintain a consistent vibe and voice for all of their videos.

A significant portion of high-quality editing comes down to timing. It’s important that a picture appears at the right time and that a cut from one scene to the next is smooth rather. This can involve the use of clever fades, ending a scene at just the right moment, or manipulating audio levels.

All of these techniques help prepare the viewer for the next segment of the video. This subtle way of guiding the viewer through the story helps enhance audience engagement.

Keeping the Audience Interested

For both content creators and brand marketers, one of the most important goals is connecting with their audience. In today’s content-overloaded world, viewers need information to be conveyed quickly and accurately.

This requires the video editor to add some variety to videos by interspersing b-roll footage, using voiceover, and applying other visual tricks. These help avoid viewer fatigue. A viewer that is alert and engaged is far less likely to click away.

As the relationship between editor and content creator grows, it will become apparent to the audience. Predictable cuts and certain graphics become a mainstay for creators and brands. Over time, these features become familiar to viewers and help them form connections with the content or brand.

Video Editing As a Subscription

A clever editor who has worked with a creator for a long time will know the direction of a project before it is even finished. At Vidpros, our goal is for our editors to form relationships with content creators and marketing clients.

We offer four clients per full-time editor. This ratio ensures that all clients receive a minimum of two hours of work per day on their videos, and it also allows editors to get to know their clients. Other subscription editing services may have editors rushing to meet the needs of six or even eight clients simultaneously, leaving editors overextended and clients with subpar products.

The key to ensuring a quality edit is for clients to communicate with their editors to express their vision clearly while remaining open to the editor’s suggestions. Ultimately, the decision lies with the creator, but the editor’s expertise should be a welcome addition.

Schedule a call with our sales team today and see how we can take tedious editing work out of your hands so you can continue to focus on making excellent content!