Amazing Ideas For Creating Great Video Content

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for your next video content piece? You’re not alone! Developing fresh, new ideas can be challenging. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fantastic and noteworthy concepts to get your creative juices flowing. And who knows, you might just come up with your next blockbuster hit!

With more than 2 billion active and regular users worldwide and counting, YouTube takes the lead in the social media video sphere, and YouTube editors or content creators are having a field day to showcase their concepts and creativity.

While the platform is a haven for video fanatics, it is also a very effective and powerful marketing tool regardless if you are an entrepreneur, vlogger, phone video editor, or Youtube editor.

What the market sees

A recent high-profile survey conducted by video production company Wyzowl revealed some startling and eye-popping data on videos and video marketing.

Around 92% of digital marketers believe that video plays a crucial role in their marketing strategies, and 93% of all marketers surveyed said that video has been very effective in increasing brand awareness.

And more good news

Around 87% of marketers said that video marketing has been responsible for increasing traffic and generating a good return on investment (ROI), while 81% noted that video marketing has directly increased sales.

Around half or 49% of marketers have also revealed that videos have significantly reduced support calls, channeling the dollar value into savings or other vital budget allocations.

What consumers say

All the numbers mentioned reflecting consumer behavior and sentiments that supported the market figures.

No less than 96% of people have watched explainer videos regarding a product or service, and 88% of them based their decisions to purchase the product or service on watching brand videos.

Fantastic ideas for your videos

Now that you are comfortable with the idea that you have a fighting chance to succeed in video content creation, it would be best to focus on topics that are tuned to your niche expertise or passions, whether it be travel, entrepreneurship, leadership, education, and hobbies, among many others.

Always provide context

When doing a live stream video, always remember that not everyone will tune in simultaneously. 

Therefore, you must provide context consistently throughout your broadcast to those who joined late, so they know what’s going on.

It will help keep your viewers or audience informed and avoid confusion when they join halfway through the live broadcast.

Be spontaneous and enjoy

Good entertainment never fails, and audiences will be amused by your spontaneity and ability to make a quick comeback, such as a dog in front of your camera during a live stream or slipping on the floor while broadcasting. 

Don’t stress yourself too much; act naturally, and make fun of what happened by coming up with a funny punchline or a joke rather than projecting yourself as overly scripted or too stiff.

Engage and educate

Whether your video content is a live stream or a recorded video, keep them hooked to your videos by providing interesting trivia, fun educational facts, or new ideas to keep them engaged.

Studies found that live stream videos generate ten times more engagements such as likes or comments than recorded videos. You can also acknowledge or mention viewers who comment or react to your content and respond to their questions to give them attention and feel valued.

Since comments made by a member of the audience show up in their Facebook friend’s news feeds, it expands your reach to their respective social networks and allows you to attract more viewers to your broadcast.

For your live stream videos, have them recorded and edited by a phone video editor or post-production by a Youtube editor so you can upload them on your website or social media and allow people to share them with others.

Keep it short, simple, and sweet.

Make sure that your videos are informative, engaging, and empowering, but they should never be too long that it gets boring to the audience.

While Facebook allows longer videos a practical and ideal timeframe for each video content is 10 minutes and not more than 20 minutes. 

It’s because studies show that a person’s attention span can generally last 15 to 20 minutes before they start to get bored and leave.

You can plan for giveaways, such as announcing that you will raffle off prizes at any random moment during the broadcast so that your audience will have something to look forward to.

Strong call to action (CTA)

Always cap your broadcast with a call to action, which would prompt your audience to take action, such as contacting you for questions, information, or clarifications on your video content. 

You can make it fun by asking open-ended questions related to your chosen topic or details that could strongly encourage your audience to reach out to you.

Boost your videos

You can boost your videos to reach a more specific or targeted audience. 

You may need to allocate and spend a little more from your budget for advertising, but it gives you the confidence that your videos are reaching your target audience.

What’s more, you can control your ad spending so you would be able to strategize your campaigns with your prescribed ad budget and costs.

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